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Derby, Kansas looking for Associate Dentist
Merry Christmas to the young dentists repairing the lifelong damage I have done by ignoring my dental health!!! Here's a little song to celebrate your skills!
In Spring 2020, starting on January 9th, the Waring Historical Library will be hosting a topics course on the History of the Health Sciences (IP 732)! This course will introduce students to the history of health, disease, medicine, and MUSC through a series of topical lectures. The course is one credit course held once a week on Thursdays at noon. Students at any level in all colleges may enroll. There is no exam or term paper; grading will be pass/fail based on attendance at lectures. Lunch will be provided each week for all students. How to sign up: Apply online at From this site, choose “Applied Teamwork Competency Portfolio” and then “IP electives”. Once your application is received, the course facilitator and your academic program contact will review.
In Spring 2020, MUSC's Waring Historical Library will be hosting a topics course on the History of the Health Sciences (IP 732)! This course will introduce students to the history of health, disease, medicine, and MUSC through a series of topical lectures. The course is one credit course held once a week on Thursdays at noon. Students at any level in all colleges may enroll. There is no exam or term paper; grading will be pass/fail based on attendance at lectures. Lunch will be provided each week for all students. How to sign up: Apply online at From this site, choose “Applied Teamwork Competency Portfolio” and then “IP electives”. Once your application is received, the course facilitator and your academic program contact will review.
I am looking for someone to sublet my lease. The lease runs ‪from August 1, 2019 - July 31, 2020‬. The rent is $700 per month. A designated parking spot is available for an additional $50 per month. (Or you can park in the street for free). The apartment complex is also an 8 minute walk to the Charleston School of Law and about an 8 minute drive to MUSC. If interested please msg me through here or feel free to text me at ‪678-878-1685‬. Please note that this is a 3 bed 2 bath apartment. My two roommates, both females, are law students and attend Charleston School of Law. P.S. No DOGS permitted. (cats are ok!)
Hi! If anyone is looking for a place to live from now till July 31st with an option to renew, please message me asap! The apartment is FULLY FURNISHED and you'll have your own bedroom, bathroom, and walk-in closet. The rent is from $850-970/month, the leasing office will work with you and your needs. P.S. there's amazing amenities including a 24hr gym.
Very excited to have the one and only Frank Milnar presenting at MUSC on March 30th. This an incredible opportunity for dentists from all over to learn with one of the best in our field. For more info, please contact me.
Just wanted to share a CE opportunity for anyone planning on their 2019 CE's. We have a dental sleep medicine course coming to Myrtle Beach in February 2019. More info can be found here: Thanks everyone and have a great day 😀
MY CASE AGAINST MUSC DENTAL PATIENT ACCTNG. ON OCT. 9, I HAD AN APPT. FOR A ROOT CANAL in the endodontics section on the 1st flr of the coll./dentmed. bldg.. I returned in a week for the next part of the treatment.. the dentist then told me that the school required full payment of the price, $575, before work could continue.. I live on retirement income only, less than $20/yr.. there was no way I could pay this in a lump sum.. I could pay in installments but the work would not begin until it was all paid up.. so, here I am, with a half-done root canal and musc refuses to serve me until i pay the full amount FIRST.. so, this begs the ??: who is being treated with great care and empathy? the patient acctng. dept? the dentist? Me? I had a previous root canal with endodontics and dozens of exams and procedures with "dental faculty prac." (5th flr).. "dental faculty" knows me well.. I am not using them as a financial reference.. I just saying that I have attended "dental faculty" for 20+ years; I am a "known quantity", not a "walk-on" from the street.. I am a 44-year resident of the neighborhood near musc.. my father was an assoc. prof. with the dental school when it opened in 1968.. I am no stranger to the dental school and they are no stranger to me.. so, what should I do? open a "GO FUND ME" page? maybe I could, but don't want to.. I don't understand their finance or "policy" (it means, "we say this when we have nothing else to justify what we mean").. I was told musc handles these cases like most other schools or private practices.. MY HEADLINE: MUSC is not "most other schools".. it has hundreds of awards, certificates, accreditations, etc.. THIS SHOULD MEAN MUSC IS BETTER THAN "most other schools".. this means MUSC has worked to achieve a higher position than "most other schools" in diversity, programs offered, research, clinical availability and other aspects expected of teaching hospitals.. and yet, they are satisfied to compel full payment before laying "hands on" anyone in the endodontics section.. so, what does this mean? gee, what would it be like if such a policy (like, "pay before you pump" at the service station) were applied elsewhere on campus? I have a medical insurance card, but that doesn't help much, not with musc's "bean-counters".. what about broken jaws; multiple abcesses; mouth cancer; teeth worn down to the gum line, etc.? they will accept partial payments, but wont "touch me" until the procdure is paid up, in advance.. is there ANYONE who believes this will encourage MORE new patients to patronize musc? what about childrens' braces and other very expensive and long-term treatments? OH, RIGHT: come to musc, they want "umpteen hundred" dollars before they will touch you.. tell your friends! free balloons and candy for the kids! OH BOY! MUSC: it means Mediocre University Services Center but, I could be wrong!
Free book to all 4th-year students: Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Dr. Robert Martino, CEO Wilson Martino Dental. I have been in dentistry for over 25 years now and I have learned A LOT! I spent my early years practicing clinically, which I truly enjoyed, however, I also noticed that, yes, dentistry is a business. I had great instructors and received a quality education, but the “business” of dentistry is ever changing it is something that I have focused on and knew I wanted to provide valuable insight to new dentists so they don’t have to make the same painful mistakes I did. So I wrote a book, a handbook type book, for just this reason. My hope is that all 4th-year Dental Students in the nation will receive (free of charge) this book as an overview to their options for employment and to help them understand there is a massive amount of knowledge they still need to learn. The book is called "You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know". It is an easy read and I feel it can be helpful to them as you start looking for employment. If someone could provide me with a quality contact so that I can reach out to confirm address and headcount, I would appreciate it. Again, there is no charge to you, we just ask that you deliver to those 4th-year dental students as they arrive this upcoming semester. If you have questions, feel free to reach out to Theresa Cistaro and she can provide support as needed. [email protected] Thanks, Dr. Robert Martino, CEO WILMAR Management
Dental Night at the Riverdogs ⚾️
Still looking for an apartment that is walking distance to MUSC? Contact the leasing office at 61 Vandy today! (843) 480-4780 visit the website at

The College of Dental Medicine is the dental school of the Medical University of South Carolina. It is located in the city of Charleston, South Carolina, United States. It is the only dental school in South Carolina.

In 1952, the South Carolina Dental Association sponsored a study of South Carolina's needs in dental education. The results indicated a growing need for a school of dentistry within the state and it was recommended that one be established as an integral unit of the Medical College of South Carolina. In 1953, the General Assembly of South Carolina passed an act authorizing the development of a school of dentistry as part of the Medical College of South Carolina; however it was not until the 1964 session that the legislature funded that 1953 authorization. In May 1964, by action of the Board of Trustees of the Medical College, a dean was appointed for the school of dentistry. Within a short time, planning went forward on the new seven-story Basic Sciences/College of Dental Medicine Building. By using existing basic science facilities and temporary dental clinic facilities, it was possible to admit the first class of dental students on September 5, 1967. The new building was ready for occupancy in December 1970, and the first class of students graduated and received their D.M.D. degrees in June 1971. This building, named the MUSC Basic Science building housed the College of Dental Medicine as well as multiple other departments and research facilities. Since it’s founding, the MUSC College of Dental Medicine has grown into one of the most respected dental colleges in the country. Our students consistently score in the country’s top percentiles on their national boards, and competition for admission is extremely high. As South Carolina’s only dental school, the MUSC College of Dental Medicine is an important source of dentists in a state that is currently under-served in terms of dental care. About 75 percent of our graduates have chosen to remain in South Carolina. Over half the state’s dentists today are MUSC graduates. In order to maintain the best patient care, student instruction and research capabilities possible, the Medical University completed a new $61 million dental clinical education center in 2009. In 2010, the College hosted the building’s official grand opening and proudly re-named the College in honor of MUSC President Emeritus James B. Edwards. The James B. Edwards College of Dental Medicine Clinical building is one of the newest and most advanced dental clinic facilities in the nation. It’s bold lines and innovative architecture have helped make this building a leading example for many dental schools currently building new clinical facilities. With over 118,000 square feet, all departments and clinics have enough room to expand as needed while continuing to deliver the highest level of dental care. The Clinical Building is home to 189 dental operatories and the full spectrum of ambulatory outpatient oral health services. In addition to undergraduate programming, the Clinical facility now houses residency programs in Oral Surgery, Periodontics, Endodontics, Pediatric Dentistry, Orthodontics, and Advanced Education in General Dentistry. The facility also houses a stand-alone clinic for patients with Special Health Care Needs. The Clinical facility is fully integrated with an Electronic Health record, and Digital Radiography. State of the art technological advances have been added over time to provide students the best education possible. The Basic Science building holds 69,000 ft. of space, much of it renovated after the Clinical Facility opened. It contains a state of the art simulation laboratory, and newly renovated classrooms and offices. The entire second floor has been renovated to accommodate an increasing research focus.

Mission: The mission of the James B. Edwards College of Dental Medicine is to develop principled, skilled and compassionate practitioners and leaders in oral health care, to expand the body of knowledge about oral and related diseases, and to serve the citizens of the state of South Carolina and beyond by providing exemplary oral health care.

[04/29/20]   During this pandemic, the James B. Edwards College of Dental Medicine is doing all we can to flatten the curve. How are you trying to flatten the curve?

Thank you to our CDM family!

Thank you to all members of our CDM family, who are working diligently and passionately during this trying time. We could not thank you enough!

Class of 2020 Tribute

Since the Annual Senior Banquet was cancelled, Matthew Watson (D1), put together this wonderful video tribute for the Class of 2020 featuring messages from the CDM Family. Congratulations, CDM 2020! We

To our incredible class of 2020, I wish you could see how excited the college became after I put an optimistic request out and as we rallied together to make...

MUSC team releases plans for 3D printed masks

An interprofessional team at MUSC, including faculty from our college, have been working to develop masks that can be 3D printed to help meet demand. Learn more in this article from the MUSC Catalyst as well as this YouTube video: A team at the Medical University of South Carolina came up with an idea for anyone with a 3D printer to make a protective mask.

Currently, the James B. Edwards College of Dental Medicine (CDM) clinics are open only for urgent care.

If you have an appointment at the CDM for routine pediatric or adult care (such as a checkup, cleaning, or a filling) this appointment is canceled, and we will work with you to reschedule it. This includes appointments at all student/residency/specialty clinics and Dental Faculty Practice. If you have an urgent dental need, please call our contact center at 843-876-7645 before coming to our clinic.

Urgent dental need means
- Severe toothache
- Swelling of gums, face, or neck
- Bleeding in your mouth that does not stop
- Trauma

Thank you for your patience and understanding. We hope that you and your family stay safe during this time. 🦷❤️

For more updates and answers to frequently asked questions, please visit:

Dr. Michelle Ziegler (AEGD Program Director) and Dr. Isabel Driggers (CDM Class of 2002) along with MUSC Dental Students and AEGD Residents provided free health screenings for SC Special Olympics athletes last Friday! #healthyathletesspecialssmiles @scspecialolympics

2020 VLC Resin Sculpture Contest

In the Dental Materials course, D1 students get creative with VLC Resin as part of an annual VLC Resin Sculpture Contest. Now, you can help determine who wins! Check out the pictures and like your favorites! The three with the most likes (or any other reaction option) will win! Voting ends Friday, March 20th!

In the Dental Materials course, D1 students get creative with VLC Resin as part of an annual VLC Resin Sculpture Contest. Now, you can help determine who wins! Check out the pictures and like your favorites! The three with the most likes (or any other reaction option) will win! Voting ends Friday, March 20th!

Congratulations to Dr. Gwendolyn Brown on her recent recognition at the MUSC Black History Month Award Program!

Dr. Brown was recognized for her tremendous strides in community involvement as well as promoting diversity in the community. She was also recognized by SNDA for her work as SNDA Advisor, Diversity Officer, and an attending at Coastal (a clinic rotation where our students treat patients with special needs).

The Graduate Periodontics Residents, with the support of generous Alumni funding, were able to attend the Southern Academy of Periodontology Mid-Winter Meeting in Charlotte, North Carolina.

The focus of the advanced seminar was a 2-day presentation by Dr. Farhad Boltchi. According to the attendees, the extensive review of digital workflow in the diagnosis and delivery of surgical and restorative implant dentistry was enlightening.

Pictured left to right: Dr. Novin Pishevar, Dr. Adam Jenkins, Dr. Hailey McKinley, Dr. Stephanie Till, Dr. Farhad Boltchi, Dr. Mike Cuenin, Dr. Bob Gellin, Dr. Lee Cochrane, Dr. Leslie McGarity, and Dr. Maggie Jones

Valentine's Day

Send a Valentine's Card to a patient in the Institute of Psychiatry! Click the link below to select which valentine you would like to send, free of charge. Only your first name will be included on the card. Send a Valentine's Card to a patient in Psychiatry.

Dr. Julia Mikell, current Vice President of the SCDA, visited the college to speak with the our ADA and Tau Sigma student organizations. Dr. Mikell spoke on her journey as a Naval Dental Officer to her private practice in Columbia, SC.

We wish to thank Dr. Mikell for her service and for taking the time to come speak to our college!

Our students are always willing to spread knowledge about all things dental. They spent their Saturday morning at the Carolina Youth Development Center talking about dental health and nutrition.

Thanks to Dr. Ziegler who organized and the students who participated - Seanna Kenny (RN), Chris Bocklet (CDM), Michael Bocklet (CDM), Michael Fontenot (CDM), Hunter Kennis (CDM)

Courtesy of Dr. Comisi - we love the MUSC Urban Farm!

Congratulations to Ms. Pearl Givens on her recognition as this year's MUSC Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Honoree. The annual honoree is an MUSC employee who has made significant contributions on campus or in the community in areas of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

The award was presented to Ms. Givens last night at the 30th annual MLK Celebration organized by the Black History Intercollegiate Consortium. Ms. Givens is pictured third from left along with the honorees from other consortium institutions.

Check this out! Pretty neat stuff for state employees.

Big news for state employees today!
Under the direction of Dr. Ed O'Bryan, seen here with Governor Henry McMaster in a photo taken just a short time ago, state employees covered under PEBA will receive MUSC Health Virtual Urgent Care access for free. Details:

Wrapping Up 2019

Spring Semester starts Monday! Our students are ready. Check out the newest Dental Steps video reflecting on 2019.

Spring semester starts on Monday and from making temporary crowns and taking impressions of classmates in clinic to getting through finals week, it seems so ...

A bundle of energy (efficiency)

Curious about the crews you see in the CDM hallways? Here's what they're doing: MUSC rolls out new cost-saving methods for the university’s power that are not only good for Mother Earth but the bottom line as well.

Winter Holidays Around The World | MUSC Center for Global Health

MUSC Center for Global Health shares winter holiday traditions from around the world: A wide variety of multinational holidays are celebrated in different countries and cultures around the world throughout the month of December. This year, MUSC Center for Global Health interviewed several people around campus to learn more about their winter holiday traditions, and how holidays are c...

Alumnus pledges $50,000 to periodontics fellowship program

“We are grateful for Dr. Engle’s gift, and plan to use it to help fund our residents’ access to continuing education while they are at MUSC,” said Michael Cuenin, D.M.D., associate professor and director of the graduate program in periodontics. “Remember where you came from. Do something. Give back. Make some kind of commitment. It’s easy.”

CDM is feeling very festive these days. Happy holidays to all of our friends!

Medical University of South Carolina CDM Advances Education and Care Through 3D Printing Technology

Check out this highlight on some innovation going on at CDM! A major gift from several 3D printing companies to the Medical University of South Carolina James B. Edwards College of Dental Medicine (MUSC CDM) is helping to advance digital dentistry education and patient care. With this contribution from Planmeca, Sprintray and Sisma, the 3D printing facility a...

Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC)

Today was a pretty amazing day for one 6-year-old girl. Not to mention hundreds of lowcountry parents in need.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of South Carolina adds MUSC College of Dental Medicine to its network

Effective January 1, 2020, members participating in BCBS dental network will be able to take advantage of in-network cost savings at CDM. Blue Cross Blue Shield of South Carolina is adding the Medical University of South Carolina's College of Dental Medicine to its dental network.

Did you know that one of the trees that stands on the horseshoe was given by CDM students, faculty, and staff for the patients of MUSC Children’s Health during Christmas of 1989? It was planted by Drs. Eddie Collins and Phil Prickett when it was only 6 feet tall.

If you get a chance, head out to the horseshoe and see if you can find the tree.

#GivingTuesday, the antidote to Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Give back Dec. 3 by donating or creating your own fundraiser for MUSC. Every gift helps save lives, advance research, and support scholarships. Start changing what’s possible now. #MUSCTuesday #changingwhatspossible

Recently, our Student National Dental Association and Dr. Gwen Brown stopped by Meeting Street Elementary School to chat about good oral health with the next generation.

Check out this #ThrowbackThursday with an aerial shot of the construction of our dental school in 1968!

Members of the American Association of Public Health Dentistry volunteered at the St. Stephen Rural Clinic with faculty member, Dr. Tregerman.

Throughout the day they examined over 50 patients and distributed toothbrushes, floss, educational materials, and CDM Clinic information.

Thank you to Anesa Stackhouse, Dhruv Chotalia, Francisca Onyiuke, Nadia Santoro, and Dr. Tregerman for volunteering for events like this that help spread dental education and awareness!

We are incredibly proud to congratulate Dr. Wally Renne on his award "The Worlds Best Digital Dentist".

The International Digital Dental Academy, which has over 13,000 members from 20 countries, nominated Dr. Renne through a peer review process. This is the highest honor one can receive from the IDDA.

Dr. Renne is pictured second from left receiving the award at the ceremony in Birmingham, UK.

This past Saturday, Hollings Cancer Center at the Medical University of South Carolina held their inaugural LOWVELO bike ride. With over 1,000 riders, 100% of every rider-raised dollar went to life-saving cancer research.

Our Dean, Dr. Sarandeep Huja, was proud to ride in honor of those who have lost their lives to cancer and for those in the CDM family who have been affected by this disease.

#musccdm #LOWVELO

Congratulations to Caroline Mcelveen in the Orthodontics Department for her October Staff Award!

Caroline is diligent in all that she does and her enthusiasm for the college is contagious.

Pictured from left to right: Dean Huja, Ms. Mcelveen, Dr. Tremont (Chair of the Orthodontics Dept)

Halloween 2019

Halloween is a special day at the College of Dental Medicine. #squadghouls

Halloween is a special day at the College of Dental Medicine. #squadghouls

Halloween 2019

Halloween is a special day at the College of Dental Medicine. #squadghouls

Halloween is a special day at the College of Dental Medicine. #squadghouls

Drs. Huja and Martin recently visited the rural family medicine residency program at McLeod Health in Florence, SC.

Dr. Martin and her team have been working with McLeod to bring dental services to the primary care practice. They were able to support McLeod's grant application with The Duke Endowment to fund a three-dental chair operatory which saw their first patients the same week of their visit!

Congratulations to all CDM employees who received an award for their years of service to MUSC!

Dr. Hong Yu - 10 Years
Dr. Joe Vuthiganon - 10 Years
Ms. Heidi Chaplin - 10 Years
Dr. Caroline Westwater - 20 Years
Ms. Celestine Moultrie - 20 Years
Dr. Monica Cayouette - 20 Years
Ms. Anna Marie Jones - 30 Years
Dr. Mona Ellis - 40 Years

Pictured (left to right): Ms. Celestine Moultrie, Dr. Monica Cayouette, Ms. Anna Marie Jones

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Thank you to our CDM family!
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