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Helping Busy Men Roll Back the Clock to Rediscover the Energy, Enthusiasm & Body from their early 20's & 30's without Having to Spend Countless Hours in the Gym or Completely Overhaul their Life.

Logan Henry Coach to High Performing Busy Guys

So, I’ve worked with a lot of busy
men in my time as a coach...

One thing that a lot of men say, when
they come to work with me, is that they
think they can’t get in shape or reach their
goals because they lack ‘Discipline’.

^^ sounds familiar, right?

Here’s what I’m going to have you consider:

Discipline allows the justification that
you’re almost shaming yourself
into doing things.

So, when you say ‘I should’ do this…
it puts you in the ‘should’ category...

“I should be getting a workout in…”

“I should be eating healthier…”

“I should be getting more sleep…”

All these ‘shoulds’

and what ends up happening is...

You constantly keep saying ‘you should’, but...

Then never do what you think you
should’ve done…

It allows you to justify things and
start pointing fingers at everything else.

Or, you start beating yourself up…

and think to yourself…

I’m just a failure.

And things like:

“Doesn’t matter what I do...I guess
I’m not good enough”.

I know this from experience because
it’s happened to me before, so I get it.

But, what I’m going to have you consider
right now is this:

Discipline itself is a byproduct of
instilling STRONG habits

So how do you build strong habits?


Focus on one thing you can do.

Something that’s not overwhelming.

Something that you can do, day in, day out.

and listen, if you’ve heard it takes 21 days to develop a habit...

Well, studies have proven that it
actually takes 66 days to INSTILL a habit.

Meaning that it’s second nature.

So, instead of saying that you lack ‘discipline’...

If you want to develop effortless discipline

Start building strong habits.

One day and one step at a time.

That is all.

In your corner,


So, if there’s one thing that used to
constantly keep me stuck…

It was this never-ending need for
confirmation\validation to fulfill, or go
after a goal that I wanted to accomplish.

I’d find myself double checking things…

Finding it hard to trust myself…

And, this is something I sometimes see in
other men as well.

They’ve gotten to the point where they’re
sick and tired of being sick and tired.


Fed up with being out of shape.

Fed up with having no energy and feeling
lethargic most days.

Fed up with lacking that 'get up and go'
drive they had in their younger years.

Fed up with their favorite clothes not
fitting like they used to.

Fed up with getting winded when doing the
simplest of things.

Fed up with the man staring back at them in
the mirror.

Fed up with being moody and irritable around
those they love and lead.

And yet, some still feel the need to check
for external validation before they take any

Which, based on my own experience, I 100% get it.

But, here’s what I know to be true:

No one is going to give you validation or
confirmation for anything.

Often times, there may even be a conflict of interest, especially with the people that are closest to you.

Don’t get it twisted.

They love you very much indeed and will often
tell you that you’re fine the way you are.

However, they probably do not understand what you’re going through every single day.

They don’t understand how exhausted you feel
after finishing a long day and hardly have
any reserves left in the tank to enjoy life
outside of work.

They don’t understand that you often loathe
the person (and the belly) staring back at
you in mirror

They don’t understand how anxious you get
when you walk into your closet wondering how
much longer your favorite clothes are going
to fit (and how frustrated you get when
having to go buy larger sized clothes)

They don’t understand how angry you are at
the fact that you used to be able to be
handle any activity that came your way, but
now get winded when going up a flight of
stairs or bending over to tie your shoes.

They don’t understand how self-conscious you
feel when being on camera or speaking in
front of a group of people.

They don’t understand how you feel embarrassed to take your shirt off on vacations and that you don’t feel as desirable as you maybe did in your younger years.

But I do.

I see you.

And regardless of what anyone else says…

Just understand that the only person who
truly knows what’s best for you is YOU.

It’s likely, no one is going to give you
confirmation or validation you’re looking

They won’t tell you that the right time for
you to make a change and feel better is now.

That’s on YOU.

So, I encourage you today to take full
responsibility and give yourself the
permission you need to create the change that
you’d like to see.

In your corner,


Spending Sunday exploring with this little dude :)

[How he dropped 20lbs in 6
weeks without being 'perfect']

lo and behold the infamous words of
a recovering perfectionist:

“Man, I don’t have a lot of time to _______,
so I might as well not bother...”


"I ate like crap today, so I might as well
throw in the towel for the rest of the


"I'm an ALL or nothing kind of guy and I
broke my 'perfect' streak...I might as well
quit now and restart when 'I feel like it'

This used to be my mentality.

It didn't matter what goal I was going

...or what area of my life I was trying to
improve upon

I would constantly strive for this
imaginative end state we call:


And all it did was keep me STUCK.


“If I can just wait till ______________, then
I’ll ____________.”


“If I can’t do it this way..then I may as
well not bother at all...”

Sound familiar?

I get it.

But consider that regardless of the area you
may be trying to make improvements on...

You DON’T have to be perfect, you just need
to be a little bit better than yesterday.

So instead of throwing in the towel or giving
up entirely just understand you only need to
be better than what was.

Like I tell all of my clients, focus on
progress NOT perfection.

When things don't go according to plan...

Be willing to implement the minimal effective
dose that will still allow you to WIN.

Which is exactly what all-star client, Ken M,
has done in the past six weeks to shed 20

Keep up the great work Ken!

Love this woman. ❤️

Happy Mother’s Day Mom!

⚡Action Taker Celebration⚡

Bringing in the 🔥 from Texas.

I’d like to commend Father, Husband
and Successful Business Leader
Christopher Young for making a powerful
decision to invest in himself and step his
game up both physically and mentally.

Excited to have you, my man!


Morning Routine Underway. 🌘

Spending Friday Night Watching Legends.🏀


So earlier last year I had a great
conversation with a client who...

Long story short...

Lost over 100lbs and dramatically
transformed the man staring back
at him in the mirror


One of the things he said to me
was that when he experienced any
kind of obstacle or self-doubt he
would just say to himself:

"Trust the process..."

Which was smart on his part.

And brings me to my point...

Results are a PROCESS, not an EVENT.

For instance, let's say you want to drop
20lbs or so...

...or perhaps fit into those favorite clothes of
yours again?

That's the event that's going to take place
after you follow the process at hand.

See, if you're always caught up in how much
further you have to go to reach a said goal
instead of focusing on (and committing to)
the daily actions that must be implemented to accomplish that goal...

Consider you're pretty much doomed to fail.

So find something that works for you, TRUST
the process, and finally FINISH what you

I know you've got it in you.

Always in your corner,


[04/29/20]   Results are simply a reflection of our choices.

We get what we choose only but 100% of the time.

Spent the morning bringing some LIVE sweat action on Zoom with some of the LostFit crew members. 🔥


[04/16/20]   Regardless of the obstacles you may face...if you want something bad enough you will ALWAYS find a way.

I love to win, but I love seeing
my clients WIN even more.🔥


Working on my short game. ⛳️

The view from a sundown stroll. ☀️

There’s nothing I love more than
seeing my clients WIN and push
through with strength even during
challenging times.


Thanks to the awesome guys
and gals at Halls Chophouse
we’re getting to bring date night home.

#FBF Insight from 4 years ago whilst in California:

(West Side Wake Up)

To conquer anything in life
having commitment is crucial
for your success.

However, commitment
can fall short when times get tough.

The only thing that stands
between you and the victory
you wish to see simply comes
down to one thing...


Stay devoted and you'll never lose.

Find your strength,



[04/02/20]   Hydration & Sleep are Vastly Underrated. Fix those and watch how things begin to improve.

If you’re a successful busy guy who’s unintentionally let yourself go physically...
Here’s a true story about how he let himself go and then fixed it without doing things he hated
If you’re a busy guy who’d like to do the same,

I’d like to celebrate father and business
leader Ken Malinowski for taking fast action to step
up and go ALL IN on himself & his health.

Get ready for the results to commence and
come out on the other side of all of this


How to stay focused on your goals (even during times of chaos) 🧠 🚀🤯

[03/19/20]   Despite all the doom and gloom lately...I’m absolutely loving seeing everyone make an effort to get outside and move more.

It’s a cool sight to see.

[03/18/20]   “You always get what you’re willing to tolerate.”

[03/17/20]   “Confidence comes as a result of taking consistent ACTION..Not trying equals automatic failure.”

Yesterday this incredible man turned 75.

Beyond honored to call
him my father~aka:Daddio

Even during times of chaos, it’s great
to take a step back to truly
appreciate what you do have.

Daddio, you rock and we love you!

[03/13/20]   “If you want to improve tomorrow...begin by MASTERING today.”

🔥Action Taker Celebration🔥

Coming in from Colorado, I’d like to
celebrate businessman and family
man Mike Byrd for taking fast action
to commit to WIN both physically
and mentally in 2020 by joining the
LostFit Accelerated Method.

Excited to have you join us
inside the LostFit Family. 💪🏻

Get ready to hit those goals! 🚀


Comedy night out.


Did you swing today?

Did You Swing Today?

[03/02/20]   When you’re willing to bet on yourself...You never lose. You either win or you learn.

What to Do to Help those You Love and Lead Live a Healthier Lifestyle

What to Do to Help those You Love and Lead Live a Healthier Lifestyle

How to stay on track with your fitness goals (even when you screw up)

[02/28/20]   Your results are a direct reflection of your choices. Good or bad, you always get what you choose.

Helping Tired, Stressed, and Unfit Busy Men Become Lighter, Less Stressed, & More Energized in 12-24 minutes a day

Finally, the ‘real world’ solution for devoted and driven men who are quite literally sick and tired of being sick and tired and want:

1) To Drop weight, Shed Belly Fat, Have More Sustained Energy All Day and Feel Like a Million Bucks

2) To Fit into those old suits and those favorite clothes in the wardrobe comfortably again

3) To feel Great in yourself and more patient to cope with work stresses and family stuff

And want to get results (you know you'll be able to keep)

Without having to starve yourself, sacrifice work, or completely overhaul your life.

All so that YOU can finally start to have the energy, the clarity and the focus you need to take your game to the next level both personally and professionally.

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What to Do to Help those You Love and Lead Live a Healthier Lifestyle
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