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Trina Is Artsy


Your whimsical charm and way of making art is always such a delight! Every time I see your work, it never fails to make me have a great big smile on my face. The use of colors, designs, and love poured into each piece is perfect poetry! I just wanted to express how Trina's work sparks joy, and I hope to see more works in years to come!
trina is indeed artsy can confirm ❤️
Trina Lyn did this painting for me and I have it on my wall. I absolutely love it. She is the best.
Here's my obligatory silly video / slideshow of our latest excursion ... this time we went to good ol Daufuskie Island! Only reachable by boat and almost no cars on the island besides golf carts. It was so cool!

Fine artist living in Charleston, SC. Indie artist that provides art education and customized graphic design, illustrations and more at various reasonable price points.

Contemporary artist based out of Charleston, South Carolina. Advocate of the arts, furious painter, lover of anything to do with act of creative expression. Available for commissions and art lessons, contact for more info.

Operating as usual

TW: Descriptions of animal cruelty (Bird.)

"The Scream" Acrylic Paints

Introduction to the piece

Here is my take on Edvard Munch's classic painting The Scream. It is inspired by something that I experienced a few years ago. I had gotten my first "artist" job at a warehouse that created handmade accessories out of bird feathers. I took the job with dreams of creating the products but found myself on the bottom rung- someone who processed and sorted feathers and packaging for the other artisans. One day, in a bag of feathers I was sorting, I found this distorted creature- the mummified husk of this Rainbow Pheasant.

I have come to understand the feather removal process is surprisingly efficient for how violent it is. The bird, in this case a multicolored chicken with beautiful orange striped feathers and a long feather head crest, and is dropped into a machine that has rubber wheels and knobs that rip the feathers away from the bird's skin. Somewhere along the production line, this pheasant had gotten stuck in the manufacturer's defeathering machine and spit out partially whole- beak, head and upper torso intact. Except, with this permanent expression on its twisted face that reminded me of a desperate scream. I have never seen anything like it before or since. Stuck in a job that was dimming my spirit, I suddenly felt like this bird. Crushed between the rubber wheels with my feathers ripped off. Working towards creating the products for this company seemed less appealing to me after that.

To me, this scream represents the feeling of loss that comes from realizing something beautiful you had planned is not going to work out. The dashed hope was this perfect creature with beautiful colors and enchanting glory- which has been brutally stripped of all semblance of such. Through poor circumstances we learn the bitter lesson of tempering our expectations to be realistic and not as fantastical.

It's been a while since I've done a serious painting so I thought I'd start from the beginning. This is a remake of a self portrait I did probably around 2005 that was inspired Pink Floyd's conceptual album The Wall. It was music I resonated with, especially at the time, because like the main character on the album, I felt emotionally isolated from the world behind a "wall" of my own construction. The original painting marks the first time I ever tried to explore that feeling through art. I think it's a relevant piece because hiding behind my wall is something I still struggle with to this day.

It's kind of shocking to see how far my work has come since the original painting was made. I think the improvement in my artistic skills over the years mirrors how adept I've come at dealing with living behind my wall. For every brick I build up, I'm somewhere else crumbling away at old foundation. I've added makeshift windows so I can peek out at my friends. On the bad days, a shocking blast blows open a hole in my wall and I'm left exposed and revealed. Other days, I dream that one day there will be a doorway in which I can come and go as I please. There's improvement, but adept certainly doesn't mean perfection!

Are you still living behind your wall? As a long term inhabitant let me give you some advice: Be kind to yourself. And remember to have enough bricks removed so you can peek out at the world every now and then.

I don't usually do this kind of work but I'm always up for special requests every now and then :)

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Fine Art Collection Volume 1

It's finally here! You can now purchase your very own copy of my first book- "Fine Art Collection: Volume 1" featuring the sweetest pics I could muster of all my recent paintings and the very best of my writing and illustrations.

A wonderful coffee table edition featuring the very best work of Charleston's independent fine artist Trina Lyn. Ultra high quality prints of paintings and digital illustration, often accompanied by an introduction from the artist add intriguing glimpses into the processes and musings behind each pi...

Aha this was such a fun little project! A client wanted to make her hubby and pupper into dapper admirals. Here's how the print turned out! Just love it when a good plan comes together.

One tradition in my physical sketchbooks has always been to collect an absurd amount of stickers to place in the front and back of the books. It's really just a fun way to keep tokens of inspiration and a way to make your sketchbook more "homey." As I've grown as an artist I found myself trending away from physical sketchbooks and more towards list making on trello and keep, but I will always have fond memories of my (sometimes neurotic) accumulation of stickers over the years. I may not be as avid as I used to be in my collecting, but I still enjoy occasionally dropping a really cool sticker or cut out into my current book if I come across something special.⠀

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Today is actually a few days shy of my 5 month anniversary in quarantine. When it all first started, I remember reading interviews of people that had just been released from long term incarceration. (We're no where near as restricted as prisoners, but the feeling of forced isolation is certainly similar.) One person said something that I found encouraging but also proved eerily true. "It's strange how the time seems to fold in on itself. It's been five years, but it only feels like a day."

So the wait continues. Here in South Carolina, where as of July 2020 we boast of some of the highest infection rates in the world, where it's estimated out of every 50 people you come in contact with in a crowd one will have Covid. The problem is exacerbated by arrogance and an unbelievable selfishness I have never witnessed from my home state on such a wide scale before. It's frustrating, it's maddening, it's reality. This is a dress dedicated to all of those who lie in wait. Those of us who have heeded the call and are willing to step up and do what is right. Our suspicious eyes beaming in on those who are acting selfishly and irrationally, but being helpless to do anything about it. ⠀

I want to be clear I know everyone's best is different in this pandemic. Some of us have no choice but to go out every day and work, and that's a helpless feeling in itself. Some of us are "lucky" enough to hide away inside, but it's painful and isolating, and it isn't much fun. ALL of us have lost opportunities and jobs and PEOPLE that we may never get back. It all feels so overwhelming to comprehend right now. We will get through this, but we may have to wait and be patient. There will come a day when we can put this behind us.⠀

Fiber Acrylics on Reclaimed Cotton / Linen Blend

Hey! Remember that coloring book I helped illustrate a while back? It's here and it's free to print out! Check it out for yourself.

Link to coloring book:

This is a funny little painting that reminds me of the summer. I was taking a summer art workshop in highschool and they encouraged us to bring items from home to paint. I got the bright idea to head to the supermarket in the morning before class to grab my items.... all the things you'd expect from a classic fruit bowl painting.... except, instead of a banana, my heart randomly sang "Squash" instead. So that's why there's a squash there. I call this painting "The Usual Suspects" now. ⠀

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"Monster Dress"

Inspired by a glimpse I caught of myself in the mirror earlier this week. Things have been so hard for everyone lately. It's been a roller coaster, especially in an area where it doesn't seem people want to comply with safety standards. I've felt so alienated from them and the reality around me in general. I don't recognize them. I don't recognize myself. With this hand painted dress, I wanted to illustrate what monsters we can become in the right circumstance.

I started over on my Artist Instagram. Follow my new page and I'll follow you back :) I'll be posting some of my previous artwork as well as some new stuff there.

What your face mask reveals about you and your fellow South Carolinians

I got featured in this article! Too cool :) Face masks have quickly emerged as a means of self-expression spanning politics, philanthropy and personal style. Even the choice of whether or not to wear a mask makes a statement.

Finished up this fun little scrap wood painting the other day. Sometimes I love doing intricate line work with thick black ink. I made this octopus is extra lumpy so I had an excuse to draw in all the bumps and wrinkles :P

Japanese Boro inspired sewing project WIP

Working on a new project- a conceptual garment inspired by Japanese Boro fabric mending. More details about this piece later... right now I just wanted to show you my crazy sewing technique. I love incorporating backstitching into the quilting process. Sewing the same spots over and over creates a new fabric, almost akin to denim or a thick canvas.

Doing some sign repairs at the Butterfly Book Nook today 🎨

Some strange landscapes for your day - a place far away from your worries.

My work is going to be featured in a coloring book! It looks so cool. Here are my pages as a sneak peek- the rest will be available to download soon. This coloring book was inspired by the native plants of South Carolina that will be featured in Vivian Moultrie Park. Feel free to print and enjoy :)

Little quote illustration I made for a client today :)

😌 I can't do much right now, but I know I can sew like hell......

Help out if you can. Ask for help if you need it. We're in this together!

Looking for ways to support Enough Pie's work while socially distancing? Trina Lyn, one of our managing artists for the Awakening of Vivian Moultrie Park project, sewed over a dozen handmade face masks in a matter of hours last week so our staff and volunteers could have some protection. Like many non-profits, we need masks and gloves to protect our staff and volunteers when we serve our community on-the-ground (less and less as systems are put in place to have communities self-serve with supplies we help coordinate).

If this sounds like something you can do, check out the pattern and instructions Trina used from Deaconess Hospital, and the materials you'll need:

Adult mask: Cotton + Flannel - 6 x 9” (Back + Front) - Tight weave
Elastic Length: 7” (Two Pieces per mask)
3 pleats on each side of the mask - all pleats facing in the same direction.
Sew around the mask 2-3 times total to secure pleats and seams.

If you want to be an EP Mask Maker, check out the new Facebook group, Sew. Some. Good., to keep up with the latest information on homemade medical and face masks, and please reach out to us at [email protected] if you want to coordinate a drop-off. We are so grateful for your continuous support!

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[03/22/20]   My dear friends in the Charleston area,

I will be making fabric masks this week. It is known that they will not completely prevent the virus from spreading, but certainly helps more than having no protection at all.

If you or someone in your household wants a cloth mask but do not have the means to acquire one, you can come pick one up from my place- I'll throw it down from the balcony to you lol :) I can also make kiddo sized masks- just let me know how many I need to make.

Feel free to comment, message me on my art page or my personal profile, doesn't matter. While supplies last.

Another Mario 64 painting- based off the level "Tall Tall Mountain." Doug had to have his own after I finished that Goomba one Lol. These Mario paintings have been quite a learning experience- they look so simple but doing the shading and trying to make them look like "3d graphics" is a PAIN IN THE BUTT. I'm done with smooth gradients! I'm going back to chonky expressionistic paint dashes ASAP. Have you tried something artistic before that just wasn't for you?

Well, it is official - I am one of the lead artists on this amazing project with Enough Pie! For the months of April and May, we are teaming up with tons of local artists to paint all 55 columns at this unique park located in an underpass, Vivian Anderson Moultrie Playground. Over twenty artists and hundreds of volunteers will paint a beautiful forest on to the columns, filled with bright images of Charleston native plants and pollinators. The project will culminate into a huge celebration / awakening on Memorial Day, May 25th.

I wanted to personally invite all of my friends, family, and fans to come out and help contribute to the murals.

There will be a definite need for help each weekend, but I also encourage you to just come out and spend some time with me and the other artists, soaking up the creativity and maybe have a picnic at the park while we work.

Don't be intimidated if you don't know how to paint- there will be lots of tasks that need to be done, and I've personally broken down my art submissions so that they will be simple for everyone to help replicate. The point is, come down and get involved in this historical Charleston project that is truly a love letter to the natives that helped make this city amazing.

This is to be one of the defining projects of my career, and I couldn't be happier sharing that experience with everyone. As a sneak peek, I have also attached the design concepts I will be executing on the two columns I was assigned. Hope to see y'all out there in April and May!

A fun commission inspired by Mario 64! It is a replica of the painting for the level "Tiny Huge."

Most interestingly, you can see how far my painting skills have come by comparing this painting to my first Mario 64 painting I did a few years back. They're both delightful adaptions, but I can tell my technique is getting better!

"Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind."

In astrology, the return of Saturn signifies the period of life in which Saturn returns to the exact point in the sky as when you were born. The first return happens when you turn around 28 years old and is said to bring with it monumentus change, maturity, and the abandonment of childish things. It symbolizes the end of a cycle and the beginning of something new.

With this painting, I wanted to reflect the literal returning of Saturn and the subsequent ending of the life I once knew. Facing off against the colliding planet is my child self, staring wondrously into the abyss and impending oblivion. The end of the world... And perhaps, the beginning of a new one.

Saturn's return has been on my mind lately. Coming into adulthood has brought some unexpected comforts and confidence that I never had in my early years. I am grateful for the wisdom that I have been granted- even if perhaps through trial by fire on many occasions. There are times I am overwhelmed by the changes, but I can't help but be excited about what will come next as I transcend to the next level of my existence.

Have you been moved by Saturn yet? What doors will it open for you?

The Awakening of the Vivian Anderson Moultrie Park

Those chalk drawings look familiar... 👀
more to come...

#awakening8 #charleston CHARLESTON S.C. (WCBD) – A revitalization plan for the Vivian Anderson Moultrie Park will be one step closer as the City of Charleston and Enough Pie await approval to apply for the PRAD gran…

Welcome new (and old) followers! Glad to see you here along for the ride. I did a new painting!

"Worthy" - Acrylic Paints

Here is my interpretation of the archangel Michael weighing my soul on judgment day. The tale of a deity deciding the fate of souls in the afterlife has been around for thousands of years, the act performed by the Egyptian god Anubis or at the Greek gates of Hades. I depicted my deity as a sunflower, the king of false riches, fool's gold.

Around him, his angelic floral servants watch gleefully as the scales tips in and out of my favor. Their symbolism is a nice garden variety of knowledge, truth, memory, and honesty. All useful factors in deciding if my soul is worthy of paradise or not.

My judgment day is every day. I am constantly deciding if I am "worthy" or not. Some days I'm as light as a feather. Other days I sink like stone - doomed to the purgatory of shame and regret. The scale tips back and forth, but I never come any closer to a fair judgment.

I know that the quest for worthiness is probably a fool's errand, but I find myself seeking it anyways. I'm not even sure I truly know what it means to be worthy, but I know what the emptiness of not having it feels like. Sometimes it feels like these angels of judgment are swirling wildly around me, and I have to remind myself that I'm "enough" just the way I am. The scale tips back the other way.

My Story...

I have been trying to create more meaningful work lately.

What does meaningful mean to me?

The endless journey to seek happiness... or contentment, at the very least. So I create images from my life that I’m grateful for.

Things in my life that make me think. Things that remind me to keep striving to be a better person. And the knowledge that the more personal my work is, the more universal it becomes.

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Japanese Boro inspired sewing project WIP
Ukulele Song Book - 1 Year Later
"Rainbow Fish" Ukulele
"Ain't She Sweet" by The Beatles - Ukulele Cover
Spooky Halloween Decorations for Friday the 13th
"Sentimental" A ukulele arrangement
Ukulele Song Book
Scrapbook Fever Dream




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