Trina Is Artsy

Trina Is Artsy


Your whimsical charm and way of making art is always such a delight! Every time I see your work, it never fails to make me have a great big smile on my face. The use of colors, designs, and love poured into each piece is perfect poetry! I just wanted to express how Trina's work sparks joy, and I hope to see more works in years to come!
trina is indeed artsy can confirm ❤️
Trina Lyn did this painting for me and I have it on my wall. I absolutely love it. She is the best.
Here's my obligatory silly video / slideshow of our latest excursion ... this time we went to good ol Daufuskie Island! Only reachable by boat and almost no cars on the island besides golf carts. It was so cool!

Fine artist living in Charleston, SC. Indie artist that provides art education and customized graphic design, illustrations and more at various reasonable price points.

Contemporary artist based out of Charleston, South Carolina. Advocate of the arts, furious painter, lover of anything to do with act of creative expression. Available for commissions and art lessons, contact for more info.

Operating as usual

Another one on the books! After hearing my clients story, we came up with this very cool tattoo design together, based off symbols significant to her. I just love how it turned out.

My mom and dad, part of the original cast of Saved by the Bell. Based off a picture of them way back from when they first started dating :)

It's my boyfriend's birthday! So I drew a picture of him. Trust me he looks cooler in this picture than he is in real life. 😼

Coloring books have been found to lower blood pressure and control our "fight or flight" instinct. They are truly a powerful tool for positive mental health.

Because of this, I have created a coupon code for $5 off my coloring book Dream Lands, just to be a little bit more accessible to those who could use it.

Coupon code: HAPPY (20% off my debut book til the end of this month only)

2nd edition prints. Book comes signed by the artist.

Get yours here:


Today in the lab I'm spending some time working on some new digital content. What's better than spending the day drawing?

I'm working on some new paintings that I'm excited to share. They've sure been fun to paint - more info later. For now, Here's some Little Witchy to brighten your day :)

Hi there! Just a little doodle of a person wearing a tiny hat while brushing their way through the forest. I keep forgetting to upload new drawings.

BTW - I'm commiting to another set of coloring book ilustrations! Keep your eyes peeled, I've got some great ideas in the pipeline. My debut coloring book "Dream Lands" is also still available for purchase, it's already in its second print edition ^_^ Grab yours today. Message me for more info if you're interested.

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What's more interesting to you?

Art Stickers or Art Prints?

....or postcards maybe? (Do people still send postcards?)

Would love to know your thoughts. This blue lizard is conducting research and I'm helping them out.

Horray, my first ever self published coloring book "Dream Lands" is finally out! I've poured hundreds of hours of drawing time and research into this project. I found a paper I'm happy with, but maybe if there's enough interest, I will come out with an even "heavier duty" edition of illustration prints in the future.

The work is inspired by surreal dream lands- ancient alien legends, mysterious forests in the middle of the night, of gentle creatures and magical beings. I tried to make things as intricate and as detailed as I could muster. It was truly a labor of love.

It's 25 bucks and free shipping (Or local pickup!) That's a steal. Will you support my art by purchasing your own copy?

Check it out! ->

I've been so cooped up lately. I've started visiting some of my favorite places I used to go all the time, and places from my childhood. I grew up in Charleston, so it's not hard to find places full of memories. Today's subject is my old neighborhood Boulder Bluff, the old Bible Baptist church and the path I took to school every day. ⁣

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Here's my little progress report on my release of my first coloring book series "Dream Lands." I've decided to make them a pack of pages as opposed to a book. This keeps the price down for everyone and allows me a lot more control over the paper quality. I've settled for this 90 lb mixed media paper for now. It doesn't have as much tooth as I expected, but that turned out to be a pleasant surprise, as it takes markers, colored pencils, and crayons quite smoothly. Here are my tests, there's two of them only because I tried out different ink combinations while printing to see which one would react to the paper and medium the best.

Things I learned about this paper:

- It takes markers of all kind very well. No line bleeding, but some bleeding thru the paper itself.

- Takes colored pencils well, but some fading occured if applied heavily

- Crayons are fine, but you cannot layer up gobs and gobs of pigment. However, it gives the appearance of a smooth color because of the paper texture, which is very forgiving to beginners.

-Watercolor pencils work if only a LIGHT layer of water to move pigment

-Watercolor would likely not work- big pools of water blur the ink and buckle the paper.

Just a few more details to take care of and I'll be ready for launch. I hope you guys are ready to color :) More pictures to come soon.

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I've changed up how I display artwork on my new website. I've now organized them by project and category. I think it's a little bit funner clicking around than the classic "giant gallery" solution that is commonly used. Featured are some different creative things I've been up to over the years...What do you think?

Another coloring book illustration preview! I'm really liking this one, just have to do the background. My goal is going to be to have 10 really high quality illustrations to color by the end of this month. I'm still trying to figure out how they will be printed though. Everyone wants nice paper so I'm trying my best to make that happen!


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From the shop:

"Kiki" was made out of little bits and bobs around my studio and stands about 5" tall. The face is painted with acrylics. Jersey Material.

Kiki will keep a watchful eye over your guests and make sure no one steals.

Jersey material / Acrylic Paints

Adopt Kiki today or peep some other creations for sale:


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Here's a work in progress preview of a page I'm working on for my new coloring book series entitled "Dream Lands." The theme will be beautiful and surreal landscapes and characters with lots of juicy line art details to color in for yourself. I could use some inspiration- have you had any cool dreams lately that you'd like to share?


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Just having fun with this quick punk chick drawing. Playing with my new tablet has got me nastolgic for the good ol days when I used to just glue myself to the computer and draw and draw.

It's been so long since I've known that person that I hardly even know what my style is like anymore or what I even like to draw...I suppose that may sound like a bit of a bummer, but to me it feels more like a homecoming, or meeting an old friend after a long period of absence.

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Exciting news! I've been working on a new website and while it still needs a bit of content added, I can't help but want to share. I have added a ton of things to the shop including physical items and services like custom artwork...Some of which can even be completed in time as a last minute Christmas gift. Check it out ^_^

One of my favorite hobbies is perusing the web and digging up interesting people to watch. For example, my favorite psychic is Cheryl Lynn. She's a delightful blend of down to earth and otherworldy mystic. At the beginning of the month, I tune into Cheryl Lynn on Youtube and force whoever is around me at the time to get their tarot / horoscope reading with me. She always starts my monthly reading with a chirpy "Hiiiii Scorpio!"

I wanted to draw her not only because I'm fascinated with her videos but as a token of appreciation for all the content I've consumed over the years, by Cheryl and by others. Content creators, be it tarot card readers, game reviewers, writers, artists or videographers, hardly ever get the recognition they deserve for all the time they put into their work. These days, more than ever, do I appreciate the important role these "strangers-but-strangely-not" play in my life. Keeping me company, making me laugh or cry, teaching me things, and in Cheryl's case... perhaps even predicting my future?

#psychic #tarotcardreading #psychiccheryllynn #youtube #contentcreator #procreate #digitalportrait

Something different! Guess who got a new tablet? I decided to practice with procreate by drawing one of my favorite video game characters of all time. Ecco the Dolphin for Sega was an early artistic influence for me... There are so many cool elements to this game, especially the mystical and psychic flying dolphins from the future (for real) and the incrediblly eerie and beautiful soundtrack. I remember being in 1st grade and being obsessed with drawing dolphins jumping out the water thinking about this game (That's about as far in the game as I got... unless my dad was playing)

#eccothedolphin #procreate #fanart

Made this for a client as a surprise gift to his fiance! I think it turned out super sweet. They must be Nightmare fans. The picture is a little funny because I used pearlescent inks on the canvas- the shining colors look beautiful in person but are pretty tricky to photograph properly. Still pretty cute though!

New Painting!

"Safe Space"

This piece was inspired by driving around Downtown Charleston during one of the first stressful months of quarantine. I was just longing so badly for positivity, refreshment, and peace of mind while surrounded by the beauty of all this green in the historic district... Thus came the vision of this painting in my mind.

Ironically, it doesn't seem like my subject can enjoy her splendor very much. Surrounded by green and beauty, she seems distracted.....Honestly, I think I take my splendor for granted just as much as she does. Sometimes, it's easy to forget how absolutely blessed we still are, even when other things in the background are spinning out of control.

This painting was an extreme challenge for me. Definitely a step into a different direction that I'm not 100% comfortable with yet. Forgive me for my minor mistakes in perspective and shading... I'm still trying to improve.!

Doug requested I make a replica of the painting "Battle of HaRos" from Star Trek TNG. Data painted this for Worf as a birthday gift- it's a crappy impressionist piece inspired by a historical Klingon battle Lol. What would a Klingon need a painting for anyways, Data?!

TW: Descriptions of animal cruelty (Bird.)

"The Scream" Acrylic Paints

Introduction to the piece

Here is my take on Edvard Munch's classic painting The Scream. It is inspired by something that I experienced a few years ago. I had gotten my first "artist" job at a warehouse that created handmade accessories out of bird feathers. I took the job with dreams of creating the products but found myself on the bottom rung- someone who processed and sorted feathers and packaging for the other artisans. One day, in a bag of feathers I was sorting, I found this distorted creature- the mummified husk of this Rainbow Pheasant.

I have come to understand the feather removal process is surprisingly efficient for how violent it is. The bird, in this case a multicolored chicken with beautiful orange striped feathers and a long feather head crest, and is dropped into a machine that has rubber wheels and knobs that rip the feathers away from the bird's skin. Somewhere along the production line, this pheasant had gotten stuck in the manufacturer's defeathering machine and spit out partially whole- beak, head and upper torso intact. Except, with this permanent expression on its twisted face that reminded me of a desperate scream. I have never seen anything like it before or since. Stuck in a job that was dimming my spirit, I suddenly felt like this bird. Crushed between the rubber wheels with my feathers ripped off. Working towards creating the products for this company seemed less appealing to me after that.

To me, this scream represents the feeling of loss that comes from realizing something beautiful you had planned is not going to work out. The dashed hope was this perfect creature with beautiful colors and enchanting glory- which has been brutally stripped of all semblance of such. Through poor circumstances we learn the bitter lesson of tempering our expectations to be realistic and not as fantastical.

It's been a while since I've done a serious painting so I thought I'd start from the beginning. This is a remake of a self portrait I did probably around 2005 that was inspired Pink Floyd's conceptual album The Wall. It was music I resonated with, especially at the time, because like the main character on the album, I felt emotionally isolated from the world behind a "wall" of my own construction. The original painting marks the first time I ever tried to explore that feeling through art. I think it's a relevant piece because hiding behind my wall is something I still struggle with to this day.

It's kind of shocking to see how far my work has come since the original painting was made. I think the improvement in my artistic skills over the years mirrors how adept I've come at dealing with living behind my wall. For every brick I build up, I'm somewhere else crumbling away at old foundation. I've added makeshift windows so I can peek out at my friends. On the bad days, a shocking blast blows open a hole in my wall and I'm left exposed and revealed. Other days, I dream that one day there will be a doorway in which I can come and go as I please. There's improvement, but adept certainly doesn't mean perfection!

Are you still living behind your wall? As a long term inhabitant let me give you some advice: Be kind to yourself. And remember to have enough bricks removed so you can peek out at the world every now and then.

I don't usually do this kind of work but I'm always up for special requests every now and then :)

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Fine Art Collection Volume 1

It's finally here! You can now purchase your very own copy of my first book- "Fine Art Collection: Volume 1" featuring the sweetest pics I could muster of all my recent paintings and the very best of my writing and illustrations.

A wonderful coffee table edition featuring the very best work of Charleston's independent fine artist Trina Lyn. Ultra high quality prints of paintings and digital illustration, often accompanied by an introduction from the artist add intriguing glimpses into the processes and musings behind each pi...

Aha this was such a fun little project! A client wanted to make her hubby and pupper into dapper admirals. Here's how the print turned out! Just love it when a good plan comes together.

One tradition in my physical sketchbooks has always been to collect an absurd amount of stickers to place in the front and back of the books. It's really just a fun way to keep tokens of inspiration and a way to make your sketchbook more "homey." As I've grown as an artist I found myself trending away from physical sketchbooks and more towards list making on trello and keep, but I will always have fond memories of my (sometimes neurotic) accumulation of stickers over the years. I may not be as avid as I used to be in my collecting, but I still enjoy occasionally dropping a really cool sticker or cut out into my current book if I come across something special.⠀

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My Story...

I have been trying to create more meaningful work lately.

What does meaningful mean to me?

The endless journey to seek happiness... or contentment, at the very least. So I create images from my life that I’m grateful for.

Things in my life that make me think. Things that remind me to keep striving to be a better person. And the knowledge that the more personal my work is, the more universal it becomes.

Want your school to be the top-listed School/college in Charleston?

Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

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Japanese Boro inspired sewing project WIP
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"Sentimental" A ukulele arrangement
Ukulele Song Book
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