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Welcome, I am a Realtor in Greater Charleston, South Carolina. I have been an active Realtor in the area since 2003. I work with buyers and sellers.

Health & Safety Suggestion

Adding indoor plants in your home will naturally remove carbon dioxide and release oxygen into the air.

Outdoor Lighting Suggestion

To help save energy, consider installing motion sensors on any outside lights that are easily forgotten.

Garage Suggestion

Installing a bicycle hoist can be a great way to increase usable space in your garage.

Security System Suggestion

To continue receiving a rate discount, let your insurance company know each year that your home security system is being monitored.

Roof Gutters Suggestion

Consider installing a rainwater collection system for your existing gutters and downspouts.

Lighting Suggestion

Consider installing energy-saving dimmer switches for the light switches in your home where you want to be able to adjust room lighting needs.

Stove Cooktop (electric) Suggestion

Keep baking soda handy near your stove, as this can be used to smother a small fire. NEVER pour water on a grease fire, as it can cause an enormous fireball to erupt.

Guns & Firearms Suggestion

Be sure to use at least a simplex-type locking box for securing firearms that need to be kept loaded and available for ready-access defensive use.

Stop Paying for Electricity 'Vampires'

Electricity 'vampires' are appliances in your home that continue to suck power even when you have their switches turned off. READ ARTICLE >

Using Window Treatments to Save Energy

This article describes how blinds, drapes, and shades can each save you money. READ ARTICLE >

Fireplace (wood-burning) Suggestion

Installing corner-mounted doorway fans are a great way to circulate warm air from your fireplace into adjacent rooms.

Post-Holiday Detox CheckList for your Kitchen

January is a great time to "detox" your kitchen, and here is a handy checklist that you can use to get your kitchen appliances back in shape. READ ARTICLE >

Foundation Suggestion

In-ground drains can be installed to assist in drainage of low areas around your foundation.

Air Registers: Better Air Quality & Saving Energy

If you have air registers in your home, this article will help you save money on energy, and will help you ensure healthy air quality for your family. READ ARTICLE >

Pest Control Suggestion

To improve the energy efficiency of your house, be sure to seal or caulk any holes or cracks around your home, especially where pipes, cables, and wires enter walls and soffits.

Marble Floors Tip

Damp mop marble floors regularly to remove dirt and soil. Use only cold or warm water that is clean. Do not use hot water, as this will cause the marble floor tile to streak.

Dishwasher Tip

Let dishes air-dry instead of using the drying feature of your dishwasher. Not using the drying feature of your dishwasher reduces its energy usage by about 50%.

Mattresses Suggestion

Use removable and washable mattress covers and pillow encasements that zip all the way around, to help protect your mattress from dust, bed bugs and other allergens.

Electrical Tip

If a breaker trips immediately after it's reset, then leave it alone until a professional electrician can inspect it. If you keep flipping the breaker, and you risk causing a fire.

Sump Pump Suggestion

Tape down plastic sheeting over the top of your sump pit, and this will reduce evaporation, odors, and the risk of radon gas entering your basement.

Clothes Dryer Suggestion

Consider installing a lint alarm for your dryer. Dryers operate at high temperatures, and lint build-up is a leading cause of dryer fires.

Refrigerator Tips for Saving Energy & Food Safety

Here are tips that will help you to reduce your refrigerator's energy use, and will also help you to protect the food safety and health of your family. READ ARTICLE >

55 Great Washing Machine Tips

This article and video gives you 55 tips for your washing machine. READ ARTICLE >

Bathroom Makeover Ideas

Here are ideas for adding new bathroom features, saving energy and water, improving safety, and making it more beautiful. READ ARTICLE >

Plumbing Suggestion

Consider installing chlorine water filters for your home, either as a whole-house filter, or least at each shower head, where breathing chlorinated steam mist creates the greatest health hazard.

Microwave Oven Tip

The most common “cold spot” for a microwave is in the center of it, so arrange evenly sized portions of food spaced in a ring around the center for more even cooking.

Outdoor Lighting Suggestion

To better showcase your home, yard, and foliage, try to conceal the light source so that attention is focused on the parts of your yard that are illuminated.

Stove Cooktop (electric) Suggestion

Considering replacing with a more energy-efficient stove, if you currently have an older model.

Hardwood Floors Suggestion

Use felt or other fabric pads under the legs of all furniture (especially chairs), and periodically check to see that they remain clean.

Oven (electric) Tip

To save energy and maintain recipe cook times, minimize the number of times you open your oven to check your food. Each time the oven is opened the temperature can drop 50-100 degrees F (10-38 degrees C).

Emergency Supplies Tip

It is a good idea to keep cash or traveler’s checks hidden securely at home, so that you have ready access to funds in case of a natural disaster or other major emergency.

Avoiding Home Office Tax Traps

The IRS allows you to take a tax deduction for your home office, but you will want to be sure to avoid some common tax traps. READ ARTICLE >

Keeping Your Family Safe This Holiday Season

Here are some holiday safety tips to help you protect your home, children and pets. READ ARTICLE >

Security System Suggestion

Add a non-interruptible power supply to keep your security system operating for longer than just your system’s backup battery will allow.

Drapes & Blinds Suggestion

To help save energy, consider upgrading to light-colored, loose-weave curtains, that will allow more daylight to come through.

Furniture (upholstered) Suggestion

Consider re-upholstering your furniture to restore its look and sitting comfort.

Guns & Firearms Suggestion

Purchase a holster which allows you to obtain a secure grip on your handgun while it is still holstered.

Furniture (leather) Suggestion

Consider having a qualified furniture repair person restore any scratches or cuts in your leather, before they become worse and more difficult to repair.

Lawn & Landscaping Tip

When watering your lawn, be sure that sprinklers are pointed away from your home.

Clothes Dryer Tip

To save energy, use the cool-down cycle to allow the clothes to finish drying from the residual heat in the dryer.

Dishwasher Tip

Dishwashers actually work better when there is some residual food on the dishes, so just scrape them rather than pre-rinsing. But pre-rinse dishes if they're going to have to sit in the machine all day before running.

A Process-Improvement Way to Organizing Closets

A closet is more than a place to store stuff. It's the process for how you interact with the space, find items and manage inventories. READ ARTICLE >

Lighting Tip

To save energy, place lamps in the corner of the room instead of against one wall, so that more light is reflected into the room.

Microwave Oven Tip

Microwave ovens can cook unevenly and leave "cold spots" where harmful bacteria can survive. Therefore it is important to properly stir, rotate, and allow adequate standing times.

Marble Floors: DO's and DON'Ts

Although marble is, well, hard as a rock, its lovely surface can be easily damaged if the proper precautions are not taken. READ ARTICLE >

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