Japan Karate Institute West Ashley, Charleston, SC Videos

Videos by Japan Karate Institute West Ashley in Charleston. Japan Karate Institute West Ashley has been in business for over 37 years. We have classes for all ages, from 3-94 . You will get results.

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Parent Participation with their Little Ninjas 🥷 Osu!!!!

Breaking It K.I.D.-Style!!!
This is just amazing!!! JKI in action again!!! Osu!!!

Karate in the Driveway !
Video from today’s Karate in The Driveway ! Osu

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Thank you Fox 24

Breaking in their New Belts/Rank!!! OSU!!! 😀

Osu!!! Just wanted to take a moment and say how happy and proud I am. When you are off of the floor signing up 2 New Lit...

After School Karate Punch’s from Seiza

Breathing Exercises! Osu

ASK Kata day . First class !

ASK student Colton working his new kata ! Excellent work Osu

ASK students training hard ! Osu

Osu Congratulations to all the little ninjas on passing your belt test !