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So wonderful to be graced by the presence of Jean Shinoda Bolen today in the Circle and to all the other beautiful souls there as well (within this realm and on the other side!) Thank you to the Sophia Institute for making this happen. Sending deep gratitude.
I support the Sophia Institute in Charleston. SC. Proud to have served 2 terms on the Board of Directors!
Prayers go out to the lovely Sophia Institute as they face Hurricane Florence. Thinking of all of you.
FREE FREE FREE EVENT - World renowned monk, guru of Indian origin, SWAMI SARVAPRIYANANDA, ( of the lineage of Ramakrishna Paramahamsa/Swami Vevekananda is giving a talk on YOGA, MEDITATION, etc. at the Broomfield Auditorium on July 12th from 6 PM to 8 PM. You are all invited to attend the event with family and friends. Please RSVP to [email protected] with number of guests. Looking forward to seeing you all there !! ALL ARE WELCOME - both Adults and kids. VENUE : Broomfield Auditorium 3 Community Park Rd, Broomfield, CO 80020 DATE July 12th - 6 PM to 8 PM Please RSVP to [email protected] Contact: Lalitha Chittoor - 7209036005
What an absolutely wonderful workshop we had at the Sophia Institute in Charleston, SC this past weekend. 18 beautiful souls showed up on Saturday to go to a new level of their being regarding becoming fearless. Thank you Kelli, Pam B, Nicole, Joanne, Meredith, Di, Keith, Pam, Ariane, Lisa, Maryann, Charise, Carolyn, Dee, Char, Sheryl, Jeff, and Chris. Thank you for sharing, listening, helping others, supporting yourselves, encouraging others, and being there for me as well. This is a group that I definitely want to get together again with soon and continue our good work together. You made it a very special workshop for me. I also want to thank Pamela S. for being there when she could and for giving of herself so bravely. I would also like to thank those participants who came on Friday night but could not attend on Saturday. I am looking forward to seeing you again, too. A special thank to my friend, Carolyn Rivers of the Sophia Institute for having me back again for the 3rd year and for her undying support for helping us all have the opportunity to grow as human beings and evolve as souls. Also a special thank you to my friend, Chris, whose house is such a wonderful respite and haven during these times when her friend, Connie, needs to crash from time to time. And thank you, my dear Jeff, for being there for me in all ways and for adding so much to the group. You are also loved and appreciated by many.
When will we get the list of attendees that want to work together from "The Way Under the Way" retreat?

The Sophia Institute offers leading edge programs that focus on wholeness, wisdom, peace, and sustainability for the transformation of self and society.

The Sophia Institute is a source and a beacon in today’s world for profound transformation and unlimited spiritual growth. Using a new model of spiritual partnership and integration between feminine and masculine values, the Institute fosters a spirit of co-creative wisdom that calls forth the unique gifts of each individual.

Mission: The Sophia Institute is a center of learning that provides innovative programs that foster the rise of the feminine, cultivating wisdom and mindfulness, for a more just, sustainable, and flourishing world. The Sophia Institute offers retreats, lectures, classes, and special events, featuring nationally and internationally renowned leaders and teachers.

Operating as usual

The holiday season always allows us to reflect, and we love hearing your feedback about our programming!

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If you have loved ones who are tricky to buy for, making a donation in their name can be a meaningful and unique gift! We would be honored to be considered in your holiday giving this year. Let's build a more just and equitable world through generosity 💖

We are always grateful to have Mark Nepo on our faculty calendar, and are glad to hear you agree. Thank you for your kind words and for sharing Arwa!

[12/01/20]   Sophia Friends, Today is Giving Tuesday and Facebook has pledged to match your donations up to $7 Million! While this is an exciting opportunity, funds will go fast so please make your pledge early (starting at 8 AM EST). Many thanks from the bottom of our hearts for this special community. We know there are many worthy causes to give to this year, but if you are able we hope you will consider supporting the work of The Sophia Institute that is needed now more than ever.

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In light of Giving Tuesday tomorrow, we hope you will consider donating to the Sophia Institute. This year there are two great ways to give. First, follow the link below to give directly on our website. Second, when you use the Donate button, Facebook is matching donations up to $7 Million tomorrow starting at 8 AM EST.

Invest with us in creating a more just, sustainable, and conscious world for all of us, including our children and future generations. Your support will help us fund our 2021 programs :

Though this year may look and feel a little different for some families, we still want to take this opportunity to pause and give thanks. We are sincerely grateful for the resilience of our Sophia family that has allowed us to continue to safely virtually gather, learn and grow this year.

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The Sophia Institute remains committed to being a vehicle for personal and societal transformation - especially through these unprecedented times. Just as our work is needed now more than ever - so is your support for the Sophia Institute.

Our pivot this year to embrace virtual work, shifting to webinars and virtual retreats, required investing in the infrastructure, consultants and training to produce programs with the same impact of our in-person events. We have succeeded. Encouraging feedback has been pouring in from participants about the quality and authenticity of the content and presenters and the ability to make meaningful connections.

This is why we are asking for your help. If you are able, please support our work - through membership or a donation. We thank you for being a part of The Sophia Institute and for investing with us in a better world for our loved ones, our children, and future generations. By becoming a member, you make a significant difference in our ability to be a vital center of learning, wisdom, social activism, and compassion.

We love hearing from our Sophia friends any time, but especially to receive such touching feedback. Thank you Cam for being a valuable member of our community over the years!

Living Your Truth with Ralph Dawson and Henry Smythe -

Tonight the @SJRECollaborative will host Ralph Dawson and Henry Smythe as part of their Living Your Truth series. Register by noon to attend this free event! Living Your Truth is a series of conversations with those on the front lines, who bravely and gracefully live the truth of their hearts within their formidable lives. Hosted by the Social Justice Racial Equity Collaborative Council, and convened by The Sophia Institute, it is our hope their words in...

We hope you had a restful weekend! For those who joined our retreat with Mirabai Starr, Author we'd love to hear your reflections, learnings, thoughts and questions. For those who attended Women Rising! last month what were the common threads that helped you build?

We are now offering a $25, Friday only option for our retreat this weekend, A FIERCE & TENDER WISDOM: Reclaiming the Feminine Across the Spiritual Spectrum with Mirabai Starr.

As Miribai explains, this will be “a gathering in honor of the fierce and tender wisdom of the women mystics. This is a chance for you to sink into sacred space in the privacy of your own home-temple, for a night and a day, emerging with a basket of contemplative treasures to fuel your journey as a subversive and joyous mystic."

If you have not registered to attend yet, please sign up by Friday. Registration closes at noon on November 13.

We are looking forward to our virtual retreat this coming weekend with Mirabai Starr, Author. Mirabai has the ability to help us reclaim the revival of the feminine at a time when old patriarchal structures are breaking down and much-needed breakthroughs are also happening through the rise of the feminine.

A Fierce and Tender Wisdom: Reclaiming the Feminine Across the Spiritual Spectrum is happening this weekend (Nov 13 and 14). We hope you can join us for all or part of this very special event.

Mirabai Starr, Author

We are so looking forward to hosting Mirabai Starr again!

Friends, This weekend please join me for a special online retreat with the The Sophia Institute: A Fierce and Tender Wisdom: Reclaiming the Feminine Across the Spiritual Spectrum.

[11/06/20]   It's been a week since the transformative, epic retreat WOMEN RISING! and we are still feeling the energy! We've been hearing that our Sophia friends would like a way to connect after and between events, especially since we can't gather during this time. Would you be interested in participating in a Sophia Institute Facebook group where we could continue discussing our learnings and inspirations? If so what topics would you be interested in hearing and talking more about in this format?

Today we gather for WOMEN RISING! our Epic Virtual Gathering starts this evening! We are still accepting registrations until noon today.

A huge thank you is owed to our sponsors, who make this all possible. So many to thank including Centered Wealth, The Post and Courier, Coach People Inc., The InterTech Group, Inc., World Academy for the Future of Women, Heather Hoffman and Ellen Harley

And of course our host committee and benefactors including Tim Baker / Timonier, Cam Busch, Jody Davids, Paula Dezzutti Alexandria Gifford, Deb Mauk, Kimberly Powell, Sandy Morckel and Carolyn Rivers

Women Rising Schedule -

Its not too late to register for Women Rising! The event features strong and talented women leaders from around the country – NYT-best-selling authors, social activists from institutes like the Kellogg Foundation, spiritual healers who’ve been recognized by Oprah and prominent local business women. The events kick off THIS Friday afternoon via Zoom, register now to claim your spot :  DATE Oct 30 2020 – Oct 31 2020  TUITION $125 Flash Sale, through Oct 30 $195 Regular Registration $75 GenZ Registration $500 Host Committee Donor *TICKETS MUST BE PURCHASED BY NOON (EST), OCT 30 DOWNLOAD SCHEDULE REGISTER FOR EVENT BECOME AN EVENT SPONSOR UPCOMING EVENTS: October 2020 Oct 3...

Event to bring local CEOs, female leaders outside SC together virtually this week

A big thanks to The Post and Courier for taking the time to discuss WOMEN RISING! An Epic Virtual Gathering with us. We're only two days out! Across a day and half of sessions starting Friday, Women Rising will feature 23 speakers on subjects including the 100th anniversary of women's suffrage and role of women in social

WOMEN RISING! - An Epic Virtual Gathering -

We can't wait to welcome Tami Simon to Women Rising! who trough her work at Sounds True, and throughout her career, has been a conduit for many wisdom teachers. The important work of her foundation brings spiritual tools and practices to people who would otherwise not have access. Register now to here from Tami at our event THIS weekend : WOMEN RISING! - An Epic Virtual Gathering

WOMEN RISING! An Epic Virtual Gathering

Our goal is to make WOMEN RISING! available to everyone who is called to it. Take advantage of Flash Sale rates October 27-30 WOMEN RISING! presents a unique opportunity to hear from some of the most impactful women leaders of our time in an environment that empowers us to bring hope, healing, and transformative change into our own lives and to the world around us.  Join us for this unprecedented event happening at a prof...

WOMEN RISING! - An Epic Virtual Gathering -

Charlotte Beers has paved the way for many career women in the advertising industry and beyond. We are looking forward to hearing more about her journey and what she learned along the way on our CEO panel for Women Rising! We hope you will join Charlotte and our other amazing speakers this weekend : WOMEN RISING! - An Epic Virtual Gathering

We are thrilled to be adding Sue Monk Kidd to our Women Rising! lineup. We wanted to share some kind words from a guest who attended her last event with Sophia! Click here for more information on how you can join Sue and many other incredible speakers next weekend :

[10/23/20]   We are having a FLASH SALE! This weekend we are reducing registration fees for Women Rising! to $125. Please register now to take advantage of this offer, which ends at Noon, Friday, October 30th:

WOMEN RISING! - An Epic Virtual Gathering -

We are looking forward to our CEO panel including Carolyn Sawyer - Entrepreneur. Ms. Sawyer not only has an impressive career in media and as an entrepreneur, but also has many notable achievements supporting women and her community. She also authored inspirational guidebook for entrepreneurs : Forget the Glass Slipper: Build Your Own Castle – 10 Traits of a Million Dollar Business. To learn more, make sure you register to join us for Women Rising! WOMEN RISING! - An Epic Virtual Gathering

Women Rising Schedule -

"What you appreciate, appreciates." - Lynne Twist said it best, and we hope you will show some self-appreciation and join us for Women Rising! We are so happy to have the global activist, speaker, author and founder of The Soul of Money Institute joining us.

Lynne will walk us through her vision of a post COVID world where a Feminine principle is called upon to join with the Masculine for a true partnership and collaboration for creating social change.

Join us next weekend :  DATE Oct 30 2020 – Oct 31 2020  TUITION $195 (Registration from 9/26 – 10/15) $250 (Registration after 10-15) $75 GenZ Registration $500 Host Committee Donor DOWNLOAD SCHEDULE REGISTER FOR EVENT BECOME AN EVENT SPONSOR UPCOMING EVENTS: October 2020 Oct 30 2020 - Oct 31 2020 WOMEN RISING! ...

WOMEN RISING! - An Epic Virtual Gathering -

Though it can be hard to find the time and resources, we want to make sure future generations have a voice in the Big Conversations happening at Women Rising! That is why we offer discounted tuition for Gen Z.

Or, if you're already registered we hope you'll consider sponsoring a young person to share this valuable experience with : WOMEN RISING! - An Epic Virtual Gathering

[10/20/20]   Attention international friends of Sophia! We know some of you have not been able to join us due to payment processing issues. We have now updated payment vendors to be able to accept more payment options. Thank you for your interest and patience! Check out our events page for all our upcoming speakers including our incredible WOMEN RISING! An Epic Virtual Gathering line up!

WOMEN RISING! - An Epic Virtual Gathering -

Do you know the difference between passion and purpose? At Women Rising! we explore what it means to own your purpose with “Pixie” Paula Dezzutti, an entrepreneur and CEO of Skirt Charleston, Charleston, South Carolina's first women’s magazine, and Local Choice Spirits, a family-run, award-winning brand development and distribution platform.

Paula will help us identify, integrate and own our purpose in life and help us understand the difference between passion and purpose. Passion comes from a space of doing, while purpose comes from a space of being. Passion comes and goes, flairs and wanes, grows and develops and drives what and how we do things in our life. On the contrary, our purpose has always been part of us. It’s fixed and constant and the central motivating energy of our life. Paula will help us distinguish the two different spaces passion vs. purpose occupy in our life.

We hope you can join us for this important conversation. WOMEN RISING! - An Epic Virtual Gathering

[10/14/20]   It's not too late to register for Caroline Myss - Breathe Together: How Healing Yourself Heals the Planet happening on Zoom this weekend. We are so looking forward to learning from this pioneer of energy healing, and discussing one of the most important issues of our time.

WOMEN RISING! - An Epic Virtual Gathering -

Only a few more days to take advantage of reduced registration fees - the price changes after Oct 15. We hope you'll join us for this powerful gathering as we tackle the big, important conversations that are needed now more than ever. WOMEN RISING! - An Epic Virtual Gathering

WOMEN RISING! - An Epic Virtual Gathering -

Congratulations to Elizabeth Lesser, cofounder of the Omega Institute for Holistic Studies and one of our speakers at WOMEN RISING! on the release of her newest book: Cassandra Speaks: When Women are the Storytellers, the Human Story Changes.

Lesser takes an illuminating look at the tales that have shaped our thinking about ourselves and our culture. Throughout history, most of humankind’s origin stories have been told by men who shape what it means to be courageous, gallant, and strong. But, what if women had been the storytellers too? Register for our virtual event happening Oct 30-31 to take part in this important conversation with Elizabeth. WOMEN RISING! - An Epic Virtual Gathering

"Not only does “all life breathe together,” we also “co-create together.” We are the engines of our personal and collective health including climate change. It is not happening around us; it is happening through us, in us, and because of us." - Caroline Myss.

We invite you to join us for Caroline Myss this week on October 16 and 17, 2020. This is the only virtual retreat Caroline Myss is doing this year. Registration closes at noon on Friday.

Don't miss this unique opportunity to do transformative work with Caroline Myss - a five-time New York Times bestselling author, internationally renowned speaker, teacher and pioneer of energy healing

Sign up here:

Caroline Myss: The Power of Prayer and Grace

“We are living in a time of profound transformation. It's not your imagination - this world is erupting with change. What I want to do is provide you with a tool, which no matter what you will encounter in the days and years ahead, you have a place to go to within yourself in which you can always feel you have a piece of power - that there is something you can rely upon. That something is an understanding of the power of prayer - and the reality of grace, and how it comes to you and into you, and through the atmosphere of your life, the moment you request it.”
- Caroline Myss

To learn more, visit our website:

Watch Caroline's new video: We are living in a time of profound transformation. It's not your imagination - this world is erupting with change. What I want to do is provide you with a t...

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Edited Recording: The Sophia Institute's "No Show Luncheon" 2020
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We look toward a world that could be called a wisdom society, a 21st century that could be called The Sophia Century: a conscious enlightened world, a compassionate global community, where wholeness, healing, sustainability, the conscious heart, deep wisdom, and the sacred feminine are at the center of life. As we face new challenges in a world of conflict, we are dedicated to the vision that together we can create a more conscious and enlightened world, a world in renaissance that expresses the vastness of the human potential.

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