Charleston Pirate Festival

Our mission is simple-FREE FAMILY FUN. Come out and learn about pirates, as well as colonial and maritime history in a safe alcohol-free enviroment.

Operating as usual

[05/26/15]   Brethren of the Coast,

It is with regret that we inform you that the Charleston Pirate Festival has been put on hold this year.

The sponsoring organization, the Old Exchange Building, is having some major building repairs done. Looking after this historic 1771 structure is, of course, a vital concern. After the completion of this work, we will look ahead to reschedule and contact you with a possible future date.

A fair wind and tide to you all! 05/09/2015

Legendary Pirate Treasure May Have Been Found One of the most famous lost pirate treasures may have just been found. Explorers working off the coast of Madagascar have uncovered a giant silver ingot that they believe came from the wreck of th 05/07/2015

Battle Brewing Over $14M Blackbeard 'Treasure' Nearly 300 years after the pirate Blackbeard's flagship sank off the North Carolina coast, a shipwreck-hunting company and the state are battling over treasure linked to the vessel — but they're fighting with legal filings, not cutlasses, and the treasure is $14 million in disputed revenue and... 04/29/2015

Box found in Tampa attic has coins, a map, a hand and a mystery Mike Lopez has an interesting artifact of family history. His sister was recently cleaning out her grandparents attic and came across a box with strange contents. Neatly organized with copper wire,... 04/24/2015

There be pirates ... in Sydney Cove A maritime historian has discovered the untold history of pirates who operated from Sydney Cove and the Pacific in the early days of the colony.


Beware the Flying Dutchman! 04/06/2015

Life Aboard a Pirate Ship — Video

Nice collection of pirate videos Pirates paid a high price in their quest to capture golden b***y, enduring disease and starvation while at sea.


Legal advice for treasure hunters! 03/30/2015

Blackbeard Is Finally Coming To Black Sails, Get Your First Look Black Sails is a story that mixes fact and fiction. Characters from Robert Louis Stevenson’s popular adventure novel Treasure Island intermix with real historical pirates like Anne Bonny and Jack Rackham. Next season, Black Sails will be adding a notorious pirate from English history into the mix. 03/23/2015

History: The Ansons of Shugborough

What they leave out is that George Anson was on pirate patrol on Charleston and that the Ansonborough section of our city still bears his name! ONE of the most popular local tourist attractions is the stately home of Shugborough Hall which stands near the village of Great Haywood, on the outskirts of our county town of Stafford. Originally... 03/18/2015

Strange tale of Newcastle's very own real-life pirate of the Caribbean

Here is more information about one of Bonnet's crew- New book recounts the life and grisly death of the Newcastle man who sailed with the infamous Blackbeard


British Writer Connects Pirate Dots

“Sins Dyed in Blood: In Search of the Newcastle Pirate” by Paul Brown tells the story of Edward Robinson, who sailed with Blackbeard and Stede Bonnet during the golden age of piracy, and was hanged for his crimes in Charleston in 1718.

“Robinson was born in my home city of Newcastle, in the north east of England,” Brown said in a press release. “There are many myths and legends surrounding ‘the Newcastle Pirate,’ and I was determined to find the true story. My search took me across the Atlantic and eventually to Charleston, ending at White Point Garden, where there’s a monument marking the spot at which the pirates were hanged.”

Robinson was involved in several terrifying pirate raids and participated in Blackbeard’s May 1718 siege of Charleston. He fell out with the pirate captain and was marooned on a tiny island. Robinson was eventually rescued by another notorious pirate captain, Stede Bonnet, and resumed his pirate ways until November 1718 when he was captured off the Carolina coast.

“Sins Dyed in Blood” is available from Amazon as a Kindle single ebook for $2.99. "

Adam Parker-Post and Courier 03/09/2015

Cavers find treasure from era of Alexander the Great in Israel - Spelunkers in a cave in Israel stumble across silver coins and jewelry dating back thousands of years. 03/04/2015

Loaded Guns, Barrels of Rum, and a Silk Ribbon - Archaeology Magazine Archive

Thanks to our friends at the Charles Towne Few for finding this info! Move over, Johnny Depp. It's time for evidence of real pirates to be unearthed. 03/02/2015

The Republic of Pirates: The web's ultimate source on the real pirates of the Caribbbean and the...

"One gang of pirates is responsible for virtually all of our pirate imagery today, and were the primary inspiration for pirates of fiction from Long John Silver to Jack Sparrow.

Did you know that.....

These pirates - who called themselves the Flying Gang -- all knew one another, had served together in naval and merchant vessels, and operated for a very short period of time: four to ten years starting in 1714.

They included many of the most famous pirates in history, including Blackbeard, Sam Bellamy of Whydah fame, the "gentleman pirate" Stede Bonnet, the bombastic Charles Vane, Calico Jack Rackham, and the women pirates, Mary Read and Anne Bonny."
- 02/20/2015

Divers find largest treasure trove of gold coins - Science News - redOrbit If you’ve ever jumped into a body of water, you’ve probably fantasized about diving down to find sunken treasure--aka pirate’s b***y. Divers in Israel actually lived out this fantasy this week. 02/20/2015

Nonfiction Book Review: Pirate Hunters: Treasure, Obsession, and the Search for a Legendary... The odds of finding a bona fide pirate ship are quite rare, a fact Robert Kurson (Shadow Divers) points out in the first few pages of this extraordinary adventure. Only one—the Whydah 02/05/2015

Beyond the Plunder: The Misunderstood Life of Pirates | Deep Sea News

Good article on the Misunderstood Life of Pirates. Buccaneers, Charlatans, Marauders, and Swashbucklers. Throughout the centuries, our b***y-hoarding friends have been branded by many rather dubious labels. Yet 02/03/2015

'Maze Runner' actress Kaya Scodelario will be in 'Pirates of the Caribbean 5' Image Credit: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images... 02/02/2015

Fugitive Shipwreck Hunter Captured After 2 Years on the Lam Tommy Thompson — a famous shipwreck hunter who located a Gold Rush-era wreck and became embroiled in a long legal drama over his spoils — has been captured in Florida after more than two years in hiding. 02/02/2015

Treasure Neverland: Real and Imaginary Pirates by Neil Rennie – review

Review of recent book on pirates published by Oxford University Press. Treasure chests, maps, skull and crossbones: where does our popular image of pirates come from. By Colin Burrow 01/28/2015

Blackbeard's Pirate Ship Yields Medical Supplies : DNews

Wonder if any of these new finds can be traced to the Charleston blockade of 1718? Medical equipment on the vessel that served as the flagship of the pirate Blackbeard suggests the buccaneer had to toil to keep his crew healthy.


Charleston Pirate Festival


Charleston Pirate Festival's cover photo 01/23/2015

History Center exhibit 'Art of Piracy' mixes facts and fiction

If in FL check out this exhibit -The Art of Piracy at the Tampa Bay History Center When revelers at the 100th Gasparilla Pirate Fest enjoy Captain Morgan Spiced Rum — and mock the pirate whose foot is propped on a barrel — they can thank Sarasota-based artist Don Maitz. 01/20/2015

Sea Dogs The Sea Dogs were English pirates at the time of Elizabeth I of England and were also known as Elizabethan Pirates. They were active from 1560 to 1605 and had permission by Queen Elizabeth I to dea...


Charleston Pirate Festival


Charleston Pirate Festival's cover photo 01/15/2015

Britain Explorer - Top Ten Lost Treasures of the World There are many accounts of lost treasures, some dating from ancient times and those that are more recent. While the idea that unimaginable wealth is o... 01/15/2015

Searle's Sack of St. Augustine 2015 | St. Augustine, FL

Still time to get your ship careened and make passage to La Florida! SC's own famous Doctor Henry Woodward was freed from jail by these raiders. Witness the thrilling re-enactment of legendary pirate Robert Searle's attack of St. Augustine and how the town defended itself. 01/12/2015

Who is Javier Bardem's Character in Pirates of the Caribbean 5? Javier Bardem is playing the ghost of Captain Brand in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales


Scene from "Treasure Island"-Jim Hawkins watching pirates coming ashore in canoes. 01/07/2015

Mare Island’s key place amid the tides of history Alcatraz was a U.S. military base before it was a prison, Nike missiles once bristled on Angel Island, and Treasure Island was a naval base for decades before it was sold to San Francisco in 2009. [...] the island that has played the most significant role in U.S. naval history is Mare Island — the f… 01/06/2015

Queensland’s biggest star of Pirates 5 IT DOESN’T look like it yet, but this creaky old sailing boat from Bundaberg is about to be transformed into the most famous pirate ship on the Seven Seas. 01/06/2015

Bones found on Canadian beach likely from ‘coffin ship’ from Ireland’s Great Famine “You can’t have a more tangible witness to tragedy than human remains," a researcher said.

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Master Youmans was given the honor of throwing out the first pitch.  The baseball was never seen again.
Last one of the day!  From Master John Young at the Powder Magazine,
Avast scurvy ones- here ye can feast your eyes upon Captain Eric Lavender of Charleston Pirate Tours honoring the holida...
From John LaVerne, owner of Bulldog Tours- catch a ghost walk through our dungeon with one of their experienced guides!





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