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Go + Tell Gals exists to equip + encourage women to take their place in the Kingdom and use what they've been given for His glory + the good of others.

Go + Tell Gals is a collective of women equipping other women to use their gifts for the glory of God and the good of others. We do this through a podcast, Go Teams (our coaching communities), digital resources, and prayerfully soon - retreats and online classes! We’re motivated by a vision of the future featuring women using all they’ve got for the advancement of the kingdom. Our hope is that God would use our work to continually tear down the strongholds that keep women from taking their place in the kingdom. We pray and prepare for a day when it’s not out of the ordinary for a woman to take God at His Word.

Operating as usual

Friends! So many of you have been digging into the Inhale & Exhale E-course, and that makes our hearts SO happy. We're back with the best news: the e-course is coming BACK to the GATG Shop! For just a limited time (only a week!), the course opens again this Tuesday and it'll be ready for you to move through it as slow as you need to.
Don’t miss out on the chance to snag it before it's gone again. Now is the time to create healthy rhythms for the long haul. Mark your calendars for Tuesday!

Need some good news? If you already missed the mark, you get to try again tomorrow. Slow growth is the most sustained. Fast, immediate fruit often fades quickly. You get to be in it for the long haul. In Jesus' name, you get to be patient with yourself and with those around you.

Happy New Year, friends. We're looking forward expectantly to all He’ll do in 2021, for the good and the glory.

Because we know God, we get to have hearts bent toward gratitude. 2020 was hard, and that's the truth. Grief, suffering, and brokenness were all too real — but because Jesus died and was raised to life, we know that victory is real too.
We say this all in humility, knowing it isn't humble to hold back. Here's some of our 2020 fruit in a few photos + a lot of words:
We danced. We got to bring Henslee + Brenna into the team. We partnered with God and hundreds of His women through coaching. We launched our licensing program, and we ended the year with 61 licensed coaches. We celebrated new life in our Henslee girl. We had women like @bethmoorelpm, @morganharpernichols, and @heyaririvera on the podcast. We launched life-giving apparel. We said Take It Too Far, even when the world shut down. We hosted our first ever online event, and we had the most fun hanging out with over 300 of you. We celebrated one whole year of @girlforthejob. We prayed and pored over our first ever video e-course. We hosted online classes, we partnered with @compassion, and we hosted two retreats for coaches, giving them and us a soft place to land.
All of that is worth celebration, but the things we can't believe we got to do are the hidden things. We hurt for the hurt of the world. We begged God to use us. We shifted our vision towards the gaps we saw. We got to provide temporary housing for a mom in crisis. We got to elevate Black voices. We got to support Charleston families who needed bills paid. We got to provide Christmas gifts for some kiddos right here where our feet are planted.
It's not boastful to celebrate when it's about Him, and for us, it always is. In all the loud spaces + in all the quiet spaces, God used us and He got the glory. We keep saying it, but it's true: we're going out really grateful. We can't wait for the stories 2021 will tell, for the good and the glory.

Not sure where to start? Quit. Quit striving. Quit trying to control. Quit trying to be the hero.

Let's drink deep these days – not because we have to, but because we get to.

Hiiii, friends! We're back in the office today, and we're doing some dreaming. Thanksgiving and Christmas are behind us, and 2020 almost is too as we barrel towards 2021. How can we better equip and encourage? What shifts can we make to better lean into the good and the glory? How can we love God best in 2021?
These are the questions we're asking ourselves because here's what we know is true: we don't have to make shifts in 2021, but in Jesus' name, we get to. We're going out grateful.

It's the last Saturday of 2020. What better way to end the year than with counting the fruit? When we intentionally practice gratitude, we find abundance – always. So tell us here: what are you grateful for?

We celebrate tonight because new creation has come. It is beautiful, and in the midst of our brokenness, it is hope shining brightly. Merry Christmas to you, friends.

We just sent out our sweetest note of 2020 to our newsletter friends. When we think back on 2020 and think towards celebrating the birth of the Savior we all need, we can't help but thank God for you.
In coaching, we talk about your who. Your who is the reason why you do what you do. When the chaos comes, your who keeps you grounded. When the celebration is due, your who is the one you quickly thank. And when a year brings new challenges and never-been-there-before circumstances, your who is what makes you stay in the fight – for their good and the glory of God.
You're our who. Go + Tell Gals keeps going because of you. The way you run on mission, the way you go with God, the way you give away grace and compassion and vision and mercy – it makes us keep going, too. We don't say this lightly – you're the best “who” we could dream up.
We can't believe we get to do this with you. We can't believe you let us cheer you on. So consider this our heartfelt thank you. Thank you for going with us as we go after God.
Merry Christmas. We pray that this season leaves you rested and refreshed, grateful and graceful, hopeful and happy as we head in 2021. We can't wait to run with you. We can't wait to cheer you on. We can't wait to see how God keeps using us all.

Today's good list:
- lots of coffee
- incredible shoes
- truth to keep us going
Whatever you day holds today, we hope you'll take some time to make your own good list. Let's #getaftergrateful.

We're closing up shop for the next couple of weeks to spend some quality time with our friends + fam. Merry Christmas to you and yours! We're on your team forever.

Hey, gal! Want to join Team Go + Tell Gals?!
We’re looking for a operations + administrative manager in Charleston, SC to join the party. We need a gal to receive the vision for projects, then see them through completion and nurturing. We need her to ask these questions: How is this going to happen? Who is going to do it? When will it get done? If these questions excite and delight you, we’d love to see your application.
To put your name out there, please submit your application no later than Wednesday, January 6, 2021. Find all the details at the link in our bio!

So many of us are holding so much right now. Our prayer is that you would find joy in the new traditions (even if just for 2020) and peace in the small things. We're praying for you all today as you move through what might be different. These words from our friend @morganharpernichols are true for you, and we pray they would give you hope in this season.
If we can pray specifically for you today, drop us a DM. It would be our honor to go to God for you.

Here is a trustworthy saying that deserves full acceptance: Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners—of whom I am the worst. But for that very reason I was shown mercy so that in me, the worst of sinners, Christ Jesus might display his immense patience as an example for those who would believe in him and receive eternal life. Now to the King eternal, immortal, invisible, the only God, be honor and glory forever and ever. – 1 Timothy 1:15-17
Honor and glory forever to the King who saves. We're running on mission today with this mission empowering us.

In Jesus' name, you are never stuck.
You can go up, praise changes our countenance and lifts our head.
You can go low, repentance brings refreshment and changes the atmosphere around us.
You can go back, see His faithfulness and count the work of His hand in the past.
You can take a step of obedience or faith forward. There's always a move to make and you're safe in His love, even if you make a mistake.

Whatever is true, honorable, just, pure, lovely, commendable, and worthy of praise – speak on such things (Philippians 4). Tag a gal that keeps you going because of how she speaks.

Your life changes as you obediently go like He's called you to. Their life changes as you use your gifts to serve them, honor them, and love them. Life change is waiting, and now is a great time to make some moves for His glory and the good of others.

These women are going to change the world. Yes and amen.

No one's approval or disapproval of you can speed up or thwart God's plan for your life. You already have your Father's approval. We agree with His power in us to change the world. Amen?

Hope grows here. Love grows here. Forgiveness grows here. Patience grows here. Compassion grows here. Peace grows here. Life grows here. Things grow here.
Ps — it’s your last day to order and get your gifts under the tree. Christmas delivery ends today! Run to the shop to grab your gifts! ⚡️

As we run towards the end of 2020, this is our prayer. Let it be that we look back on this year with eyes wide, seeing God's goodness. Let it be that we remember the moments that He brought heaven to earth in our midst. Let it be that we believed Him, trusted Him, sought Him, and praised Him up until the very end. Our eyes are on you, God. We're going out grateful.

By God’s will we have been purified and made holy once and for all through the sacrifice of the body of Jesus, the Messiah!
Yet every day priests still serve, ritually offering the same sacrifices again and again—sacrifices that can never take away sin’s guilt. But when this Priest had offered the one supreme sacrifice for sin for all time he sat down on a throne at the right hand of God, waiting until all his whispering enemies are subdued and turn into his footstool. And by his one perfect sacrifice he made us perfectly holy and complete for all time! Hebrews 10:10-14 TPT

Today is Monday, and there are only three Mondays left in 2020. That means that today is a good day to offer grace, to go compassionately, to love deeply, and to reconcile hopefully. It’s a great day to believe God for the people around you. It’s a great day to shift the culture with hope, truth, and love. It’s a great day to call heaven to earth.
Need some action items for this Monday? We’ve got some suggestions, head to our stories!

You know we really love a hat, right? It’s true. It’s one of our favorite ways to wear the words we need to hear ⚡️ Join us next Wednesday for a night of coaching + @compassionlive, and we’ll send you this hat for freeeeeee. Head to the link in our bio to save your spot for Wednesday!

It's as true today as it was a year ago: you are still the girl for the job. Because God said it, you get to believe it. Let's go.

Get your hopes up. Believe the best. Live like God is worth your dreams. Go with Him wherever He leads. He is mighty in you.

If you're still on the hunt for the perfect Christmas gift for your best gal, why not encourage and equip her with some life-speaking apparel? We've got a limited stock of tees, sweatshirts, and hats in the GATG Shop — place your order by December 15 to ensure delivery by Christmas!

Tonight, we're talking all about book proposals - what makes them work, what makes them not work, and how you can be set up for success in your proposal. Join us + Liz at 8pm EST or watch the replay whenever and wherever - either option, just $5!

Do you feel like 2020 left you a little discouraged and exhausted? Us, too. Could you use some intention, passion, and coaching to start the next year off with joy and expectancy? Us, too. Do you really just need to laugh with your gals? Us, too.
On December 16th (next Wednesday!), we're partnering with @compassionlive to host an exclusive night of coaching and fun. Plus, we've got a few surprises to end this year well and usher in what God has planned for us next.
We'll laugh together, learn together, and lean into our God-given vision and goals. We’ll come together to find encouragement and empowerment from God’s Word, as well as partner with Compassion so that we can serve while we spur one another on! To learn more about this event + save your spot, head to the COMPASSION link in our bio. 🎉

Your gifts? They're good. They're God-honoring, Kingdom-seeking, and game-changing. And your God? He's kind and gracious. He's mighty in you, He's always for you, and He's using you today. What does it look like for you to believe in and use your good gifts today?

Today, tomorrow, and all of our days — we're after this. We're committed to equipping and encouraging women to go with God, worshipping on their way, all the while remembering that they don't have to be the hero. For the good and the glory forever. ⚡️

Hi, gals! This is your ✨ last call ✨ for our favorite project yet — the Inhale & Exhale e-course! Let’s intentionally end the year with clarity, vision, and purpose. The e-course is available for just a few more hours, then registration closes. Don’t miss out!

We get to experience God's goodness and grace – and then, because of that power, we get to use the good gifts that He has given us for His glory + the good of others. We're inhaling and exhaling deep today, knowing that God is near to us, kind to us, and mighty in us.
If you haven't grabbed the Inhale & Exhale e-course yet, go, go, go – today is the last day to register!

Watch the way you talk about your life. If all you're doing feels like a "have to" and not a "get to", shift to think more about gratitude and less expectations. Walking with God is a get to, and whatever He calls you to is for His glory and the good of others.
We dive deep into serving, intention, and using your gifts in the Inhale & Exhale e-course. If this type of coaching is just what you need, grab the e-course now — it goes away tomorrow!

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