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Joe Lawrence founded Inspire Tomorrow with a desire to develop others. Throughout a 20-year career in the military and as an educator, he observed gaps that existed in mentorship. Instead of truly helping others grow to greater roles, he saw organizations that simply promoted careerism.

Mission: To help others create an impact and always strive to be better.

[05/31/18]   Hey everyone, sorry we have been silent lately. Jessy and I have been working on a few big projects for clients.

Upcoming things to watch out for:
1) We are going to change the podcast format to a co-host format (coming this summer)
2) We are looking into starting a master mind group
3) Primarily, we have had many opportunities coming our way, it has been a major challenge to figure out what we can dedicate our time to in order to bring the most value to you.

I would also like to remind you all that we do individual coaching calls helping leaders serve their teams better. A couple of areas we excel are developing others, building trust, and working with a purpose. If interested or know someone who is, email me at [email protected] or message me here.

We often forget that getting that new position changes the dynamics of how we operate. Going from a technical expert to a manager, it was tough to keep hands off of the micro-level activities and instead focus on the new view of the macro-level 'big' picture. If you find yourself digging into the day-to-day activities of your people, you might be micromanaging! Its okay to be visible, interested, and involved but making micro-level decisions that your people can make breeds an unhealthy dependence on your involvement, leaving you to take your eyes off the horizon and the strategic level stuff. I had a direct report once give me (his boss) a gentle nudge to let me know I was straying out of my lane--it was good move, as I may have derailed a well-laid plan!

In our latest podcast, Episode 011 Leaders Are Made, Joe explores how we are all leaders in our own right and through training and education, those leadership characteristics can be sharpened. #inspiretomorrow #leadersneverstoplearning

I once heard someone say that biases tend to anchor how people frame problems. This is especially true when we begin to pass judgment on others or get frustrated when they don't improve. We all have a bias; its natural, we see things through the lens of our own experiences, values, and perceptions. Take a few minutes before you act on your impulse or initial thoughts and try to see the world through that person's perspective--you might have missed something!

Episode010 – Inspire Tomorrow

Check out the latest podcast episode: In this episode, Ryan Hawk of the Learning Leader Show discusses how to surround yourself with those you admire, how to spot signs that you may be ready for a transition and his approach to reading. As a long time fan of his show, it was an honor to talk with him and learn from someone who is consta...

A healthy competitive spirit can drive people to do better. It's not typically such a bad thing, but with the wrong intentions it becomes something that is a point of contention and closes you off from truly achieving great things. Coveting that promotion? If you do not you think you need help from others to achieve greater things like earning that promotion, think again. When you become guarded and see everyone as your competition, you immediately close yourself off and limit your chances to demonstrate your skill.

Listening is truly an undervalued quality because it is tied to essentially everything we do in a society. Sadly we often listen to simply respond, priming our own thoughts or opinions over the information we just received. If you supervise others or dictate others’ work, handing down decisions or procedures sometimes proves ineffective and if we are honest about it, its tough to juggle the big chunks of a task and the details. General George Patton was quoted as saying, “Don’t tell people how to do something—tell them what needs to be done and they will surprise you with their ingenuity”. I was recently given a project, which I broke into a few parts. I included my direct reports in this task and asked for their thoughts to a problem and got their inputs—I didn’t lead with my opinion. It turned out that I really didn't have a great answer to the problem--but they showed me a few, which helped the endeavor immensely. Shutting down a collaborative effort only takes the senior member to drop their opinion in the mix--a superior's opinion feels more heavily weighted in the view of a subordinate. I gave my inputs only after I got theirs--I tried to simply listen. I asked for their recommendations after I gave them the situation. You’ll gain buy-in, a higher level of engagement, and alleviate some of your workload this way.

Serve – Inspire Tomorrow

Update to serving 100 people through mentorship: this week I have been humbled with the chance to speak with 9 leaders and offer advice. Here are those results... On January 28th, 2018, I made a goal to serve 100 people through mentorship. My belief is that as we serve others, we grow others and inspire a new wave of service. I am creating this this post to show how to implement my process of Plan | Do | Next and as a visual scoreboard to hold myself accounta...

Inspire Tomorrow

Our personal goal is to directly serve 100 leaders through mentorship by 30 April.

We will do this by:
1) answering your questions on the Inspire Tomorrow Podcast (email: [email protected])
2) Through one-on-one coaching. (email me to learn more)

As we grow we will share all of the lessons learned here on this page or at: Never ending “to do” list? Running from emergency to emergency? We all struggle with this at one point. Let us help you map your course before it can spiral out of control. Take our free course! “If you think you’re a…..

Have a burning leadership or professional development question? Let me have it and I will answer them as I record my next podcast...due to release Friday, 2 Feb. Email them to [email protected].

Why Develop..? – Inspire Tomorrow

What are we about at Inspire Tomorrow? Go here to learn more: Do you feel like you are not living up to your full potential? Are you being passed over for promotions and other opportunities? We know how it feels not being on the correct path, but it is actually much simpler to get ahead than we thought. You just need to focus in three areas: job performance, w...

Decisions, Decisions

What is your process for making decisions? Listen to the latest podcast on Inspire Tomorrow to hear a few different methods. Go there from here. What is your process for making decisions? Listen to the latest podcast on Inspire Tomorrow to hear a few different methods. Go there from here.

Inspire Tomorrow Podcast by Joe Lawrence on Apple Podcasts

In this episode, we discuss the importance of trust and Joe shares a time where it broke down and how he fixed it. Download past episodes or subscribe to future episodes of Inspire Tomorrow Podcast by Joe Lawrence for free.

Episode007 – Inspire Tomorrow

Here is the latest podcast episode with Celeste Headlee about having better conversations. I would love to know what you think. In this episode, I interview Celeste Headlee who has over 19 years experience in radio broadcast journalism and has worked on NPR and Georgia Public Broadcasting. Her award-winning career includes contributions to CNN, BBC and many other agencies. A few years ago, she did a TEDx talk that went viral...

Discover Your Purpose Today

Have you ever written yourself a letter from 10 years into the future? What would it say? It will make you more deliberate today in your actions. Joe discusses this and more as he lends perspective to finding your goals and your purpose through our free course. Create a Road Map for You and Your Team

It was an honor to have this conversation on Judith Germain's podcast! Very humbled to be able to offer some advice and perspective on leadership.

Trust: Pre Order

Does anyone have any questions about the upcoming course on trust? We are still doing the pre-launch pricing until Friday. Start the New Year off Right by learning about building trust.

Inspire Tomorrow Podcast by Joe Lawrence on Apple Podcasts

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Also, feel free to browse our site at Download past episodes or subscribe to future episodes of Inspire Tomorrow Podcast by Joe Lawrence for free.

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Inspire Tomorrow

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Our Story

We founded Inspire Tomorrow with a desire to create our own impact on others. As military veterans, we discovered that as people took on new and challenging situations, they were not being armed with the tools or advice to handle dynamic situations, leaving them unprepared and left to figure things out for themselves. In doing so, they struggled, unable to meet goals and barely able to operate in the environment they were in. Mentorship often stopped at what it took to get promoted.

We believe in creating an impact. Whether your goal is to make an impact in your life or the lives of others, we can help. We deliver a meaningful education on your terms so we can help you maximize success.

Joe Lawrence and Jessy Martin

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