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Own it. Flaunt it. Be it.


Deep thoughts going UP on a Tuesday! @yung_pueblo


Your energy is yours and that’s your power. Like money, you can use your energy (worrying) on unnecessary things OR you can use your energy on investments (believing). The choice is yours!


Don’t. Ever. Stop. Evolving. || If you’re worried about what others will think or if they’ll stick by your side as you transition from a great version to a greater version of yourself, don’t be. Be fearless. Embrace transition...and with sheer confidence! Change can be tough, but you are tougher! [Also, sometimes I post things so I can go back a read them again to myself. So, I get it. ] 😘


As we head into the weekend, why not take some very well deserved time for yourself! cc: @iamhertribe


I will say it time and time again, “If the cons outweigh the pros then ya gotta go!” - this goes for relationships, jobs, overall environment, etc. If it doesn’t serve you, then what’s the point of hanging on? I get it. It’s easier said then done, but imagine the amount of weight that will be lifted once you make the move! Stop thinking about it and just DO it! Life is too short.


Cheers to the risk-takers, the fearless, the go-getters, the non-hesitators, the lesson learners, discomfort seekers, & no non-sensers! You are taking it next level. You are taking it to a higher ground - a place where you can look back and say, “I wasn’t the same person I was yesterday. I am better. I am better because I made an effort to climb out of my comfort zone. I am stronger than ever. And that is truly what life is about!” What risk can you take today that may not be the easiest but will allow you to seek self growth and ultimately become a better YOU?


Never have I ever seen growth occur in one’s comfort zone! Do something today that scares you and watch yourself grow instantaneously!


Perspective. Nailed it. Hard.


Happy Friday, y’all!


Growth • Visions • Challenges • Connection • Faith || Stay strong. Stay positive. Most importantly, stay true to yourself.


No one is born perfect. We all have weaknesses. As long as we focus on strengthening and having awareness of those weaknesses, we will grow into a better version of ourselves. For example, it is ok if you are short fused or have a temper. Instead of using it as an excuse and letting it be, try working on it regularly. What toxic traits do you think you have that you are willing to work on?


The Attitude of Gratitude is a real thing! Train your brain to seek the good in everything and your life will change drastically!

happilyactive.com 08/13/2018

Rise Above the Storms to Seek the Sunshine

It's been a while. Here's an update!

happilyactive.com Greetings, bloggets! It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything on the website. Probably too long. It hasn’t been intentional. I feel it’s important to feel what you write as opposed to just writing. Anything forced isn’t organic and to me being organic is the only way you should be. Tod...


BOOM! Shakalaka! Happy Tuesday!


It’s all about how you influence your surroundings! Happy Monday, y’all!


Your mind. Your mind, my friends, is the driver of all actions. Become so powerful that you are able to control it and guide it to having the greatest breakthroughs of your life! It may not be the easier route, but darlin’ it’s worth it. @thediaryofagoddess


And you ask, “What if I fall?” Oh but my darling, “What if you fly?” -Erin Hanson || Life is full of taking risks and climbing out of your comfort zone. The more risks you take in life, the less fearful you become. It’s either a lesson or a blessing. So what’s your excuse?


Comparison is the enemy of joy. || A dear friend once told me that quote in a casual conversation and it has forever resonated with me. Because, it’s true. Often times we get stuck in everyone else’s peaks and successes that we forget to embrace our own personal, unique path. Remember that the next time you catch yourself comparing yourself to others. And also remember that we each experience peaks (and valleys) at different times. Now, go get after it!


Live. Be honest. Love. Play fair. || Life isn’t about what you receive, it’s simply about what you put out!


🚨NEW MONTH ALERT🚨Today is a wonderful opportunity to evaluate your focus. Ask yourself, “Am I placing focus on things that serve me and better me as an individual?”. And if your answer is ‘no’, don’t worry. Now is a great time to refocus and start fresh! Remember what is important in life.


Perspective: |noun| a particular attitude or way of regarding something; a point of view || We all have the choice in how we view certain things life tosses at you. It’s up to you to decide which lense you want to use. 🧐
Just recently I was driving down the road and a song came on the radio. At one point that particular song acted as a means of comfort when times weren’t the greatest. When I recently heard it, it acted as a sense of nostalgia from that moment. And I smiled subtly knowing I rose above it. Ya see, the song was the same. But the way I viewed it was different. This happens all of the time in our lives - day in and day out. How cool is it we have the ability to CHOOSE how we live our life? What choices can you make in how you perceive things in your life so that you ultimately live your at your greatest potential?


Stay strong. Keep going. You’ve got this! 💪🏽


Not everyone is you and that’s your power.


Unfortunately, it is rare. However, when you find that breed - stick with them. Support them. Thank them. Love them. Hard.


😇 👼😍


It is my wish for you...


Mental illness is no joke and shouldn’t be swept under the rug or ignored. Often times people put on a show but are living a completely different life behind closed doors. Pay attention. Open your eyes. And be there for those who struggle. If you are stuck in a dark space please don’t be ashamed, embarrassed, or feel like you are a burden to anyone by reaching out. We are all in this together. And if you struggle with anxiety and depression and refuse to talk about it with loved ones call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255. Your life matters!


A little Friday fill-in-the-blank for ya! What are your best friends for?


Approximately 91% of women are unhappy with their bodies and resort to dieting to achieve their ideal body shape. Unfortunately, only 5% of women naturally possess the body type often portrayed by Americans in the media. (Credit: DoSomething.Org) || Ladies, you are not alone. It’s time for us to make the change & love ourselves for who we are deeper than the shell we possess. Today is the beginning of a new month. Join me as I focus on turning self loathing into self loving.


And if you think paying for a gym membership is expensive, wait ‘till you see the medical bills.


A little wisdom to start this Wednesday!


Let us all retract to the good ole days of building sand castles and body surfing without the pressure of worrying about your ideal “beach body”. You are beautiful! Happy Memorial Day Weekend, y’all! Now, go have fun.


⚡️FLASH SALE⚡️ As we head into the summer months, it’s important to keep your momentum going. Therefore, I am offering FREE sessions when you purchase sessions in bulk! [Yes, I said the F word 🤭] Direct message me for details. Offer expires at 11:59PM Friday, 5/25. Stay committed, stay sweaty, stay strong.


Do you dig? Flaunt yourself. You deserve it.

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