Crossfit Discovery Daniel Island

Crossfit Discovery Daniel Island


Captain Dan Whitten remembered
Hey guys! Gonna miss seeing my early morning crews tomorrow!! I feel completely disconnected with the gym being closed! So let’s post some home workout pics so I can see all of the smiling faces I miss so much!!
I really like CorePower Yoga Studio. New member specials: FREE 1-week Trial or 2 weeks for $9.
Variety of yoga classes, lots of times. Give it a try!!
Team work! Working out with friends is always better!!
Dear Sir/Mad,
I hope you will be keeping well.
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Hope to see some of the awesome athletes from Crossfit Discovery Daniel Island at The Beast Mode Games in May!

Here's the Information/Registration Link:
in 2016 I managed 89 reps on 16.3. TWICE! Got through the first round and into the second. Thanks Robert for the help.

The Row Raiser for Special Olympics is back Sat Jan 19th! Start lining up your teams now Discovery family. You are reigning champions 2 years in a row...will it be a three-peat?
Anyone have details on the wellness challenge happening this month?
Some mornings.err the night before i feel like this. I go the next day and its fine!
A thoughtful fellow athlete gave me this! Thanks so much kristina!!!

Show Up. Work Hard. Have Fun. Feel Amazing. A neighborhood gym serving Daniel Island. We help you be happier, healthier for the long term. Forging Lifelong Fitness since 2009.

We help you be Happy, Healthy and Fit.

Operating as usual


Blessed to be able to make my voice heard with my daughter this morning. Thanks to everyone who took part in our democracy over the last month of the 2020 election. However you voted, Let’s all get up tomorrow and work together to make our nation better. There are so many vital issues that need our collective action. Let’s go!!!!


Let’s go Blue. Lakers got it done now it’s time for the wrecking crew. #iloveLA #gododgers 🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊 @dodgers


This is why.


Like win, win, win scenarios? Well here ya go then. 1. Feed your family the most delicious eggs, beef, pork, and chicken around. 2. Nourish your body with fresh, pasture raised, grass fed goodness. 3. Support local regenerative agriculture. Get your orders in by noon tomorrow for a 930am Saturday delivery at our gym. #grassfed #pastureraised #regenerativeagriculture #supportlocalfarms #watsonfarms


It’s time. Early voting is open in South Carolina (aka absentee in person- whatever that’s supposed to mean). Fitness is but one part of your life. Civic engagement is another. So let’s go. Please inform yourself on more than just the National races. Local offices like solicitor, sheriff, State House,& State Senate have a huge impact on our lives. Be careful out there and do your part. “The most important political office is that of the private citizen.”
-Louis D. Brandeis (Associate Justice, US Supreme Court) #vote #gotv #firedupandreadytogo #citizenship #doyourpart


He may have noticed that Discovery health and fitness has been quiet on social media recently. We have become more and more aware of the negativity that can come from today’s social media. You are a grown-up. You should decide for yourself. Educating yourself will help you make a more informed decision. We highly recommend everyone watch the social dilemma. Here is some content from their Instagram feed. Repost from @thesocialdilemma

30% of 18-44-year-olds feel anxious if they haven’t checked Facebook in the past 2 hours. Big Tech’s promise to keep us connected has given rise to a host of unintended consequences that threaten the health of people and society. How is our growing reliance on technology and social media impacting you? Watch "The Social Dilemma" on Netflix starting 9/9 and join us in rebooting the system for the common good at #TheSocialDilemma


Hope everyone is enjoying this amazing weekend of perfect weather in Charleston. Putting on my proud dad hat for a second. Please check out @georgiavannewkirk ‘s song, #MalibuHoney! Just out on Spotify. I ❤️ all the songs she writes, but this one is my new fave (the California vibe is SO REAL -it makes me miss LA deep in my soul). Listen Away!! #goodmusic #danielisland #charlestonsc #la #malibu #honey #singersongwriter


Shanah Tovah! On this day of renewal, we wish everyone a new year full of sweetness. Apples dipped in honey remind us that the simplest things can offer the most comfort. #happyroshhashanah #shanahtovah #renewal #sweetness


Happy (1 day late) Birthday to Josh R. If you want to know what we are all about, he’s the perfect example. Josh is consistent, positive, funny, kind, and insightful. He’s a committed dad and husband who works hard in and out of the gym to be fit and healthy for his family. Many happy returns, Josh!! #DanielIsland #fitnessineightwords #showup #workhard #havefun #feelamazing


Tragedies can inspire unity and purpose. Let’s take this lesson from 19 years ago and put it to good use today. Please keep the families of the thousands lost that day close to your heart. The first responders on 9/11 showed us courage and resolve to which we should all aspire. #unify #neverforget


Thanks for the wise words, Frederick. On Labor Day, we honor those who do the work. All kinds of work. And there is still much to do. Enjoy your weekend, America! Be safe out there. And on Tuesday let’s get back to it. Things won’t get done without all of us joining the struggle together. #laborday #organizedlabor #unionstrong #motionpicturecostumers #screenactorsguild


#tbt to the first week of September 2010. As it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be. If you show up, work hard, and have fun. You’ll feel amazing. #showup #workhard #havefun #feelamazing #fitnessineightwords #danielisland #charlestonsc


Super awesome guy (& Discovery member) @rkoberly is running today, tonight, and early tomorrow morning to raise money and awareness for WorldVision’s water project helping people in South Sudan. He would normally be running a relay with teammates from Mt. Hood to the coast in Oregon. But, ya know- pandemic. In his words, “Spend a few minutes today imagining what your life, and the life of your family, might be like if your only access to water was 3 or 4 miles away by foot, and often contaminated. Together we can continue to raise the funds they need for clean water, proper sanitation and hygiene to prevent the attack of future viruses and help them have the resources they need even in this current pandemic.” Way to go, Ryan.

Donate online at


Celebrating one year with this sweet boy. Thank you @lakesideanimalrescue and @mmlooney !! This rescue dog has brought so much joy to our family. #adoptrescuefoster #louisthegymdog


Golf legend, Jack Nicklaus, competed in 164 majors, more than any other player, winning 18. He won his final Major, the Masters, at the age of 46. Jack finished with 73 PGA Tour victories. His consistency and longevity in the sport are an inspirational to us all. #belief #growthmindset #danielisland #charlestonsc #trainforwhatyoulove #weckmethod #crossfittraining


What’s the point of training hard if you don’t feel good most of the time? Steady progress and sustainability are much better measures of a fitness program than soreness or volume of sweat. Come see how training smart can help you reach your goals & make you feel AMAZING! #CharlestonSC#DanielIsland#HappyHealthyFit #SocialDistance#TrainSmart #FitnessInEightWords #weckmethod #crossfittraining


Roni works harder than people 50 years younger. We appreciate the way she shows up, works hard, has fun, and IS amazing. #fitnessineightwords #charlestonsc #danielisland #weckmethod #crossfit


Named by Sports Illustrated as the 'Greatest Female Athlete of the 20th Century', Jackie Joyner-Kersee's athletic credentials are unquestionably among the best ever, in all of sport. A six time Olympic medalist, including three Olympic gold medals, Joyner-Kersee dominated the Olympic heptathlon and long jump events throughout her career which spanned four Olympic Games.


Every breath is a blessing. We have to find ways to enjoy them all. If your fitness program is fun, your odds of sticking with it and getting long-term benefit are infinitely ♾ higher. Our gym Is a literal playground. Come play. #weckmethod #danielisland #personaltraining #health #charleston #socialdistancing #fun #havefun


What is the green dot? Ryan and Katie know. We can teach you too. #greendot #🟢 #weckmethod


Empty your mind, be formless, shapeless like water. You put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put water into a bottle, it becomes the bottle. You put it into a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Now water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend. -Bruce Lee


Simple. Not easy. Challenge yourself, but don’t wreck yourself. Consistency wins.


Personal training clients get to play with all the toys! We make fitness simple. ✅Show Up. ✅Work Hard. ✅Have Fun. ✅Feel Amazing.


An immigrant from Czechoslovakia, Martina became on of the all-time greatest tennis players, winning 18 Grand Slam and 167 WTA singles titles.


We’ve boiled down achieving exceptional results into eight words. All you have to do is follow them. We help you to stay on track. & They apply to every area of your life. First two? @ Daniel Island, SC


If we’re doing it right, and we are, you showing up, working hard, and having fun will lead to you feeling amazing. You’ll be fit and healthy enough to take on any challenge you choose. So now that we have that covered, I’ll save the rest of our mental energy for thinking about the things that are really important to us. That’s different for every one of you, and I applaud that. But in times like these, obsessing over fitness methodology is a giant waste of your precious mental energy.


Jesse Owens once set 4 track and field world records in less than hour. He scorched the idea of White Supremacy at the 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin. All while working his way through school at the Ohio State University.


Cheers to my wonderful sister, Sarah, on her 50th birthday. She’s the glue that holds us together. Her thoughtfulness, wicked humor, and intolerance of intolerance has set a phenomenal example for every generation of our family. Love you, Poog. @poogievnk


Thankful for the life and example of John Lewis. Rest well, John. It’s our time now to get to work, get into good trouble, necessary trouble, and bring our nation closer to it’s ideals of freedom, justice, and equality for all. You will be missed, but never forgotten. #goodtrouble #necessarytrouble #johnlewis #patriot #american #sncc #peaceontheleftjusticeontheright


Thanks @drmarkhyman


Positive Routines and Habits are what will get us through not only this pandemic, but also the current challenges we face aligning our society with our values, and the everyday struggle of staying on track with our health and fitness. Cleave to the touchstones in your life. Stay in touch with others who are doubling down on responsibility and positivity. Find time to play games with your family, read, and maybe even solve a puzzle. Now is not the time for bingeing on Netflix, social media, or booze. We can do this. And we will. @ Daniel Island, SC


Don’t forget to put your Watson Farms order in before noon on Friday. Pick up is Saturday morning at 9:30 AM At our Daniel Island gym.


Dog Dog getting us ready for the Wednesday workout! Thanks to Coach Katie @kbudlong for keeping her video tutorials Fun. Props to her (and all the parents) holding things down at work while Sharing unforgettable moments with the kids. Keep it up, and we will change this world for the better.


Please take these guidelines to heart. We can beat the virus if we work together.


From the beginning, we’ve taken the COVID-19 pandemic seriously. And have since Redoubled our efforts to make our gym one of the absolute safest places for you to be. Here’s a quick overview. A fit, healthy body Is your best defense against disease.

Our Story

We help people be Happy, Healthy and Fit. Serving Daniel Island since 2009.

You are the hero of your life’s story. Let us help guide you along the way. Training with us will give you a hedge against chronic disease, and make the things you like to do in life easier and more fun.

We offer: Personal Training, Group Fitness Training, Rock Steady Boxing (helping people with Parkinson’s), Nutrition Planning, and Mindset Coaching.

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