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Love your website. Hope all is well. Have a Happy Easter. Stay Safe!
REAL ATHLETES NEEDED for Dick’s Sporting Goods Ad Campaign
Paid Jobs
Looking for sprinters, long distance runners and gym trainers (personal trainers anyone that covers cross fit, circuit training, lifting, etc.)
Ages 18 - 30. ALL ethnicities
Any one on a college team is ineligible due to NCAA Rules
Must be available for the following dates in Charleston, SC:
Tuesday 9/26: First Round Interview (late afternoon/early evening)
Monday 10/9: Callback (time tbd)
Tuesday 10/24-Fitting (brief)
Oct. 25th - 27th-Shoot. Each athlete would likely work one of these dates.

To request a First Round Interview please do the following:
Email: [email protected]
Subject Line: REAL ATHLETE
Please include the following with the email:
Fitness Area
Any current photo (selfie is fine)

If you are selected for an interview we will reply with all of the details including rate and interview location.
Requests need to be received no later than Monday 9/25, 5:00PM
Super proud of you Erin!!
i was just telling a friend TODAY about you, that you were doing this and about how AWESOME you are! wishing you all the very best!

Based in Charleston, Lingle Fitness offers personal and small group training sessions that empower you to become your best - mind, body and heart.

Owned and operated by Erin Lingle, programs are designed just for you with the highest goal of helping you fall in love with your strongest, healthiest self. Because one-sized fitness fits no one, our approach meets you where you are with a custom program and plan to get you where you want to be. Whether you have never set foot inside a gym, need some encouragement to go with that sweat, or are making up for lost time, you are worth your health. Are you ready to find your strength?

Operating as usual


Timeline Photos


Feet rooted to the earth. 🌎

Movement every day. 💪🏼

Checking in with facial tension and breathing (usually exhaling for me). 🌊

Cody snuggles. 🐶

Books to read. 📚

Disconnecting from scrolling. 📲

This is my self care plan for the foreseeable future. Social media isn’t suiting me right now so I will be pressing pause. Please take care of yourselves and your community in the upcoming days, weeks, and months.

If you need movement support, I’m accepting remote programming clients through the end of the year. And I’ll resume accepting “in person” (FaceTime or zoom) in the new year.

Be well. 💫


🚨 Thursdays are Trainer Spotlight Day! 🚨

💪🏼 What's your training specialty? Coach Julie Shiller teaches a no BS method to help you create more joy, less stress, and total body resilience in a welcoming wellness space. As a social worker and ACSM certified personal trainer, Shiller brings a compressive and balanced approach to the industry, as she works with clients to make realistic changes to their lives. She decided to become a personal trainer after she experienced first hand the transformative impact that lifting weights, fueling for strength, stress reduction strategies, and sleep had on her professional and personal life.

🍕As a native east coaster, Coach Julie takes pizza very seriously, and will not apologize for eating it or call it a cheat meal. She also loves strong coffee, all vegetables, and her pup, Millie. Shiller firmly believes that life can and should be enjoyed.

💪🏼Where do you train? Can people work with you virtually? Julie owns and trains out of Tapestry, a boutique personal, semi-private, and online coaching space based in Long Beach, CA.

🏋🏼‍♀️What movement makes you feel like a badass? All things barbell and kettlebell. If I had to narrow it down, nothing makes me feel more badass than a barbell deadlift.

🎧What music gets you moving? As far as music for training, my go tos are Lizzo, 90’s hip hop, classic rock, Pink, and Lady Gaga.

📚 What was the last book that you read that you didn’t want to put down? Wolfpack: How to Come Together, Unlash Our Power, and Change the Game by Abby Wambach

💜What are you grateful for right now? I’m grateful for my family, my dog, for my able body that allows me to do incredible things, and my wife’s homemade chocolate chip cookies.

📱 What is the best way for others to connect with you?
Website: From there, you can sign up for my monthly newsletter.
Social Media:
IG: @coachjulie.tapestry
FB: Tapestry-Mind.Body.Lifestyle
Email: [email protected]


😎Happy Wednesday. Mid-week check in. Cody wants to know how this week is treating you.

🐶 he’s spending the week recovering from surgery and a little setback with his mobility. His mama is tired and also happy that he’s on the mend.


💪🏼 my why

💜 My reason for strength training has evolved and will continue to evolve.

🧡 Right now, I’m so grateful that I’m strong enough to lift and carry Cody. My knowledge of bracing my core, being able to get into a deep squat, and maintain a strong posture are allowing me to support out sweet pup.

💛 what’s your why?
📸: @nmicklephotography


👋🏼 just a reminder: you don’t have to “get after it” today.

💜 Mondays are a scheduled rest day for me. Sometimes that means I take a walk with Cody. We had one of those opportunities a couple of weeks ago. Beach walks with Cody make everything better.

🧡 What do your Mondays look like? Do you like to strength train, get light movement in, or do you ease into the week?

💛 Whatever your Monday looks and feels like, make sure you take care of yourself.


strolling into the weekend. ☀️

plans for the weekend:
🐶 cody snuggles
📚 finish one book
🤗 connect with family
🧺 wash, fold, repeat
🗳 check mailbox for absentee ballot

💫 what’s on your weekend list?


🚨 Thursdays are Trainer Spotlight Day! 🚨

This week, please take a moment to meet one of my boxing coaches, @charlestonartofboxing. OC is an outstanding coach who will break down technique, test your limits, and have you laughing. Meet OC ⬇️, then give him a follow.

💪🏿 What’s you training specialty? Where do you train? Can people work with you virtually? My training specialty is boxing. I train all over Charleston by traveling to my customers. Virtual classes are possible with the right equipment.

🥊 What movement makes you feel like a bad ass? My favorite movement is to flow with footwork. Moving my body on different angles defensively and offensively back and forth is badass to me!

🎧 What music gets you moving? I’m a bit of a nerd so honestly I listen to video game and anime music mainly. But if the song has the tight energy I need at the time I’ll rock with it.

📚 What was the last book you read and couldn’t put down? Again I’m a nerd so my last book I couldn't put down was a manga called Demon Slayer. The story pulled me in and every chapter just got better and better.

🙏🏿 What are you grateful for right now? Right now, I’m grateful for life and the safety of those I love. The simple things mean the most to me.

📲 What’s the best way for others to connect with you? The best way to contact me is by phone at 843 847 7808 (text or call) or on Facebook + Instagram Charleston Art of Boxing.


👋🏼 hi! It’s been quite a while since I’ve introduced myself and I’d love the opportunity to get to know you.

Here are five facts that may or may not be interesting to you:

🧠 I’ve been an educator for my entire professional career. Teaching people how to move their bodies to they can access their strength brings joy to my life every day.

🐶 If you’re following along, there’s a really good chance that you will never see me post a “how to” or “technique” video. I will share so many videos and pictures of adventures with our sweet Cody Bear. He is a giant love bug.

💪🏼 Strength training is important to me because it allows me to explore my body’s limitations and capabilities. It also provides me with the freedom to explore with @elmolerino and Cody Bear.

💙 I grew up outside of Buffalo, NY, then moved into the city to attend @canisius_college as a track and field athlete while studying education. For a decade, I taught PE, led after school programming, and created athletic opportunities for the community. I absolutely love that city and miss it dearly.

⛰I’ve always longed to live near the beach so living in Charleston suits me. But I’m realizing more and more than my heart is in the mountains. My absolutely favorite movement other than dancing is hiking.

📣 Hop into the comments to say hey and let me know what makes you feels strong.

📸: @N. Mickle Photography


I’m usually reading two books and listening to one. Not at the same time of course. At the beginning of the pandemic, Off the Beaten Path sent We Cast a Shadow by Maurice Carlos Ruffin to me. It is not an easy read and still sits with me several months later. 📖

The book has a satirical look on race relations in the south in the somewhat near future. The narrator loves his son and also wants to demelanize him so that he isn’t viewed poorly by his black birthmark. 🤯

I would recommend this book and probably will read it again.

My current book list includes:
📚 The Politics of Trauma: Somatics, Healing, and Social Justice by Staci Haines
📚 Acid For the Children, by Flea
📚 When the Body Says No: Exploring the Stress-Disease Connection by Dr. Gabor Maté
📚 Denmark Vesey’s Garden: Slavery and Memory in the Cradle of the Confederacy by Blain Roberts and Ethan J. Kytle

What are you reading? 🧠 💪🏼 📖


“I knew if I allowed fear to overtake me, my journey was doomed. Fear, to a great extent, is born of a story we tell ourselves. And so I chose to tell myself a different story from the one woman are told. I decided I was safe. I was brave. Nothing could vanquish me.” - Cheryl Strayed, Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail

Reminiscing about this summer adventure and looking forward to hitting the trails again. ⛰

What is motivating you today? 🍂


Cody Bear spreads joy wherever he goes. I see it in clients’ faces when he walks by over FaceTime. People light up and smile when they see him trotting down the beach. He is joy.

We get to spend all day together now that I work from home in the studio space. Quality time with our old pup is irreplaceable.

This photo was captured when we were hanging in the grass during a long walk break. He needed a little rest and I welcomed the opportunity to sit down on the earth.

Sitting in the grass feels good. (Always check for ants.) When was the last time you sat in the grass? How did it feel?

🌻🌱 ☀️


The present is fleeting so we can always begin again.

I’ve been failing at having my sh*t together. My planner is sometimes used and other times tossed aside. Books are sitting around the house partially read or not even opened yet. Ordering food instead of cooking has been prominent more nights than not. The laundry isn’t always folded on the day it’s washed. The continued hot stuffy days leave me feeling grumpy and long for the changing colors of leaves in western NY.

On the flip side, my strength training is consistent and solid. Clients are kicking ass with their training. My music playlists keep me motivated, dancing, working, and moving. I’m really good at SuDoKu. @elmolerino and i laugh a lot. We’ve donated to people and organizations that support social justice. Cody snuggles are bountiful. I’m registered to vote. And the air feel cool and fresh today.

In a conversation earlier this week, my therapist pointed out that I said “for now” several times. For now is where I am. It’s temporary. I’m failing at perfection. It’s uncomfortable and helping me grow. For now feels refreshing.

📸: N. Mickle Photography


“At sunrise everything is luminous but not clear.” ~Norman Maclean

Sunrise walks with Cody and friends are one of my favorite ways to start the day. ☀️

📸: @Pamela Huseby


Cody Bear’s sleep game is always on point.

🐶 💤 💜

Happy National Dog Day to this little baby! Do you have a pup to celebrate today? Share your sweet puppy photo in the comments!


#nationaldogday #sleepingmonkey


Around this time four years ago, Amol and i were departing Buffalo for Charleston after having been home for my grandpa’s funeral. While I was driving, I answered a call from my brother, who said “dad’s gone.” Initially, I thought, “he’s missing?” As I realized what he meant, I did a 180 and drove as quickly as I could to get to my dad’s.

My dad had passed away the previous day. He was alone in his backyard over night. He died doing one of his favorite activities - mowing his lawn. I remember asking him to get someone to start mowing his lawn because his health wasn’t stable and I feared that he’d have an accident while mowing. True to his nature, he kept hopping on that ride on mower and taking care of his yard.

Over the weekend, we watched Ford v Ferrari and I thought a lot about my dad. He worked for Ford and loved his Ford cars. Anytime an older car would pass us, he would say, “oooh that’s a 195_ ...” and give us all of the details about that car. He took us to car shows to look at engines and hear stories about how the body and interior of the cars evolved. We went on tours of the stamping plant and got to make ash trays.

The end of the movie (spoiler 🚨) brought tightness into my belly which is where anxiety arises for me. As the driver realized the brakes weren’t working and eventually lost control off the car, I reflected on my dad’s life. It was an adventurous one. He pushed limits and lived on the edge. He loved his family even though they couldn’t understand why he made certain decisions. That driver passed away doing something he loved, just like my dad.

Every year since he’s passed, August feels weird. I thought this year might feel different. My stomach still tightens up. There’s excess energy buzzing around. The difference is that I’m not fearful of it. Just aware. Allowing the discomfort to be there. Because death is uncomfortable.

This picture of us is my favorite. We were laughing, shoe shopping, and just enjoying time together.


🎂 😊 🎂 😊 🎂 😊

Happy 40th Birthday to my long distance running client, Heather!

Heather has been training with me since the start of the year as she prepared for her first marathon. She’s up in beautiful NYS, so her programming and coaching happens remotely. The pandemic had different ideas about this plan, so we’ve been modifying her training to accommodate stress reduction, working from home, entertaining two littles, and continuing to build strength.

Throughout it all, Heather has remained dedicated to her training and even has her daughter joining in for strength work.

Please join me in wishing Heather an amazing 40 years on this earth!


what are you excited about this weekend?😊

I’m looking forward to:
💪🏼 strength training,
📚 reading something delivered by Off the Beaten Path
😎 trip to the beach with Amol + Cody Bear,
🍩 and donuts with Sarah Pallanck Lifestyle & Fitness, LLC

hope you spend the weekend doing something that you love. ☕️🏋️‍♀️🏝


some of my best thinking happens sitting on mountain tops. ⛰

dreaming of getting into the woods and hiking all of the hills. 💫

have a beautiful Wednesday. 🌻


🧁 🎈 🧁 🎈 🧁 🎈

Happy Birthday to this beautiful human being!

Jenny Waltz is one bad a$$ mama to not only humans but so many fur babies as well. She has been training consistently with me for the past two years. I am so fortunate that she keeps answering our FaceTime sessions. 💪🏼

Jenny laughs as hard as she trains. She cares deeply about her friends, family, and community. And she will ride the assault bike but probably not smile while pedaling. 💫

It’s a toss up as to what movement she’d want to do to celebrate her special day. Maybe crawling? Maybe overhead presses? But definitely not lunges. 🏋🏻‍♀️

What would be your go-to movement on your birthday? ⬇️


Happy Monday Everyone! ☀️

Stay caffeinated. ☕️
Keep breathing. 💨
Dance around a little. 🎶
Eat something delicious. 🥞

Hope your Monday is wildly fun! 😎

Oh, and I Hope no one tries to bite your head off. 😝


Remembering my dad today on his birthday. Since he’s been gone, I find myself bracing for all of the feelings every August as this is the month of his birth and also his death. The past few years usually feel like a gut punch.

This year feels a little different. Last week, I met a person who looked like an older version of my dad. As the man smiled, it warmed my heart. Felt a little like my dad was saying “hey, how’s it going?”

The other day, I was having a great training session. Popped up from doing push ups and did a little dance as I made my way to the kettlebell for a contralateral single leg deadlift. I paused and smile as I recalled all of the times that my dad and I danced.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Smile big. Laugh loudly. Live boldly.

📸: Brandon Lata Photography


this week felt loooooong and heavy. so much energy surrounding unknowns and things out of my control. ready for some down time with @elmolerino and of course, cody bear.

quick trip to the vet for a check-up, then let the fun begin. heading into the weekend feeling grounded and focused. 💪🏼

what are you up to this weekend? ☀️


Yesterday, my trainer, @getupwithhannah shared my strength journey. After working with Hannah for five months, I’ve made significant progress toward my goals. Read below for more on that journey.
🙌🏼 💜 💫
#Repost @getupwithhannah with @get_repost
“This past February, I found my strength training practically nonexistent. When I did find myself picking up weights or swinging a bell, I felt rusty and bored.
Hannah had become my favorite trainer to follow because she focused on being strong and was educated on kettlebell training. Without even requesting a consultation, I purchased my first 4-weeks of programming. After learning my goals, health history & equipment, the journey w/ Hannah bagan. Shortly after we got started, the pandemic hit and I found myself training in my office w/ limited equipment. Hannah restructured the plan to continue working on my goals w/ about a tenth of the equipment that I previously had. Sessions were still challenging and I began to feel stronger and more confident.
Ever since having hip surgery in 2018, there has been a significant struggle doing any movement on a single leg. Each week, I sent videos for form corrections on lots of movements, especially for single leg work. Hannah's feedback has been specific & detailed allowing me to be as rooted as a beautiful oak tree when standing on one leg.
I'm also performing movements that I didn't think I could. Handstands were never something that I would try because of my fear of being upside down, yet somehow I'm working on them. I haven't jumped from the ground to a plyo box since many years before my hip surgery, but now I'm strong even to crush box jumps. I still have memories of just dangling from the pull-up bar in PE class, but last week I held a flexed arm hang for over 30 seconds.
As we continue to navigate the pandemic, my goals have shifted to be more specific:
1️⃣learn to snatch
2️⃣do push-ups like a bad ass
3️⃣finally do unassisted pull ups
No matter where I am on the spectrum of progress, Hannah always responds with an encouraging message and feedback that inches me along toward my goals. We're 5 months into remote coaching and there i

Find Your Strength. Be Your Best Self.

I’ve been there. When you are the last person you tend to at the end of the day. When weeks become months since you took a long, deep breath ...let alone gotten a workout in. When you become a slave to the scale and are afraid of finding a mirror around the corner. When the burden on your shoulders threatens to bring you to your knees and your anxiety is the first thing that greets you in the morning.

I’ve been there and promise you there is a better way to live.

If you learn nothing else from me, I hope you learn that you deserve better. You deserve to feel strong, capable and confident. You deserve to be a priority. You deserve to love your amazing, beautiful body and your amazing, beautiful self.

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