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this is what I was talking about
Loving Aerial Fit! Can’t believe this old n broken body can almost strike a pose!
Thank you for such a wonderful time!!! We had a ball and y'all were magnificent!!!
Heads up!!!
Happy 4th birthday to the Circus Building! I learned so much on the 13' ceilings of Masters Studio, but my world opened up when that height was doubled 4 years ago! Wheeeeee!
To my awesome aerial friends: I'm so sad, but unfortunately I won't be able to come back to training until Sept 7th 😞. I'm going to be working on the road SO MUCH the next couple months I just won't be able to get back until then. I'm sad to know that I will fall behind in my aerial goals, but it just isn't possible. I'll be all over the country, and also going to China. I'll miss everyone so much! Hope you all have a fantastic summer that I can't wait to hear about!!!

A full schedule of aerial classes in Charleston, SC, including Aerial Silks, Aerial Hoop, Aerial Sling, Static Trapeze, Aerial Yoga, and more. Our small group classes are a great work out and creative outlet.

Full schedule of aerial and ground circus classes. Aerial Silks, Static Trapeze, Aerial Hoop, Aerial Yoga, Hand Balancing and Acro Yoga classes, workshops, and private instruction. Private and small group lessons are available.

Straddle-ups! A staple of your aerial wardrobe and so important to execute cleanly to maintain a long and productive aerial lifespan.

Join our virtual Strength & Flex class tonight at 6pm to build the strength and mobility that will make these appear effortless. No aerial equipment needed, sign up link in bio.

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There are so many ways to style your Windmill Hip key, depending on the feel of your act and the skill that comes after. Slow and elegant, quick and snappy, sneaky to get somewhere else, you name it! Here are just a couple examples from our student and staff showcases over the years. We can’t wait until we can be together performing again!

➡️ In the meantime, there’s one day left to snag 20% off our newly released “Master Your Windmill Hip Key” course, a self-led online training with virtual check ins to master and own your windmill hip key.

Use coupon code AWESOMEWINDMILLHIPKEY before July 6th to save big! Link in bio.

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Ooey gooey star ⭐️ drop! Tonight’s virtual Strength & Flex class will focus on c-shaping drills to help your body understand and strengthen the actions that will help you roll down the silks in slow motion. No aerial equipment needed, signup link in bio!

And, today is the day our Master Your Windmill Hip Key online course launches! Use coupon code WINDMILLHIPKEYMASTERY to snag 30% off before 11pm ET tonight, July 1! Link in bio.

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Tonight’s Strength and Flex home workout is all about the Windmill Hip Key! Class starts at 6pm, signup link in bio.

And, 2 more days to get 30% off our Master Your Windmill Hip Key online course. Use coupon code WINDMILLHIPKEYMASTER before July 1 to save big!

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We are so excited to launch our Windmill Hip Key Master Course! We’ve been developing this course & others like it for the past two years & we’re finally ready to present it to you. Visiting teachers to our studio have always remarked on how strong our students are with their aerial fundamentals 💪 & this course is a distillation of the most effective drills we’ve trained our students in since 2009. It includes both training & teaching tips, for those who are learners & those who teach others. 🎓 We’re excited about this virtual format so we can get the info to those of you we can’t see in person, or to anyone who wants more training tools & another way to learn and master your aerial skills.

With the right tools, an effortless looking Windmill Hip Key is possible for anyone who trains smart. We designed our course to give you the tools you need to make your training time productive & engaging. Windmill Hip Key is both fundamental (it leads to a lot of other skills), & incredibly challenging to master (because it takes so much strength & body awareness to achieve.)

Our course is self-paced, & includes drills you can do at home without aerial equipment, & with an aerial set-up. All of the aerial drills in this course can be trained near the ground or just one step off the ground, so height is not required.

This course includes video assessments so you’re not going it alone. Students working toward their windmill hip key, & coaches looking for new tools to help their students, will get the most benefit from this course. We’re aerial nerds who love breaking skills down, & over the years we’ve trained a variety of students & body types, from recreational to pro-track & from couch potato to athletic. We’re so excited to bring our wealth of experience to an online format where we can help you master the skills of your dreams!

Use WINDMILLHIPKEYMASTER coupon code to get 30% off by purchasing the course before it goes live on July 1!

Link in bio.

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Use your dismount to build strength and control.

As aerial studios begin to reopen and we ease back into aerial training, remember that every time you come off the apparatus is an opportunity to build strength and control. Don’t throw away your dismount! Never let gravity take control or lazily thunk your feet down to the floor.

Imagine there are little 🐶puppies or 🐱kittens on the mat underneath you and don’t crush them as you come down!

Every time you get off your apparatus always come back to the floor slowly, quietly, and softly.

💪This is just one of the habits we cover in our ‘Best Training Habits of Successful Aerialists’ FREE e-course!

This mini course covers the top 5 training habits we instill in our students, right from day 1, that we’ve seen help them master tough aerial skills as their practice develops.

Each habit is simple for any level to implement consistently. We challenge you to see how many you can make part of your practice as you return to in person training after a long break.

Tag us and let us know how it goes! Follow the link in our bio for free access.

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Did you know that the way you choose to get onto your apparatus has a huge impact on your aerial development? 💪That’s just one of the habits we cover in our ‘Best Training Habits of Successful Aerialists’ FREE e-course!

This mini course covers the top 5 training habits we instill in our students, right from day 1, that we’ve seen have a huge impact on their aerial development.

Each habit is simple for any level to implement consistently. We challenge you to see how many you can make part of your practice as you return to in person training after a long break.

Tag us and let us know how it goes! Follow the link in our bio for free access.

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Splits! They’re a staple in Aerial and there are about a million ways to do them. Our splits in always Aerial need to be active and strong, and tonight’s Strength and Flex class will be all about that. Expect your stabilizing muscles to work hard as you build control at the end ranges of your flexibility. Sign up link in bio.

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Amazon is a magical skill that we train on trapeze, silks, lyra, sling, and rope in a variety of ways. It involves lots of stability in a strong arched body, and that’s exactly what we’ll be focusing on in tonight’s virtual Strength & Flex class! No apparatus required, sign up link in bio.

Do the work now so you can come back strong and ready to fly!

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Ankle hang! Tonight’s online Strength & Flex class will be focused on building strength and mobility for an easeful entrance and exit to this fun skill. Expect lots of compression (deep core) and hamstring work. Sign up link in bio! No aerial apparatus needed.

Our goal in the online classes is to keep you aerial fit while you’re away from the studio, so that when you return you’ll be able to focus on the fun skills because you kept up with your fundamentals at home.

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Arrow flip! Build the strength, mobility, and movement smarts to make this skill easy and confident In tonight’s Aerial Strength & Flex class! 6:00pm on Zoom, no aerial equipment needed. Signup link in bio.

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While we’re not moving onto Phase 2 of our in-person offerings right now, we have made a few small adjustments to our Phase 1. Read all updates at the link in our bio, contact us with any questions, and we hope to see you either virtually or in person sometime soon!

Be aware that case counts are rising in South Carolina. Please stay safe and smart right now.

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Live streaming pull up workout class tonight! All you need is a pull up bar. Aerial Fit Aerial Handles are optional. Thursdays at 7:00 PM. Link in bio. #aerialfit #aerialfitness #circus #aerialsilks #charlestonfitness #circusstrong

Stay safe. Stay strong. Get smart. Create a new future. #charleston #aerialfit #circus

#blackouttuesday #theshowmustbepaused

Black Lives Matter. All Day. Every Day.

Please stay safe. Stay strong. Get smarter about racism.

Aerial Fit strives to create a safe space where all who love equality are welcomed and celebrated and we want to do more to help. If you have suggestions, please contact us directly.

#blacklivesmatter #charleston

We’re open for private lessons for members only! COVID-19 precautions are at the front of our mind, so we’re limiting our offerings right now to things that can be done while maintaining social distance (no skills that need spotting for now), no shared apparatuses or props, new warm up mats that can be sanitized between each use, and hard apparatuses are now sanitized after each use while soft apparatuses get rested for a minimum of 3 days between each use.

Our schedule is limited so we have lots of time for airing out the studio and keeping up with our enhanced cleaning protocols.

Staying healthy right now is a community effort so remember that if you’ve had any possible exposures or symptoms, you will need to wait to come back so you don’t put anyone else at risk.

We’re easing everyone back in by rebuilding aerial strength from the ground up.

Whenever you’re ready to come back just contact us to sign up! All memberships and class cards remain on hold until we get back closer to normal.

And our online classes continue as usual. We hope to see you there!

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Use coupon code MEMORIALDAYSALE to get 20% off our prerecorded online courses, today only! These courses are both quick workouts you can do at home to improve your aerial work. Link in bio!

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Excerpts from a recent Zoom class, sped up 4x, that was focused on building hollow body with a foam roller or yoga block. Our aerialists are coming back strong by keeping up with smart training at home! Join our virtual classes to find muscles you never knew you had, or muscles you’re worried you might have lost from being grounded.

Do the work today so you can fly strong tomorrow.

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We’ve been redecorating and getting the studio ready to welcome you back in a slow and careful way. We open tomorrow for member only socially distanced private lessons and we can’t wait to see you!

Virtual classes continue, and virtual private lessons are a thing as well. Contact us with questions or visit our website (link in bio) to sign up.

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We’re reopening for private lessons only for members, starting on May 18th! Our online classes continue as we slowly work back towards being able to offer in person small group classes.

Thank you all for your amazing support during this time. We miss you all and are excited to begin the process of welcoming you back. Visit our website to read more about the COVID era changes we’ve made and to learn more about scheduling a private lesson. Your prepandemic memberships and class cards remain on hold and will be there for you once we get back closer to normal.

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We’re so proud that Alex has been accepted into Aloft’s Full Time Professional Training Program, and Circadium’s Full Time Professional Training Program! Alex has been a constant presence around the studio for years. We’ve seen her grow as an athlete and performer, and we’re so pleased that she’s decided to make circus an even bigger part of her life and future. We’re excited and proud of her success, we’ll miss seeing her around the space, but we’re thrilled for her future plans and can’t wait to see where she goes from here. Send a big congratulations to her @grinlings

Why not make circus your life?

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Photo by @xtinaisninja

She can do no wrong. Her toes are always pointed. She is Maya Purrr-fect. We miss seeing you all in the air, but love having you in our live-streaming classes. Sign up for class to meet Maya, her human @oboek1 and some of our other furry (and scaly) participants. #quarantraining #charlestonfitness #circusfun #photoshop #catsofinstagram @ Aerial Fit

We love meeting everybody’s fur (and scale) babies in our online classes. They definitely add a fun challenge to any home workout!

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Congratulations to Josey for being accepted into the San Diego Circus Center’s Emerging Professionals program! Josey started as a beginner with us 3 1/2 years ago and immediately fell in love with aerial. She started performing with us in 2018 and we’re so excited she’s decided to take her journey even further. We love seeing all of her hard work and dedication pay off.

We’ll certainly miss her in classes and performances here, but we’re so excited for her next adventure. Cirque du Soleil here she comes! @josey_wetzel_circus

#aerialfit #congratulations #newadventures #hardworkpaysoff #circuslife #aerialistsofig #aerialsmarts #aerialarts #charlestonsc

Happy World Circus Day! We can’t wait for the day we can get back up in the air, with all the newfound strength and mobility we’ve been developing on the ground.

#aerialfit #worldcircusday #aerialistsofig #charlestonsc

We are having a lot of fun in our online classes and love seeing your pets join the fun. Little Beat and Gracie look just as sharp in the air as they do zooming around on the ground.

Saturday, 10:00AM - Wall Yoga with Jordan
Saturday, 11:15AM - Handstand Conditioning with Clayton

Have you always wanted to master a handstand but haven't really known where to begin? Join us on Saturdays to get instruction and practice your technique!
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Pepe le Pew hasn't made it to one of our online classes yet, but we're hoping for a guest appearance from this pony. Sign up for one of our online classes and send us a photo of your animal family and we'll have some more stay-at-home fun. Note: Apologies in advance to those who are particular about horse anatomy. :) @abisaurus_lrex

#aerialfit #quarantraining #charlestonfitness #circusfun #photoshop

Arya the Aerialist loves our live streaming classes. She likes to up the intensity level by climbing on top of her human @laurensenn during core drills, back strength drills and leg lifts. Sign up for our online classes and send us a picture of your pet in an acrobatic shape.

Sign up for tomorrow's (4/11) classes Wall Yoga at 10AM and Handstand Conditioning at 11:15 AM.

#aerialfit #quarantraining #charlestonfitness #stayhome #photoshop

Staying strong staying at home! Train your aerial pulling muscles and more in our live streaming pull up bar class. #aerialfit #quarantraining #pullups #notjustpullups #charlestonfitness

Our Story - Make the Impossible Possible

Everything we do in our circus school follows our culture of Safety, Smiles, Strengthening and Skills. We are going to keep you safe, while you are having fun building the strength to do jaw dropping, amazing skills that will knock the socks off your friends.

The warm glow of pure joy.

How can we not have fun? It’s the circus! We are swinging from the ceiling, flipping through the air, and spending time upside down. You don’t need to be strong enough to do a pull up to have fun. Even after your first class you’ll be smiling and wanting to show friends photos of what you learned.

Stand up straight confidence.

There is nothing more empowering than doing what was once impossible. We train those who are just curious to try something new, fitness freaks who want dynamic functional strength, and those who want to develop into edge-of-the-seat, thrilling performers. All of our students are pushed to try what at first will seem impossible to them and in short order will be just the first step to the next enticing challenge.

Choose your own path.

Join the circus without walking away from everything. We have a full schedule of aerial and ground circus classes. We offer beginner and upper level classes in Aerial Silks, Static Trapeze, Aerial Hoop, Aerial Yoga, Hand Balancing and Acrobalance (Acro Yoga). Take a drop-in class or purchase a membership. Dive deeper with workshops and private instruction. You and your friends can be your own circus with Group Lessons.

Now you can do it.

Check out our full schedule of classes at Aerial Fit.

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1045 5th Ave
Charleston, SC

General information

Aerial class sizes are limited, and most classes require pre-registration. Drop-ins may be accommodated if there is space available in a class. Please arrive on time. Private and small group lessons are available in aerial yoga, aerial silks, aerial hoop, and static trapeze.

Opening Hours

Monday 09:00 - 21:00
Tuesday 09:00 - 21:00
Wednesday 09:00 - 21:00
Thursday 09:00 - 21:00
Friday 09:00 - 21:00
Saturday 10:00 - 15:00
Sunday 10:00 - 15:00
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