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Photos from ABX Solutions, LLC's post 08/09/2021

#ABXshoutout It’s such an honor to share time with others and celebrate so many amazing moments. I’m so thankful for many very Awesome humans that I get to call colleagues. I appreciate each person hanging with me during ups and downs. Here are some photos of ABX behind the scenes in 2021 celebrating life. We are thankful each day to work with families who share their journey with us. #melissafalta #katiekennedy #callanhazelbaker #ashleyeppes #shainabermuduez #laurielinog #tameecacomer #brindavenport #katiepineda #blakecrosby #aaroncheck #nelsonhazelbaker #courtneyann #erikdrasgow #kerrikrauss #dustinmccoy #kerripakurar #shannondoughty

Help fix Braydyn's future, organized by Timothy Govenettio 05/13/2021

Help fix Braydyn's future, organized by Timothy Govenettio


Help fix Braydyn's future, organized by Timothy Govenettio Hello, our names are Timothy and Dora, we are Braydyn's parents. Please allow us t… Timothy Govenettio needs your support for Help fix Braydyn's future

Photos from ABX Solutions, LLC's post 04/14/2021


Check out our team members photos from Spring Break! We hope everyone got excited to get outside and play!

Photos from ABX Solutions, LLC's post 03/10/2021


ABX babies! Silver linings at ABX! We are so excited for Ashley, Callan, and Laurie! Look at these adorable little angels!


#COVID19 update

As of January 29, 2021, South Carolina is still operating between Stage 1-2 per the CDC staging criteria. It’s essential now to continue using a mask and staying back 6 feet.


#COVID19 update

As of January 6, 2021, SC is reporting high daily numbers and a positivity rate of 30%. Please continue to exercise social distancing, face masks, and group



As of December 18, 2020, SC continues to operate in Stage 2. Please exercise all CDC guidelines for social distancing, face masks, and group sizes.



ABX had our first ever Virtual Holiday Party. Congrats to #Ashley for Favorite Holiday sweater. Congrats to #Laurie and #Callan for Trivia winners. Congrats to #Melissa #Kathryn #Blake and #Laurie for Christmas Family Feud!

We wish everyone a safe holiday season.

So thankful for #khadi #blake #ashley #tameeca #melissa #callan #laurie #kathryn


#COVID19 update

As of December 16, 2020, SC is still operating under Stage 2. It’s important to please keep wearing face masks, socially distancing, and keep groups to 10 or less.

Thank you!


#COVID19 update

As of December 11, 2020, SC is still in Stage 2. Please wear masks, keep group sizes to 6 or less, and social distance. The number are rising as predicted.



As of December 4th, SC is still operating in Stage 2. We have had a jump to 2470 new cases with 3 consecutive days above 20% positivity rate.

Wear masks, stay 6 feet away, and keep groups to 6 or less.



As of December 1, 2020, SC DHEC reveals that South Carolina is operating in Stage 2. Please wear masks, keep group sizes to 6 or under, and stay 6 feet away.



As of Nov 25, 2020, SC DHEC data shows that we are still operating within Stage 2. Please keep group size 6, face masks, and social distancing.


#COVID19 update

SC is still operating in Stage 2. Please wear masks and keep group sizes less than 6.


#COVID19 update

As of November 18, 2020, SC is still operating in Stage 2. It is important to help mitigate community wide spread by wearing a mask, staying 6 feet back when possible, and keeping groups to 6 or less. Thank you for helping keep our healthcare systems within capacity ahead of a vaccine.



Stage 2. SC DHEC is offering free COVID testing for anyone! https://scdhec.gov/covid19/find-covid-19-testing-location


Stage 2. Numbers are rising again. Please practice social distancing and face masks. It’s important to keep group socials to 6 or less for non household members.


#COVID19 update

As of October 30, 2020, SC operating under Stage 2 CDC criteria based on S.C. DHEC data. Please wear masks, limit group sizes to 6 and less, and maintain social distance.


#COVID19 update

As of October 27, 2020, SC DHEC data shows that we are still operating in Stage 2. Please keep wearing masks, staying small groups of 6 or less, and keep 6 feet away when possible.

Thank you!


#COVID19 update

SC has had a jump in cases over last several days. We are still operating in Stage 2. Please wear masks and keep distance. Keep group sizes to 6 or less and masks at all times. Thank you!


#COVID19 update

As of October 20, 2020, SC continues to meet the requirements for health and safety behaviors that’s align with Stage 2. Please wear masks and keep group size to 10 or less.


#COVID-19 babies

Our ABX babies! Congrats to Shaina and Callan who both gave birth within 6 hours of each other!!!! Amidst all of the uncertainty, we are blessed with baby Robert and baby Evie!



Thank you to all of these amazing humans dedicated to keeping everyone safe while resuming face to face services.


#Actionsmatter #Savelivesnow

ABX Solutions, LLC has been using applied behavior analysis (ABA) to serve our local autism community since 2008. We are a small team of behavior analysts committed to using our science and helping all of our community members stay safe. We have been tracking and graphing the South Carolina COVID-19 data daily to help make informed decisions about public safety in South Carolina.

As of May 27, South Carolina, ranks #1, along with Michigan for how disproportionate the number of COVID-19 deaths are among the Black community. While ABX Solutions is not an advocacy group or a human rights group, this data is compelling. The source article for this graph can be found as a comment below post.

As a company and team of behavior analysts, we want to support every life in our local, state, and national community. This aligns with our professional and ethical compliance code (PECC) and is a premise of applied behavior analysis (ABA). Therefore, in addition to donations we have made to frontline healthcare workers, we will donate personal protection equipment (PPE) to local churches and organizations in the Charleston Metro area that help to distribute PPE to our Black community members who cannot access supplies or afford the PPE. We urge anyone who has extra supplies to consider distributing these valuable resources to local organizations that will help get these PPE supplies to our Black community members so that we can help to save lives immediately ahead of a cure or vaccine.


Spotlight Interview : Zahra Hajiaghamohseni, PhD, BCBA


Thank you, Sujata Gidumal, for creating opportunity for conversations so we can all connect in healthy ways during these very stressful times. Keep up this good work.


Enjoy this interview with the incredibly knowledgable Zahra, as she talks about her experience navigating the current pandemic while supporting families. She...


#ABXshoutout #melissarocksvisuals!

Even during this crisis, we are still working with our families to provide support.





Today we learned we could do virtual background and rename each other for fun! Connecting during COVID.


#TELEHEALTH with colleagues!
Among the craziness of the COVID, we are still connected!

ABX is dedicated to adhering to the social distancing protocols because we will save more lives. We want everyone who needs a ventilator to have one.

We will get thru this and resume ABA services as soon as the rapid spread decreases.


#SocialDistancing saves lives now.

Per the CDC, children with autism and intellectual disabilities are a high risk group. During a community wide mitigation effort, we all have a responsibility to cancel all non emergency outpatient appointments. ABA while a medically necessary service is not an emergency service in an outpatient model. Urge all outpatient ABA companies to close services for these 15 days so we can slow down unnecessary exposure & SAVE LIVES


#COVID Announcement

ABX Solutions is voluntarily participating in the social distancing measures by closing all direct services through Monday, March 30th.

ABX is committed to public health and ensuring that the health care system will be prepared to handle the growing number of immune compromised and elderly patients that will have the COVID-19 infection. Adults and children walking around now undiagnosed are spreading the virus among the most vulnerable in our community.

Children are asymptotic carriers that spread this to adults. It is vitally important to follow the state and federal recommendations so that we can decrease the rate of the infection in our local communities.


#ABXteamtraining THANKS to Melissa for presenting in Clinical Planning!



Dustin and Zahra refuse to move on from Christmas!

While Jodi and Kathryn have moved on to their New Year’s Goals! They are attending an Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Intensive Workshop with Michael May in Columbia!


#ABXShoutout! Check out the exciting news for Summer 2020! Congrats to Callan and Nelson ;-)


#ABXHolidayShoutOut 9th annual holiday party for kids and our 12th year celebrating as a team. What an amazing team of BCBAs, BCaBAs, and RBTs!

Tameeca, Khadi, and Melissa rolling in as the 'Ugly Sweater' winners this year!

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CPR Training!
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ABX TEAM: Out on the Town!
SC ABA Conference: Kathryn Kennedy roleplaying with Dr. Tarbox on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy!
Lighting Lanterns!
Pattison's Academy Ride-a-Thon




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