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The Student Connection to the Tax Profession™

As a global leader in building best-in-class tax departments, we have an intimate understanding of the needs, wants, and challenges facing the tax industry. Our unique position between corporations, and the professionals that work for them, has revealed the growing need to bridge the gap between students entering the workplace and corporations who need them. With Spark, each stakeholder involved in the tax industry has a seat at the same table. Current tax professionals and the departments they lead, HR professionals looking for talent, tax professors teaching students, and the students preparing to be ready for the real world, can accomplish their objectives more effectively with Spark. Tax professionals and the companies they work for can communicate what they are looking for, the challenges they face, and find the right talent for their environment. HR professionals can provide tips on how to be a stand-out candidate and will have access to a pool of promising students who show great potential to successfully transition from classroom to workplace. Professors have an easy-to-refer-to relevant resource for not only themselves but their students. Students have an unprecedented opportunity to learn from and connect to, the very industry they want to build their career in.

The Student Connection to the Tax Profession™

Mission: Powered by Tax Talent, an established and trusted resource in the tax world for over 30 years, Spark leverages unparalleled experience in recruitment, employee development, retention and consulting to provide students an exclusive view into the tax industry. Spark was established to share unique and exclusive market intelligence and insights directly from the experts and thought leaders in the field to provide you with all of the needed resources and tools as you build the foundation for a successful career in tax.

2014 Educational Survey Series - The Results Are In!

Want to Know What the Top Graduate and Undergraduate Tax and Accounting Programs are According to Corporate Tax Hiring Authorities? The TaxTalent Career Coach Blog provides tax professionals and tax leaders with valuable information to optimize their tax careers and corporate tax departments.

Tax Career Advice Your Boss Wishes You Knew The TaxTalent Career Coach Blog provides current and prospective tax students with timely, relevant, and accurate data that will enhance their educational experience and create a smooth transition to the tax profession.

Top 5 Most Regretted Majors

Top 5 Most Regretted Majors - note how Accounting isn't on the list. ;) Buyer’s remorse is never fun, but it’s particularly painful when it comes with the time and cost of getting a college education.

How Does a College's Accreditation Affect You? The TaxTalent Career Coach Blog provides current and prospective tax students with timely, relevant, and accurate data that will enhance their educational experience and create a smooth transition to the tax profession.

Why accounting is cool

Who says accountants can't have fun? #accounting #tax One day back in December of 2011, a group of about 100 people stormed a block of Broadway in midtown Manhattan and started dancing to the blaring beats of LMFAO's "Party Rock Anthem."

An Introduction to the Tax Profession The TaxTalent Career Coach Blog provides current and prospective tax students with timely, relevant, and accurate data that will enhance their educational experience and create a smooth transition to the tax profession.

Demand for Interns and Entry-Level Tax Employees on the Rise in 2014 The TaxTalent Career Coach Blog provides current and prospective tax students with timely, relevant, and accurate data that will enhance their educational experience and create a smooth transition to the tax profession.

Introducing the New TaxTalent Career Management Community for Students The TaxTalent Career Coach Blog provides current and prospective tax students with timely, relevant, and accurate data that will enhance their educational experience and create a smooth transition to the tax profession.

7 Most Underemployed Majors | Monster

Note that Accounting is NOT on this list! The 7 Most Underemployed Majors: Many college grads with four-year degrees face underemployment after graduation as they find that a bachelor’s degree doesn’t necessarily guarantee a job in their chosen field.

UMaine Accounting students provide tax assistance – The Maine Campus

VITA is a wonderful way for accounting and business students to practice tax skills and give back to the community. Does your school participate? Tax season is here again. Across the country, receipts are collected; charitable donations, business and education expenses are gathered, along with mounds of forms — W-2s, 1098s — and the job of discerning the complexities of tax law.

Should diplomas be dynamited?

"Today, there is no option but to admit that it is also necessary to call into question the role of diplomas." If there is a sector of human activity that requires a fundamental rethinking of its way of working and its role in society, it is certainly education. Starting with higher education.At a time when,

MSN Careers - What not to do in the interview - Career Advice Article

A recent CareerBuilder survey highlights what candidates absolutely should NOT do in a job interview. In a job interview, there are plenty of ways to prove to a hiring manager that you're a great fit for the role -- highlighting your career wins and achievements, sharing your insights about the industry, aligning yourself with the company's values and so on. And there are also plenty of ways to pro

Hidden Key to a Successful Interview

"Candidates' questions are the most revealing part of an interview": January is the time of year when lots of folks are looking for jobs. So in that spirit...Having conducted hundreds of interviews, for all level of positions, I've found that there is one part of an

Raymond JamesVoice: Applying to Grad School? What Millennials Need to Know

Here are some great tips on how to mitigate the high cost of graduate programs:! By Ritika Puri, Raymond James Contributor For undergraduates, student loan debt has become the new normal. It's common for twenty-somethings to leave college with five- to six-figure loans—a burden that forces millennials to delay key life milestones, including home purchases, marriage and having ch...

Four Milestones For Edtech in 2014

How do you think technology will impact education in 2014? Boulder Creek, nestled amid the great redwoods of California’s Big Basin state park, was once a logging town. In this rural outpost, pavement still gives way quickly to dirt roads. But on the edge of

Prestigious Schools: Costly in the Short-Term, Valuable in the Long-Term?

"Do you choose a college because it's affordable, or because it's your dream school?"! If you're a high-performing high school senior from a non-affluent background, I can guarantee you've got a big dilemma coming your way: do you choose a college because it's affordable, or because it's your dream school?

Worst Face-To-Face Networking Mistake | CAREEREALISM

Want to become a great networker? Then avoid this mistake! I was at a large networking event recently and it made me realize something about face-to-face networking advice I fear lots of people misinterpret.

Life Lessons to Teach Kids Before They Leave Home

Great advice for post-grads or anyone living on their own for the first time: As a parent, I've felt the temptation many times to sit my kids down and drill them on life’s important lessons – especially the ones I had to learn the hard way. But this approach can be a fool’s

8 Powerful Ways to Improve Your Body Language

Have an interview coming up? Don't forget the importance of body language: Sometimes how you move matters more than what you say. Check out eight ways to use your body language to your advantage.

8 Millennials' Traits You Should Know About Before You Hire Them

What do you think of Millenials? “Millennials,” “Generation Y,” “Generation WE,” “The Boomerang Generation,” “The Peter Pan Generation,” – we go by many names and were born roughly between 1980 and 2000. Born in 1990, I fall right smack in the middle of this generation and there is no denying that we are the subject of

10 Celebrity Almost-CPAs

10 celebrity almost accountants! For these ten entertainers, almost doesn t count.

Wall Street and the Failure to Prepare Graduates for the Real World

How can we better prepare students for a life of work? The financial services industry is growing its proportional share of national GDP and has done for decades. The best and brightest flock to Wall St with Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, #hedgefund


Building up your Excel skills is always a good idea.

On 12/9-19, we have a new webcast series that will walk you through time-saving Excel features, functions and techniques. Register now & get ready for some real-world problem solving!

[11/27/13]   Check out our latest slideshare presentation on the importance of communication skills in the tax profession!

Thanksgiving for Mentors

"If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants." As I have moved further along in my career; I have become increasingly thankful for the mentors that I have.I have to admit, I didn't really grasp the mentoring concept in the early days of my career


Check out the latest TaxTalent Campus Ebook on Internships! TaxTalent helps tax professionals optimize their tax careers and corporate tax departments.

10 Most Useful College Degrees In 2013

What are the most useful degrees? 10 degrees that will get you a secure, highly paid, or flexible job.

Why December Is Prime Time For Your Job Search

6 reasons to ramp up your job search this December: December can be a great month for landing new opportunities, so don't give up on your job search during the holiday season.

A Whopping 95% Employment Rate For U.S. MBA Grads

Considering an MBA in Taxation? So much for those anti-higher education naysayers who contend the MBA is a degree that has diminishing value. And so much for the few disappointed MBA holders who assert that the degree isn't worth

Meet the Robots Reading Your Resume

Make your resume as robot-friendly as possible!! Companies large and small are using software to scan online resume submissions. Read these tips to ensure yours passes the robot test.

Live Chat Today: What's So Essential About Internships?

Keep an eye out for our next Ebook on internships! Developing expertise in the right niche can multiply a salesperson’s profit margin. Honing your stamina is crucial for tackling tough jobs. And giving away your product can earn you more in the long

AICPA Honors Annette Nellen with Arthur J. Dixon Memorial Award | AccountingWEB

Our sincere congratulations to Professor Annette Nellen, Director of San Jose State University's graduate tax program, on winning the AICPA's 2013 Arthur J. Dixon Memorial Award. The award is "the highest honor bestowed by the accounting profession in the area of taxation." Annette Nellen is the recipient of the 2013 Arthur J. Dixon Memorial Award, the highest honor bestowed by the accounting profession in the area of taxation.

The One Thing That Makes You 27% More Likely to Get a Job

Looking for a job? Volunteer! If you are job hunting, or just looking around for new opportunities, you have probably spent a lot of time recently tending to your LinkedIn profile. Updating your experience. Joining new groups.

This Way To CPA Community

Some valuable course suggestions for all accounting majors! The AICPA is a network filled with folks who make the big bucks. Find out just how big those bucks can be, here.

The Best Case For Law School

Check out the Career Coach blog to find out how specializing in tax law can benefit your career: It's not secret that law schools are in a near an apocalyptic state. Law school applications have dropped from 602,300 in 2010 to 385,400 in 2013, their lowest level in decades. Two out of every

40 financial tips you should know by 40

It never hurts to plan ahead! How to create a budget, plan for retirement, and more

Recruiting Season: Be Wary of Accounting Firms 'Looking for a Fit' | Going Concern

"As a recruit, you have options" And then Jesse said, "YO! MR. WHITE! LOOK OUT!"

What Do Interns Mean to Your Company?

What have your past internship experiences been like?! What exactly is an intern? Well, they're not an administrative superstar or an expert coffee fetcher. If the first thing that comes to mind is cheap or free labor, then it's time to send your definition back to the drawing board.

Online Accounting and Bookkeeping Course for 1 or 10 People from Excel With Business (Up to 92% Off)

This is a great deal for anyone wanting to brush up on their accounting and bookkeeping skills! Online course imparts skills of accounting—for students or professionals—through video tutorials, exercises, and text-based articles

Drinking, Crying and Other Less Obvious Ways to Tank a Job Interview

Drinking during a job interview? What do you think are the worst mistakes one can make during an interview? I sat in traffic in Boston, Massachusetts one cold fall morning 16 years ago, cursing myself, cursing the cars around me, and cursing the world. I had prepared so much for the job interview at the

Six Ways to Grow Your Job

Make time to develop your career skills even when you are in a demanding work environment To get ahead, don't hesitate to take on more work; but make sure it's the right work.

10 Most Overused Résumé Phrases | Resume Monster

Make your resume stand out and avoid these worn out phrases! Throughout your career, you’ve accomplished many feats, exceeded several goals and mastered countless skills. Now you’re on yet another job hunt and you can’t remember a lick of any of it. Such is the importance of keeping your résumé up-to-date, whether you’re looking for a job or not. When you do

All of the Facts You Need to Know Before Your Next Interview

Check out our latest infographic on job interviews!

17 Things The Boss Should Never Say

Whats the worst thing you've heard a boss say? "Please, Sarah, you've got to be friendlier on the phones!"As soon as I said it, several years ago to one of my employees, I felt horrible. It wasn't so much that I had said it- it was how I said it,

10 Tips for Writing a Professional College Email | Education Connection Blog

Make sure to follow these tips next time you are networking via email!! Communicating through email in a professional manner is a skill that every college student needs. Learn ten tips to write better, more professional emails.

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