Holy Communion Day School

Holy Communion Day School opened in September of 2011. We hope that Holy Communion Day School will honor our past and serve the people of Charleston for the glory of God and His Church.

The Day School offers an opportunity for each child to grow and develop independently. Our objective is to aid them in this endeavor by encouraging a love for learning, a love for God, and a love and respect for each other.

Mission: We hope that the newly formed Holy Communion Day School will honor our past and serve the people of Charleston for the glory of God and His Church.


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In case any families did not get the email, Toddler and Casa joint Circle Time is Friday at 10:30am.

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Meeting ID: 321 052 066

us04web.zoom.us Zoom is the leader in modern enterprise video communications, with an easy, reliable cloud platform for video and audio conferencing, chat, and webinars across mobile, desktop, and room systems. Zoom Rooms is the original software-based conference room solution used around the world in board, confer...


Observing Palm Sunday at Home

Observing Palm Sunday at home, resources from Ms. Dorothy


holycommuniondayschool.wordpress.com Palm Sunday, also known is a very unique experience in the liturgical year. The Sunday before Easter, and the beginning of Holy Week, it is a day set aside to remember the Triumphal Entry of Jesus …

Church of the Holy Communion

Join Ms. Dorothy and her family for Family Compline tonight at 7:30 on the Church of the Holy Communion page. Order of Service provided in the link.

Family Compline led by the Holland family, live streaming tonight at 7:30 here. Service can be printed from the link below.


Resurrection Gardens

New blog post from Ms. Dorothy about a family project to do for Easter!

holycommuniondayschool.wordpress.com They found the stone rolled away from the tomb, but when they entered, they did not find the body of the Lord Jesus. While they were wondering about this, suddenly two men in clothes that…


Home School Indoor P.E. Ideas

New blog post from Ms. Dorothy!

holycommuniondayschool.wordpress.com Indoor fun for a rainy day!


Montessori-Style Math at Home

New blog post about Montessori-style math at home:

holycommuniondayschool.wordpress.com As much as I would like to write a detailed post explaining Montessori math to you, I have much math to teach my own children these days, besides, much has been written on the subject, by people mu…


Color Wheel Activities

New blog post from Ms. Dorothy!


holycommuniondayschool.wordpress.com Identifying, grading, and matching colors is an important Montessori sensorial work. In the 3-6 classroom, we have the beautiful Color Tablets that Dr. Montessori designed. If you are interested in…


Painter's Tape- Mom's Best Friend

New blog post from Ms. Dorothy.

holycommuniondayschool.wordpress.com My oldest child is almost 15 years old. (I confess that I find this fact to be shocking.) For the last 13 years, painter’s tape has been a mainstay in my household. I use it almost daily. I e…

Church of the Holy Communion

A temporary Lowcountry Blessing Box has been set up at the Ashley Avenue entrance. If you, or someone you know, is, or becomes, food-insecure, please take what you/they need. If you are able to donate, please do. We are working on a permanent and official box!

Feel free to share this post.


3-6 Leaf Chart Activities

New post from Ms. Dorothy's blog and the post with online offerings from local organizations and businesses has been updated. Link in comments.

holycommuniondayschool.wordpress.com For the time being, we are still able to go outside and enjoy nature. The Casa students have been learning parts of the leaf via our puzzle and some have been learning the different leaf shapes as …

[03/19/20]   Casa Parents- Please tell us how we can help you. Would having virtual circle time with the class be beneficial? Has anything on Ms. Dorothy’s blog been useful? What is especially challenging right now?


Toddler Sticky Board

New Blog Post-
Here is a fun activity for toddlers that parents can make at home. It does require a few supplies, you can order them from Amazon, if you don't have them. Although Ms. Dorothy uses clear Contact paper and clear packing tape to prepare this for the classroom, you can use patterned Contact paper and any kind of tape to make this.


holycommuniondayschool.wordpress.com A sticky button board is a great fine motor activity for toddlers. It is well suited to the Montessori Toddler environment as it is a purposeful, repeatable activity. Toddlers can spend endless amo…


Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt

Two new posts today on Ms. Dorothy's Blog! Here is one featuring a community activity while still practicing social distance.

holycommuniondayschool.wordpress.com To help keep all of the children busy, and give them something fun and different to do, organize a NEIGHBORHOOD SCAVENGER HUNT! This is something that everyone on the street can help with for the b…


The Holy Communion Day School

Ms. Dorothy has been putting together a blog to help our families during the school closures. She has provided and will continue to provide a number of vetted, curated, online resources. Some are specifically Montessori, some are not. Many are for fun learning activities and experiences that can be done at home, while practicing social distance. In the coming days, there will be more posts, many with specific activities and suggestions directly from Ms. Dorothy, as well as some of her own parenting hacks, survival skills, recipes, and projects. Some of the individual posts will be continually updated, rather than new posts on the same subject, so be sure to check back. You are welcome to share with anyone you wish.

Ms. Dorothy would be very grateful for your feedback- It is helpful to know what content you really like, what isn't helpful at all, and what you would like to see in later posts.

(She also wants you to know that she hasn't done this before, so please have patience and understanding. She is learning to use the platform as she goes!)

holycommuniondayschool.wordpress.com A Christian, Montessori Preschool Serving Charleston since 2011

If you know of any food-insecure families, be sure that they have this information. Please do not rely on them to have received an email or seen a social media post.

The Charleston County School District will offer a drive-thru, “Grab & Go” style Meal Service at multiple area sites for each day the school district is closed. The meal service will operate between the hours of 11:00am-1:00pm Monday- Friday.

Students 18 years or younger will be provided a lunch and breakfast for the following day. Students from neighboring districts are eligible to participate in the meal service offered at the Charleston County School’s locations. Distribution of meals will be stationed at the sites designated for drive-up or walk-up pick up only. Cafeterias will not be open for on-site meal service.


Talking to Kids About the Coronavirus | Child Mind Institute

Many of the students in the Casa class are already aware of the novel Corona Virus outbreak, and have asked questions about it at school. It was they that made the connection between our new circle time song and this particular illness. Here is a good article for parents who want to know more about talking to them about it.

childmind.org What parents and other adults can say to kids about the coronavirus COVID-19. How to answer their questions and keep kids feeling safe.

Here’s a little reminder about how to stay well and germ-free courtesy of the Holy Communion Day School 3-6 class!

Church of the Holy Communion

On March 5, 2020, TIME Magazine honored Dr. Maria Montessori as a part of the 100 Women of the Year Project, showcasing "influential women who were often overshadowed." In public, private, and parochial schools world wide, for nearly 100 years, students have been educated using the philosophy and didactic materials developed by Dr. Montessori. Notable Montessori school alums include Anne Frank, Julia Child, Princes William and Harry, Jeff Bezos (founder of Amazon.com), Larry Page and Sergey Brin (founders of Google), Gabriel Garcia Marquez (Nobel Prize winner for Literature), Taylor Swift, Stephen and Seth Curry (NBA players), and Prince George.

Dr. Montessori's brilliant work is not only the curriculum of the Holy Communion Day School, but also the pedagogical foundation of Catechesis of the Good Shepherd, our incredible faith formation program for children at both the Day School and the Church of the Holy Communion.

Katie Riley of TIME wrote: "In thousands of classrooms around the world, as children work independently to solve math problems with beads and learn the alphabet with sandpaper letters, their activities can be traced back a century to Maria Montessori’s radical educational philosophy.

One of the first female physicians in Italy, Montessori developed early-childhood teaching methods that made the student a respected collaborator and independent thinker, rather than the submissive pupils of yore. In 1931, she trained teachers through her Association Montessori Internationale and hosted Mahatma Gandhi, who supported the use of her methods in India. Her approach has educated generations."

“There are many who hold, as I do, that the most important period of life is not the age of university studies, but the first one, the period from birth to the age of six. For that is the time when man’s intelligence itself, his greatest implement, is being formed. But not only his intelligence; the full totality of his psychic powers.” (Maria Montessori, The Absorbent Mind)

All Day School families and former families are invited to join us in celebrating Mardi Gras on Tuesday night at our annual pancake supper. We will start serving at 5:30pm, so there is plenty of time to get little ones home in time for bed.

$7 per person and $20 per family.

A variety of pancakes and waffles will be available, as well as sausage and bacon. This supper is top-notch y'all, we even have real maple syrup! Let us do the cooking AND the dishes for you. Besides, who doesn't love pancakes?

Photos from Holy Communion Day School's post

Photos from Holy Communion Day School's post

Photos from Holy Communion Day School's post

Children hard at work.

The D'Allesandro family donated a bag of Meyer lemons so we made lemonade!

This week in Casa, we have been learning how to make juice. Many thanks to church members Paul and Linda Andrews for the delicious oranges!

Photos from Holy Communion Day School's post




Children’s Clothing Ad - SNL

Perhaps some Day School parents can relate?

A commercial advertises thick winter clothes for children. Subscribe to SNL: https://goo.gl/tUsXwM Stream Current Full Episodes: http://www.nbc.com/saturday-...

Learning to care for and appreciate living things is an important part of the Montessori curriculum. To that end, the children in the Casa class have been tending to the plants in the environment. Ms. Dorothy brought in an oak limb that is host to a Resurrection Fern some weeks ago so that the children could witness its miraculous transformation. A Resurrection Fern can lose up to 97% of its water content, going into a dormant state, in which its fronds curl up and turn a brownish green between rains. When it rains again, it springs back to life in a matter of hours, as green and vibrant as before. This epiphytic fern is native to South Carolina, and is typically found high up in the branches of oak trees where it often goes unnoticed. The Casa children have delighted in the fern’s cycle of renewed life.

During this Advent season, a time for contemplation, reflection, and spiritual preparation for Christmas, may we, like the Resurrection Fern, spring back to life; one filled with the hope, joy, and promise of new life in Christ.

Last year, we invited Day School families to join us for Christmas Caroling. To make that easier for young children, we changed the day and time. It was a most memorable and magical evening! We hope you will all join us again this year, bring the whole family, bring neighbors, bring one and all. Festive Christmas wear is optional but encouraged! We will stroll around the neighborhood bringing the joy of Christmas and the laughter of children to all.

4:00 on Sunday, contact Ms. Dorothy for more information. Alumni families are welcome too!

We go outside every day. It is never too cold, especially in our climate. If the children in Iceland, Minnesota, Alaska, and Siberia can play outside in their winters, then so can ours! The more they play outside, the more quickly they adapt to the cooler temperatures. Camping, hiking, walks on the beach, trips to the playground, fishing, all of these things are great, even in winter, as long as you dress properly. Encourage the children to go outside, even if they say they are cold, and they will adapt. Just put another layer on them and head out the door.


MRIs show screen time linked to lower brain development in preschoolers

cnn.com A new study found the brains of 3- to 5-year-old children who overused screens were not as developed in areas needed for language, writing and cognitive skills.

Today, the Casa class was blessed by a visit from Ms. Dorothy’s own teacher, Rosemary Fleck. Mrs. Fleck is an accomplished Montessorian who studied for her Casa credential with Mother Isabelle Eugenie, who was trained by Dr. Montessori herself. After completing her studies in 1967, Mrs. Fleck moved her family to Italy to train with Dr. Montessori’s son, Mario, earning both her Lower and Upper Elementary credentials in 1971.
She came to Charleston in 1977 to teach at Charles Towne Montessori School. Ms. Dorothy has been her student ever since.

Though long retired, Mrs. Fleck continues to share Montessori with both adults and children. For decades, students have been eager to learn from her and the Day School children were no exception. They clambered about her, dragging chairs to the tables, and asked her for lessons. It brought to mind some of the photographs of Dr. Montessori, surrounded by children, teaching them in the way she was born to do.

Everyone at the Day School benefitted from her wisdom and teaching and we look forward to her next visit!

The toddlers decorate pumpkins Picasso-style.


How to Stay Sane About Halloween Candy

Have a safe, fun, and treat-filled Halloween! Relax bedtime and candy restrictions and just enjoy the beautiful chaos.

parenting.nytimes.com No, your children won’t overload on peanut butter cups. Yes, you can eat their mini Snickers.

Pumpkins!!! So many things we can do with them, so many ways to learn. The toddlers are using all of the pumpkins you sent in and we are all grateful!

Happy 4th birthday, Jack!

Today at school we celebrated Ms. Cappy’s birthday! The Casa students greeted her with flowers and sang while she made quite a few commemorative trips around the sun. We are all grateful for her ministry and were excited to rejoice with her.

Climbing, jumping, running, hopping, pushing, and throwing are all a part of growing. We do not assist the children with their activities in the outdoor environment, because we want them to struggle, to fall, to fail, to get back up and try again. When it is their own accomplishment, it means so much more and spurs them to face the next challenge head on, with confidence. What may seem to be a simple feat to an adult, can be a very big deal to a young child who is just learning how to move and use his body and what it is capable of doing.

Look (and listen!) what we can do!

“Should I make them stop?” asked an adult, hopefully.

“Nope.” said the teacher, “They are discovering! They will get tired of it in a few weeks and figure out some other cool thing they can do.”

Today the Casa class enjoyed an apple tasting. We had eight different kinds to sample and all of the children ate each one including the skin! Thanks to many parents and to GrowFood Carolina for donating apples. We have enough that we are going to have apple cutting out on the shelf as a work and we are making apple butter later in the week.

Be sure to ask your child which one was their favorite. (Hint: it is probably Honey Crisp!)

This week, the Casa class held its first Open House and Luncheon for parents and other guests to come to school and see all of the work that the children do. The Bread of Heaven ministry hosted our guests, the children, and the Day School staff for a wonderful luncheon following the time in the classroom.

Thanks to everyone who helped make it a huge success!

Photos from Holy Communion Day School's post

Photos from Holy Communion Day School's post

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