Holy Communion Day School

Holy Communion Day School opened in September of 2011. We hope that Holy Communion Day School will honor our past and serve the people of Charleston for the glory of God and His Church.

The Day School offers an opportunity for each child to grow and develop independently. Our objective is to aid them in this endeavor by encouraging a love for learning, a love for God, and a love and respect for each other.

Mission: We hope that the newly formed Holy Communion Day School will honor our past and serve the people of Charleston for the glory of God and His Church.

For the first time we are offering an official Holy Communion Day School Christmas ornament! Our little elves have been hard at work assembling them to be ready in time for Christmas. This is a special way to remember, year after year, the place where your child was loved, nurtured, and experienced a fantastic Montessori education- the very best start possible! All proceeds will go to purchase materials for the classrooms. This makes a great gift for doting grandparents as well.

$10 each or 2 for $18!


Children’s Clothing Ad - SNL

Perhaps some Day School parents can relate?

A commercial advertises thick winter clothes for children. Subscribe to SNL: https://goo.gl/tUsXwM Stream Current Full Episodes: http://www.nbc.com/saturday-...

Learning to care for and appreciate living things is an important part of the Montessori curriculum. To that end, the children in the Casa class have been tending to the plants in the environment. Ms. Dorothy brought in an oak limb that is host to a Resurrection Fern some weeks ago so that the children could witness its miraculous transformation. A Resurrection Fern can lose up to 97% of its water content, going into a dormant state, in which its fronds curl up and turn a brownish green between rains. When it rains again, it springs back to life in a matter of hours, as green and vibrant as before. This epiphytic fern is native to South Carolina, and is typically found high up in the branches of oak trees where it often goes unnoticed. The Casa children have delighted in the fern’s cycle of renewed life.

During this Advent season, a time for contemplation, reflection, and spiritual preparation for Christmas, may we, like the Resurrection Fern, spring back to life; one filled with the hope, joy, and promise of new life in Christ.

Last year, we invited Day School families to join us for Christmas Caroling. To make that easier for young children, we changed the day and time. It was a most memorable and magical evening! We hope you will all join us again this year, bring the whole family, bring neighbors, bring one and all. Festive Christmas wear is optional but encouraged! We will stroll around the neighborhood bringing the joy of Christmas and the laughter of children to all.

4:00 on Sunday, contact Ms. Dorothy for more information. Alumni families are welcome too!

We go outside every day. It is never too cold, especially in our climate. If the children in Iceland, Minnesota, Alaska, and Siberia can play outside in their winters, then so can ours! The more they play outside, the more quickly they adapt to the cooler temperatures. Camping, hiking, walks on the beach, trips to the playground, fishing, all of these things are great, even in winter, as long as you dress properly. Encourage the children to go outside, even if they say they are cold, and they will adapt. Just put another layer on them and head out the door.


MRIs show screen time linked to lower brain development in preschoolers

cnn.com A new study found the brains of 3- to 5-year-old children who overused screens were not as developed in areas needed for language, writing and cognitive skills.

Today, the Casa class was blessed by a visit from Ms. Dorothy’s own teacher, Rosemary Fleck. Mrs. Fleck is an accomplished Montessorian who studied for her Casa credential with Mother Isabelle Eugenie, who was trained by Dr. Montessori herself. After completing her studies in 1967, Mrs. Fleck moved her family to Italy to train with Dr. Montessori’s son, Mario, earning both her Lower and Upper Elementary credentials in 1971.
She came to Charleston in 1977 to teach at Charles Towne Montessori School. Ms. Dorothy has been her student ever since.

Though long retired, Mrs. Fleck continues to share Montessori with both adults and children. For decades, students have been eager to learn from her and the Day School children were no exception. They clambered about her, dragging chairs to the tables, and asked her for lessons. It brought to mind some of the photographs of Dr. Montessori, surrounded by children, teaching them in the way she was born to do.

Everyone at the Day School benefitted from her wisdom and teaching and we look forward to her next visit!

The toddlers decorate pumpkins Picasso-style.


How to Stay Sane About Halloween Candy

Have a safe, fun, and treat-filled Halloween! Relax bedtime and candy restrictions and just enjoy the beautiful chaos.

parenting.nytimes.com No, your children won’t overload on peanut butter cups. Yes, you can eat their mini Snickers.

Pumpkins!!! So many things we can do with them, so many ways to learn. The toddlers are using all of the pumpkins you sent in and we are all grateful!

Happy 4th birthday, Jack!

Today at school we celebrated Ms. Cappy’s birthday! The Casa students greeted her with flowers and sang while she made quite a few commemorative trips around the sun. We are all grateful for her ministry and were excited to rejoice with her.

Climbing, jumping, running, hopping, pushing, and throwing are all a part of growing. We do not assist the children with their activities in the outdoor environment, because we want them to struggle, to fall, to fail, to get back up and try again. When it is their own accomplishment, it means so much more and spurs them to face the next challenge head on, with confidence. What may seem to be a simple feat to an adult, can be a very big deal to a young child who is just learning how to move and use his body and what it is capable of doing.

Look (and listen!) what we can do!

“Should I make them stop?” asked an adult, hopefully.

“Nope.” said the teacher, “They are discovering! They will get tired of it in a few weeks and figure out some other cool thing they can do.”

Today the Casa class enjoyed an apple tasting. We had eight different kinds to sample and all of the children ate each one including the skin! Thanks to many parents and to GrowFood Carolina for donating apples. We have enough that we are going to have apple cutting out on the shelf as a work and we are making apple butter later in the week.

Be sure to ask your child which one was their favorite. (Hint: it is probably Honey Crisp!)

This week, the Casa class held its first Open House and Luncheon for parents and other guests to come to school and see all of the work that the children do. The Bread of Heaven ministry hosted our guests, the children, and the Day School staff for a wonderful luncheon following the time in the classroom.

Thanks to everyone who helped make it a huge success!

Photos from Holy Communion Day School's post

Photos from Holy Communion Day School's post

Happy birthday, Elias! Enjoy your next trip around the sun!

Photos from Holy Communion Day School's post

One of the great benefits of a Montessori education is that the children get to learn from and teach one another. In this video, shot the first week of school, a returning 2 year-old is assisting a new 18 month old student with a work that she initially found challenging. The older child is gaining leadership skills, confidence, and experiencing the joy of helping others. The younger child is gaining social skills, learning she doesn’t need to find an adult to help her, and is engaged with her work.

Happy Monday! Our sweet students are always excited to be at school, even on Mondays.

Last week we celebrated another spin around the sun for Lana! Fr. Jeff joined us for the traditional Montessori ceremony and gave her a special birthday blessing.

Church of the Holy Communion

Join us for our Annual Blessing of the Pets!
Saturday, October 5th, at 10:00 AM
We will be out front, so you will be sure to find us!

Last week we had two celebrations in the Casa class. Happy birthday to Porter and Iris Mae! The children observed their special days with the traditional Montessori ceremony in which they take commemorative trips around the sun. Fr. Jeff joined us to provide a special birthday blessing.

The Casa environment (3-6 years) is ready for the children to arrive and make it come to life. Soon this space will be filled with the joys of creativity, learning, and discovery!

Each photo has a caption to explain what you are seeing, so be sure to click through!

[09/06/19]   Holy Communion Day School will resume on Monday, September 9th, on our regular schedule. We pray that all of you are safe.

[09/03/19]   School and offices are closed until further due to Hurricane Dorian. Stay safe.

[09/02/19]   Holy Communion Day School will be closed due to Hurricane Dorian beginning, Tuesday, September 3rd until further notice. We will get started with our school year as soon as possible!

Happy birthday, Dr. Montessori. Thanks for giving children the world!

Today in Mighty Girl history, Maria Montessori, the Italian educator and physician who created the Montessori Method, was born in 1870. Montessori's educational philosophy of encouraging children's learning through discovery is now used in an estimated 30,000 schools worldwide.

Montessori grew up in Italy and enrolled in the University of Rome's school of medicine in 1893. As a woman, she faced hostility from both fellow students and professors, even being forced to perform dissections alone after hours as it was deemed inappropriate for her to attend classes with men in the presence of a naked cadaver. Despite the obstacles, she graduated in 1896 and set up a private practice.

Montessori rapidly became an advocate for both women's rights and the rights of children with disabilities. She regularly worked with children facing these challenges, and she was a major supporter of their right to access education. In 1901, she left her practice to engage in further study in psychology and educational philosophy, and began considering how to adapt the methods she used for general classroom use.

In 1906, Montessori was asked to oversee the education of children of working low-income parents in Rome. At first, it was outfitted like a standard classroom of the day, but as Montessori observed the children and provided them with the resources she had developed, she discovered that they preferred practical activities to toys and that, if they were given a free choice of activities, they would develop spontaneous self-discipline.

In response, Montessori decided to transform the traditional classroom: she replaced the large furniture with child-sized desks and chairs, put tools and activities on low, child-accessible shelving, and included more exercises that encouraged caring for the environment and the self, such as cooking, gymnastics, and care of pets, as well as practical activities such as sweeping, self-dressing, and hand washing. She also introduced literacy materials like moveable cutout letters and picture cards with labels, which resulted in her students becoming proficient in reading and writing far sooner than was expected with traditional methods.

Her Casa dei Bambini (Children's House) was a great success, and by 1907 another had been opened in Rome. The independence, concentration, and self-discipline of her students began attracting attention from journalists, politicians, and educators, and in 1909, Montessori held her first teacher training course. By the end of 1911, Montessori methods had been adopted in Italian and Swiss public schools; by 1912, Montessori schools were being planned in places from Paris to India, and Montessori societies were founded in the US and UK.

For the remainder of her life, Montessori continued to refine her educational methodology. She studied the development of infants and toddlers, and eventually developed the idea of the "Four Planes of Development," ranging from infancy to early adulthood, providing ideas of how education should function differently for each plane. By the time she died in 1952, Montessori had revolutionized the way educators and parents thought about child development. Her legacy is obvious in both public school systems and in the Montessori schools that can be found around the world today.

To learn more about her work and educational philosophy, check out the insightful biography "Maria Montessori: Her Life and Work" at http://amzn.to/1u0EQA6

For Mighty Girl stories about the value of the imagination, visit our "Creativity & Imagination" book section at http://www.amightygirl.com/books/personal-development/values?cat=290

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Many of the toys featured A Mighty Girl's toy section were selected with a similar philosophy to Maria Montessori's in mind -- we've sought out high-quality toys that would help children to exercise their imagination while mastering basic skills and growing confident in their abilities to be self-directed learners.

If you're new to A Mighty Girl, mouse over the "Toys' button on our main menu bar to open our toy directory which is divided into six main categories: Toys/Games, Imaginative Play, Arts/Crafts, Outdoor Play, For Baby, and Kids' Gear. To start exploring our selection of over 2,000 girl-empowering toys, visit http://www.amightygirl.com/toys


Why Choose Montessori

Why choose Montessori? This is why.

amshq.org What makes Montessori unique? Hear from current parents about why they choose to send their children to Montessori schools.

The Holy Communion Day School is currently enrolling for the fall semester. There are just a few spots left in our half-day, Montessori preschool that serves children from 18 months to 5K. In keeping with Montessori philosophy, we move children to the next level based on readiness rather than birthdate. Because of this, we often have room to add new students to our Toddler Environment (18-36 months) throughout the year. If you child isn't quite old enough yet, submit an application now, and we take those children as they reach the correct age and as space is available, in order of application received.

Located just off of the Crosstown on Ashley Avenue, we are accessible to families living on the Peninsula, Mt. Pleasant, West Ashley, and James Island, and for parents who commute from all areas to the Peninsula. Serving families since 2011, we offer a loving, supportive, Christian environment, educating the whole child, giving them the opportunity to reach their full potential, at their own pace, in their own way.


Eat, Poop, Sleep – Part 3: Toileting Awareness by Pilar Bewley - Voilà Montessori

For new and returning Toddler Class parents, for parents who have babies or toddlers at home, for sharing with those who do. Ms. Dorothy has always said that it is far easier for an 18 month old to learn to use the potty than a 2-3 year old. It is far easier on the parents as well. Here, another Montessorian explains it as well!



How America Killed Play—and What We Can Do to Bring it Back

What changes can you make, as a parent, to give your children the opportunity to play, really play, testing limits, challenging themselves physically, and remain unencumbered by adult involvement?

stack.com Researchers have proved play is more than just fun and games, as it teaches invaluable life skills to our youth. So why is it nearly dead in America?


Toddlers Want to Help and We Should Let Them

Dr. Montessori for the win! Ahead of the game as usual.

psychologytoday.com If allowed to help, toddlers become great work partners later in childhood.

Our annual walking field trip to the MUSC Urban Farm

Photos from Holy Communion Day School's post

Our annual walking field trip to the MUSC Urban Farm

Photos from Holy Communion Day School's post

Photos from Holy Communion Day School's post

Photos from Holy Communion Day School's post

If your child came home talking about ice cream in class today, they were correct. However it wasn’t for them! Ms. Cappy was being very festive in celebrating our teachers today for Teacher Appreciation Week and made a homemade ice cream truck (complete with music!) and brought ice cream to all of the teachers. The Holy Communion Day School is very blessed to have such talented and dedicated ladies in our classrooms every day.

How toddlers read.

Don't forget to consider your child's eating independence when planning lunches. If he or she has few teeth and has difficulty chewing certain foods, then avoid them. If he or she is not yet successful with a spoon, don't send them with rice, yogurt, or applesauce. If he or she pries open every sandwich and eats the filling, just send the filling. Make sure that things are peeled, cut, unwrapped, and ready to eat. Please note that some of these lunches were made for a younger toddler and others for an older one, so some of the foods may not be good for an 18-month-old, but are fine for a nearly 3-year-old.

Photos from Holy Communion Day School's post

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