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sad but have patience in jesus. Those honkie pigs only had power for a season. Now we see better race relationships from jesus and it is time to forgive my dear sister in christ jesus
For now though, take it away ProfBlack.......more at
THE BATTLE IN HEAVEN OF GOOD OVER EVIL WAS AGAINST HOMOSEXUALITY. Let us examine the mythology of Kemet, Greek and Christianity. Keep in mind that Christianity is the mother of Islam, and Allat=Allah is a mythical narrative of the Arabs. According to the Christian teachings, Lucifer=Devil=Satan sinned in Heaven. Christianity never explained to us what this sin was really about and whenever they tried to, it is usually a series of speculation from their pulpit pimps. For instance: Lucifer was arrogant; Lucifer disobeyed God; Lucifer was vain; Lucifer tried to seize power from God; Lucifer was more handsome [note the word handsome] than God! None of the explanations coming from those lying clergies make any sense. Now let’s look at the Greek mythology of Zeus=Hesus=Jesus and Ganymede. I already pointed out to you in one of my weekly articles to you that if you omitted the letter ‘n’ from Ganymede you will have Gaymede. Now drop the last 4 letters (mede) and you will left with “Gay!” BattyKKKlanism! Back to the myth of Zeus=Hesus=Jesus. Zeus kidnapped Gay [mede], the most handsome boy on earth and raped him (see the connection. Both Lucifer and Ganymede are handsome). After sodomizing the most handsome boy in the world, Zeus took him to heaven and shared him with the rest of gods. That handsome little boy eventually became a god and his name was Lucifer! War broke out in heaven when Asaru, God of the perfect Black, rejected the homosexual agenda of Seth=Satan, Lucifer and the Devil (father, son and Holy Ghost). These demons conspired with each other and murdered Asaru for his uncompromising stance on wombman, man and child (Aset, Asaru and Heru). Heru=Horus repelled the army of pretty battyboy Lucifer and ran them out of heaven. They came to earth with great anger (See Revelation 12:12). Seth=Satan was reborn as the third child of goddamn Adam and Evil. Revelation 12: 17: And the dragon was wroth with the woman, and went to make war with the remnant of her seed, which keep the commandment. Who is this mystery woman and her descendants that keep the commandments of God? The mystery wombman is no other than Aset and remnant of her seed is the Black men and wombmen who adhered to the 147 laws of God [dess] Maát. There was no Abraham or 10 Commandments then. The 10 Commandments came with Moses who was an Egyptian (see Exodus 2: 19). When you are about to make your transition into Afrakan spirituality, the first thing you have to remember is: everything they taught you is a lie with deception written all over it. You are about to enter total Blackness where a microscopic lie is not a part of the BLACK TRUTH. Total Blackness encompasses our spirituality, divinity, culture, ideology, theology, philosophy and theosophy. Anything else is a goddamn lily white racist and religious lie! The universe was in total darkness, tranquility, balance and harmony and so was the mind of our God, the Almighty Amen-Ra. The mind of every Black person was like that of their God, the Almighty Amen-Ra. We were in perfect harmony with nature until the Abrahamic Faiths of Christianity, Islam and Judaism came long and terrorizes us out of our peace loving minds. KKKrackkkers told us A-lie-ens built the Pyramids. KKKrackkkers told us Aliens have been coming to earth for billions of years! KKKrackkkers told us Aliens established countless civilizations before this devilization. KKKrackkkers told us Aliens have big ships and mother ships to those big ships! KKKrackkkers told us Aliens have technologies that are light years in advance ahead of us but yet they are aliens just like the Mexicans, Haitians or any illegal resident on their stolen land. Why couldn’t these goddamn kkkrackkkers find a better name other than alien to call them? Is it because you kkkrackkkers don’t want the people on planet earth to see the aliens as superior to you and whenever we heard the word alien, we must automatically think of illegals coming to take over your so-called countries and your jobs? How can a people that have been coming to earth for billions of years, building civilizations and gigantic Pyramids be aliens? KKKrackkkers, you need to take your fairytale somewhere else. We are going to keep it pure pro-Black around here. No a-lie-ns distraction around here. They are your problem, not ours. You have such a sick and twisted relationship with gods allat=allah-yehweah=Jehovah-jesus that sanctioned your enslavement and the children of those devil-deities that enslaved you on the orders of their gods that you are now praying to these same demons to forgive you! To forgive you for something you did not do in the first place. To back up that foolishness, they get their number one agent, the clergies to tell you, we all were born in sin! Why is the born in sin only affecting Black people? Another stupid story is this kkkrackkker Jesus coming back to save negroes. Kkkrackkkers killed a kkkrackkker and told you dumbass negroes that this kkkrackkker is coming back to save you from the rest of kkkrackkkers that killed him and enslaved you while the same kkkrackkker they killed is the god that sanctioned your enslavement! KKKrackkker Jesus is coming soon! How soon is soon? Every other race on planet earth made preparation for their posterities for the next 1000 years! Not so with the Necronegro, the negro preparation is for Jesus is coming soon! When you are that stupid not even miracles and divine intervention can save you! Aside from the Bondage Dominance Slave relationship negroes are having with their Master (BDSM), the kkkrackkkers, the role of the negro in reality is illustrated clearly in Dracula movies. Here you have a vampire that needs blood and the night to survive. This vampire (the peckerwoods) is sucking the blood out of any Black person he/she can find and he has a group of loyal followers (the negroes) guarding his coffin and secret resting place during the night. His loyal servants (the negroes) could easily kill Dracula by opening his coffin to sunlight. They wouldn’t do that because they (the negroes) enjoyed working in Dracula’s palace and once he is not drinking their blood they don’t care who he bites at night. They forget that when Dracula has no more negro blood to drink, he is going to turn on the negroes closest to him. It is the first time in the annals of history over a billion people sharing the same pigmentation, history, culture and origin are weak! Black people are weak because the negro clergies are weak. We are divided because the language these negroes from the various religious denominations are divisive. We are oppressed and exploited because the negro clergies lack vision. We remain disorganized and disunited because the negro clergies are misleaders and they have not the guts nor balls to endeavor to unite well over a billion Black people. Our problems seemed insurmountable because negro clergies are sending us the wrong messages. The thing about the negroes of the Abrahamic Faiths is that they are comfortable spreading their pack of lies and when you hit them with the BLACK TRUTH, they run and hide behind their lies. Negroes have become miniaturize devils and they are the first responder in defense of this Satanic System with Devil Dracula at the head. There is no such thing as a good devil. Devils can do some good but the end results are always death and destruction. These devils turn everything in the world upside down. Adults are now following youths instead of the other way around. Porno film teaches people to lust after male and female. Horror movies teach adult and children that violence and sex are normal. When you have an appetite for violence, sex and you are using marijuana that only god knows what they lacing your marijuana with – you will get the results of the two cases now flooding my news feed. One is of father raping a 3 months old baby to death. The other is of a bunch of girls smoking marijuana and watching their best friend being brutally raped! In the case of the 3 months old baby being raped, a member of his family should have been reading his eulogy 3 hours after! These two cases clearly illustrated my point of teaching young people the art of sexual abstinence and abstinence from recreational drugs, mainly marijuana. Once they started talking about legalizing marijuana, I said Black people should stop smoking marijuana. It should be obvious to any and every one that some kind of additive is sprayed on marijuana to numb the senses of the smoker and make them prone to sex and violence. How can we explain a room full of girls not attacking the rapist and murderer of their best friend? We have to take on the responsibility as Elders to teach our children to say no to marijuana, cigarette, alcohol and any kind of recreational drugs. No more excuse: “well, I smoke, drink and do drugs and turn out fine.” I’m yet to see or hear of one person that died from sexual abstinence and abstinence from recreational drugs. We should not be talking of being gods and goddesses and raising our children in the ways of the devil. NO TO PORNO & HORROR FILMS, NO TO SMOKING, NO TO DRINKING ALCOHOL, NO TO GAMBLING, NO TO UNDER AGE SEX AND YES TO SEX AFTER MARRIAGE - that is what we should be teaching our children. The myth and illusion of global white supremacy can, will and must be destroyed by the BLACK TRUTH and we have over one billion Black men to do just that. We have the knowledge – it is in our DNA – to unlock the secret of the true and great Pyramid’s builders - our Holy Afrakan Ankhcestors! Ptah Maakhrw Ra Amen - Defender of the BCC, Elder at APCE, Minister, Gatekeeper and Warlord on the frontline for LUAN=Liberation and Unification of the Afrakan Nation. Amen-Ra!!!!

For you to see, know, do, and grow.

Tamara Interview on Politics Done Right

Egberto Willies of Politics Done Right interviews Tamara about her NEW book, The Concerned Beauty and Barber Professionals' Guide to Thrive and Survive.

Former Seattle Police Chief: Police Culture “Toxic” | Amanpour and Company

Law enforcement in the U.S. is under scrutiny like never before. Police in Washington used pepper spray yesterday to break up anti-racism protesters as they ...

NowThis Politics

More #receipts for The Flag🇺🇸 from NowThis.

THE MYTH BEHIND SEGREGATION: ‘The racial segregation in every metropolitan area in this country was created by racially explicit government policy, designed to create racial boundaries.’ — Segregation expert Richard Rothstein has spent his life debunking the American myth that white and Black people live separately by choice

The Flag


Repairers of the Breach

ADOS American Descendents Of Slavery ADOS: American Descendants of Slavery is 👁👀👁 William J. Barber, II Rev. Dr. William Barber II of Repairers of the want to #help everyone, but make sure you bring #ours #home 1st ✊🏿❕ Repairers of the Breach is a nonpartisan 501c3 tax exempt, not-for-profit organization that seeks to build a moral agenda rooted in a framework that uplifts our deepest moral and constitutional values to redeem the heart and soul of our country. We challenge the position that the preeminent moral is...

"Lee said she also supports other legislation creating reparations to African Americans for slavery, but that is not the focus of her proposal."

This root cause of the incident is inequity. But instead of calling for direct and immediate payments of reparations, the Black misleadership class wants to study. Now with the Floyd lynching, instead of changing the policing system, they want to do what sounds like South Africa's truth & reconciliation. Aren't SA's Blacks still without the wealth? Black misleadership has the job of regulating Black resistance.

Black Community Control of Police

Black Community Control of the Police Black Community Control of the Police

Alphrik Media

The way black people are being treated in the western countries is very sad and it should be a wake up call to Africans.


NYPD Cruiser Plows Into Protesters & White Looters Matter

They call these guys their Finest, here is a #sample of the New York State Police & New York City FC, this is how they #roll.

The NYPD wanted to make it clear that they weren't going to stop being racist or violent and just to make sure the protesters got the point one officer delib...

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[05/31/20]   🇺🇸This Country🇺🇸 is #built on a #wicked👺 and #cracked #foundation, which cannot #stand

[05/27/20]   We have #never highlighted any #actor or #film, 🗣but Vince Vaughn in Brawl in Cell Block 99 has changed that. ——-> he is the #truth in this one. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ from us to a #truly talented #actor.

PAR052020 graham drugraids

PSP project STARVE The Police and Police The Police, #NOW.

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Black and Latino Businesses Disproportionately Denied Pandemic Relief Loans, New Survey Finds

Who is #surprized❓No one... The Paycheck Protection Program, part of the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act, is supposed to provide financial assistance for small business owners who are struggling to stay in business due to the pandemic. A new survey shows that black and Latino businesses have been larg...



Mysonne is 🎯!!!

Its time for us to come together as Black/Brown people and Demand Equality and Justice!! I'm tired of tweeting! They are beating the sh*t out of us for no earthly reason. If you aren't willing to make REALLY sacrifice for Justice , then stop acting like you want it!! stay tuned to @untilfreedom its time for action!! #iworkforthepeople #Godswork #untilfreedom

Woman's Body Found Hanging from Tree Near Georgia Walmart, Police Don't Suspect Foul Play

...#typical Police The Police #position...  An investigation is being conducted after a body was found hanging from a tree in South Fulton, Georgia on Old National Highway Monday morning. Patrol ca

Crumb TV

Charlamagne the #gig is up...You don’t #speak for ADOS American Descendents Of Slavery...just #entertaining your base 🏳️‍🌈🏳️.


30 years later, question lingers: who killed Michael Taylor?

Indianapolis Indiana On Sept. 24, 1987, 16-year-old Michael Taylor Jr. was shot. He was in police custody at the time on the way to the juvenile detention center, having been arrested on

5-9-2020: The Ritual of Racism

Black Authority is #onpoint.

White supremacy is tying itself in knots trying to use the pandemic to persecute Black people. TBA explains. To support tonight's program by going to our Str...

5-2-2020: Eating Your Enemies

Black Authority#knows the #plight of ADOS American Descendents Of Slavery

White supremacy returns to it's roots of open barbarism and advocating literal cannibalism. TBA explains. To support tonight's program by going to our CashAp...

Kanye West Worth a Billion Dollars by Forbes - Why does it even matter?

Kanye West is ummm...own his #own ish = $0,000,000,000.00 for ADOS American Descendents Of Slavery

Attorney Antonio Moore talks about Kanye West being announced as a billionaire by Forbes. Moore critiques West and the announcement.


Learn #code ADOS American Descendents Of Slavery ASAP


China Recovers & U.S. Senators Profit Off The Pandemic | The Daily Social Distancing Show

China begins to bounce back from coronavirus, U.S. senators allegedly profit off the pandemic, and Roy Wood Jr. reports on hospitals’ shortage of medical sup...

B1⚡️✊🏿❕ see

Melinated Essence

To his how YouTube, Facebook, and Google feels #about ✊🏿ADOS American Descendents Of Slavery gettin on #code.

Messages to the melaninated

Sick of “White Nonsense”? This Social Media Posse Will Come to the Rescue - Yes! Magazine A new social media crew is calling out fellow White people who use their accounts to post racist comments, as well as those who simply need a quick privilege check.

Papa Duck

it is very disturbing the way the government uses black folks financial situation against them🙊..... this is definitely the real definition of the word trap🎯💯 if we're not laying on some doctor's table as a guinea pig then we're placed in the projects same as animals are in a circus or a zoo🦓🦌🦍 and looked upon as the most ignorant uneducated people on earth🌎.. it just brings me to tears to know that some people went through this for nothing🥺😥😪 all because of the color of their skin✊🏾 need to pull together and work together because if you see this the way I do did🎯💯💯 we really all we got and that's on God

#government #f**ktrump #imnothuman
#papaduck #slmg #useyourbrain #revolution #rapper #artistsoninstagram #mr #realnigga #igdaily #Papaduckpodcast #socialmedia #music #hood #hustle #imnothuman #money #wyd #relationshipgoals #facebook #snap #streetlootmusicgroup #outofthisworld #podcast

[01/27/20]   Other ADOS American Descendents Of Slavery, we #here❕

‘We Are Not Welcome’: In What Should Come As a Surprise to No One, Virginia School Board Refuses to Ban Confederate Flag From Its Dress Code

ADOS American Descendents Of Slavery✊🏿 in all of ole Virginia are afflicted with this manner of #blatant #RSW. Virginia’s long-standing love affair with the Confederate flag has no bounds. And in what should come as a surprise to absolutely no one, a school board in Rocky Mount has ruled that yes, the rebel flag will still be welcomed with open arms in the district’s updated dress code.

FBI arrests 3 suspected white supremacists on federal gun charges

The men are alleged to be members of a violent, racially motivated extremist group called "The Base."

Wrong end of the whip

True from South Hampton Mississippi to the Human BREEDING #plantations in Georgia and here in SC Port of Charleston

= Same🧐❕

The current state of it!

This is the state of #ADOS Politically here in the United States. The small and hungry carrying the big and over fed. The big holds the laws and determines what is right or wrong. The big man's leg must not touch the ground, his left hand holds a pillar which gives him extra support - but the small man has no support except himself. Most unfortunately, both the small and the big they are carrying are blind. Perfect picture of Africa. Weep Africa Weep. Who shall deliver you from this burden ??? You #ADOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Only the truth shall set thee free. Only the Truth.

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