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[11/16/15]   A new bunch of attorneys were unleashed onto the world today! Congratulations!! & Welcome to the profession!

[11/06/15]   TODAY @ Noon B333 ----->
Exam Skills: Multiple Choice Questions.

Live stream? Yes. Recording? Yes. See email for details.

[10/27/15]   THIS FRIDAY @ Noon B333 ---->

Upper-level essay writing (subject: Evidence).
Recording (yes). Live stream (yes, look for email w info).

Next week ---> MCQ skills (likely all students)

[10/22/15]   TOMORROW @ Noon B333 ---->
Essay writing for exams (1L & 2L PT)

Recording (yes). Live stream (yes, look for email w info).

[10/08/15]   🍂Programming resumes the week after Fall Break 🍃

[09/29/15]   THIS FRIDAY @ Noon B333 --->
Academic Planning & Strategy in Advance of the Bar

There are things you can do, starting from 1L year, or even now to make your transition to bar exam study less stressful.

For example,
Should you plan to take a commercial bar prep course (Barbri/Kaplan) and why.
How do you PAY for this stuff?
How do you finance yourself during the months you are studying?
How to structure your course selections after 1L year so you’re not stressed out the semester before you graduate (e.g. death wish = ULW + commercial + secured)

This kind of stuff is what this Friday’s academic success & bar performance program is about.

AV: I have requested a camera, but can no longer make promises about the program actually being recorded.
LIVESTREAM: Should be available. Will send out the details in a reminder email on Thursday.

[09/23/15]   Sign up on TWEN page --->
Academic Success & Bar Performance
to receive notice of all workshop materials & recordings

[09/21/15]   TWO PROGRAMS THIS FRIDAY @ Noon:

B332---> 1Ls: LRAW Memo Tips
B333---> 2/3/4Ls: Exam essay writing (IRAC)(subject evidence)

[09/01/15]   No Academic Success Workshops this Friday ~
Happy Labor Day Weekend

[08/24/15]   THIS FRIDAY 8/28:

10AM: Baby Bar Debrief -- ConLaw (Chase)

Noon: Academic Success: Outlining "how-to" (B333)

1PM: Baby Bar Debrief -- CrimLawPro (B333)

[08/18/15]   THIS FRIDAY:

10AM: Baby bar competency workshop (Chase)

NOON: Case briefing, note-taking with the LRAW and Academic Fellows (B333)

1PM: Baby bar competency workshop (B333)

The Bail Trap

More on the subject of bail (this year's Intro to Law topic) Every year, thousands of innocent people are sent to jail only because they can’t afford to post bail, putting them at risk of losing their jobs, custody of their children — even their lives.

The 1L Preparation: A Guide

Surprisingly good advice from ATL: read, brief, do your own outline, consult prof. On supplements: "[m]any students spend too much time looking at all these extra materials for answers, when they could have spent less time getting better answers if they had slowed down, read more carefully, and followed the steps I’ve listed above. Nothing saddens me more than watching 1Ls with injured backs carrying around secondary materials they do not need, and should not want." Here's why 1Ls should create their own outlines, rather than risk using someone else's.

[08/11/15]   Sign up on TWEN ---> add the ACADEMIC SUCCESS & BAR PERFORMANCE PAGE. Under syllabus, you will find the schedules (1L & 2/3/4L) for Friday workshops.

[07/30/15]   CONGRATULATIONS to our July bar-takers! Looking forward to the bar results in October, when we will have beaten that other school's bar passage!

[07/17/15]   LUNCH AT THE BAR EXAM!!

A Message From Admissions!:

In an effort to give you one less thing to worry about, the CSL Office of Admission will provide lunch on the first day of the SC Bar Exam, Monday, July 27.

Stop by and pick up a boxed lunch – we will be in the Columbia Convention Center, lower level.

You can grab and go, or stay in the room and eat and study, whatever works best for you.

[07/13/15]   CSL SUPP BAR WORKSHOPS -----> All in Mary 101


2:30pm: DR & Equity

Tuesday (none)

11am: WTE
2:30pm: Insurance

11am: CivPro

11am: UCC 3/4/9
2:30pm: BA

Contact VV or Prof. Sabin for LiveStream details. All materials are or will be posted on TWEN.

[07/06/15]   CSL SUPP. BAR EXAM REMINDER ----> All in Mary 101 @ 2:30-4:30pm

Today 7/6: Another insurance stacking workshop
Wed 7/8: WTE with Prof Shuman
Fri 7/10: Mortgages & Deeds, Recordation

7/13 to 7/18 and 7/20 to 7/24 --->
Daily Issue Spot and other exercises

All in Mary 101, 230-430pm. Email Prof Sabin for livestream details.

Today: Future Interests & RAP
Wed 7/1: Evidence
Thurs 7/2: Agency, P'ship, Corp

Wed 7/8: WTE
Fri 7/10: Mortgages & Deeds, Recordation

7/13 to 7/18 and 7/20 to 7/24 --->
Daily Issue Spot and other exercises

South Carolina Court of Appeals Opinions

SC ADVANCE SHEETS as of June 19. On Wednesday, June 17th, 2015, the South Carolina Court of Appeals published an opinion in Deep Keel v. Atlantic Private Equity. Augusta Private Equity Group, LLC defaulted on a promissory note pe...

--->TODAY & TOMORROW in Mary 101

Today, UCC2 230-430
Tomorrow, UCC9 10am to noon

Prof Sabin will show you how to craft an effective essay on each subject, one that scores you points (bc it's all about points).



Make note of the following workshops/lectures scheduled for this week and next:

Mary 101 (all)
2:30 to 4:30pm (all, except for Saturday 6/20 ---> 10 to Noon)

Friday, 6/19 - UCC 2
Saturday, 6/20 - UCC 9

Monday, 6/22 - UCC 3 & 4
Wednesday, 6/24 - Evidence
Friday, 6/26 - Contracts

All sessions will be recorded.


[06/12/15]   CSL SUPPLEMENTAL BAR --->
Upcoming lectures & workshops

6/19 - UCC 2
6/20 - UCC 9
6/22 - UCC 3 & 4
6/24 - Evidence
6/26 - Contracts
There are others being planned for July as well (BA, WTE, other).

Times & rooms will be confirmed early next week. All sessions are recorded.

[06/08/15]   BAR EXAM 📚----> We are in the process of scheduling lectures (passive listening) & workshops (where you actually practice MBE or essay) for the remainder of June. UCC 2/3/4 (Prof. TBD); BA (VV); WTE (Shuman). Presumably other subjects as well.

2 WEEKS BEFORE THE EXAM ---> we will have a workshop EVERY DAY where you come in for an hr and ISSUE SPOT essay questions & MBE.

We have other things planned... so keep an eye out here & TWEN. This week, however, will be pretty quiet - no lectures or workshops.


CSL Supplemental Bar Program

Fri, June 5
Time: 2:30 to 4:30pm
Room: B333 (recorded)

The lecture will be recorded but in-person attendance is always best. ~VV

South Carolina Court of Appeals Opinion

SC Advance Sheets: Follow link to library summary on recent ruling. ~VV Today the South Carolina Court of Appeals published an opinion in Bluffton Towne Center v. Gilleland-Prince. In this this civil matter, Beth Ann Prince (Tenant) appeals the master-in-equity's order...

[06/02/15]   REMINDER: TOMORROW ---->
CSL Supplemental Bar Support. CIVPRO.

Wednesday June 3
Civil Procedure Summary lecture by Prof. Janssen
Time: 2:30 - 4:00
Room: Mary 101

The lecture will be recorded but live attendance is always best!

Check your email for a message dated 5/31 regarding these workshops and other important bar exam-related matters.

June 1 - 5:

Wednesday June 3:
Civil Procedure Summary lecture by Prof. Janssen
Time: 2:30 - 4:00
Room: Mary 101

Thursday June 4
Constitutional Law Workshop by Prof. Sabin
Time: 2:30 - 4:30 (*Note we probably will not go the whole time but I have left time for questions)
Room: TBD

Friday June 5
South Carolina Insurance Workshop by Prof. Sabin
Time: 2:30 - 4:30 (*Note we probably will not go the whole time but I have left time for questions)
Room: TBD

Today's Decision for the South Carolina Supreme Court

SC ADVANCE SHEETS: As of today, to keep enrolled students and graduates studying for the bar current on South Carolina Supreme Court rulings (i.e. the "advance sheets"), I will post links to our library's blog (which summarizes the rulings for easy access) as well as links to the court's website at the end of the month for the entire month's advance sheets. ~VV Today, the South Carolina Supreme Court published a decision in State v. Bruce. In State v. Bruce, Roger Bruce was convicted of the murder of his girlfriend, Laura Creel. Creel had disappeared and ...

Library & IT Services Available for May 2015 Graduates

BAR EXAM RESOURCES: 🎓 💻 Check the CSL library blog for library & technology resources. ~VV Congratulations to all of you! Graduation was a milestone. Now you are beginning to prepare for another milestone: the bar exam. There are resources available from the library to help you. As ...

[05/21/15]   BAR EXAM RESOURCES: The TWEN page is up & running. Bar takers (any state, 1st time/retakers), sign up. Prof Sabin and I are working on a schedule for subject-specific seminars (CivPro, UCC2/3/4/9, BA, WTE etc.)

Charleston School of Law, Office of Academic Success

[05/11/15]   BAR PREP RESOURCES ---> If you are taking the bar in any state AGAIN or graduated Dec '14 or earlier and are taking it for the first time, let me know by DM or email so that I can include you on the list for summer bar resources. May '15 graduates are already on the list. ~VV

[04/29/15]   Good luck on exams!! Look for an EXAM BREAK sponsored by Academic Success & Institutional Development on May 5 in the Barrister. *Healthy Snacks* plus chocolate is the theme 🍇🍌🍫☕️🍵🍏🌻

[01/28/15]   Feb Bar Takers ---> LIVE STREAM UCC2 Workshop

Those of you taking the Feb bar, or that have graduated Dec or before but are taking the July bar, the UCC2 workshop will be live-streamed. Contact VV or Prof. Sabin for the log-on details.

[01/27/15]   ACE SERIES SCHEDULE for 1Ls, SPRING 2015:

2/13: CivPro Workshop
2/27: On the LRAW appellate brief
3/20: On essay writing, revisiting IRAC
4/3: Oral advocacy workshop
4/10: Preparing for Exams

Charleston School of Law - 1/26/15: Academic Success Program offers key resources for students Success in law school requires every student to leverage his or her talents and address individual challenges. The Academic Success Program is a tool for students to learn how to proactively prepare for exams, manage their time and create effective outlines.

[01/26/15]   NEW ---> CSOL’s Supplemental Bar Program for February 2015 Takers

If you fit into one of the following groups and have not received an email about the above, email Vargas-Vargas so that she can include you on future correspondence:

1) taking bar exam (first time or repeat) in February;
2) graduated in Dec, but taking the bar exam in July;
3) retaking the bar exam in July.

Workshops in the areas

UCC 3 & 4
SC Wills and Probate
SC Insurance

are happening, with the first (UCC2) taking place on 1/28 and 2/4 (UCC2/3). ~VV

[01/15/15]   ACE Series ---> Fellows present Transitioning to a New Semester. Friday 1/16 @ Noon B333.

[09/23/14]   OFFICE HOURS w/ the FELLOWS in Mary 104:

3-530pm [starting next week]





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The Office of Academic Success is dedicated to assisting and supporting all students in successfully achieving their individual academic and personal goals, in law school and beyond. To help achieve those goals, the Office provides regular programs specifically targeted to the academic needs and skills development of each law school class, including skills workshops, academic development sessions, bar preparation, as well as coordinated programs with other Charleston School of Law offices. The academic success staff is also available for one-on-one conferences. Additionally, the Office works very closely with the Charleston School of Law faculty, staff, and students on orientation, academic standards, teaching techniques, learning aids, technology usage, probation, professionalism, crisis response, and other issues.
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