Charleston VOLS - UTK Alumni & Friends

Charleston VOLS - UTK Alumni & Friends


We are in Charleston for the week. Is there a plan for watching the UAB game together on Saturday?
Hello Charleston! Just saw that Coach Barnes has a commitment from Josiah James, a 5-star guard from there.
Only grabbed a couple of pics from the fun party today but aren’t they adorable?!? Go Vols!!! FYI...this kid’s name is Knox ❤️🍊❤️ (Kristen (mom), wherever you are, tag your sweet little boy!!) :)
Are you ready for some football? Thanks to my cousin Monty Montgomery for this fab foto of the stadium).
Are you ready for some football? (Thanks to my cousin Monty Montgomery for the fab foto of the stadium in Knoxville).
UT Volunteers are celebrating a Volunteer Day of Service June 30th....
I have a friend looking to buy 2 tickets to the opening game, Sept 1. If you have any to sell, please contact me....Messenger on Facebook....and I'll put you together.
Will there be a watch party for the game tomorrow?
I have extra tickets to the SC game if anyone is interested feel free to message me
Any Tennessee lady out there need these lillybee snaps? I didn't realize what I ordered and missed the return date.
Picture with Juice Davis after he signed my Charleston Vols Bridge TShirt!
Here I was thinking I didn't have a Tennessee shirt to wear tomorrow...I think I'm good. #beatgeorgia

Official page of the Charleston chapter of the University of Tennessee Alumni Association

On behalf of the UT Alumni Association and the UT Athletics Department, we would like to invite you to join fellow alumni and friends in becoming a member of the Vol's in Charleston alumni club! This is an opportunity for you to show pride and support for all things UT Vols and to meet other people who love UT just as much as you! 2016 Watch Parties will be held for every game upstairs at Charleston Beer Works

Pix sent from the game and pix from Mellow Mushroom Tanger Outlet, the North Alumni location

Winners from the bowl game raffle.

Pix sent from the game and pix from Mellow Mushroom Tanger Outlet, the North Alumni location

Pictures sent from the game.

Pictures from my nephew and another friend at the game. Vols have quite a showing.

Just a reminder that there will be a Charleston VOLS watch party at Mellow Mushroom for the TaxSlayer Bowl. Go Big Orange!! Beat Indiana!!

Go check out our favorite #CharlestonVols musician in Jacksonville. Dave Landeo always puts on a great show for game days!!

Wishing all the Charleston VOLS UTK Alumni & Friends a Happy Holiday! Tennessee will conclude the 2019 season with a contest against Indiana in the TaxSlayer Gator Bowl. Please join us at Mellow Mushroom on January 2nd at 7 p.m. to cheer on the VOLS! GBO!!

Tennessee Basketball

Doesn't look like NBA life has changed Grant a bit. #VFL

The Missouri game was quite fun. See the action here at Mellow Mushroom. GBO. Good win!

Put this on your calendar for next year!

The field for next season's Charleston Classic is set.

[ We'll be there fyi ]


Tennessee takes on the Missouri Tigers this Saturday at 7:30 PM. Tennessee will be trying to win 5 out of their last 6 games and become bowel eligible for the first time since 2016. Join the Charleston VOLS at Mellow Mushroom to cheer on the VOLS. #GBO#BEATMISSOURI

2019 Big Orange Give

Support our chapter today to have your donation matched!

UT Knoxville Alumni

Biggest fundraising week of the year. Show you #volunteer spirit!

You're a Big Orange Give VIP. Make your gift now and be matched.

A great win over Kentucky was witnessed by all at the Charleston VOLS watch party on Saturday. Thanks to everyone's generosity, we will be mailing a check for $500.00 for the Tom Sandefur Memorial Scholarship Fund as part of the Big Orange Give on November 13th. Thanks to Debra, Jimmy, Candice, Jess and Mandi for donating items that made the raffle a huge success! Thank you to everyone who came and participated. The Mellow Mushroom Charleston VOLS are the best!!

Today is a time for us to all pay respects to those who have served!

An SEC battle is on tap between the Tennessee Volunteers and the Kentucky Wildcats at 7:30 PM this Saturday. Please join us at Mellow Mushroom at Tanger Outlet to cheer on the VOLS! We will have a great half time raffle to raise money for the Big Orange Give on November 13th to support the Charleston, SC Alumni Chapter Tom Sandefur Memorial Scholarship Fund.

After the game, the Dave Landeo Band will be at the Wind Jammer and will play Rocky Top if he sees any Charleston VOLS! #GB0#BEATKENTUCKY#ROCKYTOP

Tennessee and UAB will meet at Neyland Stadium in Week 10 of the 2019 football season. UAB is 6 - 1 and last season was the Conference-USA and Boca Raton Bowl Champion. Join us at Mellow Mushroom this Saturday to cheer on the VOLS as they take on the UAB Blazers. Kickoff is 7:00 PM.

Many of the Charleston UTK Alumni and Friends will be traveling to Knoxville this weekend for the Tennessee vs South Carolina game. Mellow Mushroom will still welcome all Charleston VOLS who are not attending the game. Kickoff is 4:00 PM. #GBO#VFL#BEATTHEGAMECOCKS!

[10/21/19]   Two Tickets for SC section Q row 66 under shelter with seat back with parking pass in A7 $150 for all. The tickets are in Chattanooga. Can be priority mailed. Message me if interested. I’ll give you phone number to text guy. He’s having unexpected surgery. You will have to negotiate with him. I’m not in a position to negotiate it.

The Third Saturday in October is known for the Alabama-Tennessee football rivalry. Tennessee travels to Bryant-Denny Stadium this Saturday to take on the #1 Crimson Tide. Kick-off is 9:00 PM. Tropical Storm Nestor will not stop us from meeting at Mellow Mushroom to cheer on the VOLS! #GBO

The Tennessee Vols take on the Mississippi State Bulldogs tomorrow at noon. Phillip Fulmer was the Tennessee football coach the last time that Mississippi State played in Knoxville in 2008. Come join us at Mellow Mushroom at Tanger Outlet to cheer on the Vols!

Tennessee takes on the Georgia Bulldogs this Saturday at 7:00 PM. Come join us at Mellow Mushroom at Tanger Outlet to cheer on the VOLS! #GBO#VFL

Highlights from the Florida Watch Party at Mellow Mushroom.

Come join us at Mellow Mushroom's North Charleston location on Saturday, September 21st. The VOLS will take on the 9th ranked Florida Gators. Kick off is at 12 noon. #GB0#VFL#HALFTIMERAFFLE 🏈

Calling all VOL fans to Mellow Mushroom at Tanger Outlet Saturday, September 14th at 12:00 PM. The VOLS will be taking on the UT Chattanooga Mocs. The half time raffle will be back this weekend to raise money for the UT Foundation.

Charleston will also be welcoming the University of Tennessee ICE VOLS club hockey team. They have games at the Carolina Ice Palace on Friday, September 13th vs the College of Charleston at 7:30 PM and on Saturday, September 14th vs the Citadel at 7:00 PM.

Hoping that all of the Charleston Alumni, friends and fans are safe and did not suffer damage from Hurricane Dorian! Mellow Mushroom will welcome all VOL fans to watch the BYU game Saturday night at 7:00 PM. Unfortunately we will not have a half time raffle this week but the raffle will return for the Chattanooga game September 14th at 12:00 PM. A BIG THANK YOU to everyone who came and cheered on the VOLS for the Georgia State Game. We raised $280.00 for the UT Foundation that will be given to the University this weekend. #THANKYOU#GOVOLS#BEATBYU

It's finally football time in Tennessee! Come join us Saturday at Mellow Mushroom at Tanger Outlet to cheer on the Vols as they take on the Georgia State Panthers. Kick off is at 3:30 PM. The half time raffle will include items such as flags, shirts, hats and a Tennessee chair. GO VOLS!

[08/07/19]   SOON

I am Tennessee. I am the 30 year old couple coming back to campus for the first time with both little ones in tow. One wears her orange and white cheerleader outfit; the other wears #16 even though he’s too young to understand why.

I am the 50 year old man who hoped no one saw tears in his eyes when the T was formed by the band. I was too choked even to sing “Rocky Top”. For a moment I felt foolish and then I didn’t care. God, I love this place.

I am the 60 year old woman meeting her freshman grand-daughter who is now the 3rd generation of UT students in our family. Despite my age, I’d strap up on Saturday and hit someone if it weren’t for my gender and this blasted arthritis.

I am Tennessee and I have always believed I was different. You can see it when you look up into the stands. My orange is not the same as Florida’s or Auburn’s. But the differences go much deeper than my colors.

Read my creed. What other school has one? I genuinely believe in these things. To be a real Tennessee man or woman speaks of character, not of geography. All are welcome to walk though my gates, not just the wealthy or the elite.

Georgia and Alabama may have their nations, but we have always been family. Make no mistake, we loathe defeat, but even in defeat, we would rather be a Tennessee Vol than anything else.

We are family and you are the sons of Heisman, the sons of Majors and Neyland. You come from a long line of brothers who names include White, Gault, Wilson, Manning, Shuler, Nash, Price and Mahelona. It is a great heritage.

So this Saturday, when the warm ups are over and the prayers and amen spoken, when you hear my thunder growing in the stands above you, when you stand in the tunnel and the smoke begins to form, listen for my voice when you run onto my field. Behind the frenzy of the shakers and deafening roar, I will tell you something in a whisper you may miss. I will be telling you that you are my sons and I am proud of you for the way you wear the orange and white. I am telling you that you are my sons and I love you.

Tennessee is so much more than a state or a school or a team or a degree. It is something that, once you have experienced it, will live inside of you forever and become a part of what makes up who you are.

It is driving into town on a game day. You may have come from hundreds of miles away and as you get closer and closer to the city limits, you feel it rising inside of you. Other cars on the highway proudly display their Orange and White flags or magnets or car tags, and you honk and wave at them, because, for that one day, you are all on the same team.

It is the smell in the air and the ritualistic act of tailgating…catching up with old friends, making new ones, and invitations from perfect strangers to try their ribs or watch their satellite TV showing all of the day’s important match-ups…of course, all being secondary to the one that will occur in the great cathedral of Neyland Stadium later that day.

It is the Vol Walk…where you might just see 300 pound men overcome with emotion and weeping with pride, because you have come there to cheer them on. As they walk by, you might exchange a glance with one or two of them, and you can see it in their eyes…it is going to be their day.

It is the students…dressed in their best, because going to a Tennessee game is like going to church for Tennessee people….you show the same respect as you would if you were in God’s house. Those students remind you of the days when you were walking in their shoes and Tennessee was your home…but then you realize, in many ways, it is still and always will be HOME.

It is that lump that rises in your throat when the band plays Rocky Top as the “T” is formed.

It is walking around on a “foreign” and sometimes hostile campus. You are easily identified (Tennessee people always are) and the enemy jeers and shouts things at you to mask their feelings of intimidation. But just then you happen upon a friend you have never met before. You know they are your friend by the colors they wear or the shaker in their hand. You exchange a “Go Vols” and a confident grin, because he/she knows what you know.

It is when your heart leaps with every touchdown, field goal, sack, and interception…because those are our boys. And win or lose, they will always have our un-dying support. After all, it is those boys that you are really there for and not a coach or a logo or a trustee or a president.

It is the complete and utter exhilaration of walking away victorious over a worthy opponent…that feeling of pride and accomplishment as if it were your own feet that had crossed the goal line scoring the last points yourself…that feeling of wanting to scream “Go Big Orange” at the top of your lungs and hug complete strangers…and then there is the ultimate high of defeating your most hated foes from across the state.

No words can describe what this feels like, but you know because you have experienced it.

It is the sheer agony of defeat as the last minutes tick off of the clock and you realize that all hope of a victory is gone. You feel like crying and maybe you do…then you hear the faint sounds of a cheer that grows louder and louder….”Its Great To Be A Tennessee Vol.”

It is knowing that year after year, no matter how things change in our hectic lives, you can always come back to “the Loveliest Place on the River”…the place where you came from…your home. It will probably look a little different and there will be new names on the backs of the jerseys, but deep down, no matter what, it is still the same. You still love it as much as you always have, because Tennessee is as much a part of you as your arms and your legs and the orange blood that runs through your veins.

And, finally, it is the feeling you have right now as you read these lines….the anticipation inside of you, because you know its almost time….Its about to start all over again…but then again, it really never goes away, does it?

It's almost time... It's almost time ladies and gentlemen... it's almost FOOTBALL TIME IN TENNESEE!!!

29 Days Until It's Football Time in Tennessee!
Tennessee takes on the Georgia State Panthers August 31st at 3:30. Come join us at Mellow Mushroom and Charleston Beer Works to Cheer on the VOLS! #GBO

The #VolNation “Starter Pack” comes with a stadium cup for bottomless beer on the golf course, golf freebies, and an extra entry into the drawing for a Wild Dunes golf getaway.

To make the #VolNation Golf Classic rewarding for players of all skill levels, we will be awarding embroidered jerseys to randomly placed teams - the 16th place team will receive a Manning jersey. Trophies and other prizes will be awarded as well!

You don't need to be an alumni or experienced golfer to play in the #VolNation Golf Classic. We only ask that you wear #BigOrange and come ready to have some fun! Register at

Charleston VOLS - UTK Alumni & Friends

It's time to sign up to participate in this years golf tournament at Wild Dunes. Share the post and get some UT swag!

It's time to sign up to participate in this years golf tournament at Wild Dunes. Share the post and get some UT swag!

Charleston VOLS - UTK Alumni & Friends

APPAREL GIVEAWAY: Help us spread the word about the #VolNation Golf Classic and Island Party on June 15th! Share this post and tag @charlestonvols + 3 of your #VFL family. You don't have to be an alumni to participate in the event. Just wear orange and put on your party/golf pants!

It's time to sign up to participate in this years golf tournament at Wild Dunes. Share the post and get some UT swag!

Vol Nation Golf Classic 2019 - Preview

It's time to sign up to participate in this years golf tournament at Wild Dunes. Share the post and get some UT swag!

Charleston VOLS - UTK Alumni & Friends

Join UT Alumni from across the nation in the Holy City at Wild Dunes resort on June 15th for the 2nd Annual Vol Nation Golf Classic

Tennessee basketball star Grant Williams on his upbringing and being a "nerd"

Great segment on Grant Williams today on CBS This Morning! So thankful he is a Tennessee Volunteer!!

Grant Williams, the University of Tennessee junior forward and two-time SEC player of the year, could opt for this year's NBA draft. But he's a lot more than...

The Tennessee VOLS who are 31-5 continue their journey to the Final Four. Join us Thursday night at Mellow Mushroom to cheer them on as they take on the Purdue Boilermakers. Tip off is 7:29 PM. #GBO

There won’t be an official watch party (raffles and stuff) today for the game, but Mellow Mushroom and Charleston Beer Works will always cater to our #VFL family! 🍊🏆🔥


SEC Network


WATCH: Admiral Schofield pays tribute to Tennessee in must-watch video heading into final SEC Tournament Admiral thanks Tennessee one more time heading into his final postseason.

Tennessee Volunteers on 247Sports

Live after the MSST game! GBO

TenneTennessee BasketballMississippi State 54

Watch: Admiral Schofield recounts his decision to commit to UT

Senior Night Tonight Tuesday 9:00 pm EST at TBA SEC Network. Admiral Schofield has had a very interesting career with the Tennessee Vols. When Schofield signed with Tennessee, the Vols were

WBIR Channel 10


Coach Barnes talks redemptive Vols 71-52 win at home over Kentucky:

Thank you to Stacey Shelby Conway for donating $1500 to the UT Charleston, SC, Alumni Fund. Be a #VOL give $10 before tomorrow!

The #UTScholarshipChallenge is going on all week! Help impact the life of a current or future UT student from your area. 🍊🎓

Want your school to be the top-listed School/college in Charleston?

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Vol Nation Golf Classic 2019 - Preview





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