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This page will help singers find a local vocal coach who will help them improve what they want to improve. I love singing and I love coaching singers.

[09/23/15]   Times have also changed for VCVC. It is open when it needs to be open. No more specific times. If you need a vocal lesson, email me, let me know what day, and I will be able to figure out what can be done. LET ME KNOW!!!!

[09/23/15]   SO...let us talk about #1 Lip trill, tongue trill, humming:

* This exercise gets the respiratory muscles into full action rapidly and it also minimizes the upward force on those tender little vocal folders due to the positive oral pressure.

* It also spreads the vocal folds to vibrate their edges ONLY and lowers the phonation threshold pressure by providing an inertive acoustic load.

If you are thinking, "What is she even talking about?", just send me an email. I will happy to help you understand it!

[09/23/15]   Well THAT was quite a sabbatical...My apologies as I was on a temp assignment and I was not able to post at all. Please, please, please forgive me.

[07/30/15]   Hello all! Here are some of the best vocal exercises I have come across in all my years on this earth.

1.) Lip trill, tongue trill, humming
2.) Two-octave pitch glides, up and down, high vowels i or u
3.) Forward tongue roll and extension vowel sequence a-e-i-o-u sequence, scales
4.) Messa di voce, proceeding from partially occluded tract to high vowels to low vowels
5.) Staccato on arpeggios

Tomorrow I will break down what is accomplished on each of these exercises.

Have a MUSICAL day!

[07/27/15]   Sweet and simple advice- if you don't practice your craft, you will not get better at that craft. So what do YOU want?

The first musical I ever saw was "Grease". In the theatre. I believe I was four years old. SO...the third biggest influence is:

The second biggest influence:

Ever wonder what made you want to sing or perform in the first place? You should go back to that place and pick three of your biggest influences. Here is my first one and I thank my parents for introducing the music to me.

Musical theatre. One of the best things in life for me. Musicals and plays are tough for everyone because you MUST be a part of a team. It is such an exhilarating feeling to be in a theatre production. It is also scary because most of the time during rehearsals you never think it is really going to come together. Even the night before the first performance you are not sure how it is going to go. Most of the time it is fine. Sometimes it is not fine. But the show must go on as they say. I was in one production in high school (not a musical) and opening night my wig got caught on some stage equipment and flew right off my head. I just kept going. It was hilarious actually but it never happened again. But look at that wig? How could it NOT get caught on something?

Tip: When singing a song, make sure you choose the right key for your range. Not too high because you do not want to sound as if you are shrieking and not too low because it could sound dull and boring. Nobody is looking forward to a boring performance.

[07/06/15]   Yes. It is true. Some of you overdid it with your voice this past weekend. If you have ever been in a band, a musical, or had an important appearance to make, we have all have been through that horrific feeling when you know you are not feeling your best and your voice is certainly not at its peak. However, losing your voice is never a good thing whether you are a singer or not. When you get sick, NEVER strain your voice. This is where technique comes into the picture. These are the times when you REALLY need it more than ever. If you lose your voice after a gig, you may need to focus more on technique. You may need to practice more. But now that you have lost it, you need to nurture it back to health. Do not talk. Do not drink the silly punch. Do NOT whisper. Just let it rest. Drink plenty of water, Throat Coat tea, and miso soup. Not only am I acting as a vocal coach, I am now acting as your ENT. :) Say Ahhhhhhhhhhh.

[07/05/15]   Hopefully everyone had a safe and fun holiday! Now it is back to business. Send me a message and we will get you started or get you back to where you need to be!

[07/04/15]   Tip: As important it is to warm up and practice regularly, it is just as important to rest your voice. For those of you who have gigs tonight (which I am sure plenty of musicians do), make sure you warm up before the set, rest between sets, and warm down after your set. I know it is important to network during those down times between sets, but nothing strains your voice more than trying to talk to people over loud music. Just be careful and have fun!!! Happy July 4th!

Timeline Photos

If you are performing in front of an audience and you forget the words or perhaps a beer is thrown on your gear, just KEEP GOING. Most likely they will never know. This was not the case during one of my many frat shows in a cover band I was with for three years in Nashville. I was singing and dancing all over the place and I decided to get off the stage and start singing to people. All of a sudden I realized I was face down in the dirt. I fell in a hole. But guess what? I was still singing the whole time, got up, brushed off the dirt, and kept going as if nothing happened. It was quite amusing actually.

[07/01/15]   What makes you want to sing? For me, it frees me and I get lost in the music, the lyrics, and the performance. Lost in the sense that nothing around me affects me negatively while I am singing. This is not so great when one is driving (yes, there is a car ahead of you and yes there are stop lights you must pay attention to and yes there are cyclists about to hit your passenger side window) but singing in the car is one of my favorite things to do especially when I hit that high note while making a u-turn. And the bathroom because the acoustics are amazing. :) But nothing feels better than to sing in front of an audience. It could be five people, five hundred, or a thousand. If you can evoke emotion in even one person while you are performing, you have done your job.

So, what makes YOU want to sing?

Velvet Curtain Vocal Coaching's cover photo

One of the best singers of all time. I love all genres of music and I love opera because of Luciano Pavarotti.

[06/30/15]   Tip: Keep that larynx neutral while singing. How do you know if it is rising? One effective strategy is to put your forefinger and middle finger on your throat and swallow. Do you feel that movement? That is the larynx rising, which you do NOT want. So when you are singing and you are not sure if it rising, put your two fingers on your throat and sing. Then you will know.

[06/29/15]   Don't ever be afraid to practice singing in your room, in the bathroom, in your dorm room, in your car, anywhere. For example, when I would practice in a small apartment, which has been most of my adult life, I had neighbors above me, below me, and beside me on each side of the apartment. The walls were always as thin as saran wrap. People on the street even heard me. And I heard it all- "Shut up!" "Keep it down" "Why are you so loud?" However, it never kept me from practicing. So when you think you cannot practice because someone next to you is judging you, or will yell at you, or will hear you, just say to yourself, "I hope the neighbors like this song" and sing it out.

[06/29/15]   Thank you to Joseph Hunter Garrell and Dan Groner for their wonderful reviews! This means so much to me. Wonderful!

Untitled Album

Untitled Album

Timeline Photos

[06/27/15]   Now accepting students! Age range from 10 ten years old and older. Want to improve your performance? Your tone? Your range? Your fear of hitting that particular note? Your fear of singing even though you love it? Let me guide you through those hurdles. Message me and we will get started!

Velvet Curtain Vocal Coaching

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