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When you need an experienced team for your events, sales & influence training and development of your company, we are your experts. The little dog comes along as a bonus!

The path to success is paved with small, daily actions. How does the acorn become the mighty oak tree? The acorn does not question the rate at which it grows. Every day, the acorn grows incrementally, on its mission to be a grand oak tree. Little by little, it transforms. Mother Nature holds the key to true success. Consistent action builds on itself, creating the grandest of all results. By modeling this strategy, you can transform yourself and your world. Are you ready to transform? 10/09/2019

Who's Driving Your Bus?: A simple solution to the complex challenge of managing your emotions. Have you ever reacted emotionally and felt like you were out of control? Do you ever feel like your emotions are running you instead of you running your emotions?Do you feel like you are stuck in the same emotions everyday?Of course you have because you are human.As emotional creatures, we can't ...


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[04/09/13]   We have some very exciting things we are working on! The dog is overseeing all the changes...can you tell?


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Inspired Girl Productions's cover photo


Are you ready to transform? 01/10/2012

Big Ideas for 2012 | SUCCESS Magazine | What Achievers Read

Take a break from your everyday thinking and check this out For just a minute, or as long as it takes you to read this article, suspend your disbelief. Shift those mental gears. Disengage from the here-and-now reality of paying bills, taking the kids to soccer practice or tap-dancing class, or trying to build a better mousetrap so the world beats a path to y...

[01/10/12]   In the world of being an Entrepreneur, you must constantly keep your mind sharp, your heart open and live knowing that your hard work is worth it all. Everyday I remind myself of this even when it's really hard to do so!

[01/06/12]   Has anyone out there ever done any research on their Grandparents and how they made money at the turn of the century or through the Great Depression? I am working on researching my Grandparents and what I am finding out is FASCINATING! Story to follow shortly...My Grandma was an AMAZING business woman!!!!
If you have any stories about your Grandparents or Great-Grandparents, please share with us!!!!

[01/02/12]   Something to consider -
The average human life contains the following:

936 full moons to gaze at.
312 season to pass through.
88 weeks of paid vacation - REALLY? Does that seem as ridiculous to you as it does to me?

What are you going to be willing to doing NOW to change that last stat?

[12/31/11]   Thank you to everyone who has "liked" the fan page! Info is soon to come! Have an amazing New Year and we will see all of you in 2012!


Learn From EVERYONE Around You. There is ALWAYS Something To Learn.


Enjoy The Process!!! Remember To Have Fun, Always!


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Timeline Photos


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Coaching/consultation: Business Coaching, personal coaching, business consultation.
Book Services: Writing, editing, cover graphics, illustration.
Speaking: Key note, workshop facilitation, training, motivational.



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