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This is a great opportunity for you and your students!

The film program, produced by Villa Albertine, the French Embassy in the U.S., and FACE Foundation, aims to promote French & francophone cinema in schools across the United States. A great selection, and you also get teacher guides and students exchange with other kids on flipgrid.
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A great opportunity for our students and us!

CinéSchool registration is now open for the 2022-2023 school year!
The film program, produced by Villa Albertine, the French Embassy in the U.S., and FACE Foundation, aims to promote French & francophone cinema in schools across the United States. A great selection, and you also get teacher guides and students exchange with other kids on flipgrid.
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Music at The Heart of Our French Connection
There is a full time French position available at Goose Creek High School near Charleston.

A place for American Association of Teachers of French members in South Carolina and beyond to share

Operating as usual

Photos from American Association of Teachers of French's post 10/30/2023

A message from Carine Bourget: Editor in Chief, The French Review
In a call for contributions to a special section on “L'enseignement aux temps de la pandémie” (published in December 2020 and March 2021), Edouard Ousselin wrote: “The Covid-19 pandemic will most likely have lasting consequences on our work as language teachers and on our interactions with students” (email to AATF members, 9 June 2020).

I am now calling for submissions for a follow-up special section on “L'enseignement du français après la pandémie.”

I encourage French instructors at all levels (K-12 as well as college/university teachers) to submit short pieces (1,000–2,500 words) for an upcoming issue of the French Review (tentatively 97.4). All AATF members are encouraged to share personal experiences as well as address broader professional issues about how their teaching practices, conditions, students, etc. have been permanently changed by the pandemic and how they are addressing the new normal and challenges. Please submit your contributions by email attachment (Word.docx format) by December 15th, 2023. For formatting and other practical matters, please see


À court d'idées pour Halloween? The AATF has you covered with 2 instant digital downloads: a fun Halloween activity packet and a 4-skills activity packet. Get them here:


Amazing CAVILAM presentation this morning by Frédérique Treffandier of resources and fiches pédagogiques sur le développement durable, sport, musique, égalité femme-homme, histoire, etc, many in partnership with TV5 Monde. Start discovering them at

A big thank you to our partners at the Federation of Alliances Françaises USA for organizing this event for French teachers here in the U.S.!


As we begin National French Week, connect your students with the Language Connects Foundation website for posts from high school and college graduates as well as professional who use their French for professional and personal reasons.


International education is a highly valuable endeavor! Just ask language champion & University of Louisville student, Cody! Find out how Cody with at

French in Higher Education 2023-24 call for projects now open! – French Culture 10/26/2023

Wonderful opportunity for colleges and universities to access funds from the French government to create innovative programs to increase French enrollment. Allez-y les collègues!

French in Higher Education 2023-24 call for projects now open! – French Culture The French in Higher Education is officially accepting proposals for its 2023-24 edition! Are you a French professor at a US-based university or college? Are you interested in implementing transformative projects and/or internship programs in your department and need help financing it? Look no furth...

National Trivia Contest DIRECTIONS | AATFCT 10/19/2023

This is a friendly reminder that teachers must sign up to receive the links to the AATF National Francophone Culture Trivia Contest, held via Kahoot!. This is different than last year where the links were posted on the contest website. It is still free to participate, but you must be a current (2023) AATF member in order to submit student scores for advancement. The sign-up form to receive the links is here: and the link to the contest website with all the details and linked practice Kahoots! is here:
We hope you participate and that your students learn a little more about the francophone world!

National Trivia Contest DIRECTIONS | AATFCT Find here directions for the AATF National Francophone Culture Trivia Contest.

Webinar Sign-up 10/14/2023

AATF Webinar. Tomorrow morning, Oct 14, at 10:00 am CST. Never tried the Grand Concours? Wonder what it's about? Will it be helpful to my French program and my students? Find out tomorrow! Sign up here!

Webinar Sign-up An informational meeting to learn about Le Grand Concours. Saturday, October 14, 2023, 10:00 am cst.


National French Week Francophone World Trivia & Presentation [Digital] product review from verified customer J.S.M. (AATF Region VI), "I'd like to say how nice the 'Did you know' slides are, along with the trivia questions. This was exactly what I was looking for. You saved me a ton of time, and they look so great that I would like to make sure they get displayed on announcement screens across campus."

Un grand merci! We want to help YOU promote French at your school and celebrate National French Week in style! Check out all our great NFW merchandise here:

Photos from American Association of Teachers of French's post 10/02/2023

No tricks, just treats! The AATF is over the moon about our new Halloween items: two boo-tiful activity collections: a four-skill Halloween learning activities packet (instant digital download), a Halloween fun activities packet (instant digital download), as well as a monster magnet craft kit, and cute Halloween foam stickers (for crafting or the activities included with either Halloween packet). 'Witch' one to choose? See them all (including tables of contents and sample activities) here: Perfect for class or French Club!


'A Votre Avis' is back for the November National Bulletin! The question for the issue is: What is your favorite way to celebrate National French Week? If you're an AATF member, your answer could be appear in the November issue. Merci!

AFS-USA American Association of Teachers of French (AATF) Scholarship 09/29/2023

Don't miss out on the opportunity to nominate one of your students for the (NEW!) AFS USA scholarship!
AFS USA and the American Association of Teachers of French (AATF) are proud to celebrate French language and culture by awarding a $7,500 scholarship to a current high school student interested in broadening their understanding of the Francophone world and strengthening their French language skills.

Created with the purpose of encouraging U.S. high school students to pursue authentic experiences using the French language and to provide French teachers an opportunity to recognize promising high school students, AFS-USA and the AATF are excited to support the nomination and participation of a student at the 4-week AFS France Summer Language Camp in 2024.

Learn more here:

AFS-USA American Association of Teachers of French (AATF) Scholarship The AFS-USA American Association of Teachers of French (AATF) is a merit-based scholarship for the France Summer Language Camp program.

Chargée de mission éducative et universitaire
Higher Education Program Officer

The University of Southern California and the Consulate General of France in Los Angeles are organizing a French for Professional Purposes workshop that can help take your program to the next level.
Register here:
As part of our mission to promote the teaching of French for Professional Purposes in the U.S., the Education Department of the French Embassy has been working diligently over the past few years. In line with this mission, we are pleased to announce our upcoming workshop in French for professional purposes. This workshop will provide teachers with the chance to learn from each other's experiences, share best practices, and exchange ideas.

The workshop will be held on Saturday, October 28 at USC in Los Angeles, as well as online for those unable to make the trip.

Professors, associate professors, assistant professors, lecturers, and Ph.D. students from American universities, schools, or Alliances Françaises who are interested in implementing a curriculum in French for Professional Purposes or developing an existing curriculum are invited to


t's Sunday evening/afternoon: Do you know where to find the best resources and shared activities? The AATF stands ready to support!

Take a look and then share an idea!
-Shared Resource Depot: 110 free activities, games, suggestions, and units generously shared by your colleagues. Please add one and support another French teacher.

-YouTube Playlists: Need a song about families or the imparfait? Looking for a cultural video about Haiti? 5000 videos await your needs.

-Pinterest: 100 thematic boards with videos, articles, infographics, images, etc.

-Diigo: For those who want to use even more specific keywords searches. If it's on Pinterest, it's on Diigo.

-Wakelet Collections: Much like a dossier de ressources, each collection has pictures, infographics, videos, and activities for thematic and cultural units.

-AATF's Curated Resource Page: All links can be found on this one page.


Attention French teachers! The AATF of Greater St. Louis Chapter is offering its Atelier d'Automne on October 28 at the University of Missouri - St. Louis. Registration is open until October 21:


Wow! Wonderful AATF Webinar with Jerry Parker and Anne Pham-Macharia this morning. Jerry took us into the world of AI for French teachers and their students showing how it can streamline many teacher tasks and open up learning opportunities for students. Anne shared lots of interactive activities using Pear Deck, many focussing on social-emotional learning. Recording and presentations will soon be available on the AATF website!


There's still time to sign up for the AATF Rentrée Share-a-Thon with presenters Anne Macharia & Jerry Parker! The webinar will take place on Saturday, September 16 at 11am ET/10am CT/9am MT/8am PT/ 6am HT. It is free and open to all, AATF member or not. Participants can request a certificate of attendance (details of how given during the webinar), which will be emailed to them. Register using this link:

We hope to see you there!


When she isn't teaching at the French American School of New York, Teacher Beth Mudaki, aka "The African Storyteller," shares her culture with and her N.Y. community.

Read about her performance at the Pelham Art Center: U.S. Embassy Nairobi FASNY French-American School of New York


You spoke, we listened. Our all new line of National French Week products is available in the AATF store. Choose from:

1. The National French Week Promo kit (includes 5 National French Week latex balloons, 40 full-color National French Week logo stickers (2" round), 24 Francophone Country Flag Stickers (2" round, pearl finish), 10 National French Week pencils, 5 Novelty Croissant Erasers [adorable!], 1 National French Week Poster and flat items come neatly packaged in a reusable folder)

2. The National French Week Francophone Countries / Places Learning & Activities Packet -- 30 pages of information and accompanying activities about the francophone world in both French and English, this instant download is perfect for National French Week 2023 or to save as a lesson plan for substitutes

3. National French Week Francophone World Trivia & Presentation -- Get your whole school involved in National French Week! This ready-to-use Canva presentation features seven (7) fun facts about French and the Francophone world, perfect for the morning announcements or to use at the beginning of class. Both French and English versions of the fun facts are included. This product also contains 30 trivia questions, five (5) each for: ELA (English/Language Arts), math, science, social studies, fine arts, and PE & Wellness. An answer key can be found after each set of subject-area questions. What better way to highlight cross-curricular connections and promote National French Week school-wide? No prep needed, just download and go! Suitable for all ages.

4. National French Week temporary tattoos

5. National French Week vinyl stickers -- perfect for water bottles, laptops, and more!

The AATF is ready to help you make this the best National French Week yet!

Check them all out (and see samples) here:

Ecole Pointe-au-Chien opens doors to preserving Louisiana French 08/30/2023

Hmmm...Do our students across the country know about the connection between French and native Americans and that French is a heritage language here in Louisiana?

Ecole Pointe-au-Chien opens doors to preserving Louisiana French POINTE-AUX-CHENES, La. (BRPROUD) – Down the bayou, a new school is looking to preserve Cajun and Indian French. Ecole Pointe-au-Chien opened its doors to the inaugural class in August. Cajun and In…

Sign the Petition 08/28/2023

Almost 25,000 signers. We can push it over the top!

Sign the Petition Preserve Students' Rights to Study World Languages at WVU


The AATF National Francophone Culture Trivia Contest (Round 1) will take place from November 1-10. This contest is free to teachers and students and will be held via Kahoot, however teachers must be a 2023 AATF member to submit student scores for advancement to the live finals round. Teachers can play anytime between November 1 & 10. There are 2 divisions: Beginner and Intermediate/Advanced, each question set is 25 questions in English about the Francophone world. *New this year: in lieu of posting the contest (Kahoot) links on the contest website (where we believe students are accessing them), we are asking teachers to fill out a quick Google form to register. Upon being verified as a teacher, the links to the Kahoots will be emailed to you (the links will be sent before the contest begins). To register, please fill out this short form:

To be an AATF member (reduced price through the end of the calendar year), please visit the AATF site: www.

To learn more about the contest, please visit the contest website:

Merci and we hope you take advantage of this fun activity to play with your classes!


Invitation spéciale aux membres de l’AATF dans le cadre de la Semaine nationale du Français par le Centre de la Francophonie des Amériques:
Vous souhaitez faire vivre une expérience enrichissante à vos élèves? Du 1er au 8 novembre 2023, le Centre de la francophonie des Amériques vous propose de tenir un atelier d’écriture de poésie slam dans votre classe, animé par un artiste francophone du Québec ou de l’Alberta. Cette activité est gratuite!

La poésie slam, un style d’expression littéraire qui prend la forme d’une poésie déclamée de façon rythmée, rend l’approche de la poésie très dynamique et offre aux élèves des ressources utiles pour s’exprimer de façon créative en français.

20 classes pourront vivre cette expérience

Chaque classe sélectionnée aura la chance d’accueillir pendant 90 minutes une ou un artiste de slam et de développer le talent des élèves dans la composition de textes. Vous serez accompagné par le Centre pour la réalisation de cet atelier.

Profitez de cette occasion unique d’enseigner à vos élèves la poésie par le slam en français

Vos élèves auront la chance d’échanger avec un artiste de la francophonie et vivre des moments mémorables!

• Faites vite! Les places sont limitées;
• La date limite pour recevoir les inscriptions est le 15 septembre;
• Le Centre communiquera avec les personnes sélectionnées par courriel

Cliquez pour en savoir plus et déposer votre candidature

Support the Student Walkout Against WVU's Plan to Eliminate World Language Instruction 08/21/2023

WVU students are planning a walkout today at noon ET to protest the university's decision to eliminate the world language program:

Support the Student Walkout Against WVU's Plan to Eliminate World Language Instruction ALERT – SUPPORT THE STUDENT WALK-OUT AGAINST WEST VIRGINIA UNIVERSITY’S PLAN TO ELIMINATE WORLD LANGUAGE INSTRUCTION FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE WASHINGTON, D.C., August 21st, 2023 - The public outcry against West Virginia University’s (WVU) planned elimination of the Department of World Languages, ...

Sign the Petition 08/19/2023

Have you signed the petition?

Sign the Petition Preserve Students' Rights to Study World Languages at WVU

Sign the Petition 08/15/2023

Please add your voice and support to world language education at West Virginia University.

Sign the Petition Preserve Students' Rights to Study World Languages at WVU


A court d'idées pour la Rentrée? The AATF is here to help! Our publication 'Interactive Ideas for the French Classroom' contains over 100 mingles, BINGOs (Cherchez quelqu'un qui), verb Battleship games, and partner exercises. The activities are great for beginners through advanced students. Plus, the virtual download is on sale for $5 (+ $3.75 credit card processing fee)for the whole month of August! Buy it here:


Merci beaucoup à Wayside Publishing for exhibiting at the 2023 AATF convention!


Our 2023 convention may be over, but our heartfelt thanks to our exhibitors continue. Un grand merci à CLE International for exhibiting in Trois-Rivières!

Manie Musicale AATF 2023 08/03/2023

Manie Musicale - A major program-enhancing, student-pleasing, and engaging activity for all students. Start planning ahead for the 2024. Toutes nos félicitations à Stephanie Carbonneau et Michelle Fournier pour leurs efforts admirables.

Manie Musicale AATF 2023 Manie Musicale C’est quoi? “ on C'est une concours des chansons populaires qui marche comme "March Madness." Victoria “French” Toste Palm Beach County [email protected] AATF Convention July 25, 2023 Trois-Rivières, Québec


Who are your past and present ? Connect your students to Language Connects Foundation to learn from language learners who use their global competencies and linguistic skills in their daily lives.

Learning another language can connect you to your ancestry! Just ask language champion & McGill University alumnus, Abe! Find out how Abe with at

Lexington School District Two 08/02/2023

French position opening at Brooklyn Cayce High School for school year 23-24!
Fall: 2 sections of French 1, 1 section of French 2;
Spring French 1, 2, 3 (approximate)

Application and contact information below:

Link to application:
District Website:

Contact: Ms. Alicia Dickerson, Assistant Principal of Instruction
Kathleen Ross, World Language Department Chair ([email protected])

Lexington School District Two In collaboration with our community, as


Four days of French teacher sharing in Trois-Rivières! Bravo à vous toustes!

Photos from American Association of Teachers of French's post 07/24/2023
Photos from American Association of Teachers of French's post 07/23/2023

The AATF conference is underway! South Carolina chapter President, Julia Royall graduated the Future Leaders Academy yesterday and is looking forward to bringing back resources and ideas for our chapter!


Merci, Distribution HMH, for exhibiting at the 2023 AATF convention! See you soon!

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