Sarah Scott Putnam

Sarah Scott is an Intuitive Life Coach and Mentor working with hundreds of individuals, from Corporate Executives and Wellness Professionals to Creatives.

Sarah Scott is an Intuitive Life Mentor working with hundreds of individuals, from Corporate Executives and Wellness Professionals to Creatives and Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs. Sarah is an expert at helping you discover your unique talents and gifts and giving you sustainable tools and techniques that empower you to offer these gifts into the world in a way that only you can.

How a terrible car accident in Charleston opened the door to a new realm of healing power

I am excited to meet Mary Helen Hensley in person today at Unity Charleston SC . Thank you Torreah Washington for organizing this opportunity to meet your long time friend as she celebrates the release of her latest book "Understanding is the New Healing". Come hear this healers fascinating journey that intertwines with the Charleston area. For more information please see write up below and plan to join. Author Mary Helen Hensley returns to Charleston to talk about her experiences and how understanding can lead to healing.

Alicia Keys - We Are Here

❤️This week has been a huge week with a reminder that we have a choice in every decisions we make. Love, Freedom & Unity....or Hate, Fear & Division. The choice is always ours to make on an individual basis but when is enough is enough? Why would we tolerate anything less than Love & Unity? Again and again, I will choose LOVE. We ARE here for ALL of us! 🎶🎶🎶

"We Are Here" by Alicia Keys available now! iTunes: Amazon Music: Google Play: http://smar...

Chiro iQ

Join us Wed May 16th from 6-8 for a Gratitude party and open house. We are so blessed to have the most fabulous clientele and Patients... and with great gratitude we say Thank you!

#gratitude #thank via
1. the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.
"They expressed their gratitude to their patient’s for their continued support"
synonyms: gratefulness, thankfulness, thanks, appreciation, indebtedness

Dr.Jesse Ross, his staff, and Professional associates Cindy Livingston , LMT, Scotti Holloway , Intuitive Life Coach, And Tamala Panter, The Forgiveness Connection want to show gratitude for you being part of our lives.

Please join us May 16th from 6pm to 8pm at 123 Pitt Street

[04/24/18]   ❤️What is your heart song singing to you today? Can you hear its distinct melody? Is it calling you forward to a new adventure in this story of your life? Or perhaps it is asking you to pause, breath and regroup. Is it asking you to embrace the invitations of life saying YES to that which resonates and a firm NO to that which does not?
Our beautiful heart song has a melody that is unique to each of us and is always leading us forward...always helping to create the life we want...always celebrating our expansion....Always reminding us of the eternal love and light that is our divine right. Listen to your heart today and hear it's beautiful song.

#TheArtofIntuitiveLiving #HeartSong #OneLove #YES

Reel JAM productions

❤️Fabulous spotlight interview on the fabulous Edward Carrasquillo!! He truly is amazing and so very talented. Way to go Ed!

Check out local Hendersonville musician, artist, craftsman, Ed Carrasquillo!

[04/18/18]   ❤️Our Voice is perhaps our most valuable asset having the power to lift another up or tear another down. One comes from the head space/Ego and the other from our wise heart space/ The Voice of the soul. With this expression of voice, comes a huge responsibility. We can express our truth and talk from our head/ego... or we can express our truth from our heart... each having a different resonance.
One brings clarity, truth and love even in the most difficult of conversations ...
the other brings judgement and condemnation and accomplishes little.
Be in heart today with all of your communications.❣️Recognize when the head takes over and then simply take a deep breath in and begin again...
but do not silence your voice and truth when it is most needed. Abundant blessings this beautiful day.


How do you know if what you are feeling is your intuition or just wishful thinking..find out with this awesome lesson from Sarah Scott Putnam.


❤️Sensory Saturday.....Recognizing Intuitive Blocks

Sensory Saturday, we are featuring Sarah Scott Putnam with "Recognizing Intuitive Blocks".

Please feel free to share our video and let us know what you think in the comments below. #JoiCenter #JoiNetwork #InnerFitness


❤️Intuition or wishing thinking? I'm honored to be be featured again today through the Joi Network. Such a great resource for Inner Fitness and it's FREE. For more videos and information check out their site, sign up and join the ride.

Sensory Saturday, we are featuring Sarah Scott Putnam with "Intuition or Wishful Thinking?".

Please feel free to share our video and let us know what you think in the comments below. #JoiCenter #JoiNetwork #InnerFitness

❤️Both of these women have fabulous companies and are worth an exploration into their offerings.

100% our body was created to heal - we just have to give it what it needs. Karen Gadol, PA at The Iron Truth provides the guidance, the detoxification supplement, and the testing to help anyone obtain a better balance of their body #mineralsarekey
Karen views our mineral status as foundational for health. Because of standard farming practices / pesticides / glyphosate / green harvesting, etc - everyone today is deficient. Also, because of the synthetic fortifications in our food supply combined with the improper supplementation with synthetic nutrients and the stress that most people live under - we are all in need of support. Inspired Solutions was created to address this need and the testing that Karen provides gives guidance on what each individual needs are.
Karen is honored to help clients regain nutritional balance in their lives and reestablish or maintain health. She offers the holistic services of mineral testing and balancing, electro-lymphatic therapy, and thermography. #gratitude
Karen is also completing her course work to be a Certified Professional Cancer Coach; she is a constant learner always wanting to know more; her faith in God is her driving force - to truly try to make a difference in the world. She also loves the beach / scuba diving / a good workout / sunsets / flowers / nature / cats / horses. She hope to paint one day as she believes there is an artist inside trying to get out! Few things makes her happier food wise than a beautiful fresh salad filled with goodness and a cup of bone broth! #ditto
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How do we stay in conversation with all that is beyond our awareness? It is simple but not always easy....
For more information join me and the JoiCenter for this weeks episode of Sensory Saturday.

Sensory Saturday, we are featuring Sarah Scott Putnam with tips for living an Intuitive life #2.

Please feel free to share our video and let us know what you think in the comments below. #JoiCenter #JoiNetwork #InnerFitness

[03/13/18]   ❤️"The personal way we Think, Feel and Sense our way into all that we don't know is The Art of Intuitive Living."

#Intuition #SensingtheSacred #TheArtofIntuitiveLiving

Bridge to Avalon

❤️Join is tonight!

Please join us tonight as Sarah Scott (Scotti) leads our Wednesday night Guided Meditation. Topic: If not now, when??? 6:30 sharp $10 donation.

Soul Blossoms

❤️Moving and grooving and raising the Vibes before my presentation. Divine energy expresses itself in each of us through Song, Laughter and when you are feeling stuck...move your hips and breakout into dance...or turn up your radio and sing along...or laugh out loud just for the fun of it. I guarantee that if you do one of these things it won't be long before you are in touch with your spirirt again. Turn it up, dance along and let the spirirt move you today!

This just happened... so much fun!

Soul Blossoms

Have you ever wondered how Divine Guidance can be easily accessed and how it can bring joy and clarity to your life? If so please join us at our Elevate event in October and let Sarah Scott teach you how to best use your own inner gifts to improve your life, health and much more in her session entitled "Tapping in and Turning on Your Natural Intuitive Abilities"


Want more info? Just click the link below! ... . ...
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[08/25/17]   ❤️"The biggest embrace of love that you will ever make is to embrace yourself completely. Then you will realize that you have just embraced the whole universe,and everything and everybody in it." Adyashanti

❤️Honored to be a part of ELEVATE...another fun and informative gathering of powerful presenters sharing their expertise. For more information follow the links below. I look forward to seeing you all in October. Xo

Are you ready to ELEVATE your consciousness? Join us at our fall event on October 7th entitled ELEVATE - Explore your Gifts, Enrich your Life! One of our amazing presenters, Sarah Scott Putnam (aka Scottie), is an international Intuitive Life Coach and spiritual Mentor based in Charleston SC and has worked with hundreds of individuals.

Her presentation includes:
Tapping in and Turning on Your Intuitive Gifts

Oftentimes psychic and intuitive abilities are regarded as the gift of a few, when in reality they are the birthright of everyone on Earth. Learning to tap into our intuition is one of the most empowering choices that we can make. Trusting this intuitive information and then pairing this “knowing” with “action” helps us make better choices as we navigate the world around us.

Join us for a fun interactive workshop as Master Intuitive Sarah Scott shares tools of the trade for tuning in, turning on and learning to listen deeply to the voice of our sixth sense.

Learn more about the event here:

Ready to purchase tickets? Find them here:

Soul Blossoms

❤️Event tickets for the upcoming ELEVATE event are now available and are being offered for a discounted price through August 14th. For more information follow the link below and
we look forward to seeing you there!

Get Your Pre-Registration Discounted Tickets Online NOW!

SAVE $100 off our Regular Priced Tickets until September 1, 2017!

Have you been feeling the intense energy lately? Do you wonder how to navigate the swirling emotions of these rapidly changing times? You have questions? We have answers! In fact, we have an entire day dedicated to empowering you in your journey of this crazy thing we call life.

That's right - an entire day packed full of insights, tools, and FUN to propel you on your way to your best year yet!

Have you seen our AMAZING Line up of Speakers???

Sarah Scott Putnam
Laura Jarrait
Ed Schultz
James Himm Mitchell
Stephanie Zgraggen DC
Jean Maczko

Wanting more info? Just click the link below!

❤️Give yourself permission today to see those around you with new eyes...

There is beauty in all people!

It is easy at times to see the flaws, the irony, and the lack in others. Yet these are a small part of the big, beautiful picture of who they truly are. When taken as a whole, people are beautiful and inspiring - a true joy to perceive. From this perspective, there is no need to "forgive" or "look past" their flaws - for these are an integral part of their personality and self expression. Without our weaknesses, we would be largely uninteresting, as we would be without our strengths.

Give yourself permission today to see those around you with new eyes - to admire them for the journey they walk, for the strengths they hide, and for the weaknesses they bravely expose to the world. See their beauty. See their pain. Truly see them. If you can do this, you will find great love inside yourself - for it is natural to love each other in this way.

Give yourself permission today, as well, to share all of yourself with the world - the parts you are proud of and the parts you are ashamed of - for together they comprise the beautiful person who you are. Let others see you wholly, that they may admire you and love you. And let yourself share their appreciation of who you are right now.

Remember today that there is beauty in all people. Let's celebrate this beauty today!

Soul Blossoms


We are incredibly excited to bring you our next Women's Health Symposium this fall and are offering a discounted special of $99 for a select number of tickets until July 1, 2017!

Grab yours today!

Women’s Health Symposium – THRIVE – Ignite Your Purpose and Spark Your Passion

Join us for a full day Women’s' Workshop for every aspect of your life - mind, body, and soul. You are invited to join us for a sacred day of celebrating your womanhood and all it has to offer you.

Event Details:

Date: Saturday, October 14, 2017 – 9AM – 3PM

Location: The Log Cabin - Bldg. 1242 • Geiger Blvd. MCAS, Beaufort, SC 29904

What’s Included:

Entrance to Thrive Women’s Holistic Health Symposium
Training from 7 Fabulous Women on Self-Care in Today’s World
Workshop Materials
Delicious Local Catered Healthy Luncheon
Healthy Snacks and Beverages throughout the day
Swag Bag with lots of Goodies from our speakers, sponsors, and local businesses
Discounts on upcoming events, services, and much more
Networking Opportunity to meet other like-minded women in our community

Investment: $197


Dr. Stephanie Zgraggen DC, MS, CNS, CCN - Hormone Harmony - The 3 Secrets to Achieving Hormone Balance at any Age

Jean Maczko , BS, LMT - Shift Your Energy - Shfit Your Life!

Sarah Scott Putnam - Blazing Your Path with Purpose and Passion to Create Your Conscious Career

Dr. Wendy Perrell, EdD - Unleash Your Personal Power

Brittney Hiller Yoga- Laughing From The Heart: A Laughter Yoga Experience

Martha O'Regan - Wake Up and Get Your SHIFT Together

Rose Marie Swanson – Loving Self Care with Sacred Activation

We hope you can make it!

Soul Blossoms

📷Photo Credit: Frank Haeussler

Alt National Park Service

Earth Hour on Saturday, March 25th, 2017 at 8:30 P.M. (Local Time Zone)
This campaign was created by World Wildlife Fund. During the global blackout hour, you will see some of the world's best-known landmarks disappear from city skylines. This campaign was started to increase awareness about energy consumption and environmental issues including rising temperatures and destruction of habitats on a global scale. Will you take part here in the United States? Comment "Yes" below, also help us spread the word. Over 10.5 million participants took part in the United Kingdom last year!

What a beautiful day and an honor to be in the company of such fabulous women from all over the Lowcountry... and beyond! Gratitude to you Soul Blossoms for the invitation to present!

What a great day we had out at James Island on Saturday February 11, 2017 for our first annual Women's Holistic Health Symposium.

We want to take a quick minute to thank our photographers from Frank Haeussler Photography & Guenter Weber Photography for capturing our event!

We are underway ....

These 8 ladies are ready to rock and roll and change lives today at our Women's Holistic Health Symposium.
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I am gearing up for this upcoming event! What a fabulous line up of of amazing women and powerful topics! We would love for you to join us! For more information follow the links. See you soon!


What does a Clinical Nutritionist, Energy Worker, Relationship Expert, Hypnotherapist, Intuitive Life Coach, Laughter Yoga Instructor, Soul Facilitator, and Askashic Records Expert all have in common! ALOT! These 8 wonderful, charismatic female entrepreneurs will be the headline presenters at our upcoming Women's Holistic Health Symposium entitled Thrive - Ignite Your Purpose and Spark Your Passion! They will guide your through our one day event to create the changes in YOUR LIFE that will bring about REAL RESULTS, REAL TRANSFORMATION, and REAL LIFE!

For less than the cost of a one to one session with any of these ladies, you'll be able to enjoy an entire day of sessions, lunch, refreshments, networking and community!

Saturday - February 11, 2017 - 10AM -6PM
Edisto Hall - James Island County Park

We are grateful to our participants and look forward to seeing you Thrive!

There is still time to grab your ticket!

Want your school to be the top-listed School/college in Charleston?

Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.





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