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Sea School began in 1977, with Ron Wahl, and now with Capt. Ken Wahl at the helm. Ron had one goal in mind, to help boaters become better while at the same time help license candidates navigate the USCG maze which is confusing and riddled with obstacles

Sea School offers U.S. Coast guard approved maritime training and is considered to be the premier maritime training school in the country.

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Sea School

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[05/30/19]   To All our valued students. The address to have your USCG paperwork properly reviewed is:

[email protected] or [email protected]

We uphold to the highest quality control standards. Successfully processed nearly 8000 files last year alone. Experience Counts.

If it doesn't have in it, It's Not Authorized!

When do your credentials expire? Please share this important info.

IMPORTANT: Merchant mariner credentials and medical certificates (national endorsements only) that expire in DEC 2018 thru JUNE 2019, are extended as valid until July 31, 2019. Mariners who are actively working on EXPIRED CREDENTIALS that meet the expiration criteria *must carry the expired credential with a copy of the attached letter.

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Sea School

We had a great time with the Naval Sea Cadets. They made Sea School BLB their stop for some hands-on training. Something for everyone here, some went behind the scenes at the cooking school, some to the FireField, others to the simulators for a spin, and of course some lectures were in order, finally some knot tying practice. We love the navy getting these young men and women a real peek into professional mariners lives. We've been here for 40 yrs. we'll be here when you are ready for yours. Thank you all.

Say Hi to our most recent group of AB's, (Able Bodied Seaman). They all just passed their examination and are ready for assignment aboard ship. Why are YOU Not in this photo?

Do you have that Special Someone who Needs a Unique Christmas Gift?

Sea School has course gift certificates for all classes and licenses. Get them the Gift that will Last a Lifetime. Call 800-237-8663 for yours.

Sea School

Thanksgiving is upon us!

As we approach the holiday season, we want to take this time and thank each and every one of you. We know you have many choices when it comes to selecting your USCG Approved Maritime training firm, and we are honored that you have chosen to put your trust in Sea School for over 40 years. It has been our privilege to get to know you and your families and to work on your behalf for generations. We care, and we are always here to assist you in any way that we can.

At Sea School, we are extremely thankful for our employees. Our team consists of 150 plus employees that have worked together for many years, all who we consider family. We are pleased to have served the community from the same 8 locations for over 40+ years with a passion for representing mariners.

We also extremely grateful for our friends and family. We are surrounded by so many extraordinary people in our lives and we appreciate each and every one of them.

While many, many schools will come and go, rest assured we will be around for another 4 decades to help you.

For those of you who have referred your friends and family to our firm, we appreciate the confidence you placed in us to represent you in USCG matters.

Our wish for you is for a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving!

Call 800-237-8663 today for a FREE licensing consultation!

Captains Needed! Get Paid to Fish !!

We Know this to be True.

Boating Is Big for the U.S. Economy
“Boating is more than just fun on the water”
September 20, 2018 – In a data-driven world, knowing your “numbers” is a crucial part of achieving success. And in the halls of power of Washington, D.C., and 50 state capitals, credible data carries extra weight when it comes to advancing policies and laws that benefit recreational boaters. That’s why Sea School is calling attention to today’s release of economic data by the Department of Commerce’s Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) that shows the significance of the outdoor industry – and boating in particular – to the U.S. economy.
First, the numbers:
• Outdoor recreation accounted for $412 billion of the U.S. gross domestic product, representing 2.2 percent of the overall GDP.
• This translates to 4.5 million jobs with compensation of $214 billion in the same year.
• Outdoor recreation contribution to GDP is greater than farming, mining or public utilities, and is comparable to broadcasting/telecommunications.
• Recreational boating and fishing accounted for $36.93 billion of that total, the single largest category of activities identified in the report.

The analysis was a result of passage of the Outdoor Recreation Jobs and Economic Impact Act of 2016, which required the Department of Commerce, acting through BEA, to enter into a joint memorandum with the Department of Agriculture and the Department of the Interior to conduct, assess and analyze the outdoor-recreation economy of the United States and its effects on the overall U.S. economy.

The economy looks great along with the potential to allow many boaters to earn a Fist Full of Dollars on the Water. Call to enroll today or and Get your Fist Full of Dollars too.

[09/12/18]   Not that we expect many customers showing up as a hurricane approaches. We closed for a couple days.

Sea School

ALERT! If you have 1 day of boating experience on a boat over 5 GT (>30') you are eligible for a USCG Master 50 GT license. This Loophole CLOSES on March 24, 2019. Get Yours Now! @seaschoolonline

Photos from Sea School's post

What is a Ton or a T-U-N?

My Classic Comics version of Moby Dick came out in 1942 and it cost me a dime. Comics were then forbidden fruit -- Batman or a classic -- it hardly mattered. That Moby Dick now sells for thousands of dollars. And one frame of its story sticks in my mind. A sailor, flensing a freshly caught whale, cries, "Into the tun you go." What in the world was a tun, spelled T-U-N? I went off puzzled.

Well, it's a very big barrel. To be precise, it's one that holds 252 gallons -- equal to six oil barrels. But tun was also used loosely. The Heidelberg Tun is a huge wine barrel in the cellar of Heidelberg castle. It holds 58,000 gallons.

The word tun echoes in our language as the T-O-N, ton -- no longer a unit of volume, but of weight. That's because it took 2100 pounds of water to fill an old tun. Our T-O-N ton is five percent less than that.

Barrel sizes
Since I've mentioned Moby Dick, let's follow the tun back to ships. A ship's size can be reported either in length, or in one of several measures that take volume and weight to be interchangeable.

The historic measure of ship size was the number of T-U-N tuns for which it could be taxed.

It was a crude measure of volume. Now a ship's tonnage is calculated by a variety of different formulas, none of which tell the true weight of the ship. Terms like gross register tonnage, net tonnage and more are all rough indications of a ship's volume, calculated in different ways. They still echo the old T-U-N tun.

So, how do we know how big a ship really is? Well, for that, we look at lightweight and deadweight tonnage. Lightweight is the actual weight of the vessel when it's completely unloaded. Deadweight tonnage is the weight of everything the ship carries -- cargo, fuel, passengers, stores ...

The largest ships ever built were supertankers. Today, all the existing single-hull supertankers have been scrapped or converted. While they carried oil, their deadweight tonnage ran to a half million tons. A new generation of double-hulled tankers is now poised to replace them. But, at this writing, container ships are the largest in service. They reach 150,000 deadweight tons. And, close on their heels, are big cruise ships.

Batillus supertanker
The Batillus supertanker: 1976-1985: Once the world's largest ship as measured by deadweight tonnage (555,000 tonnes).
Behind all this is the strange way we mix up weight and volume. That's because we live and die by water. (Never mind that water in the ocean weighs three percent more than fresh water.) Think about the quart -- a volume of thirty-two fluid ounces. But a fluid ounce is the volume of an ounce of fresh water.

We once lived in world where weight and volume flowed together, and a world where a few percent didn't much matter. That was the world where a big barrel might be a T-U-N or a T-O-N -- an old world, where everything seemed to come back to an amount of water.

Say Hello to Charleston's Newest Captains. They'll be out on the water, loving what they do. What are you waiting for?

Say Hello to Charleston's newest group of Captains. We make dreams come true. Let us know when you are ready for yours.

Sea School

With so many ways to get on the water, what are you waiting for? Find the boat that's right for you and set off on a new adventure with your own Captains License! 🚤 ⚓️@seaschoolonline


CBS Chicago

Yacht Rescued From Dense Fog on Lake Michigan

June 12, 2018

CHICAGO (CBS)–A yacht carrying 49 passengers Saturday night on Lake Michigan was guided back to shore by the Coast Guard after getting lost in dense fog.

The 56-foot yacht was drifting near Navy Pier around 11 p.m. near a breakwall when a passenger called 911 with concerns the boat operator had become disoriented in heavy fog. Coast Guard officials said visibility was less than a quarter-mile.

The yacht, which did not have a working navigation system, was escorted into Monroe Harbor by a rescue boat from the Chicago Maritime Safety Station near Navy Pier.

Rescuers were guided to the distressed vessel by talking to the passenger on her cell phone. With almost no visibility, she relied on the sound of the approaching rescue boat’s horn and notified rescuers as they neared the boat.

The Coast Guard found the vessel, named “Serenity,” transiting slowly. Ater it was guided back to shore, safety inspectors boarded the boat and found no working radio system or GPS. The boat was also not carrying enough life jackets, according to the Coast Guard.

The boat operator was issued a violation for negligent operations and for operating without the required navigation lights.

©2018 CBS

NEWS RELEASE... Great Opportunity with this.

Say Hello to Charlestons newest Captains!

[02/17/18]   Congratulations to the February OUPV class. 14 new captains are now ready to set sail on the new horizons. May the winds be forever in your favor. Once again congratulations for a job well done and for awesome instructor Captain Don Parent!!

[01/27/18]   Come out this weekend to the Charleston Boat Show at the Charleston Convention Center (on International Drive) and get your boat show special of $100 off the regular tuition price of $580 with a deposit of $50 get it while there’s room left in the February and March classes!!

[01/22/18]   Thanks to everyone who came by our booth at the Myrtle Beach boat show. We look forward to putting a captains license in your hands very soon...
Charleston Sea School

Sea School

Sea School began in 1977, in the town of St Petersburg, Florida with the founders Ron & Jean Wahl. Back when Ron was alive he was both the teacher and administrator of entry-level pleasure boating course which allowed the average boater to obtain his or her entry level captain's license. Not only did this program make the boater safer & more knowledgeable, it also prepared mariners to be certified by the US Coast Guard to take passengers for hire on most any small pleasure boat.

Since that time, Sea School has grown exponentially to include a total of 8 offices located around the United States and classes taught in nearly 56 other coastal cities.

Many of the original staff going back to those early days are still employed at Sea School. It means a lot to our clients to see friendly and familiar faces, year after year, decade after decade, faces that they can count on to provide solid guidance and advise when it comes to the complicated United States Government Regulations.

Our typical student that enrolls in our program is between 18 and 80 years of age. They come from all backgrounds and locations from around the world.

From beginners that are just getting into the maritime industry, for pleasure boating, fishing, sightseeing, water taxis, ferry boats, among others, to the more experienced commercial shipping crews and tug boat crews who need to maintain their continuing education in cooperation with United States Coast Guard.

The availability of the training Sea School provides will allow them to maintain their credential in a compliant status. Additionally, we are rolling out programs that hope to support military to civilian transition for our veterans coming back and looking for their place with a maritime career.

After our students graduate from our various programs, they are qualified to either continue working in the maritime industry or begin their Maritime careers.

Sea School has many classes and courses that are approved under the GI Bill, we expect to continue with the full cooperation of the Veterans Administration to benefit those who fought for our freedom. It is our honor and privilege to work with those who have helped America Stay Free.

Our organization has been so successful over the past 40 years because we consistently deliver informative, up to date, entertaining, classes taught by some of the best collection of experts in the marine field. We constantly assess our programs to ensure the latest techniques are being utilized across all our facilities.

Sea School is proud to offer over 50 separate USCG approved courses. Call today to see how we can help you.

Ever heard of Ships Stability, by ladage? This is the Grand Puba

Sea School

Have a Merry Christmas, from the Sea School family, to yours.

[12/18/17]   From Capt. James Spradlin:

Thank you guys, I enjoyed Sea School very much. Been boating here in Charleston for many years, its amazing how much I learned. The Sea School here is a true asset to every boater. Great Staff!!

Sea School

Sea School holds one of the very few USCG approved L&M courses in U.S. And many companies have been giving BAD information to employees unintentionally. They are telling 100 ton Captains that they MUST have L&M to maintain their license. FALSE! To square away your companies HR dept call 1-800-237-8663

Timeline Photos

Happy Thanksgiving to All.

Sea School

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The Jan-July 2018 Course schedule is out! Check to check out our lineup.

Here's a Snippet:
Master 100 GT Charleston Dec 20, 2017
CPR/First Aid Charleston Dec 22, 2017
Captain/OUPV 6-Pak Charleston Jan 5, 2018
CPR/First Aid Charleston Jan 18
Master 100 GT Charleston Jan 19
Captain/OUPV 6-Pak Myrtle Beach Feb 2
Captain/OUPV 6-Pak Charleston Feb 9
Captain/OUPV 6-Pak Atlanta GA Feb 16
Radar Observer Charleston Feb 17
Master 100 GT Charleston Feb 21
Captain/OUPV 6-Pak Charlotte NC Mar 2
Captain/OUPV 6-Pak Charleston Mar 9

We'll see you, a friend or family member soon!!

[11/18/17]   Keep checking back, the 2018 schedule should be posted online within 2 weeks.

Sea School

With respect, honor and gratitude, we thank our veterans. #VeteransDay.

Sea School would like to introduce you to our newest team member at Charleston.

Dave Pierce is the new Licensing Specialist at the Charleston office. He spent 7 years with the SC Ports Authority as the Terminal Access Control officer ("TWIC 101"), and is a retired USCG Lieutenant Commander with 2 of his 28 years serving as the Charleston Regional Exam Center Ass't Chief. He is a guitarist and he & his fiance Tracy enjoy periodic getaway jaunts to the Outer Banks of NC.

Give Dave a shout out when you get a chance.

Polaris ships bridge simulator - Kongsberg Digital

Announcement! Sea School has finished it's Marine Simulator installation in Charleston.

A Polaris ships bridge simulator is available for every budget and any bridge training need.

We have noticed some hiccups in contacting this office lately. We've made some adjustments and we expect smooth sailing very soon. If you have ANY difficulties with CHAS SeaSchool please call our main office for help at 800-237-8663. Thank you for your patience.

Here We Grow Again, Sea School Announces New Campus Facility Feb. 27, 2017 Sea School recently announced the addition of its Great Lakes facility. The new facility is located at 1 Maritime Plaza in Toledo, Ohio.

Happy New Year! We'd like to thank our students and staff for a wonderful 2016, and look forward to a great 2017!
Have a happy and safe one!

Merry Christmas & Happy Holiday from our Sea School Family to yours!

Happy Thanksgiving from Sea School! We wish you and your loved ones a wonderful day.

Sea School Offices will be closed Thursday November 24 and Friday November 25. We will be back Monday November 28!

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