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Former Sea School Student and just received my licence today in the mail! Two years in the making!
Congratulations to our two new Captains who passed their test today... Paul B. and Brandon F.
Want to be a USCG Captain for Christmas 2017... Our December class starts this Friday (12/1/2017) in Charleston SC. Call 843-747-1000 or go to to register. Don't wait, start the new year off right!!!
"River John" Uhrig achieves his objective - a Captain's license! Congrats, John!!!
Hi Sea School, Do you know of an ENG1 approved physician for assessment and certification in Charleston? Thanks!

Sea School began in 1977, with Ron Wahl, and now with Capt. Ken Wahl at the helm. Ron had one goal in mind, to help boaters become better while at the same time help license candidates navigate the USCG maze which is confusing and riddled with obstacles

[02/16/20]   Use your VA Benefits to attend Sea School

Mystery emergency signal leads Coast Guard to debris off NC coast — but no boat

Anyone with information in the boating or fishing community should call the command center at 757-398-6231. Anyone with information in the boating or fishing community is asked to call the command center at 757-398-6231.

A 2017 shipwreck off Hilton Head killed 3 people. Now other boats are in danger

“Any accidental (collisions) with the wreck should be reported to the Coast Guard on VHF Channel 16 or Sector Charleston’s Command Center at 843-740-7050,” Johnson told The Island Packet.

“We highly recommend all vessels update their charts so they can avoid this wreck when in the area.” The shipwreck has caused two other collisions in the past two months

#SeaSchool will be in Booth #2020 (cool, right?) during the show -- Stop by and ask all the questions you want! We want to help YOU succeed.
1-800 BEST ONE ⚓️

Have you reeled in your tickets yet? Show starts Friday!
Charleston Boat Show Presented by Rick Hendrick Dodge Chrysler Jeep RAM

Charleston Boat Show

Charleston Boat Show • January 24-26, 2020
Presented by Rick Hendrick Dodge Chrysler Jeep RAM
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Russian spy ship off US coast operating in 'unsafe manner,' officials say

"Vessels transiting these waters should maintain a sharp lookout and use extreme caution when navigating in proximity to this vessel. Mariners should make reports of any unsafe situations to the United States Coast Guard," it added. A Russian spy-ship has returned to international waters off the southeastern coast of the United States and is operating in what two US officials told CNN is an "unsafe manner."

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Sea School

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NOAA Plans to Stop Producing Traditional Paper Charts

As it reorients its efforts towards electronic products, NOAA will gradually shut down services associated with traditional paper charts, including full-size chart PDFs, print-on-demand paper charts and NOAA raster charts (RNCs). On Friday, the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administrations Office of Coast Survey announce...

[11/10/19]   Sea School actively helping veterans- Military to Mariner Program

Subject: S. Peterson Mariner Credentials were Received total 21 days.

Sea School Staff,
I am happy to report that I have received both my MMC and Medical Card. Here is a chronological list of the correspondence with Coast Guard during the application process. I hope this current info helps you when working with other students.

Oct 4th Sent application packet to Mr. Victor for review and application forwarded to CG..
Oct 8th Email from CG that application was received and here is your Ref# and your App #.
Oct 10th Email that Medical is being screened by Medical Board.
Oct 11th Email that Medical is Approved and Mailed USPS to me.
Oct 18th Email that Application was being Evaluated.
Oct 21st Email that Application was Approved and Mailed USPS to me.
Oct 25th Both Mariner Credentials and Medical in my possession.
Total days for Application process to my possession, 21 Days.
Thank you again for all your training and support through this process.
Have a great day!
S. Peterson
100 ton Sail AUX

7 Vessels That Have Taken Naval Architecture To New Heights Advancement in the field of naval architecture and ship design has led to the creation of some of the greatest ships maritime industry has ever seen. Learn about seven such amazing vessels mentioned in this article.

Did you know; If You are holding a 25 GT Masters license, it can be upgraded to 50 GT with just 90 days service, without getting on a bigger boat! Then you can go up to 100 GT after another 90 days on your SAME boat! WOW. Call ask us how. Tip: No schooling needed.😊

Thank you for all you do, Faylan! 💙

The Charleston office will be closed Tues 9/3 and possibly Wed 9/4 to allow our staff and families to prepare for Hurricane Dorian. We will make an announcement when we're up and running again.

If you need assistance, please contact Sea School headquarters 800-237-8663.

Police and boaters say Fort Sumter beach not a party spot, despite what feds say There's no intoxication or vandalism trouble at sandbar beach near Fort Sumter, according to local law enforcement and boaters — despite what the National Park Service says.

Today's high tech ⛴ ships need high tech bridge crews. Our Bridge Resource Management, ECDIS, and ARPA Radar courses will make you High tech too! DM for info or call 1-800 BEST ONE ⚓️


The Wilmington Boat Show is fast approaching 🙌 Do you have tickets? Look for the #SeaSchool booth and ask how you can get a voucher towards one of our courses. 1-800 BEST ONE

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Sea School is proud to indroduce you to

Phelan Tolbert, she has been with Sea School since 2016 as Administrative Assistant in our Bayou La Batre, Alabama Sea School Location. Phelan currently has relocated and is now our Office Manager in our Charleston, South Carolina Location. Phelan is CPR certified and our Charleston VA SCO. Phelan is dedicated to our customers and their career goals.

Don't forget to stop on by and say Hello !

Congrats to a couple of our latest AB gradulates! 🤙

Ordinary Seaman (OS) or an Able Seaman (AB) rating is required to work on all ocean going commercial vessels of greater than 100 gross tons.

[06/20/19]   ALERT:
To our valued customers of Charleston Sea School.

For authorized paperwork review. Send to [email protected] or [email protected].

We will wave our usual $35 paperwork service fee to those adversely affected by any unauthorized 3rd party vendor.

Sea School offers U.S. Coast guard approved maritime training and is considered to be the premier maritime training school in the country.

1-800-Best One

Sea School

Did you know that Sea School customers receive a FREE @BoatUS membership? Click here to learn more
1-800 BEST ONE

To All our valued students. Why pay more than $35 to ensure your paperwork is RIGHT the first time. Some fly by night start up trying to charge $99 for this don't be fooled by them.

The address to have your USCG paperwork properly reviewed is:

[email protected] or [email protected]

We uphold to the highest quality control standards. Successfully processed nearly 8000 files last year alone. 42+ yrs. experience counts.

If it doesn't have in it, It's Not Authorized!

When do your credentials expire? Please share this important info.

IMPORTANT: Merchant mariner credentials and medical certificates (national endorsements only) that expire in DEC 2018 thru JUNE 2019, are extended as valid until July 31, 2019. Mariners who are actively working on EXPIRED CREDENTIALS that meet the expiration criteria *must carry the expired credential with a copy of the attached letter.

Click link to learn more

Sea School

We had a great time with the Naval Sea Cadets. They made Sea School BLB their stop for some hands-on training. Something for everyone here, some went behind the scenes at the cooking school, some to the FireField, others to the simulators for a spin, and of course some lectures were in order, finally some knot tying practice. We love the navy getting these young men and women a real peek into professional mariners lives. We've been here for 40 yrs. we'll be here when you are ready for yours. Thank you all.

Say Hi to our most recent group of AB's, (Able Bodied Seaman). They all just passed their examination and are ready for assignment aboard ship. Why are YOU Not in this photo?

Do you have that Special Someone who Needs a Unique Christmas Gift?

Sea School has course gift certificates for all classes and licenses. Get them the Gift that will Last a Lifetime. Call 800-237-8663 for yours.

Sea School

Thanksgiving is upon us!

As we approach the holiday season, we want to take this time and thank each and every one of you. We know you have many choices when it comes to selecting your USCG Approved Maritime training firm, and we are honored that you have chosen to put your trust in Sea School for over 40 years. It has been our privilege to get to know you and your families and to work on your behalf for generations. We care, and we are always here to assist you in any way that we can.

At Sea School, we are extremely thankful for our employees. Our team consists of 150 plus employees that have worked together for many years, all who we consider family. We are pleased to have served the community from the same 8 locations for over 40+ years with a passion for representing mariners.

We also extremely grateful for our friends and family. We are surrounded by so many extraordinary people in our lives and we appreciate each and every one of them.

While many, many schools will come and go, rest assured we will be around for another 4 decades to help you.

For those of you who have referred your friends and family to our firm, we appreciate the confidence you placed in us to represent you in USCG matters.

Our wish for you is for a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving!

Call 800-237-8663 today for a FREE licensing consultation!

Captains Needed! Get Paid to Fish !!

We Know this to be True.

Boating Is Big for the U.S. Economy
“Boating is more than just fun on the water”
September 20, 2018 – In a data-driven world, knowing your “numbers” is a crucial part of achieving success. And in the halls of power of Washington, D.C., and 50 state capitals, credible data carries extra weight when it comes to advancing policies and laws that benefit recreational boaters. That’s why Sea School is calling attention to today’s release of economic data by the Department of Commerce’s Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) that shows the significance of the outdoor industry – and boating in particular – to the U.S. economy.
First, the numbers:
• Outdoor recreation accounted for $412 billion of the U.S. gross domestic product, representing 2.2 percent of the overall GDP.
• This translates to 4.5 million jobs with compensation of $214 billion in the same year.
• Outdoor recreation contribution to GDP is greater than farming, mining or public utilities, and is comparable to broadcasting/telecommunications.
• Recreational boating and fishing accounted for $36.93 billion of that total, the single largest category of activities identified in the report.

The analysis was a result of passage of the Outdoor Recreation Jobs and Economic Impact Act of 2016, which required the Department of Commerce, acting through BEA, to enter into a joint memorandum with the Department of Agriculture and the Department of the Interior to conduct, assess and analyze the outdoor-recreation economy of the United States and its effects on the overall U.S. economy.

The economy looks great along with the potential to allow many boaters to earn a Fist Full of Dollars on the Water. Call to enroll today or and Get your Fist Full of Dollars too.

[09/12/18]   Not that we expect many customers showing up as a hurricane approaches. We closed for a couple days.

Sea School

ALERT! If you have 1 day of boating experience on a boat over 5 GT (>30') you are eligible for a USCG Master 50 GT license. This Loophole CLOSES on March 24, 2019. Get Yours Now! @seaschoolonline

Photos from Sea School's post

What is a Ton or a T-U-N?

My Classic Comics version of Moby Dick came out in 1942 and it cost me a dime. Comics were then forbidden fruit -- Batman or a classic -- it hardly mattered. That Moby Dick now sells for thousands of dollars. And one frame of its story sticks in my mind. A sailor, flensing a freshly caught whale, cries, "Into the tun you go." What in the world was a tun, spelled T-U-N? I went off puzzled.

Well, it's a very big barrel. To be precise, it's one that holds 252 gallons -- equal to six oil barrels. But tun was also used loosely. The Heidelberg Tun is a huge wine barrel in the cellar of Heidelberg castle. It holds 58,000 gallons.

The word tun echoes in our language as the T-O-N, ton -- no longer a unit of volume, but of weight. That's because it took 2100 pounds of water to fill an old tun. Our T-O-N ton is five percent less than that.

Barrel sizes
Since I've mentioned Moby Dick, let's follow the tun back to ships. A ship's size can be reported either in length, or in one of several measures that take volume and weight to be interchangeable.

The historic measure of ship size was the number of T-U-N tuns for which it could be taxed.

It was a crude measure of volume. Now a ship's tonnage is calculated by a variety of different formulas, none of which tell the true weight of the ship. Terms like gross register tonnage, net tonnage and more are all rough indications of a ship's volume, calculated in different ways. They still echo the old T-U-N tun.

So, how do we know how big a ship really is? Well, for that, we look at lightweight and deadweight tonnage. Lightweight is the actual weight of the vessel when it's completely unloaded. Deadweight tonnage is the weight of everything the ship carries -- cargo, fuel, passengers, stores ...

The largest ships ever built were supertankers. Today, all the existing single-hull supertankers have been scrapped or converted. While they carried oil, their deadweight tonnage ran to a half million tons. A new generation of double-hulled tankers is now poised to replace them. But, at this writing, container ships are the largest in service. They reach 150,000 deadweight tons. And, close on their heels, are big cruise ships.

Batillus supertanker
The Batillus supertanker: 1976-1985: Once the world's largest ship as measured by deadweight tonnage (555,000 tonnes).
Behind all this is the strange way we mix up weight and volume. That's because we live and die by water. (Never mind that water in the ocean weighs three percent more than fresh water.) Think about the quart -- a volume of thirty-two fluid ounces. But a fluid ounce is the volume of an ounce of fresh water.

We once lived in world where weight and volume flowed together, and a world where a few percent didn't much matter. That was the world where a big barrel might be a T-U-N or a T-O-N -- an old world, where everything seemed to come back to an amount of water.

Say Hello to Charleston's Newest Captains. They'll be out on the water, loving what they do. What are you waiting for?

Say Hello to Charleston's newest group of Captains. We make dreams come true. Let us know when you are ready for yours.

Sea School

With so many ways to get on the water, what are you waiting for? Find the boat that's right for you and set off on a new adventure with your own Captains License! 🚤 ⚓️@seaschoolonline


CBS Chicago

Yacht Rescued From Dense Fog on Lake Michigan

June 12, 2018

CHICAGO (CBS)–A yacht carrying 49 passengers Saturday night on Lake Michigan was guided back to shore by the Coast Guard after getting lost in dense fog.

The 56-foot yacht was drifting near Navy Pier around 11 p.m. near a breakwall when a passenger called 911 with concerns the boat operator had become disoriented in heavy fog. Coast Guard officials said visibility was less than a quarter-mile.

The yacht, which did not have a working navigation system, was escorted into Monroe Harbor by a rescue boat from the Chicago Maritime Safety Station near Navy Pier.

Rescuers were guided to the distressed vessel by talking to the passenger on her cell phone. With almost no visibility, she relied on the sound of the approaching rescue boat’s horn and notified rescuers as they neared the boat.

The Coast Guard found the vessel, named “Serenity,” transiting slowly. Ater it was guided back to shore, safety inspectors boarded the boat and found no working radio system or GPS. The boat was also not carrying enough life jackets, according to the Coast Guard.

The boat operator was issued a violation for negligent operations and for operating without the required navigation lights.

©2018 CBS

This is Sea School Charleston SC…

Sea School began back in 1977, with Ron Wahl at the helm. Ron had one goal in mind, to help boaters become better while at the same time helping license candidates navigate the USCG maze which was confusing and riddled with obstacles. He started with one location and he taught it all in the Tampa Bay area. The school grew steadily over the years to teach in over 30 coastal cities with eight (8) full service offices throughout United States. Sea School quickly became one of the first to be awarded U. S. Coast Guard approved courses and helped set the bar in higher education as it relates to the marine industry.

It has been forty years since then and now that Capt. Ron is no longer with us, his son (Captain) Ken Wahl holds the helm to carry on the family tradition that Ron was so well known for.

The OUPV/Six Pack Captain's License is the most popular of the USCG Captain's Licenses and is required to legally carry passengers for hire. This includes charters for fishing, sightseeing, diving, transportation, teaching or any use which is considered a passenger for hire situation. Many companies require them for boat deliveries. This license is commonly referred to as a "Six-pack" because it allows the holder to take up to six paying passengers and crew on the water.

In many cases the recreational mariner doesn’t need a USCG license but, would like to have one to improve their sailing resume, cement their knowledge of maritime rules and regulations, and pave the way toward sailing/boating professionally. Sometimes it even helps reduce insurance costs.

Some people wonder, “If I hold this license, will I be held to a higher standard should there be an accident?” Absolutely not! You have been professionally trained and tested on your knowledge. Don’t you owe your loved ones and friends the peace of mind that comes from being one of the best. It’s you and you alone who is tasked with the obligation of getting them all home safely from a day out on the water. Hone your skills with Sea School!

Whatever the reason, if you’re interested in getting a license, how do you go about it?

To get your license, you need two things: time and knowledge.

Time means experience on the water. This means you write down your estimated time spent on the water in the type of vessel. For the 6-pack license, you need 360 days underway since your 16th birthday, with a day constituting of at least an average of 4 hours underway. Every time you use your own boat or go out with friends, the time counts. If you’ve been a boater, boat owner or gone boating with friends, and can count approx. 360 trips over your past lifetime, you’ve qualified as a captain!

Along the way you will need a couple other minor things such as pass a drug test and basic physical examination, and CPR/First aid certificates, Sea School even handles those. The license is good for power and sailboats it’s not restricted to your ponds, puddles and streams, its good all over in US. You simply file some paperwork once every 5 years to keep it active.

Knowledge refers to the test you must take in order to get your license. Be warned: this test is no walk in the park but we know how to make it fun and interesting. Serious study and preparation is needed to pass it, as it will test your knowledge of seamanship, rules and regulations, navigation, and more. Taking our course is highly recommended. Select only approved Sea School for your training we’ve been doing this for 40 years!

Getting your USCG captain’s license is not easy, but if you achieve it, you will be part of an elite group of sailors with the experience and training to get the most out of the boating lifestyle. Best of all, everyone will call you Captain!

Stop by any of our offices in Toledo, OH, Long Island, NY, Charleston, SC, Jacksonville, FL, Panama City, FL, Mobile, AL, St. Petersburg, FL, or Ft. Lauderdale, FL. Or ask us about our online training programs.

For schedules, information and registration, call 1-800-237-8663, or visit

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