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We offer personalized, holistic coaching for the triathlon / multi-sport athlete looking to level up on race day and beyond.

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Clarity and consistency create powerful results in sports and life. We are here to help and guide athletes on the path to success.

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It's Global Running Day! Our experienced and trained coaches support you on your journey in health and fitness, both physically and mentally, by creating tailored training experiences built around the individual goals and life style of the client.

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Life and sport can be challenging to align with one another without some help! The experienced coaches at Axes work with each client individually and guide them on their journey to success. Our proven methods help balance the time and energy to build and maintain a symbiotic relationship between work, family and the world of triathlon.

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Is mental fitness a strength or a weakness for you? Mental skills practice enables us to perform at a higher level and allows us to “dig deep” during those difficult times in training, racing and life.

Contact us for strategies to improve your mental skills to bring your performance to the next level:

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“I began working with Axes in 2016. From the start I was impressed with my coach’s thoughtfulness and interest in helping each athlete reach his/her individual goals. As a surgeon. I have a very unusual work schedule, and my coach has always been flexible as he understands the athlete must seek balance between athletic, personal, and professional achievements.” – Axes Client Testimonial

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Honoring all who have served and wishing everyone a healthy and safe Memorial Day weekend.

“Mental skills are the most neglected aspect of racing for serious triathletes at all levels.” – Joe Friel

Axes Performance Coaches work hand-in-hand with local Mental Skills coaches to provide our clients and team members with all the resources they need to enhance the enjoyment of and performance in training and racing. Mental skills require practice, just like the swim, bike and run!

Want to enhance your performance and take your racing to the next level? Contact us for strategies to improve your mental skills and bring your performance to the next level.

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“Life will always get busy, make time to do the things you love.” – Lailah Gifty Akita

Sounds easy, right? Fitting everything into a busy schedule may seem impossible at times. An experienced coach with a foundation in Integrative Health will be a guide in creating clarity and intention in the things you are most committed to in your life, leading to improved performance and easier time management.

Want tips for ways to improve your Clarity and Time Management? Contact one of our coaches for a consultation:

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“Mental Toughness is finding that last ounce of energy to keep going until the finish line when your body wants to quit” – @JoannaZeigerShenk

Most athletes spend hours, days, and years training the body and very little time training the mind. Train your mind to get better results and to get through the “tough times” in training and in life. Contact us for strategies to improve your mental skills and bring your performance to the next level:

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"If you are looking for a coach that is experienced, knowledgeable and really cares about your outcomes then you have come to the right place. Brad’s coaching style is one that will stretch your abilities and at the same time develop you to perform your best when you need it the most.” – Client Testimonial

Coaches are made through experience and interactions with athletes, not in the classroom. Axes coaches apply experience and understanding in working with clients of all levels and abilities to achieve THEIR goals!

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Being a mom can be the ultimate test of endurance.... Happy Mother’s Day to all the amazing, loving, endlessly patient moms out there!

“Body and mind are two sides of the same coin and are inextricably linked. Anyone who trains one-sidedly by focusing only on the body misses out on a great opportunity.” – Michele Ufer “Mental Toughness for Runners”

Interested in Mental Skills Training? Click on the link to request access to our upcoming Mental Skills Q&A Session with Axes Mental Skills Coach Bucky Buchanan:

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Webster’s Dictionary defines a coach as “one who instructs players in the fundamentals of a sport and directs team strategy”. At Axes Performance Coaching we don’t settle for standard definitions. We hold coaching to be something more. A successful coaching relationship with Axes centers around a commitment to the clients’ goals and intentions through personalized, holistic and values-driven coaching.

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These are crazy, unprecedented times. For everyone in every field, day to day life looks different than it did just weeks ago. In the endurance world, group rides are on hold, pools are closed, and—most impactful of all, for many of us—events that we've been working toward and looking forward to for months and years even are being postponed or cancelled.

We're right there with you in it—we're frustrated and disappointed. We're feeling unsettled by the fact that there's no clear end to this in sight, and anxious about the lasting impacts of this global crisis.

That said, we're choosing to view this situation as an opportunity for growth. As athletes, it's affording us all the chance to:

- Re-examine our goals as an endurance athlete. Ask yourself: Is your bar set high enough? Is your training schedule in sync with the rest of your life as well as it should or could be?
- Work on strength training, which helps ward off injury and optimize performance. It can be easy to let full-body strength fall to the backburner when your training load picks up.
- Strengthen our mental skills. Routines have been thrown out the window this week. How are you responding? Are there tools like meditation you could turn to right now to help calm the chaos?

One thing is for certain in these uncertain times: We'll get through this—especially if we each do our part to keep ourselves and our community safe. We encourage you to resist giving up on your goals right now and instead, get creative on ways you can strengthen your mind and body in ways you wouldn't be able to if all were normal.

On our end, we're busy working to develop virtual programs that can assist you with that. Is there something in particular you want or need right now? Comment below to let us know, if so!

Are you an early bird or night owl? Many of us have a natural biorhythm that aligns with our training routine or that we align to in our training.

Most of our Axes coaches are early risers who like to get their run workouts done before the daily activities around family, work, and life begin.

When is your ideal time to run?

Join us in supporting this great local event. Swim Across America is raising funds that will support cancer research being done locally at Hollings Cancer Center in downtown Charleston!!!
Food, beer, fun, and you might even win a new triathlon wetsuit, along with other great raffle prizes!!!
Get your tickets now:
(ticket includes 1 beer, 1 raffle ticket and food!!!)

Join us this Thursday to Kickoff our 2020 swim benefitting Hollings Cancer Center! Buy tickets for the kickoff here:

The off season is a great time to get back in the pool and focus on a swim base. It offers us an opportunity to get back to the basics without the pressure of an upcoming event or immediate pacing goals.

Use this opportunity to revisit the fundamentals, and for the coaches at Axes, these means starting from the beginning… breathing and body positioning. Axes takes a lead from our coaching partner, @lanceeogren of Ogren Swim Coaching, and starts each session with sink downs, focusing on relaxed and complete exhalation to achieve negative buoyancy. From there, we revisit our streamline to elongate and set the core and then move into kicking on the side. Once we have revisited these fundamental and foundational drills, we can progress into more advanced swimming principles building efficiency and speed with each progression.

Click the link in our profile for a back-to-basics demo from Lance.

Such a privilege to be associated with these 2 unbelievable Youth & Junior programs!

Loved having the @palmettotribe coaches joining us for our February High Performance Camp! It was a jam packed 2 days of training for our athletes! Thanks for coming and join us anytime! #multisportexplosion💥💥💥 #usatjuniors #usatyouth

Research has demonstrated that strength training for endurance athletes can not only decrease injury risk, it can also improve performance—even in races as long as ultramarathons! 💪🏼

Heavy strength training can improve the ability of your body to tolerate the repetitive load of endurance activities as well as increase the energy efficiency of your running in as few as one or two quick sessions a week.

At Axes, we encourage our athletes to focus on heavy strength in the off-season and then periodize their strength programs to complement their swim, bike, run progressions while maintaining an appropriate amount of heavy lifting throughout the year.

Locals: Join Coach Brad for Lunch Laps every Monday, Wednesday, Friday at the Danny Jones Recreation Complex pool. More details below! 🏊‍♂️

Most endurance athletes pay some mind to the macronutrients they eat—protein, carbohydrates, and fats—but do you consider your daily consumption of micronutrients?

@eatlovetriathlon has an awesome blog up that explores the importance and benefits of adequate consumption of micronutrients, as well as the pitfalls of inadequate consumption.

“In short, they support growth, immune function, brain development, energy production, bone development, electrolyte balances and collagen formation. They also aid in the formation of red blood cells that carry oxygen to muscles, work to reduce inflammation and so on. Micronutrients are critical and a part of almost every process in your body including protecting you against disease. So, can you see how being deficient might disrupt not only your day to day function but also your athletic performance?"

Click the link in our profile to read the full post (it's full of great tips), and in the meantime... eat more plants. The best way to tap into the power of micronutrients is by consuming them through food, and foods from plants—fruits, vegetables, legumes, whole grains—are filled with them. 🥦🥑🥕🍉🥝🍋

Join us in welcoming Axes intern Rachel Crawford (middle) and Palmetto TRIbe Youth & Junior Triathlon intern Madeline Crawford (right), who coach Brad will be overseeing throughout this semester as they work out of the Axes Performance Studio on Daniel Island.

Rachel is a C of C senior majoring in Exercise Science - B.S through the Department of Health and Human Performance. She previously earned a film degree and, following some health issues and a resulting lifestyle change, was called back to school to pursue a degree and career in her true passion: athletic training.

Madeline is also a C of C senior majoring in Exercise Science - B.S. through the Department of Health and Human Performance. Madeline’s experience coaching youth swimming in Florence, SC, prompted her to apply for the internship with Palmetto TRIbe. After graduation, Madeline is looking to start her own business coaching clients using metabolic, physiologic, and genetic data to assess capabilities and performance, creating a plan to maximize her clients health and realize wellness goals.

Locals, say hi to these budding trainers if you see them at the Axes Performance Studio in the coming months!

Let's do it. What's on your training schedule today?

Starting a triathlon training program can be intimidating. The gear, the volume, the time commitment—it's a lot. In addition to working with a coach who will ensure you're taking a healthy, holistic approach to the sport, we like group workouts as a chance to learn from and socialize with other athletes and to hold yourself accountable.

Charleston-based athletes: coach Brad will be at Danny Jones Pool in North Charleston MWF at 12 p.m. for a coached lunch laps program focusing on feel, technique, endurance and speed for triathletes, endurance swimmers, and open water. January is your chance to trial the program and get in the water with like-minded locals. A periodized swim progression program will begin in February. Also, check out our events page on Facebook for a list of upcoming group runs. Come one, come all!

"The mind is like a muscle and it needs to be trained." —Axes founder and coach Brad Johnson

Charleston athletes: have you RSVPed for our mental skills mindset clinic yet? It's coming up on February 6 and will help set you up for success throughout this upcoming season. (NOTE: the date has been changed from 1/23 to 2/6—our speaker had an emergency come up and needed to reschedule.)

Calling all volunteers! We are teaming with the Department of Human Performance College of Charleston to study the relationship between functional mobility, strength, training volume, and physical discomfort among triathletes, and we're searching for local endurance athletes to participate.

The study will run from January to April and will entail two one-hour assessments with physical therapists from Made 2 Move Physical Therapy (one at the start and another at the end) as well as multiple surveys as you move through a periodized training program provided by our coaches. DM or email us to sign up or for more info.

On 2/6 (6:30-8 pm) we, along with Made 2 Move Physical Therapy and Eat Love Triathlon, will host a Mental Skills Training clinic for Charleston athletes.

This workshop will help you prepare for the upcoming season and explore how to integrate mental performance skills from the start. We'll focus on application of skills, positive mindsets, and the keys that are needed to free yourself in order to perform your best.

All athletes are welcome! Expect great conversation and a fun educational atmosphere (plus snacks and beverages). See you there!

Axes Performance Studio: 885 Island Park Dr., suite c, Daniel Island.

Food for thought as we take on 2020! What are your endurance goals for the new year—and the new decade? #raisethebar

We spy our strength-training clinic with Made to Move Physical Therapy in s gift guide for triathletes and agree—it'd make the perfect gift for your triathlete spouse ... or yourself! If you’ve been considering joining the clinic, it’s not too late. Tag a friend in the comments section and we’ll DM you a discount code. 🎁

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45 DAYS!!! That’s right y’all, 45 days until CHRISTMAS!!! The most exciting day for a triathlete…or maybe not the most exciting day (that might be race day) but hey, it’s a great time to cash in on that wish list 📜 you’ve been working on.
You won’t want to miss this next blog Don has put together for YOU! (Link in bio) It’s packed FULL with all sorts of AHHHH-MAZZING gifts 🎁 for the triathlete and we're happy to say we've even got some famous South Carolinians on the list. (psst…you might want to share this with your loved ones or even Santa 🎅🏻 )
And if for some reason you need some inspiration or you want to know what’s hot moving into the 2020 race season, go check out his recommendations.
It’s NEVER too early to start thinking about Christmas. What’s on your list?
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Perfomance that Transcends Sport

Axes Performance Coaching fosters deep, collaborative, one-on-one multi-sport coaching relationships that influence decision-making (both in and out of the race) and lead to transformational results. These relationships include personalized coaching, regular reporting and analysis, focused client-to-coach meetings and interactions, and a co-creation of the goals that will define success.

Brad Johnson founded and leads Axes from the knowledge that effective coaching comes from a place of authentic commitment to people and principle. The Axes team is an extension of this vision, a network of experienced coaches operating in alignment with Brad and each other.

Axes welcomes individuals of all backgrounds and fitness levels so long as they bring deep commitment and an intention to create something significant from the relationship.

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