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Operating as usual


Don’t forget YOUR journey is for YOU to grow, learn, & transform on!
Someone else could be going after the SAME goal but have a completely different journey!


I pivoted in to tech y’all!

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Don’t let the “tech-stuff” hold you back from building and growing your million dollar business!!!

I’ll manage all of the background tech related stuff so you can focus on your clients and your income producing tasks!

Ready to schedule your consultation?: https://sgmtechcreative.com/contact-us/


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I need some advice from my peeps…

Read the two posts above and help a sister out…

Have you experienced a shift in what you wanted to do in tech?

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Y’ALL! I’m so damn proud of myself!

During this 3rd class I burnt out 🥵 and lost my mojo 😞


I didn’t let it take me out of the game….

I kept going and got on through 🙌🏾

If you’re an aspiring or newbie developer like myself…YOU GOT THIS!!!!!!!!

⭐️ Focus on one task at a time
⭐️Stop 🛑 looking at all of those resources and pick 2 faves and stick with them
⭐️ Find a friend or mentor that you can call/text to help you when you get stuck or need motivation

Comment and let me know where you are on your Tech journey ⬇️⬇️⬇️


Absolutely 🌻💵💵

I pray for the opportunities and wisdom to manage the current/future blessings that God bestows upon me👑

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Everyday I’m learning more and more about MY LANE and what makes me tick!!!!

Right now it’s all about the path of least resistance and what feels right to me and my energy ✨🤞🏾


As I continue along my lane on this tech journey, I’m going to teach you what I’m learning because that’s my GIFT 🎁.. if I know it I can teach it PERIODT!


Hey Y’all!!!!!!

I had a GREAT extended weekend with my family!

I relaxed a bit, spent some quality time with my kiddos, and visited my newest niece 🥰

I didn’t code one line this weekend! I’m slowly (but surely) recovering from a bit of burnout 😩

I’m working through course 3 of my 5 Front End bootcamp and running my tech virtual assistance business…all while still trying to be a good mom, wife,friend,etc!!!


What did you do this weekend? Let me know…Id love to hear from you 🤗

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A good CRM can really help you to become organized and automate a lot of processes in your business!

My favorite is Dubsado and for my service-based entrepreneurs it can be a great time saver for you…after the initial set up of course…

Dubsado acts as my:
⭐️ Calendar software
⭐️Document signing software
⭐️Time tracker
⭐️Form Creator &
⭐️Basic SOP software

I’ll be offering Dubsado audits and set-up services soon…want to join my waitlist…drop an emoji in the comments 😊❤️



1. Complete my Front End Development program via
2. Become a Certified Dubsado Specialist
3. And grab a couple certs that I have my 👀 on…

And of course I’m working on this while working a full-time job, mommin’, wifin’, and running a business!

This lifestyle that I want for myself and my family isn’t going to create itself 💁🏾‍♀️


✨DAY 3✨
So for this third day of my challenge I have:

✨Gained some understanding with coding responsive websites ☺️ &
✨Added media queries to my

I’ve been coding for almost 4 months now and like with most things…the more you practice the better you become!

I’m SSSOOO excited to see my progress over the next 97 days 😅!!!!!

What’s your big (or small) goal for 2022?



Wake up and complain about this, that, and the third OR…

Intentionally give God thanks for being alive…

I chose the latter!

I’m determined to be more intentional with all of the things that are in my control…and my MINDSET is at the top of the list!

What’s something that you’re working to become more intentional about?


So I’ve decided to join the challenge…

I’ve seen the hashtag floating around and decided to research it today…

If you didn’t know, I’m a Web Dev newbie and I think this will be a great challenge to kick off the new year!!!

What are you committing to for Q1?

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is here to help with all of your Tech Virtual Assistance needs!

Like/Follow our page and refer us to your favorite business owners!

We can’t wait to partner with you soon!



So I’m slowly but surely getting back into wearing makeup… I’ve tried a couple brands but I think this foundation damn near melted into my skin 🤎


What’s your favorite makeup brand(s)?


Hey, Y’all!!!

As I work through my Front End Web Development program via I’ve found some awesome resources that are extremely helpful!

Interested in tech/coding but don’t know where to start?
Try a couple of these out and let me know what you think 🤔

Questions? Drop them below or shoot me a DM 💛🤞🏾


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Good Morning, Ladies 💛🌻

Happy Monday ☀️

Drop a goal for the week….

That whole part💯⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Timeline photos 09/13/2021

I’m living MY life on MY terms!!!

And I advise EVERYONE that sees this to do the same…AUTHENTICALLY 💛🌻

Comment below with a 👊🏾



A kind word to a friend …or stranger..could be the one kind thing that they hear all day…or the one thing that keeps someone from going over the edge!!!!


Hey New Friends (&old friends that haven’t seen me in a while😬)

A Few Random Facts About Me:
💛- I’m a mom, wife, & Educator
🌻-I’m beginning a new journey into the tech 💻 world
💛-I love LOVE!
🌻- I’m an
💛- I love eating out and shopping 🛍
🌻-I LOVE learning random knowledge

If you’re a , drop some advice and good vibes ✨…

Follow me to stay up-to-date on my journey…🤞🏾

See You Soon 💛🌻


Let it go, Sis!!!!

Don’t be embarrassed that you want to go in a different direction…

This is your life …ENJOY THIS SH*T TO THE FULLEST!

Find the things that bring you bliss…and do that!

Alright thats all I got!


What is the biggest challenge you're facing when it comes to working towards your goals and truly loving life?



Here are the TOP 3 REASONS you may be feeling “Mom Guilt” and why it has more to do with you than your kids!
Listen, Sis, those kids are tired of you blaming them for not living out our dreams and reaching your goals...they told me to tell you that (shrugs)and help you out!

Reason #1: You’re Confused About Your Desires

You feel like you aren’t doing enough because you aren’t clear on what you really want. Yeah you may have daydreamed about things you want or seen other people achieve but you haven’t really gotten clear on the life of your dreams. One that aligns with your values and beliefs. I can tell you this because I’ve been there! As Millennials, we are at the age in which we are realizing that dreams, goals, desires, and beliefs that we had when we were younger no longer align with who we are now.

Reason #2: You’re Throwing Your Goals Against The Wall In Hopes That Something Sticks

Sis, this ain’t it! Yes, you may have had a few small successes every now and again but nothing major...AM I RIGHT? Because your goals need a plan and discipline to come to fruition. If you’re like how I was in the past, you start off strong... working towards something with all intentions of achieving what you set out to do...but then we put “life” in the way! Yep, you read that right...we put life in the way (kids, spouses, aging parents,careers,etc) and then place our goals on the backburner! Then, we may work on our goals a little here or a little there and then become frustrated when we don’t see success.

Reason #3: Your Habits Suck

One of the greatest things that arises with “mom guilt” is feeling like we’re going to mess up our kids because of our actions. My question to you is...how intentional have you been about creating habits that are helping you to become the best version of yourself?

I say all of this to say, Sis, it is time for you to get rid of that “mom guilt” so you can get back to:
-Doing what you love,
-Staying out of your own way &
-Moving forward into creating the perfect life for you and your kids!

Do you agree?

If this resonated with you and you’re tired of this endless cycle of really trying your best but being overcome by “mom guilt” and getting in your own way…

Comment “Getting Back To Me”!



My exact feelings after helping a Queen create an action plan ⬇️⬇️⬇️

It really feels good to help another woman gain that confidence back in her ability to create whatever life she wants for herself!!!!!!

You got this, Sis!

And if you need help…grab a 1:1 package with me… msha.ke/theempowhermentcoach


If the vision was impossible…you never would’ve received it!


Let me know what comes to mind…

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Necessary to recharge 🔋 every aspect of yourself 🌻

Which area of your life can use some TLC and extra attention ?




Listened to a podcast episode from Joel Osteen last night and here are a few points that stick with me:

👉🏾You have EVERYTHING that you need for the season if life that you’re in
👉🏾 God didn’t throw you together with the scraps he had left…HE HANDMADE YOU FOR A PURPOSE!
👉🏾 There won’t ever be a time that God won’t provide what you need to fulfill his purpose!
👉🏾Appreciate what you have in this season…and when it’s time God will multiply it!
👉🏾Take a new approach to how you view your circumstances…instead of “I only have xyz “ change it to “all I need right now is xyz”

When you appreciate what you have and master what you have…he will MULTIPLY IT!!!!

But some of you don’t learn the lessons in the process and wonder why you don’t see growth…

Those things that keep reoccurring in your life is for a reason… and until you realize that, learn the lesson, and grow from it…IT’S GOING TO KEEP COMING BACK!

🗣I da tell y’all wha I know!

Anything resonate with you?

Let’s chat in the comments 💬

🌻✨ Shantequa G. McGill-The EmpowHerment Coach ✨🌻

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Most of these have been passed around so much that people believe them to be true!

But here’s the truth about each myth mentioned 👆🏾 👆🏾/

1️⃣For an action to turn into a habit it has to become something that you do subconsciously! For some 21 days may be enough, but for most it can take a few months or more!
2️⃣Wanting something isn’t enough…you have to take some positive actions!
3️⃣This life is a journey of continual growth (hopefully for the better) …whenever you “reach a destination “ you’ll only find something else to work towards!

I know I use to think something was wrong with me because I would spend 21 days workin on something for it still fo feel forced and not habitual BUT when you know better you grow better!!!!

Let me know in the comments which myth resonated with you?



✨🌻4 Quick Ways To Believe In Yourself🌻✨

1️⃣ Think about ALL of your past accomplishments (see you’re already capable of completing tasks 😉)
2️⃣Give yourself grace and room to make mistakes (they will happen and so face them, learn from them, and keep going because they will make you better)
3️⃣Know that you always have the choice to change something if it is not serving you (your God-given instincts will tell you when it’s time to go ✌🏾)
4️⃣Always surround yourself with positivity (positive words, people, experiences,etc ✨)

Sis, you CAN & WILL win at whatever you put your mind to!

Get clear on your vision for your life and the lifestyle you want to live!!

Need help?

I created a 4-week course just for you called “Lifestyle Design Essentials “…click the link in bio to join NOW!


Take me back to 😫...

I had a blast and could definitely make this an annual trip🧳

That mango mojito 🥭 was so refreshing....and Mama was feeling herself ok!

Mamas, do you take trips without the kiddos? How often?


Already in Abundance


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4 MAJOR Lifestyle Design Questions YOU Need To Have The Answer To ⬆️⬆️⬆️


1️⃣ You need to know what is non-negotiably important! What are the things/people/experiences that you refuse to live without?

2️⃣ Know who you want around you in this new life...it should definitely be people that will support/respect your choices!

3️⃣ This is a big one! As a mom, everything we do affects our little people in some way. Take some time to think about them and whoever else may be affected by any lifestyle changes.

4️⃣ Is this new lifestyle change going to affect your income? Will you even need an income? Get clear on what’s required to support your change!

Lifestyle design is all about you getting clear about how you want to experience life and then putting things in place to make it happen!!!

Do you have these answered?

Save this post for later so you can use these questions to help you get clear!!!!

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Take me back to #Miami 😫...I had a blast and could definitely make this an annual trip🧳That mango mojito 🥭 was so refres...
Mamas!!!!!You deserve to always feel like the Queen that you are!!!!!Are you in my FREE Facebook group? Comment “Hey,Sis...
Mamas!!!!!You deserve to always feel like the Queen that you are!!!!!Are you in my FREE Facebook group? Comment “Hey,Sis...
7 Signs That It’s Time To Get A Life Coach!




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