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The APUS ePress is an electronic academic publisher providing high quality open access, low cost, and specialty digital materials for scholarly use.

Unlike the traditional university press, the APUS ePress is a digital publisher designed to leverage public and proprietary texts while reducing textbook costs for students. In this way, the APUS ePress is focused on producing quality texts in a number of formats so that readers can conveniently and economically access these materials. We do this by offering alternative publishing options such as through open access efforts.

scholarlykitchen.sspnet.org 04/14/2014

Public Access to Public Books: The Case of the National Trust

The debate over public domain works continues. What's your take?


scholarlykitchen.sspnet.org The UK's National Trust owns 140 libraries containing hundreds of thousands of volumes, many of them in the public domain. What would it take to make those books available to the public that owns t...

bookshout.com 04/10/2014

BookShout! Store

Take a break today with some of these FREE reads!



bookriot.com 04/08/2014

Book Fetish: Volume 106 - BOOK RIOT

Book Riot always has the best posts - we particularly love the nostalgic "Reading Rainbow" t-shirt featured this week!

What's your favorite Book Fetish pick of the week?


bookriot.com Reading Rainbow Tee: Show off your love of this 80s childhood classic and maybe inspire a few kids to take a look in a book. Literary Nail Wraps: I love a good bookish nail design, but I’ve got sh*t for steady hands. … Continued

opensource.com 04/07/2014

Textbook prices could fall thanks to increased open education resources | opensource.com

Strengthening the case for open education resources!


opensource.com Textbooks are expensive, but perhaps open education resources can help mitigate costs.

epubsecrets.com 04/04/2014

99 Problems

Formatting e-publications can be frustrating - ever device renders the formatting differently!

One developer is working to help solve these types of problems with a global list of e-reader rendering bugs.


epubsecrets.com 99 ePub rendering problems on the wall take one down, pass it around 98 ePub rendering problems on the wall Easily the most frustrating part of designing and developing ePub projects, the various ...

theguardian.com 04/01/2014

April Fool's quiz: can you rumble these literary hoaxes?

Happy April Fools' Day!

Test your knowledge of literature's fakes and forgeries with this fun quiz: http://www.theguardian.com/books/quiz/2014/apr/01/april-fool-quiz-literary-hoaxes

theguardian.com On this most tricksy of days, test your knowledge of literature's fakes and forgeries

literaturegeek.com 03/31/2014

Designing a digital scholarly article

The traditional scholarly article is changing in some exciting ways. Check out what's on the horizon...


literaturegeek.com I'll be speaking on a panel on "21st-Century Forms for the Dissertation" on Wednesday, and will have more general thoughts to share on using forms other than the monograph to convey your scholarly ...

cnn.com 03/28/2014

Teen to government: Change your typeface, save millions

A graphic designer's dream: Type fonts getting their due

cnn.com A teen's science fair project led him to realize that changing fonts could save the U.S. government millions of dollars.

opensource.com 03/28/2014

An ancient language sparks a new process for digitizing books in the Public Domain | opensource.com

How cool! Check out this project that is working to digitize public domain texts...


opensource.com Wikipedians add a form of poetry in India called Vachana sahitya to the Wikiverse.

lifehacker.com 03/25/2014

How Can I Best Absorb Information While Reading?

Have problems retaining information? Here's a plan to help you better absorb information while reading:


lifehacker.com Reading a good book can be a rewarding experience, but it can be frustrating when the information just floats through your head without sticking in your memory. Luckily there are a few methods that can really make a difference in retaining information. The bookworms at Stack Exchange provide some ti...

read.gov 03/24/2014

Classic Books - Read.gov

A little free reading for your Monday morning?

Check out some of the classic books scanned and available freely to read online via the U.S. Library of Congress.


read.gov Classic Books of the Read.gov website

huffingtonpost.com 03/21/2014

17 Everyday Words You Just Might Be Mispronouncing


huffingtonpost.com There’s nothing more irritating to a pedant’s ear than someone saying “mischievious” instead of “mischievous,” and nothing more embarrassing than realizing you’ve been pronouncing the word mischievous with an...

homesandhues.com 03/21/2014

16 Cool and Creative Shelving Systems

A wood burning stove bookshelf? We love all these creative shelves!

Which is your favorite?


homesandhues.com Just about everyone needs shelves in their home, whether to store their books out of the way or to put some of their cool collections on display. Whatever you need shelves for, these sixteen designs are some of the most striking and impressive creations we’ve ever come across.Shelf Pod

osswatch.jiscinvolve.org 03/20/2014

5 lessons for OER from Open Source and Free Software | OSS Watch team blog

We love open education resources and here's why!


osswatch.jiscinvolve.org 5 lessons for OER from Open Source and Free SoftwarePosted on March 19, 2014 by Scott WilsonWhile the OER community owes some of its genesis to the open source and free software movements, there are some aspects of how and why these movements work that I think are missing or need greater emphasis.1....

outofprintclothing.com 03/19/2014

Out of Print Clothing – Book Madness

Want to get in on March Madness, literature style?

You can with Book Madness! Literature's most famous heroes and villains go head-to-head...who will come out the winner? You can decide!


outofprintclothing.com Your favorite classic books on t-shirts and other merchandise

bookriot.com 03/18/2014

This Genius Bookcase Has a Built-In Ladder - BOOK RIOT

Do you ever have a hard time reaching the top items on your bookshelf? No problem with this ingenious bookshelf with built-in ladder!


bookriot.com I love a six-or-more-shelves bookcase. I love how much wall space they take up and how they make your library look all TALL and IMPOSING, but I’m also a short lady and as such keep a stool in my reading area. But this! This is so smart: That’s a lovely bookshelf, but what if I …

[03/17/14]   We don't know about you, but the ePress is snowed in! What's your favorite book to read on a snow day?

sourcefabric.org 03/12/2014

How open source is helping the book business

The latest blog post from our open source publishing platform, Booktype, talks about how open source tools benefit the book business.


sourcefabric.org Sourcefabric believes open code means free speech. It also means smart business. Open source solutions give businesses total ownership of their content and code with no licensing fees. More and more enterprises are discovering that the cost of open source development is a fraction of the cost of bui...

openeducationweek.org 03/11/2014

Event Schedule

Day 2 of Open Education Week! Check out some of the great events being held this week: http://www.openeducationweek.org/event-schedule/

openeducationweek.org Event SchedulePlease note: all time times are in UTCMar6Thu OER Management and Delivery: Seven Best Practices @ Washington State Board for Community and Technical Colleges March 6, 2014 @ 9:00 pm Facilitator Boyoung Chae Who should attend Anybody who are planning a development project of open educat...

openeducationweek.org 03/10/2014

Open EducationWeek 2014 – A movement and opportunities it creates in teaching and learning...

Happy Open Education Week!

You can learn more about the movement here: http://www.openeducationweek.org/

openeducationweek.org A movement and opportunities it creates in teaching and learning worldwide.

worldbookday.com 03/06/2014

World Book Day


bookriot.com 03/05/2014

10 Great Gifts for Grammar Geeks - BOOK RIOT

Do you love grammar? We do! We especially love these creative gifts for grammar geeks.


bookriot.com Yesterday was National Grammar Day here in the states, so in the spirit of better-late-than-never, I present gifts for the grammar geek in your life. Learn it, live it, wear the button from Geek Details. Chingy knows grammar, y’all. This tee is busted in the best way. Coffee tastes best with a side…

buzzfeed.com 03/04/2014

Which Character From Shakespeare Are You?

What character from Shakespeare are you?


buzzfeed.com Are you steeped in blood or tasting the food of love?


Mardi Gras: APUS Summon eBook Search


buzzfeed.com 02/28/2014

17 Genius Photos Of People Posing With Books

We particularly like #9! Which is your favorite?


buzzfeed.com New York bookstore manager Emily Pullen and her colleagues have spent the last couple of years posing with the books they work with. You can follow her journey here .

buzzfeed.com 02/27/2014

19 Problems Only Book Nerds Understand

Can you relate to these problems only book nerds understand? We do!


buzzfeed.com "I'd rather be reading."

buzzfeed.com 02/26/2014

Which Classic Author Is Your Soulmate?

A fun quiz to start your day: Which classic author is your soulmate?


buzzfeed.com Are you meant to be with a sunny sex god like Henry Miller or someone bald, dark and brooding like Dostoevsky?

brainpickings.org 02/25/2014

Alice Walker on Creativity

The great Alice Walker touches on the nature of creativity. Perhaps she'll inspire you a bit for your work day!


brainpickings.org "Creation is really a sustained period of bliss -- even though the subject can still be very sad." To wonder what creativity is is among

scholarlykitchen.sspnet.org 02/21/2014

The Joy of Conference Calls

Can you relate to this?


scholarlykitchen.sspnet.org A video translates the odd behaviors of the conference call into real life.

slate.com 02/19/2014

This Is What a Librarian Looks Like

A photographer recently photographed librarians from all walks of life at the ALA meeting in Philadelphia.

Too bad our photogenic APUS Online Library wasn't featured :)


slate.com When you think of a librarian, what image comes to mind? Photographer Kyle Cassidy ventured to the American Library Association’s Midwinter Meeting in Philadelphia in January to explore that question. In between networking, educational events, and panels, librarians from across the country stopped b...

buzzfeed.com 02/18/2014

This Is Possibly The Most Embarrassing Typo Of The 19th Century

Yep, this is pretty bad. Check out this typo from before the time of spell check:


buzzfeed.com Rs and Es are easy to mix up when you're setting type.

bookpatrol.net 02/14/2014

Jack Kerouac reads from 'On The Road', 1959 - Book Patrol

The ePress is snowed in and definitely not on the road today. But we can watch Jack Kerouac read "On the Road" instead!


bookpatrol.net on the road, counterculture, beat generation,

huffingtonpost.com 02/12/2014

PHOTOS: These Are The World's Greatest, Most Stunning Libraries

To combat the dreary, cold weather feast your eyes on some of the most beautiful libraries in the world.


huffingtonpost.com Some book collectors do not care very much about where they store their books. The English King Henry VIII, had a fine collection of books, but when visitors came to view them they were horrified by the conditions they were stored in.

bookriot.com 02/11/2014

Bookish Valentines for Your Literary Love - BOOK RIOT

These literary Valentines are perfect for the book lover in your life!


bookriot.com I have been trawling Etsy for the best bookish Valentines cards to share with your favourite reader (or readers — no judgement here at the Riot). Without further ado, here are my favourites. How about some words of love and loyalty from Winnie-the-Pooh: A declaration of devotion, Lord of the Rings-s...

studio5bookbindingandarts.blogspot.com 02/11/2014

Studio 5 Book Arts: Rubbish books.

If you're a fan of DIY projects, you can make your very own bound book (pages, cover, and all!) from one packing box.

Find out how here: http://studio5bookbindingandarts.blogspot.co.uk/2014/01/rubbish-books.html


digitalbookworld.com 02/10/2014

Required College Course Content Continuing Move From Textbooks to Digital Materials | Digital...

Good news for digital publishers: More college courses are making the transition to digital materials.


digitalbookworld.com More students are reporting that required course content for college courses is steadily moving away from formal textbooks and toward digital materials,

bookriot.com 02/07/2014

10 Bookish Keep Calm Posters - BOOK RIOT

We love these "Keep Calm" Bookish posters.

Which one is your favorite?


bookriot.com The Keep Calm meme originated in 1939 when the British government printed a limited number of motivational posters designed to encourage stoicism and bravery in the face of World War II bombings. The posters were never used for their intended purpose and were forgotten until 2000, when a shopkeeper…

ebookfriendly.com 02/04/2014

Infographic: 30+ most read books of all time, plus free downloads

Did your favorite make the list of the 30 most popular books of all time?


ebookfriendly.com We've seen already a couple of infographics that tried to pick up the most popular books of all time. This new chart designed by Lovereading.co.uk, a book

apus.edu 01/31/2014

Dr. Fred Stielow - Vice President, Dean of Libraries & Course Materials

The ePress team wishes Dr. Stielow merry travels in his retirement! You will be missed.

apus.edu Previous work experience, knowledge and background information for Frank Ball, Member on the Board of Trustees for American Public University System.

ebookfriendly.com 01/30/2014

The magic of reading (picture)

A fun infographic on the magic of reading...


ebookfriendly.com From Imgur, via Geeks Are Sexy.

bookpatrol.net 01/30/2014

Space saving bookshelf holds your dining room table - Book Patrol

A bookshelf that doubles as a dining room table? We could get on board with this!


bookpatrol.net product design, bookshelves, furniture design

rd.com 01/28/2014

24 Things You Might Be Saying Wrong | Reader's Digest

Do you say all these phrases correctly? The answers might surprise you!


rd.com The Reader's Digest Version of all those confusing words and seemingly random rules you missed in English class.

bookriot.com 01/27/2014

Cool Bookish Places: The Library of Congress - BOOK RIOT

How would you like to hang out in the largest library in the world or read a tablet that dates back as far as 2040 B.C.?

Check out some more fun facts about the Library of Congress: http://bookriot.com/2014/01/13/cool-bookish-places-library-congress/

bookriot.com From comic books to historic Bibles, the The Library of Congress is a trove of bookish treasures and is not to be missed.





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