Prairie Horizons Studio for the Creative Arts

Established in May 2017, Prairie Horizons is approaching our first full year of business and services to the community of Chapman Kansas and beyond. We hope to continue to grow in our mission to foster creativity and love of the arts.

Mission: To facilitate the development and love of creativity in all students regardless of age, race or economic background through Art, Craft, and Music within a warm, and supportive environment within the Dickinson County area and beyond. We here at Prairie Horizons believe that creativity and artistic skill are something that all people possess because we are each made in the image of the Great Creator.

[05/13/19]   We still have plenty of space available at our art camp coming up in just a couple weeks so let us know if you have kids k through 12 interested and we will put them on our list!

[05/04/19]   New dates for our art camp are May 27 through June 7th! Hopefully this will work for as many people as possible!

[05/04/19]   Prairie Horizons is open today for business and ready to begin pre-registration for Art Camp! We have coffee and refreshment!

[05/03/19]   I am considering pushing our art camp back a week or two. Just to give my thumb and my mind more time to recover from my recent hectic schedule. What do you think????

[04/30/19]   Please excuse our mess! We will be doing a good deal of renovating this summer so be prepared for some inconvenience!

[04/29/19]   We WILL be having pre-registration for our Summer Art Camp this Sat 9am to 4pm! So stop by Prairie Horizons while enjoying Chapman's Arts and Crafts fair this weekend! Summer camp is two weeks long and will begin May 27 and last through Mon June 7th Cost for two full weeks will be $150 per student. EXACT Times and schedules TBA. Discounts are available for families with multiple children AND... daily drop ins are welcome at $15 per participant. Your student can attend one week or two. Cost per week is $75 and includes all refreshments and supplies. Classes will begin at 9am and go until noon. If there is enough interest we may also have afternoon camps available too. If you would like to pre-register but cannot get to our studio to do so then please send us your name, the name of your student and an relevant contact information.

[04/15/19]   I will be doing my best to get a schedule ready for our summer art camp at Prairie Horizons. However, I have rather badly squashed my thumb between the back end of a truck and a very large piano. Please be patient. We will post information as soon as possible.

[04/14/19]   Looking for a art class for adults? This is it! Great opportunity for any adult novice to even professional artists looking to expand their artistic abilities and techniques! We share ideas and come up with our own projects. I invite any adult interested in art to come and join us Weds. at 1:00! You don’t have to be an experienced artist to enjoy this class. I will be here to help you get the most out of this experience!!

[04/10/19]   I am nearly done with this years home landscaping project so it is time to start some remodeling in the studio. I will be working on new doors, and moving all art lessons upstairs so that we can dedicate the downstairs to music lessons, gallery space and maybe a small retail area for art related crafts, t-shirts and art supplies for students as well as our always open self serve coffee and tea bar! Stop by to see what we are doing but please excuse any mess that might be in the way. Also please stay tuned for our summer art camp announcements and summer art and music class schedules! PLUS! We have a new web designer to take over our somewhat defunct web page, so should be up and running again very soon with all new updates and online options for registration!

[03/23/19]   Deep thought for the day...
Einstein said "Imagination is more important than knowledge."

What he maybe should have said was "Without imagination there is no creativity, without creativity there is no discovery, without discovery there is no knowledge. Imagination is the seed from which knowledge is born."

This is why the arts in education are so very important. Art education facilitates the growth of the creative mind. The creative arts should be considered not only a important part of education but THE MOST important part of education because they encourage the use of imagination and cultivate creativity.

[02/10/19]   Well we just got word that our renter and photographer Brianne Maior is going to be moving to JC so we will have the top of our studio open and we are trying to decide what to do with it. I wouldn't minding renting it out again to another artist, but I also wouldn't mind keeping it for extra event and classroom space for my own classes or just gallery space for my art... or remodeling it into separate classroom studio spaces that could be utilized by other artists. I am open to ideas... so if anyone has any please feel free to share!

[02/06/19]   Tonights classes are canceled due to the weather and the cold. Please stay warm and safe!

[02/06/19]   Just fell on the ice... not a great day to have to go out but school was not canceled for Anton so I am going to head to the studio very slowly and with better boots on my feet. However if we get any more of this crud tonight I hope they cancel school tomorrow... this is not good. As it is classes are still on for today just be very careful coming up the steps. I will salt them soon as I get in today.

[02/02/19]   This bug was a nasty one but I am finally feeling better. However instead of trying to make it to the studio today I may wait till tomorrow. So if anyone was planning on coming in today, can we reschedule for maybe tomorrow? Thanks!

[01/14/19]   I will be going on a long anticipated family cruise this coming weekend so Prairie Horizons will still have music classes at least in piano with Nicole Blocker and guitar with Galen Thurlow but no art or music with me all of next week.

[12/29/18]   Back to work next week... not sure yet about Tues. though...waiting to hear from students and families.

[12/26/18]   Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone from Prairie Horizons! We hope your Holiday was Blessed!

[12/21/18]   Prairie Horizons will be open tomorrow for any last minute Christmas shoppers from 11 till 4pm! I will also be there later this afternoon. Then we will be closed until after the new year!

[11/26/18]   I will not be into the shop today afterall on account of a whole lot of snow all around my car and me not feeling up to digging it out. I will be in bright and early tomorrow morning! Provided the snow melts off a bit.

We still have 3 snow globes left! If you would like to come and make one this week I am available on Mondays, part of the day on Tues and part of the day on Wed. I will also be around on Thurs and Friday afternoon if anyone is interested in this fun activity! I am suppose to be getting more snow globes in this week too! I also have origami ornament making, paper chains and snow flake placemats as well and miniature winter dioramas that I can offer! Lots of fun activities for students of every age!

[11/21/18]   After much consideration I have decided not to come into the shop today. I am still fighting this sinus infection and need a day to get some much neglected things done at my house. I will be in tomorrow for our Thanksgiving Dinner. I should be there by noon at the latest. We are eating at 2:00. Then I will be there on Friday to finish Christmas decorating in the afternoon and for the snow globe painting class at 4:00!

[11/13/18]   Excelsior! Stan Lee. Upward and onward to greater heights as you leave millions of loyal fans behind. Your legacy will live on.

[10/30/18]   Halloween Night we will be open for trick or treat and face painting from 5 to 7! So if you are in Chapman stop by and see us!!!

[10/28/18]   If you got an invite either in person or online to our first annual Company Halloween Costume Party and Potluck don't forget... its tomorrow from 4 to 7pm! If you DIDN'T get an invitation and you are a friend and really think you SHOULD have gotten an invite then... I am prepared to agree with you and you can message me and receive a official invitation and I apologize in advance for not having invited you! (I have been organizing my show at the Arts Council in Abilene, and trying to prepare for this party, and keep up with work too! So if I missed sending you and invitation... PLEASE give me the chance to remedy the mistake! ) This is a MOSTLY adult only party and you are encouraged to bring a beverage of choice, a small potluck dish and a "White Skeleton" gift for out gift exchange!!!! We look forward to having as many people there as possible. However, if it only ends up being a small group then that will be fun too. Either way, it will be a great afternoon in good company!!!!

[10/21/18]   I have decided that next Sat. Instead of offering a Halloween Craft we will be offering a face painting class open to anyone who wants to learn how to create a basic "mask" This should be really fun! Class will start at 1:00! And don't forget we are having a Teens to Tweens Face Painting Class this Wed from 5 to 6!

This coming Thursday afterwork there will be a reception for my new show at the Abilene Arts Council!

[10/10/18]   Question! If Prairie Horizon were to host a Halloween Party, how many of you out there would be able to attend on the 28th?

[10/09/18]   Just a reminder to my art students tonight... there is no class since it is the second Tues of the month and I have an Arts Council meeting! See you all next week!

[09/19/18]   Before I forget to post this...we will be changing our class time for the Wed. Tweens to Teens class from 5:15 to 4:45 and it will go until 5:45. We have a really great class going but there is still room for a couple more students if anyone is interested! We also have room in our Tues Grade school class from 630 to 730!

[09/13/18]   Due to the sports schedule we will be postponing Chapmans Got Talent this Friday. We will have one in October. Date is TBA.

[09/05/18]   Whew! Labor Day was exhausting but thank goodness the rain held off! If you didn't see much of me downtown it was because we were pretty busy most of the day in the studio! Lots of visits! We still have room available in our "Teens to Tweens" class but its filling up fast. Also still have room available in our "Adult Class" too, but not much!. I THINK that our violin, guitar and piano teachers still have some slots open as well. We are still working out class times and dates so if you want to get involved this is your chance! Let us know what class you are interested in and what works best for you!

[08/31/18]   Since we had no one confirm for the Jewelry making class with Klaire Keller we are going to postpone the Friday lesson for a later date. However she is still planning to be around tomorrow to offer walk-in lessons!

We are offering a Jewelry making class this Friday at 6:00 at Prairie Horizons, Studio for the Creative Arts with a wonderful Kaire Keller as our instructor. We will be making shamrock earrings in honor of Chapman and it's famous Labor Day Celebrations!

Basic Craft Jewelry Techniques and Tools

An initial (introductory) class will be offered which will present the participant with several basic techniques used in approximately 70% of all craft jewelry making. The format will allow the presentation in an intimate setting of about 3-4 participants giving the future jewelry artists the opportunity to try out their new skills in a supportive and confidence building atmosphere where they will be encouraged to create wire-work and beaded jewelry they can be proud to say “I made that”. The session will conclude with each participant having successfully completed an earring project similar to the set in the accompanying picture.

Cost for the class is $15 per student! Please email me ASAP if you are interested in this class!

[08/28/18]   We are having our first (hopefully anual) Iris bulb fundraiser. For just $1 you can come pick out an iris bulb of choice at Prairie Horizons until they are all gone... which will be a while... because I still have plenty more I need to dig up and spread) All proceeds will go to our scholarship funds! All the irises are currently shades of purple with maybe a couple yellow mixed in here and there. They grow very well here in Kansas! So come and get as many as you want for just $1 each! Available now at Prairie Horizons Studio for the Creative Arts in Chapman Kansas!

Chapman's big Labor Day celebration is coming up this weekend. Prairie Horizons will have several activities going on as well, including the opening of our new Show, "Seasons Change" which will feature new works by local artists Jen Delaney and Tana Davis (that would be me). And some returning works by Tienne Kollars. Additionally we will have artwork on display by student artists! Finally we will be offering a Friday Night Jewelry making class and have a open Jewelry making project throughout the day Sat. Participants will be making Chapman Sports themed earrings and Bracelets! More information and the chance to pre-register coming soon!

[08/23/18]   We also will be having a Tweens to Teens art class at least one night a week if we can work out a good time for it. Like maybe Wed from 5 to 6. or from 630 to 730 Let me know if you have a kiddo ages 11 to 18 who might be interested in taking this class and the times that will work!

[08/23/18]   Who would be interested in an Adults only art class on Thurs nights from 6 to 7. It will begin the first week of Sept. Register in advance!

[08/20/18]   We still have openings right now for Piano Students on Sat, and Violin Students on Thurs. If you are interested send me your phone number and I will put you in touch with our amazing teachers!

We are now accepting paintings, photos and all types of artwork for our Labor Day Show, "Seasons Change". If you have something you would like to submit then please bring it by the studio this week framed or matted so we can get it hung! All Ages and Levels of Artists are welcome to present!

[08/17/18]   We are looking for more violin students for our Thursday Classes! If interested let me know and I can put you in touch with Caroline Graves our amazing instructor!

[08/17/18]   START BRINGING IN YOUR ARTWORK for our next show! "SEASONS CHANGE". We are starting to hang it this weekend!

[08/16/18]   Can you believe School has started? This summer has gone fast! So I need to get my fall schedule of classes going. Sign up will be available Labor Day Weekend or you can register in advance via FB Messenger once I have the class schedule figured out. Some new classes we are hoping to offer will be Fiber Arts (AKA intro to crochet, spinning, sewing and weaving) Jewelry Making, Sculpting (Maybe?) And MAYBE... the long awaited Wood Inlay.
If any of these sound interesting to you let me know! The classes can be modified for kids of all ages.
We will also have painting and drawing as usual and anything we offered in the past can be offered again!

[08/15/18]   So it looks like I will be teaching art part time over in Abilene on Thurs and Fridays. They really needed a teacher and I have all the credentials minus the tests to be certified as a licensed teacher. I may go on and get that done in the future or just fill in until someone else who is certified is found, but this means that my schedule for this fall will have to be switched around a bit. Instead of being in the studio Wed, Thurs, Fri, and Sat. I will now be in studio on Mon, Tues, Wed, and Part of the day on Sat unless someone schedules a painting party or extra class. Given this change I will need to think about how to reschedule my classes for this coming fall. I will keep everyone posted as I work this out! If you were planning to take a Friday class from me this year, please contact me as soon as possible so we can get it to a time that works for everyone.

[08/10/18]   Don't Forget! Chapman's Got Talent is at 7:00 tonight! Come show off your talent!

[08/09/18]   Due to an emergency situation involving friends I have not had time to put together my fall schedule but it is coming soon so keep the ideas about what classes you would like us to offer coming in!

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