Prairie Horizons Studio for the Creative Arts

Prairie Horizons Studio for the Creative Arts


Tana Churan-Davis is one of the most talented "undiscovered" artists in America! If you are close to her studio go see why I say this!!!
Thank you for teaching an awesome painting class. Our creations look amazing in frames.

Established in May 2017, Prairie Horizons is approaching our first full year of business and services to the community of Chapman Kansas and beyond. We hope to continue to grow in our mission to foster creativity and love of the arts.

Mission: To facilitate the development and love of creativity in all students regardless of age, race or economic background through Art, Craft, and Music within a warm, and supportive environment within the Dickinson County area and beyond. We here at Prairie Horizons believe that creativity and artistic skill are something that all people possess because we are each made in the image of the Great Creator.

[01/21/20]   Prairie Horizons will be closing a bit early tonight (Tues Jan 21)) since my husband is out of town and I have farm chores to get to. But weather permitting we will be open the rest of the week till 6 as usual! If school is canceled due to weather we will still have classes provided I can make it out of my driveway and to Chapman... if not I will post otherwise! :)

If you are looking for a last minute Christmas present come see what we have at Prairie Horizons at 401 N. Marshall St in Chapman Kansas. We can make one of a kind tumblers mugs and water bottles along with aprons and t shirts in less than an hour once your work is designed.

Tonight until 6pm and tomorrow from noon until 6 pm we have a dozen snow globes for you to make! So come to Prairie Horizons at 401 N. Marshall St. Chapman Kansas! Suggested donation is $15 per person or $10 per member of a family or group of more than two or for anyone under 16 years old is just $10! So come on over!

Due to snow days and stomach bugs we are pushing back snow globe making until Thursday and Friday this week. We still have salt dough ornaments and glass that needs painting too!

[12/16/19]   If anyone needs to make a Christmas craft today or tomorrow let me know. I can be available by appointment over the next couple of days. Wed we will be starting snow globes!!!

[12/13/19]   Don’t miss our Christmas Recital/Chapman’s Got Talent tomorrow at 3:00pm tomorrow at Prairie Horizons 401 N. Marshal St. Chapman KS!

At last we are painting our salt dough ornaments!!!

Remember Salt Dough Christmas Ornaments? I do! They were all the rage at holiday arts and craft fairs when I was a kid. This Friday at Prairie Horizons Studio for the Creative Arts at 401 N. Marshall St in Chapman KS we are going to attempt to make some! Starting at 10am we will be attempting to mix the dough and bake the cookies. After lunch (and after the cookies have cooled and hopefully turned out nicely) we will be painting and decorating and modge podging them. So come on over this Friday either to help make, or decorate or just to watch and learn about this Christmas Tradition!

[12/11/19]   Starting at around 1pm TODAY we will be teaching painting on glass techniques in the first in our series of holiday crafts! So come on over to Prairie Horizons at 401 N. Marshall St today at anytime from 1 to 6 to make your one of a kind Christmas ornament or holiday painted glass craft!

For our Wed Christmas Craft at Prairie Horizons Studio at 401 N. Marshall St. Chapman KS we will be painting on glass (or plastic) ornaments! Students of all ages are welcome although children need to have a parent or chaperone. A $10 donation per participant, to cover the cost of supplies and instruction is appreciated plus the cost of which ornament you choose to paint (none of our ornaments or glassware is more than $5.00!) Painting g will begin at 1:00pm and continue until close of business! You may bring your own ornaments or glassware to paint or purchase from our supply

[12/09/19]   Chapmans Got Talent, Miniature Christmas Show Reception and Violin Recital. Sat Dec 14th, 2019 at 3pm! 401 Marshall St. Chapman!!

This week is Christmas Craft Week at Prairie Horizons. We will be having different crafts available to make on Wed From 1:00 to 6:00 pm and on Friday From 10:00 am till 6:00 pm or later as needed. I will be posting more specific details later today. Some of the activities will include painting on glass ornaments, making popcorn garland, making paper garland chains, doilies snowflakes, origami stars, Christmas dioramas, snow globes, and cookie-cutter Christmas ornaments. So stop by and see what we are creating at Prairie Horizons 401 N. Marshal St. Chapman Kansas, always open M-F 4pm- 6pm or as otherwise posted!

A Miniature Christmas, Great Things Come in Small Packages! Is the title of our Christmas show. We are looking for artists to bring in pieces of art or crafts no bigger than 5x7 inches! Sculptures, Paintings, Christmas Ornaments will all be welcomed! All ages are invited to participate. We will be decorating starting this Mon and accepting submissions through the 15th of Dec! Just think Small! Contributions can be brought to Prairie Horizons Studio for the Creative Arts at 401 N. Marshall St in Chapman Kansas anytime after 4pm till 6pm all week days or by appointment!

[12/01/19]   It looks like we will have a new guitar teacher very soon. I know that we will all miss Galen Thurlow who taught so well and inspired so many of our young musicians. Until our new teacher is ready to start and be introduced I can cover lessons! I will post information very soon!

[11/05/19]   I am moving my Tweens to Teens class from today to Thurs at 5pm due to a couple cancelations I have already had. See you soon!

[11/05/19]   This week we will be switching the start of our Tweens to Teens to Thurs instead of Tues and if that works better for anyone anyway then that will be good for me... Ill have to have it at 5 instead of 430 .

[10/31/19]   Prairie Horizons is open and ready to paint faces if anyone wants to go on and bring their little ghouls and goblins by. We have crafts and popcorn and juice as well!

[10/31/19]   Prairie Horizons Tweens to Teens Art Class Starts next Tues at 4:30! If you have a student age 11- 18 that would like to explore different art media as well as do some graphic design and illustration this is the class for them! Students will get to make and design their own t-shirts and Christmas Ornaments. Cost is $15/ student or $12/ student if there are 3 or more students in the class. Call 573 337 1835 for more information or message us here! You can visit us during after school hours from 4 till 6pm most weekdays.

[10/31/19]   Don't Forget! Prairie Horizons will have Free Face Painting (Donations Appreciated) and Crafts and Treats tonight for Halloween!

[10/29/19]   Prairie Horizons will be starting a weekly Tweens to Teens art class on Tues. Nov. 5 at 430. If you are interested in joining let us know! Cost is $12 a class as omg as we have 3 or more students!

[10/29/19]   Come do something fun and warm this Halloween at Prairie Horizons Studio at 401 N. Marshall St. Chapman Kansas. We will have facepainting and Halloween Crafts. There is no cost but donations are appreciated

[10/29/19]   Prairie Horizons will be having free face painting and Halloween Crafts and treats this Thurs! So if you are looking for a way to stay warm and still enjoy Halloween come see us at 401 N Marshall St. in Chapman Kansas!

This Sun Oct 20th from 2:00 to 4:00 we will be carving and painting pumpkins at 401 N. Marshall St. Prairie Horizons! Feel free to bring your own pumpkin and use our place to get messy or just come watch our artists at work as we make an art out of pumpkin carving! We will have snacks and refreshments. While you are here check out our new Halloween art exhibit full of spooky characters out of Irish and Celtic Myth and Legend!

[10/02/19]   Please if you have anything to contribute there is still time to enter our Halloween show! We hope to have it all hung soon!

[09/09/19]   We are accepting students in art and music! At this time we have violin classes available on Mon and Art and Guitar available after school most weekdays!

[09/09/19]   Reminder! Our Halloween show is coming up next month! Please have all artwork turned into our studio the 1st week of OCT! The Theme is "Irish, Myths, Ghouls, Ghosts, Goblins and anything else spooky or supernatural that goes along with Irish Legends! "

[09/01/19]   Fall Registration is going on at Prairie Horizons Today AND TOMORROW! So come out and enjoy Chapman's Labor Day Celebration and visit us to sign up for some art classes this fall!

[08/11/19]   Also, it's not finished yet but I have started an official "Explore Chapman" FB page. Just type Explore Chapman into your FB headed and go take a look!

I completely forgot to post this month's Chapman Explorer, A lot of it is just a repeat of last month but since I couldn't get July's out in time I figured it would be ok. HOWEVER, I STILL do not have a working large format printer. I have had to send printer #2 back as well. So it may be a while before you see hard copies popping up around Chapman and beyond.

[08/05/19]   Tentatively...Prairie Horizons will be having a violin recital on Aug. 30th from 6:30 to around 8pm. This will be provided for by Dickinson County Strings and will be produced by our own violin teacher Carolyn Graves and her violin students! More information coming soon!

[07/19/19]   CALLING ALL ARTISTS, CRAFTERS AND HOBBYISTS! It is not too early to start preparing for this years Halloween Gallery Exhibit. This year's theme is "Irish Ghosts and Ghouls" We will have a historically informative exhibit focussed on the many different legends of frightening creatures from Ireland's past. So we are looking for creative people to come up with something based around these characters that we can exhibit throughout the month of Oct. They can be drawings, paintings, sculptures, mixed media, masks... it's your choice! Here are some suggestions

1. Dracula... That's right Bram Stoker was from Dublin... pretty sure that makes old Dracula a proper IRISH ghoul!

2. Leprechaun... They aren't always cute little guys dressed in green. They can be quite frightening in the right... errrr... wrong context.

3. Banshee... Aint nothin cute about the Banshee... never has been... never will bee... shes a harbinger of death and the stuff of nightmares.

4. Werewolves of Tipperary... Old Gaelic tradition

5. Abhartach... A much hated ruler of ancient Ireland who rose from the dead to drink the blood of his subjects.

6. Pooka... The most feared of all the Irish fairies.

7.Merrow... Sea Maidens, kind of like mermaids but without tails.

8. Kelpie... Evil water spirits who haunt rivers and lakes. Often appearing as a foal or horse with a soaking wet mane. If you ride on a Kelpie's back you will be drowned and devoured. Kelpie can also appear and deceptively beautiful men or women in some stories.

9. Changeling...The infant of a fairy who has been swapped for a human child.

10.Far Darrig... Closely related to Leprechauns, also known as Red Men because of their red capes and hats. They are gruesome practical jokers

11. Dearg Due... A female Irish Vampire like creature. She seduces men then drains their blood.

12. Balor... A Celtic demon king and god of death. He has only one eye and one leg and lives in the depths of lakes and seas.

13. Carmen... A Celtic witch who has three evil sons Dub, Dother and Dain. They destroy anything in their path.

14.Caorthannach... Celtic fire spitter believed by some to be the devil's mother.

15. Leanan Sidhe... Evil Irish Muse who inspires poets and artists at the cost of their own lives.

16. Questing Beast... A hybrid terrible creature with the head of a snake, body of a leopard, the backside of a lion and hooves of a deer often appearing in Arthurian legends.

[07/18/19]   FREE FREE FREE, FREE FREE FREE, FREE FREE FREE FREE FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.... T-shirts... All you have to do is perform on Sun July 28

[07/18/19]   I forgot to mention! Anyone... businesses or individuals who donate at least $25 to our Explore Chapman Campaign will get a free Explore Chapman T-shirt of choice or a mug! Not sure we have your size? No problem... we will make one custom!. If you want to donate $45 or more then you get a t-shirt of choice and a mug! If you donate in the next week you will get your name, family, name or business name printed on the t-shirt just in time for the holidays and upcoming downtown events! Pictures coming soon!

[07/18/19]   This just in! At our next Chapman's Got Talent all performers will get a free t-shirt! If you are sure to attend let us know size!

FREE T-SHIRTS TO OUR SUPPORTERS FAMILY AND BUSINESSES ALIKE! As many of you know I have started an EXPLORE CHAPMAN campaign. I have made posters and am still working on getting more printed as well as a newsletter I plan to start putting out every month as soon as our printer is replaced! I would ALSO like to make some t-shirts and be able to advertise as many local businesses as possible on them. They will have the Explore Chapman wording on the front and all participating businesses listed on the back. However, because t-shirts cost more than simple ink and paper I would ask that any business who wishes to be included on these t-shirts be willing to donate $25 which will buy us at least 5 blank polyester t's. If you donate at least $25 to the "Explore Chapman" Campaign you will get your choice of an "Explore Chapman" mug or T-shirt. If you donate in the next week you will get your family name or business name on this t-shirt. We will be GIVING AWAY these t-shirts at local events as prizes! As well as having them for sale in our shop and other shops in town. This is a VERY minimal fee for this kind of advertising so if you are a local Chapman business or individual that would like to have your logo printed on our t-shirts then please let us know ASAP!

[07/18/19]   Reminder! T-shirt making workshop on Mon, at 1pm! Cost is $30, Participants will learn to design and print a T-shirt! All ages!

It's OFFICIAL! Prairie Horizons is Finally ready for another Chapman's Got Talent! FREEEEEEEEEEEEE T-Shirts to ALL Performers! That's right FREEEEEEEEEEE!.... and if you don't want a t-shirt we will give you an absolutely fabulous mug instead!

[07/13/19]   Is there anyone out there who would like to write a feature article for our newsletter on the history of Chapman's Labor Day Celebration?

[07/12/19]   Got the printer working again this week so tomorrow I plan to try to print out the newsletter and posters... and start work on next months newsletter... better late than never I guess! I will keep everyone posted! Also, start looking for our next Chapmans GOt Talent posters! It's coming up... last Sun of this month!

[07/11/19]   We will be having a t-shirt making workshop on the 22nd at 1pm and have 3 slots left! So if any of you want to get in on this class let me know or if the 22nd doesn't work for you let me know what days and times do work and we will set up a workshop for you as well!

[07/11/19]   OK... Since summer is going fast and we all have lots of stuff going on, I am thinking about offering a series of workshops instead of ongoing classes, then starting up classes again in the fall. The workshops would last 3 hours each and see one or two projects through until completion. Some of the workshops I would like to offer are:

1. DIY Sublimation T-shirt Design: Students will learn about the graphic design process from start to finish, or from concept to completion. The product we create will be your very own one of a kind t-shirt that you designed on the computer, printed, and then had us press via sublimation printing. Includes T-shirt. The class size limit is 5. All Ages, students under 7 must be accompanied by a legal guardian. Cost, $30

2. DIY Sublimation Mug: Same as T-Shirt Design class but instead of designing to fit on a t-shirt, we will be creating a design to print onto a mug. Class size limit is 5. All Ages, children under 7 yrs must be accompanied by a legal guardian. Cost is $25, includes mug.

3. Acrylic Pour workshop with Jen Delaney. Learn the art of Acrylic Pouring with local artist Jen Delaney. Ages 6 and up. Good family project!

4. Face-Painting! With Halloween coming up fast this is a great skill to have. Professional artists, Jen Delaney, and Tana Davis will be offering this class to students ages 12 and up! Learn quick and fast techniques and use professional quality face-paints! Cost is $30/ student for a full 3 hours of instruction.

5. Mrs. Davis's Beginners Crash Course in Drawing Technique 101. Have you ever wanted to improve your drafting and drawing skills? Do you wonder how some artists make drawing seem easy? Well this course will take you through the techniques professional artists use to improve their drafting skills and create realistic looking works of art. Ages 7 to adult cost is $30

6. Mrs. Davis Intermediate Drawing Technique 102. If you completed our Crash course in drawing technique and are ready to take your skills to the next level then this is the class for you! You will learn to perfect technique you learned in drawing 101 and learn more technique and skill. (Must have completed drawing Technique 101. Cost is $30

7. Drawing Faces 101: Want to realistically draw portraits of friends and family? Then you need this class. You will learn how to create faces in proper proportion and avoid beginners mistakes like putting eyeballs on the tops of heads and making noses too big, too small... or just too weird. Ages 10 to Adult Cost is $30

8. Drawing Faces and Bodies 102: This class will continue your lessons in drawing the human face and get you started also drawing the human body in correct proportion. You will also begin to learn to draw bodies in motion. Must have completed Drawing Faces 101. Cost is $30


Watercolor, Acrylic, Paint and Sip, Drawing Animals, Drawing in Perspective, Advanced Drawing Technique, Life Drawing, Pen and Ink Drawing, Painting with Pastels, Colored Pencil Technique, Sculpting, Wood Burning, Sewing and Fiber Arts, Bonsai with Chinese Elm.

All Classes are around 3 hours in length, include all supplies and cost only $30!

If you are interested in setting up one of the workshops then please call me at 573 337 1835. First come first serve. Class time and dates may vary. We will work with you and your family to set up a time and date that works best for everyone! No minimum class sizes. Max class size is 10 unless otherwise stated.

A Place Where Creativity is Celebrated

Prairie Horizons Studio for the Creative Arts is a place where students of all ages can come and allow their creativity to shine. We offer instruction in Arts, Crafts, and Music throughout the year for artists age 3 to 103 or more. Additionally we have art exhibits with art from local artists and students as well as professional artists from across the midwest.

Resident artist and instructor, Tana A.C. Davis is available, Mon, Tues, Wed, Fri, and Sat to demonstrate her skills from 2pm to 6pm unless a class is in progress. Other local and international artists may also be present to demonstrate their skills. Feel free to stop in for a cup of tea or coffee or just a cup of water from our open coffee bar and hang out for a while and enjoy the warm creative environment that the Davis family has created in the historic 1905 bank building at 401 N. Marshall St. in Chapman Kansas.

The studio is open to the public most days from 2:00 pm until 6:00 pm or whenever the lights are on and the open sign is up. If classes are in progress observers are welcome but asked to be respectful and quiet to allow for the instruction of our students. So next time you are in Chapman Kansas please feel free to stop by and enjoy a cup of coffee at Prairie Horizons Studio for the Creative Arts. We are happy to have you stop in and find out what we are doing next!

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Prairie Horizons, Studio for the Creative Arts. 401 N. Marshall St. Chapman Kansas Cell/ message: 573 337 1835 Home Phone: 785 366 7782. email: [email protected]
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