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Photos from Guidepost Montessori's post 04/08/2024

Don’t we all want reassurance that our kids, with all their strange (and often annoying) behaviors, are “normal”?

It’s normal to spend the toddler years in survival mode, right?

It’s normal that my kids hate school and don’t want to do their homework, right?

And isn’t it normal for teenagers to slam doors, call you names, never look up from their phones, or always be in a mood?

Well, these behaviors might be common — common enough to make them seem normal.

But Maria Montessori defined “normalcy” in terms of healthy human development — not what was considered common in culture or society. This is “normal” the way a doctor might use it: meaning the absence of disease, or the presence of health.

Her vision of normal, healthy development looks slightly different from one stage to the next. But it looks nothing like what we consider to be “normal” today.

Learn about each developmental stage (and what your child needs to develop normally) in this week's issue of the Parenting Guide (see link in bio!).

Photos from Guidepost Montessori's post 04/01/2024

Summer learning loss is real, and that's especially true in higher grades.

But what’s the answer? Designing the perfect summer curriculum for our kids?

Thankfully, no.

We could force our children to spend their vacation doing math worksheets and reading Dostoevsky.

But if we do that, we’ll inadvertently teach them another lesson: how to hate learning.

So, to get your kids to stay sharp over the summer, you’re going to have to figure out how to make learning fun.

Which is where we come in — with activities to cover every subject this summer, from reading to math, check out our newsletter at the link in our bio!


Happy Holi or Festival of Colors!


For today's Meet the Guide Monday we have Ms. Freshta!

Photos from Guidepost Montessori's post 03/25/2024

Your home can be set up intentionally, in a way that beckons your child to interact with it and participate in life — teaching them that the world is a fascinating place.

On the flip side, when your home is full of areas your child can’t go and things they can’t touch, the world can seem unwelcoming and scary.

The idea that the environment can support (or hinder) a child’s development came from Maria Montessori, whose innovative ideas on education have persisted for over a century — for good reason.

So, what makes the “Montessori environment” so special? And why does it matter?

You can find the answer in our latest Substack (see the link in our bio!)


Happy Weekend! Whether you're having a slow morning or a brunch, we hope today is helps you refresh for the new week ahead!


The children had a very busy day filled with Holi activities! We read a children's book called Festival of Colors, learned about various spices through our senses, peeled dried flowers and made fresh powder. The children were even given the opportunity to create their own designs with the colored powder. Thank you to our parent volunteers who helped us celebrate. Holi Hai!!


Children are shown how to carefully wash their hands while paying close attention to the detail of rubbing hands together to lather, rinse and dry. They are encouraged to continue this lesson by using a nail brush, too. This lesson encourages hand-eye coordination, fine motor control and development of order by following a logical sequence of movements. Children are encouraged to repeat the activity with further exploration and concentration to the details. This is a very common practical life activity as it promotes functional independence and care of self.

To learn more, come visit our campus! Call at 571-370-8777 or schedule a tour at


Happy First Day of Spring! We look forward to brighter and warmer days with you and your family!🌷


Meet the Guide Monday featuring our Toddler Lead Guide, Ms. Jackie!


Thank you to those who joined us in person and virtually for our Parent Info Night! It was lovely connecting with you as we learned how to support a thriving Montessori child. Thank you to our Lead Guide, Ms. Christine for guiding us💟


Are you ready for tonight's Parent Info Night!? The children are preparing a special snack for the parents to enjoy as Ms. Christine talks about how to support a thriving Montessori child. 😁

Come join us (in-person or virtually) today at 5pm for our Parent Info Night. We would love to have you!



What is it?
Easy rolling movement and solid colors stimulate the child’s first attempts to reach out into the environment. A marble inside each drum adds an auditory stimulus, a noise maker to grab the child’s attention for continuous play.

Why do we do it?
Encourages independent sitting
Develops arm and wrist muscle strength
Coordinates eye-hand movement


Did you know?

The Pink Tower is intentionally uniform in color with the only difference being the size of each cube to aid the child’s ability to visually discriminate between different sized objects.

To learn more, call 571-370-8777 and schedule a tour!

Photos from Guidepost Montessori at South Riding's post 03/08/2024

We're deeply honored to celebrate International Women‘s Day with all wonderful guides at Guidepost Montessori South Riding!
They are all women heroes – mothers, daughters, wives, teachers, chefs, drivers, cleaners, painters, writers, athletes, and more. It is their outstanding contributions that make our campus so vibrant and unique.

Thank you to our lovely children and families for the flowers.🌹🌹🌹


Parents info night
By Ms. Christine
March 14th 5-6pm
Child care available!

*What is Montessori Education?
*What are we doing at school?
*What can you do at home?

Signup right now!


📅Mark your calendars! Our Children’s House Lead Guide will be hosting a Parent Info Night around How to Support Your Thriving Montessori Child on Thursday, March 14 at 5pm. We would love to have you whether you come in-person or hop on virtually. RSVP with us today!

Guidepost Montessori at South Riding Now Enrolling children ages 6 weeks to 6 years! Call or visit us online!


Our approach is designed to empower each child to achieve independence by combining our hands-on curriculum with personalized learning to create an environment where curiosity flourishes, independence grows, and academic excellence is a natural outcome.

We want your child to see and believe: “I am capable!”🤩

📞Schedule a tour at or call 571-370-8777

Guidepost Montessori at South Riding Now Enrolling children ages 6 weeks to 6 years! Call or visit us online!


Join us Thursday, March 21st as we host a Silent Journey showcasing our programs. All prospective and current families are invited to explore the classroom and the Montessori materials with explanations and guidance from our Lead Guides. RSVP with us today!

Guidepost Montessori at South Riding Now Enrolling children ages 6 weeks to 6 years! Call or visit us online!



What is it?
•A mirror to polish. A basket containing a small bottle of vinegar and water (used as “polish”), a small bowl to squeeze the polish into, a small sponge to apply the polish, and a hand mitt to remove the polish and “polish” the mirror until it is shiny.

Why do we do it?
•To show how to polish a mirror; to give the child a sense of ownership and pride in caring for shared community spaces; to aid in the development of functional independence

How to help at home?
•Invite your child’s general participation in cleaning up and caring for your family home.


Happy World Compliment Day! Tag a friend to compliment their awesomeness 🤩



What is it?
•Use a child sized rake to show the child how to rake the leaves into a pile
•Use an outdoor broom to show the child how to sweep up leaves and carry them to the trash or compost using a dustpan and brush for the outdoor space.

Why do we do it?
•Coordination of movement of the whole body
•Development of equilibrium
•Development of order through exact use of each item and through following a logical sequence of activity
•Motive for repetition and concentration
•Development of the will (self control)
•Care of the environment

How do we help at home?
•Allow the child to help in caring for any outdoor spaces (gardening, cleaning the patio, shaking out cushions, raking leaves, wiping down dusty outdoor furniture)


In doing practical life activities, the child can develop a high level of concentration, develop a sense of order, take pride in completing a job, increase independence, develop respect for his or her community and surroundings, and improve fine motor skills—both in general and with an eye to the particular skills that a child will need for more cognitively demanding work such as reading, writing, and mathematics.

Come see it in person and visit our school today!


Children are invited to wash hands, retrieve a (real‼️) plate and cup, pour their own milk and prep and serve themselves snack. When the child feels full, they are given the opportunity to clean up snack independently, compost and wash their dishes.

To learn more, call us at 571-370-8777 or schedule a tour!



What is it?
•some stickers in a container
•small piece of white paper

Why do we do it?
•eye hand coordination
•both hands working together
•developing language
•exploring a theme such as season, plants, animals, completing a cycle of activity


"Movement of the hand is essential. Little children revealed that the development of the mind is stimulated by the movement of the hands. The hand is the instrument of the intelligence. The child needs to manipulate objects and to gain experience by touching and handling." -Maria Montessori


“The first essential for the child's development is concentration. The child who concentrates is immensely happy.” -Maria Montessori


Comment below and tell us where you want to see a Guidepost open up near you!

Photos from Guidepost Montessori's post 02/14/2024

Our campuses are BUZZING today with parents and students brining heartfelt gifts to the staff and guides excited to show their appreciation! If you dropped off your kids this morning at a Guidepost campus, it's likely you felt that buzz too! 😍

With over 140 Valentine's Day events this week, we have to showcase a few in honor of all the dedication and hard work the school leaders have shows to make these events happen. THANK YOU! WE APPRECIATE YOU! 🤗

If you felt the BUZZ today, drop a 🥰 in the comments.


Happy Valentine's Day from the South Riding team!

Photos from Guidepost Montessori's post 02/13/2024

We celebrated across our network and our team did not disappoint! These images are courtesy of our Guidepost Montessori at Princeton Meadows campus in New Jersey. 🥁


At Guidepost Montessori, we are committed to serving children and inspire each child's individual spirit. In doing so, we create an engaging environment for children 0-6 years old to explore, discover, and develop skills through hands-on learning experiences.

For more information about our school or schedule a tour, please contact us today or visit

Photos from Guidepost Montessori's post 02/13/2024

Tuesday Tips: Nurture Curiosity!

We believe in fostering a love for learning by encouraging open-ended exploration. Instead of limiting children to yes/no answers, ask questions that spark their imagination and critical thinking skills. 🧠💡

By delving into specific inquiries like "Why do you think...?" or "How did you...?", you empower your child to express themselves fully and engage deeply with the world around them. 🌍💭

Let's inspire a sense of wonder and curiosity in our children today, one thoughtful question at a time! 🌟 Swipe for some ideas on open ended questions to ask.


Can't wait to see you tomorrow, Guidepost Montessori South Riding families!🌹🌹🌹💗💗

Photos from Guidepost Montessori's post 02/12/2024

Our Mahwah, NJ campus is celebrating their amazing families this morning! We love to see it. 💙 Parent involvement, big or small, is the cornerstone of our ethos. Guidepost Montessori at Mahwah

Photos from Guidepost Montessori at South Riding's post 02/11/2024

Happy birthday Ms. Christine and Ms. Teresa!🎂
May all your aspiration be fulfilled! 🎇💝🔆

Photos from Guidepost Montessori at South Riding's post 02/11/2024

Empowering the present, honoring the past. Celebrating resilience, achievements, and the vibrant tapestry of Black history this ☀️🌞

Photos from Guidepost Montessori's post 02/09/2024

Explore our latest campus in Westfield, IN! 🥰 Introducing Guidepost Montessori at Spring Mill . Situated conveniently in Westfield, Indiana off W 176th Street, our campus provides a range of Montessori programs tailored for students from infancy through kindergarten.

To learn more about this campus or take a tour, visit them here:


A lot of you asked if we could talk about activities to promote mindful emotional regulation. Here are some ideas:

🛞Mindful Breathing with a Pinwheel:
Use a pinwheel to teach children about deep, mindful breathing. Instruct them to take slow, deep breaths, focusing on the movement of the pinwheel. Lovevery has a great kit with this included.

🐞Nature Sensory Tray:
Create a sensory tray with natural materials like sand, rocks, and shells. Encourage children to explore the textures mindfully, discussing how each one feels and connecting it to their emotions.

🪨Emotion Stones:
Paint stones with different facial expressions representing various emotions. During circle time, children can pick a stone and share a time when they felt that emotion, fostering emotional awareness and expression.

🎧Mindful Listening Station:
Set up a quiet corner with headphones and calming music or nature sounds. Teach children to close their eyes and focus on listening mindfully, identifying different sounds.

🎨Peaceful Art Corner:
Provide art materials and encourage children to express their emotions through drawing or painting. Use this time for self-reflection and discussion about their creations.

👣Mindful Walking:
Take a mindful walk outdoors, encouraging children to pay attention to their steps, the sounds around them, and the sensation of the ground beneath their feet.

🫐Mindful Snack Time:
Encourage children to eat mindfully by engaging their senses. Discuss the taste, texture, and smell of the food. This fosters a connection between food and emotions.

📚Mindful Storytelling:
Read books that focus on emotions and mindfulness. Afterward, have a discussion about the characters' feelings and relate them to the children's own experiences.

Remember to tailor these activities to the age and developmental stage of the children, and always create a safe and supportive environment for their emotional exploration.

What else would you include?

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