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S&J Fitness and Kickboxing


Intense workout 🏋🏻 this morning!!
Feeling Goood, Like I should!!
Thank Danni Boo Victory for the amazing workout 🏋🏻.
Green beans, mushrooms and eggs whites, one whole grain bread ezequiel!!
Taste piña colada 😂
Hey Fit Fam. I am reaching out to see if anyone has any used size 4T girls clothing and size 7 girl shoes? She is also in need of size 6 diapers if anyone has any laying around. I learned of a family in desperate need.. I am willing to pick up. Thank you in advance, Millie.
Some how managed to burn 942 calories I'll take it
Thank you Paul AKA Vicente for the intense workout, and for all the demonstrations 😉😉
Byron can I send this in for my next weight in? 😂
Healthy dinner and soooo yummy
My weight watchers chocolate pumpkin pie smoothie for breakfast
It feels great to be back!!!! Danni Boo Victory (Danielle Nichole), I’ll be thinking of you when my abs go on strike tomorrow 🥊
This protein shake is on sale at Costco this month for $21.99 💪
Here's my protein breakfast smoothie , 1 cup of 8ce 1 cup 9f water , I cup light &fit strawberry cheesecake Greek yogurt , 3 bannanas , and 1 cup powdered pb

kickboxing boot camp The most exciting and results-producing workout available in the area by far!

Kickboxing, Boot camp & Beyond, as the title suggests, is the ultimate combination of the proven benefits of kickboxing, poured into a fitness boot camp format and supplemented by the most effective personal training exercises and tools to give you the most exhilirating exercise experience yet.

Operating as usual

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6-week challenge success story
Heather: “Hey Andy, do you have any challenges going on, I haven’t been able to lose my Covid weight 😤”

Me: “Yup, you should do the 6-week challenge, it’ll give you a boost”

Heather: “Ok, let’s do it!”

And the rest is history.
Congratulations, Heather and thanks for the inspiration, you’re killing it! 🤩

Believe In Yourself
Achieve Happiness
Inspire Hope

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6-week challenge success story

You can do anything
You can be anything you want to be
As long as you believe in yourself and work hard.
Leticia decided to kickstart her journey with the 6-week challenge and grabbed the momentum by the horns and kept things rolling into a wonderful transformation.
Congratulations, Leticia!


“I starved myself, drank green smoothies, I worked out all the time, but I never lost weight…”

Andrea was tired of living an unhappy and dissatisfied life when she heard about S&J Fitness and Kickboxing
She was at the point where she had enough of dealing with:

😔 A negative body image
😤 Clothes not fitting
🫥 Feeling sad and insecure to where she didn’t want to socialize
😮‍💨 Feeling sluggish

Overall, Andrea just felt disappointed with who she had become and not living her fullest potential. Fear and doubt were still trying to keep her from starting her transformation with the 6-week challenge…

❓…Will I be able to follow the plan?...
❓…Is my coach actually knowledgeable?....
❓…I’ve tried everything already, nothing worked, why would this?...

Luckily, Andrea chose to let her faith be bigger than her fears, because she has been able to:

📉 Go from 224 ➡️ 166 after kickstarting things with the 6-week challenge…
💪 Feel empowered and become more outgoing
🤓 Learn how to not only lose weight, but keep it off

She says one of her biggest breakthroughs was being able to enjoy the holidays but not gaining weight. It truly changed her relationship with food into a positive experience 🤗

“I have way surpassed my goal of being under 200 and really can say that there is no better investment than investing in yourself”

Andrea says mindset is everything on this journey:


The driving force in the quest for success and and achievement. A mindset that combines discipline, strength, confidence and ambition is a powerful mindset. This can achieve anything it sets its sights on. A powerful mind can achieve anything.

Let’s celebrate Andrea’s mindset and all her awesomeness!!!


Hey we would like to introduce you to one of our coaches here at S&J

Coach John “JT” Thomas is a certified personal trainer and a highly accomplished Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt! He has 8 years experience as a martial arts instructor and 17 years training and competing. Coach JT's ultimate goal is to help his students defend themselves and promote a healthy, fun family environment. While sharing his passion with others and encourage them to live healthier, happier lives!

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Hey Best fit fam ever 🥊 Here is one of our hardworking fun coaches Danni ✨❤️ and here's a little bit about her 👏🏽

Coach Danni workout out because it's her stress released and she likes that it makes her feel strong and confident. What started her fitness journey was her Freshman Year Of College in a Kickboxing class and she fell in love with the energy of a great workout and how it made her feel & how it helped her take on each day!

Everyone has their own journey, and their are good days and bad ones, how does Coach Danni overcome her obstacles? She said," I always remember that tomorrow is not promised and that it could always be worse. Also, when I do persevere through an obstacle, it helps me be stronger for when the next one comes. Each day things will get better and I become wiser."

That's Coach Danni for you 😊

Comment below 👇🏽 what started your fitness & health journey.

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Maybe if period pain burned calories, it'd be worth it... JKJK LOL
Hey BEST FIT FAM EVER! This is for my ladies out there :) Ya'll know that the monthly visitor can be a pain in the butt! But that's just the natural cycle taking its course. We know it can be difficult staying on track and this is our accountability coach Sarah here to share a few tips on how to stay on your healthy lifestyle while one is PMS-ing.

1. Expect the scale to jump!
2. Stay to plan and fight cravings. If you are on food freedom decide what you want and account for it and track it!
3. Drink more water.
4. If you are feeling tired get rest.
5. Get those 10,000 steps!
6. Chew sugar free gum will be your BFF!
7. Drink a zero calorie flavored drink.
8. If you are craving dessert try some whip cream on jello!

COMMENT BELOW how you stay on track despite PMS-ing

Happy Monday Fam! :)

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Hi Best Fit Fam Ever! Happy Sunday! Hope all is well :)

So the coaches here voted on their go to drinks to be Coffee & Iced Tea :)

What are you go to drinks :)



Trainer Andy here!!! I know eating healthier can be a challenge sometimes but here are 6 ways I think can help you out!

1. Include a form of protein (lean meats, poultry, fish & seafood, eggs, and dairy products)

2. Eat 2-3 veggies and fruits

3. Drink water: half of your body weight

4. When it comes to eating, USE HAND PORTION METHOD for portion sizing. For instance, a cup hand for rice, palm size for carbs and for protein & veggies fist size and thumb size for fats.

5. Once in a while, include foods with low but okay value that taste delicious

6. Most importantly do not feel deprived!

Hope this helps, what are some ways you eat healthier? Comment below :)


Hello S&J fam and welcome!!! Here The man behind S&J
Trainer Andy!!

Don't be intimidated with what you see online or in the gym, the best investment you'll ever make is YOUR OWN HEALTH!

Here are 5 ways you can start!

1. Go to sleep
2. Move your body
3. Drink water
4. Have a healthy way to cope with stress
5. Hang around people who have the health you want

If you have other ways you started on your journey comment below :)

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Today we are wearing red, white, and blue in honor of memorial day.


If you quit once it becomes a habit
-Michael Jordan

Hey S&J fam here is our Accountability Coach SARAH!!!!

What is exactly is an accountability coach?
An accountability coach is someone who believes in you. They are a someone who builds a plan for your own personal needs and helps you get the results you want! Additionally an accountability coach helps you get out of the comfort zone, gives you challenges to face and helps you fall in love with yourself again!


1. Be consistent with steps water and eating to plan!

2. This a journey on progress not perfection

3. Having a healthy mindset leads to success and results

4. Progress pictures tell you more about your journey than standing on the scale

5. Getting out of the comfort zone is a risk - but are you willing to take it to get the results you deserve?

6. Not sure I understood the assignment but let me know if this works



“Those who move forward with a happy spirit will find that things always work out”

Hello S&J Fam
Happy Wednesday! Just here to send you all good vibes!

Again if you haven't yet follow us on Instagram for more news and updates! :)



Hey fam! 🚨🚨🚨🚨

Had to repost this! Made a few changes 🤍🤍🤍


It’s time for the great gym comeback 🥊

(Re)join the or invite a friend!

Trial deal for brand new members:

Text us at 562.349.1776 and type

2 Weeks Free!!!


If you took some time off from the gym, that’s okay!
Lots of people did.

It’s time for the great gym comeback

(Re)join the or invite a friend!

Trial deal for brand new members:

Text us at 562.349.1776 and type

2 Weeks Free!!!

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Happiest of birthdays to these January peeps 🎂
Boss man Andy & Trainer Chloe & Jacob 🥊


Hey here are the themes for this month ✨ see you kicking butt at the gym 🥊

Photos from S&J Fitness and Kickboxing's post 11/30/2021

Happy birthday to our amazing kick ass trainer Danni! We are sending you nothing but positive vibes on your birthday ❤️

Photos from S&J Fitness and Kickboxing's post 11/19/2021

Life is too short to have boring hair 😆 today's theme was bad hair day and next week is anything fall!!! This was such a blast! 💪🏽🙌🏽

Photos from S&J Fitness and Kickboxing's post 11/13/2021

We thank our veterans for your service ❤️🤍💙

Next Friday is bad hair day lol 😆


Work is the key to success, and hard work can help you accomplish anything. 💪🏽

Photos from S&J Fitness and Kickboxing's post 11/10/2021

we want to acknowledge some of our fam who had their first workout with us 👏🏽




Photos from S&J Fitness and Kickboxing's post 11/06/2021

This was a fun and cute twin day 😍next Friday we will be wearing red, white, and blue for our veterans 💙❤️🤍💙


Use the pain as fuel and keep going 🥊 🔥


Don't you love this dad joke? 👻


Surround yourself around fitness minded people because positivity is so contagious ✨


Hey ✨ 🥊

We are always about the good vibes here and we love celebrating people's first time working out with us 🏋🏽‍♀️

Congratulations Sherelie for killin your first workout!! Cheers 🥂


No matter what your goal is... patience, hard work, and faith will get you there 🙏🏽

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Purple 💜 for Domestic Violence Awareness 💜

Thank you all for wearing purple and hope you had an amazing work out 🙏🏽

Next week's theme is ANYTHING HALLOWEEN 👻🎃


At first they’ll ask why you’re doing it. Late they’ll ask how you did it. 🥊


A little progress each day adds up to big results🙌🏽


Facts 💯


"Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.” —Mahatma Gandhi ✨


Giving ourselves muscles for Christmas 🎄😆


If you don’t find the time, if you don’t do the work, you don’t get the results. -Arnold Schwarzenegger 💪🏽


🏋🏽‍♀️ 7 Quick Stretches For Stress Relief 🏋🏽‍♀️

1.Child pose: Your lower back is a prime place for the body to hold tension. Stretches like this one, which elongates the back, release low back tightness and stiffness.

2. Seated Spinal Twist: A spinal twist combines a deep breath with a twisting motion, like wringing the stress out of your spine as you would wring water out of a wet towel.

3. Happy Baby: The benefit of this stretch is that it will help open your hips, which is a common reason for a tight back. We seriously create poor body positions every day from sitting too long. Stretches like this aid in chronic back pain.

4.Lying Glute Stretch: This stretch is good for putting some movement into your lower back, especially if you’ve been sitting still. You will have to get up and find a spot to lie down. (Remember taking a brief break from whatever you’re doing can help relieve stress, too. )

5.Wide Legged Forward Fold With Chest Compression:This stretch targets your upper and lower body. It’s especially great for tight hamstrings (common in walkers and runners), as well as tight chest and shoulder muscles (common if you often sit at a desk typing).

6.Chest Opener Stretch: This is a great at-your-desk stretch when you need a quick release. This stretch promotes proper posture and releases tension through your chest.

7.Rotational Neck Stretch:Reacting to stress by tensing up your neck and scalp muscles can trigger a tension headache. To keep healthy flexion in your neck and let go of tightness.


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"If you want something you’ve never had, you must be willing to do something you’ve never done.” —Thomas Jefferson

I know it can get hard sometimes but YOU GOT THIS 🥊🙌🏽

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