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Real Estate Investment Forums | All investing categories + Topics The ConnectedInvestors real estate investing forum helps real estate investors find answers to questions. Advanced & beginner discussions. Video & text Q&A for real estate. Search by location. 10/21/2018

If You Want to Get More Done, Here’s the One Thing You Need to Stop Doing And nine reasons why it’s frankly just bad for you.


Hate Cold Calling? Too Busy to Prospect? Need More Seller Leads for your Real Estate Biz? Hundreds of Leads in Minutes!

Do you find that you just don't have the time to prospect? Hate the thought of Cold Calling? Are you wasting time manually gathering Real Estate Sellers (or…


Chris Bruce

In this episode of Escaping The Real Estate Investing Newbie Zone Chris Bruce talk about automating your real estate investing business with special guest Dan Schwartz. Dan is the founder of Investorfuse and has a passion for helping the overwhelmed real estate entrepreneur work smarter and earn more by setting up effective systems. After launching InvestorFuse, a lead management workspace for real estate investing, he’s helped bring the power of Podio to hundreds of happy investors and has built a strong community around the technology.

You’ll discover steps on how to start delegating tasks and how to use systems to automate a lot of things like follow ups with sellers via text, phone, emails, etc. If you’re looking to scale your real estate business up this episode is definitely for you.

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Great Big Story

Never Say Never , EVER !!!!!! 80 STRONG !!!

She's ripped. She's gracious. She's also 80 years old. Meet Ernestine Shepherd — World's Oldest Female Body Builder.


Foundr Magazine

"The world will not always appreciate the good that you do, but will put you down for the one mistake that you make. Rise above the criticism and stay strong."

Hear it from Jay Shetty


Have a Little Faith

Struggling with forgiving someone in your life? Nadia Bolz-Weber says to grab the bolt-cutters. ✂️



This shark's story proves that "the ultimate secret to success boils down to one thing, work."


Racist History

In America today, for every $100 of white family wealth, black families only have about $5.04.

It’s a direct result of centuries of racist banking policies and practices that systematically kept black Americans from opportunities to prosper.


Nature Videos


Oahu, Hawaii


NowThis Entertainment

Chadwick Boseman gave his MTV award to James Shaw Jr., the man who stopped a gunman at a Waffle House


Jada Pinkett Smith

Wake Up Call For All !

This week Gabrielle Union blesses us with wisdom, smiles and laughter. Join us✨ 05/28/2018

Play Me First! The What, Why, Who and When!

Started 4-11-18 , Keep up with the content and watch the Change of Mindset, Shift you into the Epic Lane of Life ! Everyone NEEDS Real Estate. Anyone Can Invest In It. Not Everybody Will. Will You?Download your free real estate investing course now at https://F...


Whistle Sports

Fastest 14-year-old girl in the history of the planet 👀🔥🌎



Broken bones, a funny walk and a dream to fly. This is how Janine Shepherd went from paraplegic to pilot in 12 months

Speaker: Janine Shepherd Author | Motivational Speaker for WORLDZ



These 5 rules for success will make you go from Kindergarten Cop to fearless Terminator.

Shorten your own path to success! Goalcast has partnered with 9 Spokes to bring you a free tool to help your business grow. Sign up for free here:


Matt Aitchison

Consistency X Time = = ⚡️🚀📈


Fundwise Capital

When the bank denied her business loan Claire didn't know where to turn. Fundwise showed her how to use her 660+ credit score to secure over $70K in funding in under 3 weeks. She's now building her business. 30 seconds gets you started today. Startups welcome!

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The Magic Show

Follow him and The Magic Show for more amazing illusions! 01/20/2018

5 Proven Strategies for Finding Vacant Houses There’s no doubt that vacant, abandoned and forgotten houses are the #1 way to find the best deals and make money in the real estate investing market today, especially in competitive markets. There are houses 09/19/2017

Thank you-Global Summit


Eric Thomas

When you learn how to stay out of your feelings you'll reach a level of success you've never seen before. Remember principles over feelings.

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Ryan Little
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Priming the deal flow pump,To flood the marketing system with an Overflow of Motivated sellers with a Nu Program and process on deck. Stay Tuned and ready to Engage ! Stay Elite !!!


Grant Cardone

This Info Has Never Been Published Online Before… And Now He's Giving It Away For Free!?

My friend Russell Brunson just released his new book ExpertSecrets. It's literaly the underground playbook for creating a mass movement of people who will pay for your advice!

You can get a copy of it here for FREE (just cover s&h) -


Let nothing or no one hold your Dreams Hostage, Make a Nu you a Now reality. Know this always "YOU CANNOT DEPOSIT EXCUSES" TIME TO CHASE THAT BAG !


place your passion where your others are excited to receive life developing inspirational information and support as well. Be The Blessing they have been waiting for Today !



"You will lose. You will embarrass yourself. You will suck at something." - Denzel Washington's speech at the University of Pennsylvania


Doug Marcaida

Never Quit! Control the Opposition Live Ready


More Mastro: Mastro defence system
More Marcaida: Doug Marcaida
The Whole Team: Funker Tactical



Eric Trump's full speech at the RNC 7/20/2016
Heartfelt Eric Trump celebrates his father at Republican National Convention

VideoCred: ABC15 Arizona


Eve Torres Gracie

Stop what you are doing and take 42 seconds to learn this choke! (And let go when they tap). 09/29/2015

100% Online Real Estate Investing Conference REI Power Summit is a real estate conference like no other - 50+ speakers presenting entirely online! There's no hassle of travel or choosing which sessions to miss. Get it all without leaving home for just $297! 08/13/2015

Home #Sweet #Home # Own a home of your own. Ownership has its benefits. Take advantage of them Today ! 07/29/2015

Realty Consultants of America | We Can Sell Any House Anywhere In Under 4 weeks FULL PRICE, 0%... We Can Sell Any House Anywhere In Under 4 weeks FULL PRICE, 0% COMMISSION




Residential & Commercial Properties,Land and Notes at a discounted price, available in several areas of the country. Joint Venture and Funding Opportunities for development projects as well.



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DNA of Training DNA of Training
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We strive to constantly challenge our clients to become the best version of themselves they have ever been. We offer online coaching, in person one on one sessions and in person boot camp classes as well as nutrition coaching!

Wisdom Within Coach Wisdom Within Coach
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STOP EXISTING AND START LIVING. Easier said than done when you are the parent of Teenager !

Team SassyFitness LLC Team SassyFitness LLC
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Certified Health Coach & Fitness Trainer: Empowering Women with CONFIDENCE through Health, Fitness, and a LIFETIME of Wellness!

Lori Wellen Power Yoga Lori Wellen Power Yoga
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Power Flow Yoga and Custom Curated Healing Events Dynamic, athletic, fiery sequences followed by ultra chill relaxation/meditation. Private/Group/Corporate sessions available. Central Florida primarily, retreats hosted almost anywhere

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