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The Leader in Early Education and Care® Primrose Schools is a national family of private accredited early education and care schools across the country.

We are more than just a daycare. Through our research-informed Balanced Learning® approach, we provide meaningful learning experiences for children beginning at 6 weeks of age. The curriculum in our classrooms for infants, toddlers, preschool, kindergarten and after-school not only inspire a love of learning but also empower children’s potential preparing them for lifelong success. Each Primrose s

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Today is Juneteenth, a holiday that commemorates Black history, equality and freedom in the United States. It's a day of remembrance, but also a day of joy and celebration for Black Americans. We honor and encourage families to join us in recognition of this important occasion.


Here’s to the dads, granddads, stepdads, like-a-dads and all other kinds of father figures! You make a difference every day as you protect, nurture and inspire your children. Today, we’re celebrating you. Happy !

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Happy birthday, Mia! 🎉 This mouse is small but mighty and loves to help others adopt healthy habits, from staying active to practicing mindfulness. Regular physical activity is key for nurturing your child's development and boosting their self-confidence. Learn more about teaching your child healthy habits at home.

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Our Summer Adventure Club enjoyed their field trips to SEA Life Grapevine Aquarium and Sci-Tech Discovery Center! Primrose Schools

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We “donut” about you, but we love our dads! We enjoyed our Donuts for Dads event here at Primrose Schools of Castle Hills and hope you have a great Father’s Day! Primrose Schools

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Our Summer Adventure Program enjoyed their field trip to Nerfies! Primrose Schools

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Our Summer Adventure Program enjoyed their first offsite field trip to Globe Life Field! We learned so many stadium and Texas Rangers facts, took so many fun photos while touring the facility!

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Love, acceptance, tolerance and hope: we celebrate these values every day by welcoming families and providing a safe, nurturing environment for children to grow, learn and be uniquely themselves. Belongingness is part of our Balanced Learning® curriculum and is at the heart of the joyful experiences our Primrose teachers bring to life every day for children. 🌟🎉


Congratulations to the Apple of our Eye, Ms. Montenegro, for the month of June! Thank you for all that you do for us each day. We are so lucky to have you!

"Hello, I am Andrea Montenegro. I am the toddler lead teacher. I am so grateful to be at Primrose of Castle Hills. Everyone is so welcoming. I love seeing the kids learn and grow every day. I’ve always wanted to work with kids. Before working at Primrose, I worked at a school district for an after-school program. I’ve lived in Carrollton my whole life. I’m the oldest of three sisters and have a big family full of aunts, uncles, and lots of cousins. I’m currently taking a break from school, to figure out exactly what type of career I want to have, but for now I am enjoying my time here at Primrose." -Ms. Montenegro

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Congratulations to the Merchant Family for being our Family of the Month for June! We appreciate all you contribute to Primrose, and we are happy to have you as a part of our school.

"Hello everyone! We are the Merchant Family: Rehan, Roshni, Ronak and Rahath and we are so honored to be June’s Family of the Month! Both boys started at Primrose the summer of 2022 and we have loved every moment – the teachers, staff, and fellow families have left a lasting impact on our lives.

Roshni was born in Amarillo, grew up in Houston, attended the University of Texas at Austin, and has been in Dallas for over two decades. After graduating from UT Austin, she joined the Executive Development Program at Neiman Marcus and spent the next twelve years in various roles thru the buying organization. She is currently a Beauty Buyer for JCPenney. When she’s not busy keeping up with two very active boys, she enjoys baking, concerts, traveling with family and friends, and hosting (she’s always planning something).

Rehan was born in Kuwait and moved to the US when he was 7 years old. He grew up in Carrolton and moved back to Dallas after graduating from the University of Texas at Austin. He currently works in Internal Audit for Wells Fargo. He loves the Dallas Cowboys and participates in not one, not two, but three Fantasy Football leagues annually. During the off-season, he enjoys traveling, drinks on a patio, trying new recipes he finds on TikTok.

Ronak will start 3rd grade in the fall and has attended Primrose Explorer’s Camp for three summers and looks forward to it every year. His is very curious and his biggest passion is Lego - he loves building everything from dragons to Lego cities. He also enjoys reading and is currently making is his way thru the Captain Underpants series.
Rahath will begin Kindergarten in the fall and is currently in Ms. Evans Pre-K class. He has the biggest heart and LOVES sports. Football is his favorite and you will almost always find him with a football in his hands. When he isn’t playing with a football (or a basketball, soccer ball, baseball…) he’s sharing all the football facts he knows with anyone who will listen." -The Merchant Family

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First week of Summer fun!! Splash days, mail call, dress up days, sports, and more! What was your favorite activity of the week? Primrose Schools


We hope everyone has a safe and fun Memorial Day.

Reminder that we are closed for today and will be open our regular hours tomorrow, Tuesday, May 28th.

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Con-GRAD-ulations to our Primrose 2024 PreK and Private Kindergarten graduates! Your journey and growth here at Primrose School of Castle Hills are the beginning of SOMETHING BIG and we are happy to be a part of it! Primrose SchoolsNBC DFWFox NewsABC News


Primrose Friend Percy the rooster loves teaching children the importance of courage in the classroom, at home and beyond. You can show your little one ways they can be courageous by modeling bravery and offering them gentle encouragement when they're feeling scared. Learn more about how to teach courage at home.


Join us in honoring AANHPI Heritage Month as we celebrate the history, traditions and achievements of Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders! Our Primrose students enjoy books written by AANHPI authors, like "Grandpa Across the Ocean" by Hyewon Yum, and folk songs from our Harmony and Heart® music collection like "Sakura" to learn about the importance of celebrating many cultures and backgrounds.


Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms and like-a-moms out there! Motherhood is a beautiful journey filled with rewards and challenges, and you handle it all with amazing grace and grit. Especially today, we're celebrating just how special you are and everything you do to make the world go 'round!

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Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

We’re providing teachers with a world vacation!
Day 5: USA
Gifts: Baked potato bar and a gift of choice from parents!
Primrose Schools

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Thank you to all the amazing moms and grandmothers for all that you do! ❤️ We hope you enjoyed the yummy muffins and heartfelt gifts. Have a great weekend and a happy Mother’s Day!

Primrose Schools

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Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

We’re providing teachers with a world vacation!
Day 4: Japan
Gift: Wallets, their favorite treat, and a luncheon provided by Grand Brook Memory Care!

Primrose Schools

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Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

We’re providing teachers with a world vacation!
Day 3: Australia
Gift: Sunglasses and their favorite drinks!

Primrose Schools

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Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

We’re providing teachers with a world vacation!
Day 2: Mexico
Gift: Walking tacos, thank you notes, and gift cards!

Primrose Schools

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Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

We’re providing teachers with a world vacation!
Day 1: England
Gift: Primrose t-shirt, a keychain, and an item of their favorite color!

Primrose Schools

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What a fun way to celebrate and learn about diversity! Our PreK classroom made their own ponchos and paraded around the school, while our preschool friends danced with their shakers in the sombrero! We hope you have a fun Cinco De Mayo!

Primrose Schools


Are you ready for Teacher Appreciation Week? We’re excited to celebrate our amazing teachers and their dedication to supporting our families and nurturing young minds. There are so many ways to show appreciation, from messages of thanks and support to small gifts. Here are a few ideas to say "thank you" to your Primrose teacher this month.❣️


At Primrose, we grow Active Minds, Healthy Bodies, and Happy Hearts®.


Hi! My name is Mrs. Townsend and I am the Lead teacher in Preschool Pathways. I have been at Primrose since the very start of 2024. Before coming to Primrose I was at Children’s Lighthouse for 3 ½ years teaching three year olds. I have worked with children to some degree since 2014.

Along with a passion for teaching I have a great love of live theatre. I am involved in community theatre as a performer, stage manager, and director. My college degree is a combination of these parts of my life as I have a Bachelor's Degree in theatre education.

It was while getting this degree that I met my husband of 4 ½ years. We live happily with our two cats and one turtle!

I am so happy and excited to be here at Primrose Castle Hills!!! I have enjoyed getting to know the children and families and look forward to many years of fun and happiness here!

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Congratulations to the Sankalia Family for being our Family of the Month for May! We appreciate all you contribute to Primrose, and we are happy to have you as a part of our school.

"Hello, we are the Sankalia’s (San-Ka-Lee-Ya’s). It was fate that drew Nikhil (Dad) and
Parul (Mom) to meet. It was a Friday in Mumbai, India where Nikhil was waiting to take his flight back to the United States. He was the only one in his family with a flight back to Dallas from Mumbai. It was that day we met for the first time. Ever since then, fate has been kind to us. It has blessed us with 2 beautiful children, our son Ved and our daughter Ruhi.

Both Ved and Ruhi go to Primrose. Ved started his journey at the age of 3 when the
world was just starting to recover from Covid. He started in Ms. Saha’s class as a shy,
reserved, and quiet, but polite boy. Since then, we have seen him grow year-to-year at Primrose and blossom into the sensitive, yet mischievous, and humorous boy that he is today. He loves swimming, the piano, and playing games (but he doesn’t like to lose). Ruhi is our strong-minded, independent, and over-protective young girl. On one hand, she loves to dress-up in pink and needs a whole wardrobe of choices to decide what she will wear that day. On the other, she is a girl who likes her sports, mischief, and standing her ground when she thinks she’s right. She takes to things naturally and is a quiet absorber of information. She also dotes on her brother and wants to do everything he does, despite the age difference. She also loves swimming, along with expressing her creative side with drawing/coloring and making up the story as she reads her books.

When together, they are a force to be reckoned with and we could not be prouder of
them. Thank you, Primrose Staff (Admins and Teachers), for helping Ved and Ruhi grow up into confident young children who are ready to take on the world. Ved’s journey is almost ending at Primrose as he will start 1st grade in the fall, but we look forward to Ruhi’s continued growth at Primrose as she enters Pre-K."
-The Sankalia Family

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For Earth Day our Primrose friends have been discussing conservation and taking care of the Earth with our Primrose character Megy! They worked together to reuse milk jugs as planters for their beans and flowers. 🌎🌱

Primrose Schools


Happy ! Our Primrose students learn about conservation with help from Megy the pig. Megy shows us easy ways we can conserve, from reusing art materials to turning off the lights when we leave a room. In celebration of Earth Day, watch Megy’s conservation tips video with your child for a fun at-home learning activity. 🌎🌻

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At Primrose School of Castle Hills, it’s our mission to forge a path for a brighter future for all children — both inside and outside our school. Our Spring Fling fundraiser is one of the ways we advance our mission and instill a passion for giving without expectation in our students.

Stay tuned to see how much your family helped us raise to donate towards Creatures for Cancer and the Primrose Schools Children’s Foundation.

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Primrose little ones across the country are making a big impact! ​

Students and families at Primrose schools are giving back to their communities through coat, clothing and toy drives. Check out some highlights from their Winter Holiday Giving Events. ❄️🧥🪀


2024 is finally here, and with it come fun opportunities for your little one to learn about responsibility and independence. Read our blog to see how making a New Year's resolution can help your child build important life skills.


The clock is ticking, but midnight is still far away for little ones. So, gather your loved ones, get comfy, and join the Primrose Friends for an exciting early countdown! Be sure to save this video or visit our YouTube channel to make your New Year's Eve celebration extra special! 🎊🥳 ​


Thank you to everyone who participated in the 2023 Food Drive in November!​

Primrose schools across the nation collected and donated over 400,000 food items to families in need. That's 43,000+ more than last year. Congratulations to Primrose students, families and teachers for all their hard work and for embracing the spirit of giving this season. We are so of your generosity!


Happy holidays from all of us at Primrose Schools! 🎁❄️️🕯​

No matter which holiday you celebrate, we hope this season is full of love, laughter and time shared with family and friends. To get the joy started, here’s a holiday jingle from the Primrose Friends!


When it comes to Primrose schools, Amanda H. has done it all: parent, teacher and now area director of three schools in Georgia. It’s not just the support and growth opportunities she looks back on with fondness, but the fact that the parents of her students still remember her 20 years later. Read on to see what makes Amanda believe so strongly in what Primrose has to offer.


Happy birthday, Libby the lamb! 🎉 At Primrose, Libby helps children learn about fairness and how being fair helps you build better relationships with others. To keep the learning going at home, check out these fun games to help your little one understand fairness.


Cold and flu season is coming. While you can’t always skip the sniffles and forget the fevers, a little preparation and some simple steps can go a long way in helping your family stay healthy. Check out our tips!

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The Primrose Support Team and Atlanta-area schools recently donated over 38,000 canned goods to The Salvation Army Metro Atlanta as part of the 41st annual 11Alive Can-A-Thon! CEO Jo Kirchner spoke in a live interview about how Primrose nurtures and the importance of giving without expectation in young children all year long, a concept that’s embedded in our Balanced Learning curriculum.


As part of the Food Drive, Primrose students as young as 3 years old learned about giving without expectation and how to help others. They did chores to earn money then purchased canned goods to donate to their local community organizations.

Watch the special interview at this year's 11Alive Can-A-Thon with Primrose Friend reporter Benjamin the bear and Primrose Schools CEO Jo Kirchner as she speaks about the amazing efforts of Primrose schools across the nation.​

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