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I teach the art and science of mothering. My passion is to support all babies to receive the best start in life. Skype calls Contact me.

I help their parents gain confidence and develop skills to create secure attachment with their children. Expand your parenting skills and confidence. Good mothering is the foundation of your child’s lifelong health, learning potential, and emotional security. Do you have the latest developmental information and practical skills to do your best as a parent? In today’s busy world, many parents don’t

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What was your mother's journey and how did this affect you? This is a beautiful question. ✨🌸🌸✨

Behind all your stories is always your mother's story.
Because hers is where yours begin.

~ Mitch Albom

[Art: Garis Edelweiss]


Birthing a baby changes your view of yourself. You know you can do anything and will!

♥️ “What if we told women the truth about birth
We’d have to tell them that contractions will probably be more than “surges” or “sensations.”

That they’ll probably rock your f✨cking world and leave you begging for salvation as you clutch the edge of the tub or the hospital linens

That your gentle breathing exercises and your Spotify soundtrack will be left in the dust as you sweat and pant and sway and swear your way through it

That you’ll trip harder than any mushroom you ever did in college and vomit with the same ferocity and travel to places deep within yourself that you didn’t know existed. That you’ll float above your body and simultaneously be trapped in it with an intensity you’ve never tasted

And in that intensity, in the sweating and the swearing and the swaying and the vomiting and the endless hours of contractions crashing down upon you
You’ll find your strength
You’ll find a resilience you’ve never known
You’ll find the power you need for the journey of motherhood ahead

In the messy humanity of it all
You’ll find that you are holy
A portal to the divine
Capable of indescribable miracles
A vessel of sacred life

What if we told women the truth about birth?
We’d have to tell them they are capable of anything
Worthy of being treated like goddesses
Made to walk through the flames
Surf the tidal waves
Dive into the underworld
And come out alive

Not unscathed
Not unchanged
But whole
And healed
And ready to take on the world

If we told women the truth about birth
We’d have to admit that we’ve lied about everything else
And that they are more powerful
More fierce
More capable
More beautiful
Than we’ve ever let on.

If we told the truth about birth?
We’d shatter the world.”

Spirit Y Sol

Stress and Pregnancy: How It Affects an Unborn Child's Brain 04/29/2022

Thomas R. Verny was my teacher! This is a great article. 🙌I am writing about this topic in my new book that will come out: Creational Dances of Parent and Child 🌈

Stress and Pregnancy: How It Affects an Unborn Child's Brain Avoiding the harmful effects of stress will make a big difference.


Honor your womb!

How a Child is Born 03/12/2022

The miracle of life with the dance of egg and s***m!! ✨✨✨✨✨💖

Swedish photographer Lennart Nilsson spent 12 years of his life taking pictures of the fetus Developing in the womb.

These incredible photographs were taken with conventional cameras with macro lenses, an endoscope and scanning electron microscope.

Nilsson used a magnification of hundreds of thousands and “worked” right in the womb. His first photo of the human fetus was taken in 1965.

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The More You Hug Your Kids, The More Their Brains Develop 02/21/2022

Hug, cuddle, touch and cradle your babies and young children to create loving nurture in your relationship and to build your child’s brain! 💞🌈

The More You Hug Your Kids, The More Their Brains Develop As mothers, we already have an innate instance to snuggle our babies. But did you know that every time you hug your kids, you're helping their brains


Soo sweet! 💗🌸💗

Baby Grandson Consistently Answers Each Of Grandmother’s Questions 07/05/2021

This is the very best! She shows everyone how to communicate ! Eye to eye, Interest, novel questions! It’s fun to expand communication with 👶. 🙌

Baby Grandson Consistently Answers Each Of Grandmother’s Questions Building a bridge between your child's communication and understanding of their needs can be difficult. Oftentimes, kids have their own way of communicating with adults, even if we do not underst…


Happy Mother’s Day is a day to mother yourself!🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼Sending love to all of you who have lost children, have strained mother relationships, have lost your own mothers/ parents or who serve as a caregiver. We are all mothers in some capacity. Honor the role that you play! Your pets love and appreciate you too! 💞🌟🌈💗

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