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Call for womb service ;). I have a thriving passion to care for women during pregnancy, birth & postpartum. I simply have a strong feeling compelling me to serve women during this time.

I look back on my own experiences and realize the importance of compassionate support that I lacked with my first pregnancy. With my second pregnancy I had more knowledge and resources to plan the birth I had dreamed of with my first. I experienced a new level of care from dedicated women striving to support and empower me. I felt in control and my choices were respected. Having this type of suppo

Madeline Wagner on TikTok 12/15/2020

Madeline Wagner on TikTok

I laughed so hard at this!!!!!

Did you know doulas support all types of birth? Hospital, induction, cesarean, home and birth center. We are here to support your birth your way.

Madeline Wagner on TikTok What not to say to your preggo wife part 4 #GrowUpWithMe #bekind #fypシ

Photos from The Lamaze Doula's post 10/01/2020

These photos are amazing!!!


Feltz Chiropractic - Dr. Kayla Feltz

If you're pregnant and having a hospital birth COVID19 does not give providers permission to strip you of your rights.

1. You do NOT have to be tested. Period. You don't have to explain why, and you don't need any kind of excuse.

2. They CANNOT take your baby from you if you refuse to be tested.

3. They CANNOT take your baby if you test positive for COVID.
*Both the WHO & RCOG strongly recommend keeping mother and baby together, even if mom tests positively. You can show this resource to your provider if they say otherwise:



4. There is NO known medical reason to stop breastfeeding if you test positive. Current research shows no evidence of the illness being transmitted via breast milk. Breast milk does however have valuable antibodies to build your baby's immune system. If you planned to breastfeed, it is still recommended by the WHO.

WHO link about COVID & breast feeding-

CDC link about COVID & breast feeding-

5. They CANNOT make you wear a mask while laboring/pushing. You can voice that you are uncomfortable, and take it off.

YOU get to decide what you consent to, COVID does not change that.


This has A TON of evidence based links and info. Evidence Based Birth is a very solid source of information.



Justine Tuhy Photography LLC

These might just be the best baby facial expressions I have ever captured! Mom and Dad both said she came out with this same face! I just love it!


Birth humor

Jack-o-lantern 🎃 cervical dilation chart! Photo credit unknown. Found at @jamiimidwife on Instagram.



This is so accurate


Hemos encontrado esta animación de Lucy Scott y nos ha encantado. Queríamos compartirla con vosotras.


Feliz día!!

#lactanciamaterna 09/02/2019

This Midwife Has Delivered Over 150 Breech Babies Without a C-Sec A breech birth is when a baby is born feet first. It depends on the experience of the provider, but most opt for C-section to deliver breech babies. Betty Ann Daviss is a world-renowned Canadian midwife who’s educating providers on how to do vaginal breech births. Read more about her here.



Wow!! Imagine a hospital where vertical birth was not only practiced.... but preferred! The hospital in Otavalo, Ecuador has a 90% vaginal birth rate (vaginal!), of which approximately 75% are born vertically! The other 15% are birthed in a clinical room similar to North American standards. This means that only 10% of births are cesarean, which is 5% below the national Ecuadorian average of 15% cesarean births. Oh, and if THAT didn’t blow your doula mind... they are an intercultural institution where the Indigenous midwife (partera) has her own prenatal room, that resembles the inside of a home - with a fire place, beds, stove, and more! For over 20 years this hospital has been promoting these relationships and practices. The community feels supported, listened to, and connected through option and shared respect for their diversity. #birthdoula #labourdoula #doulanation #ecuadormidwife #ecuador #doulacanada #doulatraining #morethanadoulatraining #holistichealth #holistichealing #healers #childbirth #birth
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Earth's Natural Touch: Birth Care & Beyond

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East Texas Doula Association


“Unfortunately, giving birth at a hospital isn’t universally safe. NPR reported that the United States is the only developed nation with an increasing rate of maternal death, which has more than doubled from 1987 to 2015. According to the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation, it is now nearly twice as dangerous to give birth here as it is in Britain, France or Germany, despite the fact that the United States spends more on health care per capita than these countries. ACOG notes that the statistics are even more dire among minorities, with black women being three to four times more likely to die than white women.”


Happy Birthday baby boy! Welcoming you into the world today was such a treat! 07/05/2019

I prepared so much for my baby that I forgot to prepare for my own transformation While I had gone through the motions of doing the preparations, what I hadn't done was say goodbye to my old life.


Second Nature Lactation and Childbirth

#howtosupportnewparents suggestions
for those wanting to help friends and family who are newly navigating parenthood.



This goddess 😍😍😍

Just gave birth to identical twin baby girls, one breech and encaul, unassisted, undisturbed, unhindered, in her home on International Women’s Day, supported by her family, and our very own co-founder, Desirae ❤️❤️

Women do not give a damn what you think is impossible.


These Waters Run Deep


The Jacksonville Baby Company

“The mother’s ultrasound at six weeks showed a single placenta and positioning of amniotic sacs that indicated she was expecting identical twins. However, an ultrasound at 14 weeks showed the twins were male and female, which is not possible for identical twins.”


Mewinzha Ondaadiziike Wiigaming


Did you know?

Did you know this? When did your water break?



Black History Month is upon us. For many of us, this month means the celebration of black Americans in our past who fought for the freedom and equal rights of all people – but especially people of color. Unfortunately, while many of us celebrate this month with good intentions, we too often only use this time to affirm ourselves and our culture and how far we have come. I’m here to tell you that the tireless fight for equality and equity is far from over – and this is painfully evident in the maternal and fetal mortality rates for black women and their babies.

Across the country, black women are more than four times as likely to die during childbirth than white women. They are also much more likely to experience birth-related complications and experience pre-term birth. Equal outcome is absolutely not a reality for black women during pregnancy, labor, and delivery.

Today I want to introduce you to two incredible midwives who are working hard to change this reality for fellow African American families Dallas and Ft. Worth. Over the past two years, I have spent countless hours documenting the work of Tereé and Kennasha, tireless advocates for black families and babies in Texas. Together, they are boldly bringing race-based disparities in birth outcomes to the light and asking our society to do more for African American's and their babies. Through their work with individual families, they are slowly spreading a powerful message: The disparities faced by black women are shocking and unacceptable – and must be recognized by our culture before true progress can be made.

Photos by: Lane B Photography

My Sister's Keeper Birth & Midwifery Services

EDITED TO ADD: A Gofundme Campaign was just started for My Sister's Keeper for those who have been interested in how they can help support the families the midwives are serving:



I really wish that all new mothers were told that the majority of newborns want to breastfeed much more frequently than every few hours. And many even want to stay latched on, suckling for extended periods of time. This can understandably shake a new mother’s confidence and make her second guess if she’s producing enough milk to keep her nursling satisfied. Women are usually just told that their baby should nurse ‘every 2-3 hours’, but frequent (and lengthy) nursing is a totally normal thing for newborns to do! It helps keep them close to mama while regulating her milk supply.
Often babies won’t have these longer stretches between feeds until they’re a little older. Even then, there are several things that could make them want to nurse more, including (but not limited to) teething, sickness, unfamiliar surroundings, or feeling tired. I can’t imagine how miserable it would be to have a fussy baby in your arms but feel like you shouldn’t breastfeed again because it’s “not time yet”.
This isn’t discussed often enough and new mothers need to be reassured. If baby is gaining weight, then there’s absolutely nothing wrong with breastfeeding more often than what you’ve been told is ‘normal’. The postpartum period is all about surrendering, so cozy up with your babe and forget the clock.

Photo x @ameliahannah




UNIMPRESSED: This toddler doesn't appear to be too thrilled to meet her baby brother, hilariously staring plainly into the camera, barely acknowledging the new addition to the family.


This!! ❤️❤️


Spinning Babies

Baby steps !

Keep going US, we need doula care!


Mothers' Milk Bank of North Texas


This bottle saves lives. Learn about donating breastmilk for babies in West Texas & beyond.


Remember this ❤️

"You can. You have. You will."



Starting today's #motheringarts class with some beautiful words from Vicki Rivard's book Brave New Mama.❤

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😂much more accurate then terrible two’s, I never liked that term.


My Darling Doula

How amazing is this❤️

Fewer than 1.4 percent of babies are born each year weighing less than 2 pounds (or 900 grams), and now Huggies has a diaper that specifically meets their needs.

The brand has announced its Little Snugglers Nano Preemie Diaper, which was created for extremely preterm babies who weigh less than 2 pounds.


La Leche League International


Now how can I teach my baby to feed me cake?



So true! 01/04/2019

An Entire US State Is Finally Recognizing That Dads Change Diapers, So Bring on the Changing Tables

Wonderful news! "It's not just moms who change diapers."


Enlightened Cam - Wyld Magick

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by touch when you’ve got a cluster-feeding newborn and a jealous toddler and you never get to p*e or shower or eat by yourself.
It is NORMAL to feel touched out and it does NOT mean you aren’t bonding or that you don’t love your babies enough.

Postpartum is hard enough as it is without you judging yourself for your feelings. Talk to your partner, talk to a postpartum doula, talk to ANYONE about your feelings. Be honest with yourself and with your support team. Most importantly, ask for HELP.

They weren’t kidding when they said it takes a village.
So ask for help and take a shower, p*e with the bathroom door shut, and eat a full, nourishing meal. Take a moment for yourself and reset your touch threshold. Your babies need you happy, healthy, and ready to fill their needs. If your cup is empty, you can’t fill theirs.

Ask for help ✨
#postpartum #touchedout #postpartumdoula


Y’all!!! I’m blown away by how widespread this card has reached. Thank you thank you THANK YOU for all of the love. Just by reading the comments, I’ve seen people get suggestions and help based on what they need and that was the whole point of this post!! There is a community out there for you. You are NOT alone in your feelings or emotions as a parent ♥️

I’ve been working SO hard on this affirmation deck so that it is inclusive of all families. If you want to see more affirmation cards, follow this page or @enlightenedcam on instagram 🌸


Dallas Midwife Associates

Last night, we got to meet with the amazing labor and delivery nurses at the BEST hospital in Dallas, Baylor University Medical Center! Please help us support the excellent work they do and vote BUMC as the best place to have a baby in Dallas! As a bonus, you can also vote for our midwives in the “Best Midwife in Dallas” category!


I have one who says “simp” instead of shrimp.

Late night breastfeeding roll call and game!


This made me giggle

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BABY BIZ Mother's Appreciation night! Come see us!
The finished product!
Banana pancakes today!!
I love a reason to throw a party! #doula #party #women #empower #selflove
Location update
Annie keeps insisting there is a baby in my belly and she feels her kick.  Lol #doulakids  #futuremidwife #birthisnormal
My kids play like they are in my womb and I'm pregnant. Then they are born. #doulalife
My girls are asleep! Now it's time for some meditation to keep me grounded. Try the Headspace app for a quick 10 min min...




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Elevate Student Success is a learning intervention center for students with ADHD, Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, Dysgraphia, sp*ech impairment, auditory/visual processing disorders, and other learning differences.