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Class Ms Moore
Class Ms. Moore
David Ventura
How can Occupational Therapy help my child to do "BETTER" in a school setting? Read to find out information.
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OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY information for Parents! #OTMONTH
“Occupational therapy practitioners have important knowledge and expertise to share. Take advantage of it.”

What Parents Need to Know About School-Based Occupational Therapy
By Ashley Opp Hofmann

When a school informs parents that it recommends occupational therapy for their child, parents tend to have a lot of questions. Their first question?

What is occupational therapy?

Occupational therapy is a health profession in which therapists and therapy assistants help individuals to do and engage in the specific activities that make up daily life. For children and youth in schools, occupational therapy works to ensure that a student can participate in the full breadth of school activities—from paying attention in class; concentrating on the task at hand; holding a pencil, musical instrument, or book in the easiest way; or just behaving appropriately in class.

Occupational therapists and occupational therapy assistants help students perform particular tasks necessary for participation or learning. “The whole purpose of school-based occupational therapy is to help kids succeed,” says pediatric occupational therapist Leslie Jackson. Occupational therapy practitioners don’t just focus on the specific problem that a child’s disability may present; rather, they look at the whole child and tackle individual tasks, helping students find ways to do the things they need and want to do.

Usually, occupational therapy is provided to students with disabilities. But occupational therapy can be made available to other children who are having specific problems in school. Occupational therapy practitioners also work to provide consultation to teachers about how classroom design affects attention, why particular children behave inappropriately at certain times, and where best to seat a child based on his or her learning style or other needs. Occupational therapy may be recommended for an individual student for reasons that might be affecting his or learning or behavior, such as motor skills, cognitive processing, visual or perceptual problems, mental health concerns, difficulties staying on task, disorganization, or inappropriate sensory responses.

A common manifestation of difficulties in school involves handwriting, in many cases because this is a key “occupation” that students must master to succeed in school. A teacher might notice that a student cannot write legibly or has serious problems in other motor tasks. The occupational therapy practitioner can work with the teacher to evaluate the child to identify the underlying problems that may be contributing to handwriting difficulty. The occupational therapy practitioner looks at the child’s skills and other problems (including behavior), in addition to his or her visual, sensory, and physical capabilities. They also take into account the school, home, and classroom environments to find ways to improve the handwriting or to identify ways the child can compensate, such as using a computer.

Accessing school-based occupational therapy is fairly straightforward, but it is the school team who makes the decision of whether or not a student requires occupational therapy. Not every student needs occupational therapy, even if the student has a disability. Those who do may have problems that the teacher can address after consulting with an occupational therapy practitioner and modifying their teaching technique or the environment for the entire class.

The education team could recommend one-on-one services. Usually these services are integrated as much as possible into the child’s routine to promote better integration of skills.

Students with disabilities have been able to receive occupational therapy at school since the 1975 passage of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), which served as the original impetus for school-based occupational therapy. The law stipulates that students with disabilities must have access to the occupational therapy if they need it to benefit from special education. In 2001, Congress passed the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act which requires schools to improve the academic achievement of all students, including those with disabilities. In 2004, the reauthorization of IDEA extended the availability of occupational therapy services to all students, not just those with disabilities, in order to fully participate in school.

Parents, though, have a lot of the responsibility when it comes to their child’s success in school, and their involvement becomes doubly important when an occupational therapy practitioner enters the picture. First, Jackson suggests getting to know the teachers and occupational therapist.

“Share information about what your child does at home, raise whatever concerns you have, find out what sorts of things you can do with your child to help him or her succeed,” she says.

“Occupational therapy practitioners have important knowledge and expertise to share. Take advantage of it.”
Class Ms Moore
David Ventura Munoz
Jayceon morning zoom lesson ( Mrs. McCann)

Thought this might be fun for some of our students.
Jayceon Mrs. McCann and twins Jocelynn and Josiah and Jeremiah Mrs Venzon class

This is the official page for Camden's Early Childhood Development Center (ECDC), where inquiring young children blossom into global thinkers.

Operating as usual


Online Survey Software | Qualtrics Survey Solutions

Hello Parents,
An email was sent to families on 4/21 to complete the Phase 2 Hybrid Learning Interest Survey.

This is the preferred method to completing your child’s survey.

We invite you to take the Phase 2 Hybrid Learning Interest Survey. The survey will only be open for a short period from Wednesday, April 21 until Wednesday, April 28th.
All families currently in remote learning are encouraged to complete the survey to share your preference in how your child will finish the school year.

Families can also complete the survey by clicking here:

If you choose to complete this survey using this link, you will need your child’s student identification number.

Parents, you will receive several email reminders to complete the survey.

If you need assistance with this survey please feel free to contact me at the main office at [email protected] and at (856)966-4171.

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Protecting Our Planet | PBS KIDS for Parents 04/20/2021

Protecting Our Planet | PBS KIDS for Parents

We are celebrating Earth Day this week! This article from PBS KIDS has some great activity suggestions for kids ages 2-8 and tips for raising environmentally-responsible children. 🌎

Protecting Our Planet | PBS KIDS for Parents Celebrate Earth Day by planting trees, picking up litter, or heading outdoors to visit and celebrate natural spaces in our communities.


Parents please check your email or phone this morning. 💙

Parents please check your email or phone this morning. 💙


💛ECDC Reopening Announcement💙

We are sooo excited to have our students back in class.
ECDC reopening will start this Monday, April 19, 2021

Numerous COVID safety practices are being implemented at our school.
For example, to keep classroom separate, each teacher is assigned an area outside of the school,

Masks are required for all returning students, parents and staff.

Physical distancing will be practiced in all classrooms.

So parents and guardians to help prepare for reopening, please remember to keep your contact and email information updated with the main office.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me at 1(609) 7819968.

We hope that you have a great day.


Covid Vaccine 💉Resources‼️

Covid Vaccine 💉Resources‼️


Candidate registration is now open for the 2nd Annual NJ Virtual Education Job Fair presented by NJSchoolJobs.com! Don't miss out on NJ's largest education job fair in 2021! Register at https://njschooljobs.vfairs.com/ #nj #teaching #jobs #education #newjersey #jobfair2021



Photos from Sesame Street in Communities's post 04/14/2021

Photos from Sesame Street in Communities's post


Summer Resources

Summer Resources

Photos from Early Childhood Development Center - ECDC's post 04/12/2021

Photos from Early Childhood Development Center - ECDC's post

Photos from Early Childhood Development Center - ECDC's post 04/12/2021

Welcome Back! We have a special shout-out for this Monday and it goes to our two awesome nurses Ms. Turt and Ms. Zimmerman! They are true hero’s when it comes to taking care our our little scholars, ensuring parents have the right vaccines and shots/physicals, administering medications, keeping staff and families informed of warning signs of a variety of medical related conditions—-the list is too long to go on! They both always are so helpful and always with a smile, handling any emergency, no matter how big or small, with care and love. ECDC is so lucky to have these two! Happy Monday and Welcome Back CCSD!! #CCSD #schoolnurse #schoolnursesofinstagram #ECDC


Parents and Guardians:
Please see the following important update from CCSD.

Important Updates:

For the week of April 12, all students will continue fully remote. In-person teaching and learning will begin on Monday, April 19, 2021.

For more information visit our website at www.camden.k12.nj.us


Happy National Autism Day!

Happy National Autism Awareness Day!
Light it up BLUE! 💙💙💙💙

Light it up blue to spread kindness, understanding and acceptance for people with autism. 💙🧩
#AutismDay #SpreadKindness #LightItUpBlue #AutismAwarnessDay
Camden City School District


Good Morning Parents:

This is a reminder regarding student meals.

On opening day:

All returning hybrid students will require breakfast and lunch AT HOME. 

Students will not be fed Snacks until 11:00 daily.  So it is imperative that they eat breakfast at home.

So remember, we will NOT provide lunch, so they will need to eat when they return home. 

Please see the District wide website for school meal pick-up and delivery service.

Please see the following link for pick up information.


Thank you for paying attention to this email.

Ebony Maddox, FOC


This week we are doing FriYay on a Thursday—Due to our Spring Break starting tomorrow! We have an amazing class to showcase, we have Ms. Lawson and Ms. Maggie’s scholars!
“We are just finishing up our study on Exercise. During our study we learned about why exercise is important for our body. We learned about the importance of eating healthy foods and staying safe while we exercise. We made pictures of ourselves doing exercise as well. Our class had the pleasure of being visited by Ms. Neely and Ms. Mar during our study. We also ended our study with and activity with Ms. Adamson and Mr. Belcher. We are moving on to a new study as we work on making the transition to Hybrid Learning. So far we have had a blast this school year.” #friYay #ECDC #CCSD



Marzo 23, 2021Transmisión de la session en Inglés de la Junta de Educación Escolar de la Ciudad de Camden EN VIVOINTERPRETACIÓN EN ESPANOL


Join us at 3pm for our Reopening Open House Meeting‼️
Parents you can find our zoom link is on Class Dojo. See you all tomorrow 💛💙

donorschoose.org 03/29/2021

Let's Get Cooking!, a project from Ms. Maddox

donorschoose.org Help me give my students a cooking area with in the school to help build math skills, healthy eating and parent engagement. I work in a great community that could really use some extra love and sup...


It must be Monday....Our highlight this week goes to an amazing group of teachers, Ms. Truit and Ms. Soto!! They are studying clothing and getting their kids ready for next year. You can tell how much fun they are having with their lessons by the gigantic smiles. They work so hard each day with their families and continue to challenge learners and support engagement with our youngest learners. Happy Monday, and thank you families and teachers for all your hard work! #mondayshoutout #ECE #CCSD #ECDC

[03/29/21]   Good Morning ECDC Families!

We look forward to the welcoming our students on April 12, 2021. In order to accurately prepare for this date we have scheduled an Open House meeting hosted by ECDC Administration.

Open House is scheduled for tomorrow March 30th at 3:00 pm. This meeting is for all PK parents that selected in-person learning for their children.

- The event zoom link for Open House is posted on our Class Dojo page.

Please feel free to contact the school if you have any questions.
Thank you.


Teaching Strategies for Early Childhood Education

Strong social-emotional education starts with a positive, welcoming environment. Download our free eBook for 6 Positive Messages to use in your classroom. https://bit.ly/3lV0IOO


This FriYay, we want you to.....HAVE NO FEAR, HECTOR IS HERE.

Hector joined our office time during the pandemic and he could not have come at a better time. He supports bilingual families and well as operational needs of the school.
He is always willing and ready to help
in any way. His warm spirit and positivity is contagious and we appreciate all that he does for our school community.
#FriYay #ECDCHero #community #ECDC #CCSD #earlychildhoodeducation #behindthescenes


Every parent is invited to this mandatory meeting.
Learn about our plans for reopening.

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 328 528 6340

Find your local number: https://camden-k12-nj-us.zoom.us/u/kelQSbnXNh


Coat Drive


Parent Resource:

Our event has been postponed until next Thursday, April 1st, 1-4 pm.
Make sure to Pre-register for this event.
Camden City families only while supplies last!
Pre-register Here



Parents for Great Camden Schools

High School Virtual Fair Happening Now.

Parents for Great Camden Schools & Camden Enrollment are offering parents an opportunity to learn more about Camden High Schools by way of a Virtual School Fair! This is a great opportunity for families to learn about programs offered at various high schools in the city.

camden-k12-nj-us.zoom.us 03/24/2021

Video Conferencing, Web Conferencing, Online Meetings, Screen Sharing - Zoom

Parent Portal Office Hours

10:00 AM - 1:00 PM

Please join me to sign up for your parent portal.
You will need this information to check your child’s attendance, grades and parent documents.


Ebony Maddox is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Parent Portal Access

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 328 528 6340

Find your local number: https://camden-k12-nj-us.zoom.us/u/kelQSbnXNh

camden-k12-nj-us.zoom.us Zoom unifies cloud video conferencing, simple online meetings, and cross platform group chat into one easy-to-use platform. Our solution offers the best video, audio, and screen-sharing experience across Zoom Rooms, Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and H.323/SIP room systems.


Hello Parents,
Please attend this PAC meeting tomorrow.


Camden City School District


Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.
South Jersey Alumnae Chapter 2021 Julia Polk Parham Scholarship Application is now open!

The scholarships are limited to African-American female students attending public high schools in Camden, Cumberland, Gloucester, and Salem counties who will be attending a 4-year college or university in the fall of 2021.

For more information visit:



Camden City School District



Camden City School District


Tomorrow! In partnership with Center For Family Services, we will host a monthly food bank distribution at Camden High School from 9:00-11:00 am!

docs.google.com 03/23/2021

Camden City School District: Public Portion Call-in Form for March 23, 2021 Regular Monthly Board Meeting

docs.google.com The Camden City School District will host a board Meeting on Tuesday, March 23, 2021. This is a public meeting and as such, the public is welcome to give remarks during the public comment portion of the meeting. During this period of state mandated social distancing, the board meeting will be conduc...


Camden Education Association


Paraprofessional virtual job fair hosted on Monday, March 29,2021. Apply no later than Friday, March 26,2021. For more details go to the districts website and click on Careers.


Kroc Center - Camden

We are hiring for Summer Camp (3 position types included: Supervisor, Lead Instructor, Counselor)! To indicate your interest and get started in the process:

¡Estamos contratando para el campamento de verano! Para indicar su interés y comenzar el proceso:


Monday’s shoutout this week goes to some truly incredible students, teachers and families. It really takes some solid communication and dedication to ensure our youngest scholars are getting what they need and Dr. Jones and Ms. Deneen do this, connecting with their families every day! “The students in room 131 had a fun filled week celebrating the life of Dr. Seuss life with reading lots of stories, making crafts, and having fun with rhymes. The students were able to listen to the song "One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish." Students then used their fine motor skills by helping fish get back to their fishbowl activity during virtual learning.
In addition, students were able to listen to and view the video " Thing One and Thing Two" and then complete activity “Help thing one get to thing two”. Students demonstrated fine motor strength by completing the virtual assignment of for the day. The class celebrated the week by wearing their Dr. Seuss hats. Hats off to all the students who completed their virtual activities.”
#mondaymotivation #shoutout #ECE #CCSD

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ECDC Perfect Attendance💙💛
💛ECDC Reopening Announcement💙
Perfect Attendances for the month of December! 💙
💛ECDC Perfect Attendance for October💙‼️
ECDC Perfect Attendance





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