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This is great!

Nike Basketball salutes Kobe Bryant with this clever spot, featuring some incredible cameos:


Bleacher Report


After being shot in the head in November, Los Angeles Rams receiver Stedman Bailey is back on the field running routes (via Instagram/iamsb_12) 03/10/2016


I love this add! You want to know what it takes to be a world class athlete here you go. Legacies like his are built over a lifetime like this. Michael Phelps returns for one last time. It’s what you do in the dark, that puts you in the light. #R... 03/09/2016

Grading the NFL free agent moves so far

There has been a lot of big moves made so far. It's been a busy 24 hours in the NFL, and free agency doesn't even start until 4:00 p.m. ET on Wednesday. Let's assess the early moves.


"NFL 2016: PART TWO" — A Bad Lip Reading of the NFL

More NFL Bad Lip Reading shenanigans... PART ONE HERE: ENDING SONG = "Bushes of Love": Like on Facebook! http://w...


Bad Lip Reading

Another Super Bowl, more things football players never said...



Ummm...yeah don't do this.

But... does it count?


GWS Giants

Hammy goals!

If you want an example of incredible hamstring strength, look no further than Dylan Shiel.

How many of these could you smash out? #ShielStringChallenge



Lu Xiaojun's (-77kg, China) 175kg/385lb sn**ch at 1/33rd speed from two different angles! He is the world record holder with a 176kg sn**ch from two years ago at the 2013 WWC. He's also made 175kg in int'l competition several times now including this lift, the 2014 Asian Games and the 2012 Olympics (a world record at the time). Note that the camera on the right was only shot at 30 frames per second (not fast enough for slow mo) so it will give some weird effects when slowed down this much. 06/26/2015

Baxter Holmes on Twitter

Oops. Bet he wishes he could take that post back “Seems the Lakers' new draft pick just deleted this old tweet from 2012. Probably a good idea.”


Dude Perfect

This may be the best idea ever... 06/08/2015

Rugby 'war goddess' Georgia Page plays on despite broken nose

Tough! The rugby player who stayed on the pitch, despite breaking her nose during a tackle, has now become an "inspiration".



EXTREME Mexican Mountain Biking! Through narrow alleys, steeps stairs, and a kitchen! #taxco #mexico #extreme #mtb #urban #downhill #race #redbull
[via Diagonal View]


Fitness World

Sick no-look tennis racket flip 05/28/2015

Punter Goes From YouTube To The NFL This will be his first competitive football in 7 years.


NBC Sports

You've probably never heard of North Carolina A&T Athletics running back Tarik Cohen, but he's becoming a social media star due to videos like this:


Whistle Sports

5-foot-9 Ukrainian Ilya Kroshka aka Kroha throws down the "TRIPLE UP" dunk courtesy of Team Flight Brothers: World's Best Dunkers! #Subscribe


Calisthenics Germany

I am impressed!

Das ist abgefahren!!!

Habt ihr schon unseren neuesten Artikel gelesen?

~~~ ~~~ 05/12/2015

Why You Shouldn't Try to Lose Weight! A common response from people when I ask what they want to achieve is "to lose x amount of weight". Here is where I am going to blow your mind. STOP trying to lose weight. That is to say do not fixate on the numbers on a scale. Since we were children it has been drilled into us that how much you we… 04/10/2015


We are now Offering Online Coaching! Spread the word! At the SPF Academy we believe that all people have the potential to be athletes. They just need the right help in order to realize it.Our training philosophy is to seek out weakness in order to make it a strength and recognize strengths to make them stronger. 04/10/2015

Mental Toughness and Goal Setting

New blog post. For a person to be successful in a physical endeavor such as sports or fitness, they have to have the ability to push themselves beyond their current physical capabilities to reach their potential. The act of training is literally tearing apart your body to rebuild it better than before. There is a… 04/07/2015

The "Food Babe" Blogger Is Full of S**t

This has been making the rounds on the interwebz and for good reason. Vani Hari, AKA the Food Babe, has amassed a loyal following in her Food Babe Army. The recent subject of profiles and interviews in the New York Times, the New York Post and New York Magazine, Hari implores her soldiers to petition food companies to change their formulas. She's also written a bestse… 04/02/2015

Blog Starting to blog about topics I am asked or come across in my relentless trolling about performance and fitness.




Mobile Uploads

[03/20/15]   I often get the question, what is the best way for me to loose weight and for the majority of people asking my reply will be simply to eat less and eat better. This is not meant to be condescending in any way. In all seriousness the majority of people take in way more than they need to because they aren't sure exactly how much they need. Your diet should be prioritized over all other forms of weight loss. You can do yoga, crossfit, or run until you pass out, but if you are taking in more than you are putting out it won't do you much good in changing your body composition. 03/13/2015

Four Reasons Why Athletes Must Sprint - Bret Contreras

Fantastic blog post on the importance of sprint training. Robert A. Panariello MS, PT, ATC, CSCS Professional Physical Therapy Professional Athletic Performance Center New York, New York The athlete’s ability to sprint at high velocities is an integral component in the related fields of Sports Rehabilitation and the Performance Enhancement Training of ath… 03/12/2015

'Stand up for your friends': Athletes who defended bullied cheerleader talk lessons learned

Well done gentlemen! The response has been incredible since we told you Tuesday about some junior high basketball players who came to the rescue of a girl being bullied at their game. 03/02/2015

Strong, Not Just Skinny: Being An Athlete Taught Me What's Important

Good article. Sports molds strong women. 02/20/2015

Athlete Tattooed His Body With Names Of 50 People In Need For Hunger Awareness

Another athlete using his large platform for the greater good. I love seeing this Swedish soccer player Zlatan Ibrahimović is used to doling out autographs. But now, instead of his own, he’s writing out the names of people struggling with hunger who are in need of a spotlight. Ibrahimović, a striker for the Paris-Saint...


Always #LikeAGirl

2 of my 3 kids are girls. I love that there is an effort to empower them as individuals. Always #likeagirl.

Using #LikeAGirl as an insult is a hard knock against any adolescent girl. And since the rest of puberty's really no picnic either, it's easy to see what a h...


Gymnasts are fantastic athletes and have tremendous upper body strength. If you are looking to improve your strength and mobility go over and check out the 31 day challenge being put on by GymnasticBodies They have advance and beginner levels for each of the handstand challenges.

Gymnastic Strength Training® (GST) is a system of exercise which utilizes the body’s own resistance to build world class levels of strength, power, agility, balance and mobility. 12/24/2014


Website is up and running. Head over and check it out! At the SPF Academy we believe that all people have the potential to be athletes. They just need the right help in order to realize it.Our training philosophy is to seek out weakness in order to make it a strength and recognize strengths to make them stronger. 12/16/2014

Browns player gives passionate statement after police demand apology

It is great to see an athlete speak intelligently and eloquently Receiver Andrew Hawkins doesn't believe a "call for justice" should offend anyone.




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