Parents Day Out -Butler, MO

Parents Day Out -Butler, MO


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December 12, 2019
There is no PDO today. Everyone stay safe see you next week on Valentine's day!
I want my little one to come today, but I would have to pick him up about an hour or 1:15 early, is that OK?
My son Landyn went last year. Loooved it. His little brother Mallykai wasn't able to make it today. Can he start next week and be able to join the program?
Will Parents Day Out begin next Thursday the same as first day of school?
We have some crazy drivers today!

Need a little time during your busy week to get some kid-free cleaning or shopping done? Parents DayOut is your answer! Guilt free alone time 4 hours once a week to do what you want or need to do!

We provide a safe, encouraging and loving place to receive care for your child 6 months old to Pre-K!
9:00 am to 1:00 pm each Thursday!

Operating as usual


The Board of The First Christian Church has decided that we will not be offering a fall Parents Day Out program. Thank you for understanding.


I am sure it is no surprise to any of you that we have decided that we will not resume Parent's Day Out until fall. I am sad we did not get to say goodbye or have our program. The children worked hard learning our theme verse ..."you are a light in the Lord, walk as children of light". They may act it out for you if you ask, and go slowly. They were also getting good at singing "This Little Light of Mine" and our version of "Baby Shark". Love you all, stay safe & God bless.


🌷happy first day of spring everyone! It is official now Butler schools will be closed until April 6th. That means no PDO before April 9th. I will keep you updated on any future changes.

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Windy March day...let's make a kite craft!

Photos from Parents Day Out -Butler, MO's post 02/29/2020

Hope the littles didn't drive you parents crazy with "Baby Shark" last night. They were making up their own verses.

Photos from Parents Day Out -Butler, MO's post 02/22/2020

Since we got snowed out last week, this Thursday we decorated cookies for our family. And are some too 😋


We will not be having class today due to weather conditions. See you all next week.

Photos from Parents Day Out -Butler, MO's post 02/08/2020

Photos from Parents Day Out -Butler, MO's post


Sure glad our parents are keeping the littles home when they're not feeling well but will enjoy it when we have our full crew again! If you've not been for awhile no worries - we have a spot for you. 💗

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January is over! We have several openings age 6 months. to 5 years. It is not mandatory to attend every week. We are here to give parents needed kid free time. Hope everyone enjoys the big game Sunday. GO CHIEFS!!!


Another day of low attendance 🤔hoping it's the weather and not illness. None of the photos I took this week were becoming to anybody! We will try again. Stay well & warm! See you Thursday!

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Small crew last Thursday. Hope everyone is healthy this week!

Photos from Parents Day Out -Butler, MO's post 01/10/2020

Great first day of 2020! Welcome to our new friend, Quinn!

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Wishing all our kiddos and their families a very Merry Christmas!

Photos from Parents Day Out -Butler, MO's post 12/13/2019

Looks like we have some spots opening up. If your littles, 6 mo. to 5 yrs, would like to join us beginning January 9th we would welcome them into our program. Comment or message me for ANY questions!

Photos from Parents Day Out -Butler, MO's post 12/07/2019

Each unique and so very special!

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Photos from Parents Day Out -Butler, MO's post 11/15/2019

We missed Ms Lyssa & Ms Tabatha yesterday due to illness. Hope everyone is feeling better and back with us next week. Welcome to PDO Barrett! We loved having you.

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Did you guys know that today...until 4pm you can go to The Carpenter's cup and sign up for a free book a month for each child? It only takes a few minutes.

Photos from Parents Day Out -Butler, MO's post 11/01/2019

Great day at PDO yesterday. We did a color by number sheet and got some special treats!


Happy Sunday everyone! Last Thursday we had fun painting pumpkins, I'm so sorry that I didn't get 1 photo! Hope everyone is loving fall, (I love the color of the trees through the fog this morning)!


As of today, with a new enrollment, our infant & toddler classes are full. We still have space for children 3 1/2 to 5. So blessed! See you all Thursday!

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This week we got measured so we can show how much we've grown during the school year.

Photos from Parents Day Out -Butler, MO's post 09/27/2019

It is so neat to see these little people forming friendships. And to begin to show us who they are.

Photos from Parents Day Out -Butler, MO's post 09/21/2019

Thank you for helping us out in a pinch Dorothy & Brittany! We started learning our theme verse and the "big" kids went downstairs to run & ride bikes which gave the littles more freedom too.

Photos from Parents Day Out -Butler, MO's post 09/13/2019

1st 2 weeks have been a bit hectic - our apologies. The children are adjusting well and trying out new friendships. Next week we start learning our theme song!


Well I see my post from last Thursday did not actually post! Sorry. We will have another teacher this week so things won't be quite as compacted. Looking forward to seeing everyone.


Our first day is only 5 days away! For those who are new to the program know you will need to spend a few minutes to complete an enrollment form. Please bring; a copy of their shot record, lunch, change of cloths. Also diapers & wipes for those not potty trained. Again please feel free to ask any questions. See you all Thursday!


Spent some time this week putting up flyers.


Are we ready? Getting closer! Next week I'll be making flyers to post around the county. Hoping we can reach enough kids to need more teachers!


Back to school is arriving all too quickly! Parents Day Out will resume Sept. 5th! I have chosen our theme and began the crafts & music. Please spread the word.

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Can't believe another year is almost over!

Photos from Parents Day Out -Butler, MO's post 04/19/2019

Easter fun

Photos from Parents Day Out -Butler, MO's post 04/11/2019

A teacher short today, so I didn't take too many pictures

Photos from Parents Day Out -Butler, MO's post 04/06/2019

Focus on the nursery crew this week...only time they're not moving!

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