Heritage Dental Assisting Academy

Heritage Dental Assisting Academy is a program that prepares students to work in a dental office while receiving practical hands-on experience.


Home Tooth Extraction

People, please do not try this at home. So many problems could occur with this type of at home Dentistry!


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Tongue Tie Release with Laser Dr. Kenneth R. Levine South Florida/Broward County.mpg

Sometimes there is an attachment under the tongue that hinders the it from moving to its full range of motion. There is a simple surgery to correct this 'Lingual Frenum' attachment that will allow the tongue to reach its full range of motion. Consult you General Dentist to evaluate this on your child! Have a great weekend folks!


11 year old girl treated for frenectomy due to a severe tongue tie, effecting her speech. For more information: http://drkennethlevine.webs.com/procedures.htm


Marlins ace Fernandez dies in boating accident

RIP young man! Sooooo Young!!!


espn.com Marlins right-hander Jose Fernandez, 24, was one of three men killed when a boat overturned in Florida early Sunday. Speed is suspected to be a factor in the accident.


Dental X-rays are dangerous: Dental Myth

Dental Myth Busters: Open Wide Dental


Why You Need X-Rays

The need for Dental Radiographs (X-rays). Many patients resist this procedure for various reasons....cost, radiation, never had a problem before, etc., etc. This short film sheds some light on why these are an integral part of your Dental Exam & Checkup!

Have a great week folks!


youtube.com Have you ever wondered why your dentist takes x-rays? X-rays are an essential part of dental treatment because they can detect damage and disease not visible...


Let's be friends: Players make amends after hit

What a nice ending to story that started out as a not so good play!!


espn.com LSU's Josh Boutte and Wisconsin DB D'Cota Dixon have forged a friendship after Boutte's much-maligned late hit on Dixon.


Why Is Fluoride Good for Teeth?

The ages old debate! Flouride or no flouride. The benefits have been proven over & over again, ad infinitum! The Anti-floridistas will have you believe that ingesting it is dangerous because it is a toxic metal/gas blah-blah-blah whem injected into a lab rat. Well, yes , when you inject anything in its purest form into a lab rat, the chances of the rat living diminish rapidly. They injected 5 gallons of pure Rainbow Stew into a lab rat & guess what/ The rat died!! The ADA has done so many clinical studies on flouride there is little doubt to the benefits of low concentration flouride in public drinking water & toothpaste. If you don't use flouridated toothpaste or drink flouridated water, you are only hurting yourself and helping your local General Dentist!! Very good intel in this 3 min video!!


If our teeth are made mostly of calcium, why do we use fluoride to keep them healthy? Quick Questions explains why, and how we finally figured it out. Hosted...


8 Ways to Add Years to Your Life

I don't know about the house work but I'll have a little drink and watch a funny movie! Have a great week friends!!

Want to live a longer and better life? We have some simple ways you can add more than a dozen good years to your life.


Dr. Reid says flossing can add years to life

7 years folks....7 years!!


Dr. Don Reid of Tahoe Dental Artistry says flossing can add seven years to your life. It is hard to believe that something as simple as flossing can have a p...


Smoking and Periodontal Disease[downey dentist]

don't do it friends, I'ts just not worth it!!


http://www.lasergumdentist.com/ Understand the Dangers Surprising as it may sound, many smokers need to be made more aware of the dangers of to***co use. In ...


UPS looking for seasonal workers

Th might be a good opportunity for some! Thank you UPS!!


katc.com UPS is planning to hire 95,000 workers ahead of the holiday shopping season.


Ragin Cajuns victory over A&M

20 years ago this week, USL greatest Regular Season Victory!! Who was there? I was. Incredible night for USL football, The University & Lafayette!!


Final plays and celebration of Louisiana Ragin Cajuns win over Texas A&M on September 14, 1996.


Do Apples Help Clean Your Teeth?

Ultra short video this morning! Everyone getting pumped up for the weekend?


"Do Apples Help Clean Your Teeth? The acid needs the help of the fiber-rich flesh of the apple. Start stocking your fridge with a variety of crunchy fruits a...


Yes it's still summer

Although its kinda starting to cool off just a bit, It is still summer. Drink plenty of water friends!


wbrz.com Today and Tonight: Look for showers and storms to back off somewhat on Tuesday Afternoon. Activity will be more isolated in nature during the second half of the day. With partly sunny skies early, high temperatures will top out near 90 degrees. The nighttime hours will be quieter and muggy with lows...


Lafayette residents come together to pay tribute to victims of 9-11

Still thinking of a praying for the victims and their families!!


katc.com Lafayette residents are reflecting on the lives lost in the attack on September 11th.


Signs that You Need a Root Canal Treatment

They are not as bad as they used to be my friends. There is a lot of hocus-pocus out there but the bottom line , it is always cheaper in the long run to do the Root canal treatment than to 'Just pull it Doc!'!!


youtube.com http://precisiondentistry.com.au/signs-that-you-need-a-root-canal-treatment/ Signs that You Need a Root Canal Treatment Root canal treatment is important and...


Diet and your dental health

It's almost lunch time folks! Let's all do our teeth a favor and at least for one lunch, one day, skip the soda/soft drink/carbonated/sugary drink. Have a glass of Ice Cold water instead! Have a great day friends!!


Follow these nutritional tips for healthy teeth and gums.


Dental Health : How Does Smoking Affect Your Gums & Teeth?

Have a great Labor Day weekend Folks!!


youtube.com Smoking lowers the strength of the immune system and reduces the white blood cell count, which is used to protect teeth from infection, fight off bacteria an...


LSU's Miles Says Less Could Be More For Fournette

Tigers will Roar this weekend!! Geaux Tigers!!!


katc.com BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) - LSU running back Leonard Fournette can live with a lessened workload, if that's the way coach Les Miles wants it. "It doesn't matter," Fournette said Monday when asked ...


Cairns Dentist: Top Foods And Beverages That Stain Your Teeth

A short InfoVid on teeth staining food and drinks! Yes that is green tea at 0m19s.. Be careful with all of these and as usual, Moderation rules!


youtube.com http://brucestevensdental.com.au/cairns-dentist-top-foods-and-beverages-that-stain-your-teeth/ Cairns Dentist: Top Foods And Beverages That Stain Your Teeth ...


What is a Root Canal, and what is an Endodontist

Here is your educational video of the day. Again we will try to keep these videos to under 2 minutes. Often, a tooth 'fails' & needs to be treated with a Root Canal instead of "just pull it Doc"!! You may be referred to a specialist we call an EndoDontist to do your rootcanal. This video goes over the basics or Root Canal Therapy!!

Have a great rest of the week people.


youtube.com A brief description of what a root canal involves with a segue to what an Endodontist is. Clinical photos and video are from Canon SLR camera bodies attached...


A Florida State football player made sure an autistic boy didn’t eat lunch alone

What a nice gesture,!! You are truly one of the good ones Travis!!


washingtonpost.com Travis Randolph seems like a good dude.


Dental Health : Becoming a Dental Assistant


Become a licensed dental assistant by shadowing doctors, contacting local colleges and acquiring a radiology degree. Discover what it takes to become a denta...


10-Day Forecast

Somewhat of a cooling trend this weekend! Have a great weekend folks!!


katc.com KATC 8 Day Weather Forecast


How to manage your fear of the dentist

I would venture to say its more than 1 out of 5 in the US and more than 1 out of 20 in Canada!!


For some people, the dentist can be a scary place. So how can those with a dental phobia minimize, or even overcome that fear? We spoke to a dental expert wh...


Gueydan residents celebrate recovery at Annual Duck Festival

Gueydan Strong!! Congrats to the people of Gueydan & the Duck Festival committee for staying the course even with all the flooding going on!! Enjoy the Festival!!


klfy.com One sandbag was left after the Louisiana National Guard saved the town of Gueydan, and Thursday the community kicked off the recovery process.


Tooth Decay -- How it Happens and How to Avoid it

2 minute info-vid! Have a great Thursday my friends!!!

Tooth Decay is the process of destruction of tooth structure. Tooth Decay is caused by the plague. Plaque is a sticky material that forms on the surface of t...


BBB alerts consumers to 'flooding' federal grant scam operating in Acadiana

SCAM ALERT!!! SCAM ALERT!!! This scam artist called and said I hadn't paid my bill and they were gonna send the truck to cut my power off!! He called my office (Entergy) & said he worked for Slemco (my residence), then when I called him back he answered LUS, can I help you? SLEMCO has been alerted, but they said its probably a burner phone and cannot be traced! Oh well, stay vigilante friends!!


katc.com Better Business Bureau Serving Acadiana is alerting Acadiana residents to a sick twist on the government grant scam circulating on Facebook and other social media.


Cajuns get big time SEC experience at QB this year! Let's hope it pays off! Geaux Cajuns. First game next Saturday!!


katc.com KATC TV-3 offers an in-depth look at the latest news events, as well as timely updates on local stories of interest and Lafayette area weather.


Three Reasons why you should Visit your Dentist Twice a Year

We hear quite often " Why should I go to the dentist twice a year if nothing is hurting?" The one word answer to this question is PREVENTION. Enjoy this short video & have a great day!


"Oral health is a sensitive topic. No wonder because most of us take it for granted. Of course, it is a common mistake that the large majority of dentist con...


University receives donated supplies collected by University of South Alabama

Very nice gesture from our in conference opponents Univ. of South Alabama! Can I get a whoop-whoop for the ULL Athletes?


louisiana.edu UL Lafayette received supplies to assist with flood relief efforts on Monday that were collected and delivered by the University of South Alabama.


How a wisdom tooth is removed

GM Acadiana!! Finally a day of no rain here in Broussard yesterday!!

This little tutorial is on getting your wisdom teeth (third molars) removed.
Like we tell everyone, get them out now. A seemingly universal response is , "Well they are not bothering me so i'll deal with them when they start bothering me!" You simply cannot explain to someone how bad pain is if they have not experienced it before!
Get them out before they start hurting because of the following reasons:

-1) The socket/surgery site will heal so much quicker when the teeth are removed if there is no infection, inflamation or pain at the time of the surgery.

-2) You choose the day when the teeth come out meaning you don't have to disrupt your work, vacation or weekly routine to deal with a painful tooth.

-3) It may take a week or so to get in to an oral surgeons office if your General Dentist doesn't take them out. Try dealing with that when you are in excruciating pain.

-4) When they do start hurting, it is usually on the eve of a 4 day holiday when no dentist or oral surgeon's office is open!

-5) In extreme cases, the tooth in front of the wisdom tooth, the second molar, may have to be removed due to decay caused by plaque and debris accumulation caused by a partially erupted wisdom tooth that is not able to be adequately cleaned!

-6) Once they are out you never have to deal with them again!!

Here is the tutorial:

Wisdom teeth can cause problems if if there isn't enough space for them to grow at the back of your mouth. Find out more here: http://bit.ly/NaCgD9 The conte...


Tooth Decay (Dental Caries)

Have a great week folks! Stay dry & stay Louisiana Strong!!


This animation illustrates pit & fissure and interproximal tooth decay, and how to avoid getting them. It uses special visual effects, including transparent ...

KOC offering dinners to flood victims

Thank You KOC!!!!


katc.com The Knights of Columbus at Holy Cross are cooking dinners for the flood victims and their families.


How to brush your teeth

I don't know what's up with the volume but there are some basic brushing techniques in this short video!

An instructional video on how to brush your teeth in a proper way.


Flossing Teeth


It only takes a minute folks. Put the floss by the sink next to your toothbrush & make this a part of your daily routine!!

Learn more about proper flossing technique in our quick video. Flossing the Right Way Brushing is great. But without flossing you're missing 35% of each toot...

[08/18/16]   We will post some basic, informative and non-technical videos on a regular basis. We will try to keep these daily dental tutorials and informative videos to under 2 minutes so as not to re-invent the wheel. If you have any suggestions or questions , please feel free to post or ask!


V109: Patient Records Management & Dental Charting


This video is an excerpt from V109: Patient Records Management & Dental Charting. The full-length video provides an in-depth look at a patient information sh...

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