Kitsap Resiliency Project

Kitsap Resiliency Project


The county is short handed on volunteers to help count the homeless in our county. This info is needed for us to get funds from the federal and state level to help our local homeless population. Please consider signing up to volunteer!

Absolutely, let us come together and make that change back to common sense. Whoever brought these essentially "senseless" people here is not coming back for these essentially "senseless" People. Justice for All. Truth. Kindness. Patience. From Insurrection to Resurrection.❤
Our New Era
Good Day, My Fellow Citizens.

And so it happened again, another Dear Friend departed to the promise land. When my sweet Mary, leaves, I’m thinking that will be so much worse. I just know. I must carry on, comforted by her sweet love, memory and guidance.

Now, there exist four concepts which exist among us, which are of particular importance.

“Of all words spoken and penned, these are the saddest, What Might Have Been.” by John Greenleaf Whittier; "... here on earth, God's work must truly be our own" by JFK; “I have a dream.” by MLK; and “Why not?” by Bobby Kennedy.

We the People now stand on the edge of a new era. We the People face a binary choice. Either We the People shall move onward, forward on our road toward a good, better, best, great society, here in Washington, our home, His Country. Either We the People shall rebuild Washington our home by sharing our wealth, creating opportunity for everyone, creating Justice for All.

OR We the People shall perish on this place called Mother Earth

Today, We face, as before, common foes of our humanity, Foreign and Domestic, Disease, Ignorance, Un-Truths, Violent Dissension, irresponsible members of our Oligarchy-Ruling Class et cetera et cetera et cetera. This shall not stand. Enough.

Our new era incorporates the positive, progressive vision of John Fitzgerald Kennedy. It is a concept, which incorporates MLK's positive, progressive dream. It is a concept, which incorporates the determination, progressive vision of Bobby. “Why not” It is more than Kennedy, King and Kennedy. Our new era incorporates the new concept which is the same as the old concept. It is us, We the People. NOW.

Let us begin, again.

Good Day, Good Luck and Goodwill to All, Always.❤
Hello Kitsap Farmers and Makers... We're newly here on a 3+ acre farm with good pasture near the Southworth Ferry. I'm interested in periodically helping goat-based farms with needed chores in order to learn how to put my own goat farm together. I also have a woodworking shop and more to barter. IM me if you see potential sync. Thx! -Alan
We the Power: The future of energy is community-owned.
A documentary by Patagonia about community power based initiatives around the EU
"COMMUNITY: ENERGY, A PRACTICAL GUIDE TO RECLAIMING POWER" "This is your go-to guide, packed with instructions, practical tips and resources, to build a local, community-led renewable energy revolution in Europe"

It also has some nice case studies. :)

There is an organization on Bainbridge Island called “Bainbridge Prepares” that is trying to do something similar to this project, but less “grass roots”. I haven’t looked too deeply at it but there may be some ideas or processes there to look at.

Mission: To work with communities to develop resiliency, capacity, security and a grassroots network to address antiquated infrastructure, and connect people based on their human commonalities.

The Kitsap Resiliency Project is a Grassroots Community Movement
The goal is resilient, connected, engaged communities. Resilient Communities Thrive!

Operating as usual


Join us live this Wed, 3/23 at noon


In this culture of memes, 6 second videos, headlines, etc. Do you ever find yourself saying (in the back of your head, or not), when someone has a strong, loud, opinion about something (socialism, universal basic income, universal healthcare, the green new deal, capitalism, etc.)
Have you ever read it? Do you even know what it is? How can you chew gum and walk at the same time?

If your answer is yes... This is an opportunity to ask gentle questions to understand the subject, leading the diatribe to a place where conversation can begin.

Why Neom Might Be The Future of Sustainable Cities 03/20/2022

Why Neom Might Be The Future of Sustainable Cities

Interesting overview of possibilities and questions:

Why Neom Might Be The Future of Sustainable Cities Why Neom Might Be The Future of Sustainable Cities. The first 1,000 people to use this link will get a 1 month free trial of Skillshare:


It's that time of year, grow some food for your community!

We have great soil, bark, compost and manure for getting your gardens ready. $5 a bag

Let's talk about HB 800 in Tennessee.... 03/19/2022

Let's talk about HB 800 in Tennessee....

Because this issue is raising it's head in Washington State as well, for all the same reasons listed in Beau's video:

Remember that this is how N**i Germany began.

Let's talk about HB 800 in Tennessee.... Support via Patreon: Roads with Beau: out the store. Sticker...


Join in the discussion live and have some pancakes on us!


The first cooler weather garden starts are in!


Today on YouTube, Come Together Right Now!

How My Tesla Powerwall Could Save the Grid 03/16/2022

How My Tesla Powerwall Could Save the Grid

Power 4 All is here today, we just need to come together and drive the change!

How My Tesla Powerwall Could Save the Grid How a Tesla Powerwall and a virtual power plant could be the future of energy storage. For your chance to win a LA Dream House and support a great cause go t...


A Social Contract: an implicit agreement among the members of a society to cooperate for social benefits.
This is our contract to people participating in the Kitsap Resiliency Project!

Turning Buildings into Batteries? Concrete Battery Storage Explained 03/15/2022

Turning Buildings into Batteries? Concrete Battery Storage Explained

Food for thought:

Turning Buildings into Batteries? Concrete Battery Storage Explained Turning Buildings into Batteries? Concrete Battery Storage Explained. Save 25% on your first Native Plastic-Free Deodorant Pack - normally $39, you’ll get it...


Happy Pi Day!!!!!

Photos from Colello's Farm Stand Produce's post 03/14/2022

Photos from Colello's Farm Stand Produce's post


Just arrived! A variety of locally grown blueberry plants. $15.99 each

Tipping Points & Puzzle Pieces Episode #10 03/10/2022

Tipping Points & Puzzle Pieces Episode #10

Great discussion, they keep getting better and better!

Tipping Points & Puzzle Pieces Episode #10 Episode 10March 9thTopic: A Paradigm ShiftDespite our apparent belief that things do not change, Change is the norm of our world, it is just uncomfortable. W...


Today at noon:
Topic the Paradigm Shift
a fundamental change in approach or underlying assumptions.

Support us:


YES or NO?


Colello's is one of our Community Champion businesses, great people, great produce, and a love of their community!
OPENS tomorrow 3/4 after their winter break!!!

Alllllmost ready! Opening tomorrow (Friday) at 9 am!!!

Critical Race Theory: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) 03/03/2022

Critical Race Theory: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Critical Race Theory: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) John Oliver explains what critical race theory is, what it isn’t, and why we can expect to hear more about it in the coming months.Connect with Last Week Ton...


A Social Contract for you!

The first promise is to be honest and to build trust with you!



Innovation 4 All, 2022 the year of change!
Finally up:

INNOVATION 4 ALL, 2022 THE YEAR OF CHANGE 4 minutes to learn how to create a better world and that we have power together.Join the Evolution, a grassroots movement build on human commonality, one per...


[email protected]!
Don't miss this episode, we want to hear your thoughts on how we can be Inclusive and Diverse!

Diverse and United are the way Forward!

Let's talk about the most expensive energy auction in US history.... 03/01/2022

Let's talk about the most expensive energy auction in US history....

Let's talk about the most expensive energy auction in US history.... Support via Patreon: Roads with Beau: out the store. Sticker...

Tipping Points & Puzzle Pieces 02/25/2022

Tipping Points & Puzzle Pieces

This weeks discussion was excellent! So juicy with a surprise for next week!

Tipping Points & Puzzle Pieces Episode 8February 23rdQuestion: Why do resilient communities thrive?Capacity, relationship, grassroots activism! How getting there will benefit all of us!202...


We apologize that we have been posting at you for so long! The truth is that there are very few of us who do a lot of work that needs doing. We have all been very busy from the first of this year until now getting everything ready to make 2022 the year of change!!!

We have the Year End Update:

We have the updated webpage:

We have an exciting new challenge and process for change:

INNOVATION 4 ALL CHALLENGE live stream launches on 3/1/2022 at 12 noon:

We have a weekly podcast, Tipping Points and Puzzle Pieces:

We have a Patreon page where you can support this vital work for us all:

We have a Discord Server, The Social Contract:

We have articles on Medium for you to read:

And... we are in the process of updating our LinkedIn page, Instagram, and developing a series of short videos on perspective. Next will be a new version of the workshop series.

Now it is time the walrus said to speak of many things...

Stay tuned for online team meetings to change the world to a more humancentric place where we have communities that are connected, engaged, informed, and have each others backs!


The Facebook issues continue into a second week with the Kitsap Resiliency Project page only available a few hours a day...


TODAY: Why do Resilient Communities Thrive?

Participate in the livestream today at 12 noon!



Kitsap Resiliency Project Discord Server "The Social Contract":

Let's start a conversation!


The Kitsap Resiliency Project page has been unavailable for the past few days, on and off, due to Facebook "technical difficulties", We apologize for this inconvenience and hope FB finds their way to better, more reliable tech! 😜


Thank You for All You Do!

We know that your patronage was a choice you made to support us, we invite you to comment, question, and challenge us to do better, to make your investment even more meaningful!

When we reach 500 patrons at $20 per month we will randomly draw 10 names to get a Go-bag with everything you need to survive several days! Become a Patron Now! us make the


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If You Show Up!

Is the world fair and equitable? Are the odds not in your favor? Do the choices made support our humanity, or meet our needs? The answer to all of these questions is...NO!

We need serious, systemic and long term change or we will face a deepening entropy, the continuing decline for us and degrading of our humanity. There is only one way to change this: SHOW UP!
We the People, the first three words of the Constitution, and a key to how change can occur. You have a voice, use it, but use it effectively.

You have a piece to this puzzle, bring it to the table, engage and help determine what the picture, our future, will be.
Click the link below:

, , ,


See you this morning, look for the purple canopy!

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At the Port Orchard Farmers Market!




Bremerton, WA

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Promoting Health & Wellness through Natural Herbs & Minerals from the Pacific Region.

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Kitsap Early Learning Professionals Kitsap Early Learning Professionals
1011 Veneta Ave.
Bremerton, 98337

Kitsap Early Learning Professionals vision is assisting in the development and nurturance of a community that supports, values and cherishes young children and those who educate and nurture them.

Taproot Birth Partners Taproot Birth Partners
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Providing childbirth education, doula services, and placenta encapsulation expecting families on the Olympic Peninsula. Click 'About' below...

OC PTK Beta Gamma Eta OC PTK Beta Gamma Eta
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Beta Gamma Eta is Olympic College's Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society branch. As part of Phi Theta Kappa, we stride for academic excellence and achievement, while also assisting the community through charity and fundraisers.