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Since 1990, busy families have trusted Champions to provide before- and after-school and break-time programs that balance education with fun.

Every day, Champions inspires moments of wonder and discovery, to help children reach their full potential at over 400 sites in 17 states. Champions is a proud member of the KinderCare Education family of brands. As an AdvancED corporately accredited organization, we are recognized for our dedication to delivering high-quality programs to our children, staff, families and schools.

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Timeline photos 10/27/2021

Resilience is the last tip in our series. The ability to bounce back from stress, adversity, failure—or even trauma—is an essential life skill that starts right here 💪

Cultivate coping skills by having your child draw their feelings or express themselves through music or movement. Practicing problem solving together and building their self-confidence by praising positive traits, like showing kindness—confident kids are less susceptible to verbal, social, and cyber bullying ❤️

Timeline photos 10/22/2021

As part of our series, we’re sharing 3 tips for your family, and today is all about feelings.

Name and normalize big emotions with your child as they come up and model coping skills, like taking deep breaths. By building your child's emotional intelligence, they are more likely to talk with you about challenges they face, like bullying.


Inspire fun and excitement for winter break! Keep your child on a steady schedule while
connecting with all their buddies with full-time, part-time, or hybrid care schedules. Click here
to sign up now!

Timeline Photos 10/13/2021

As your kid grows, they can face bigger challenges—like bullying. We’re sharing 3 tips throughout October for

Tip #1: Kindness

Help them build compassion for themselves and others.

Model kindness so your kid sees how to value, respect, and understand another person’s views, even if different from their own

Check back next week for another tip to stop bullying behavior before it starts ❤️

Photos from Champions's post 09/16/2021

Raising kids is the hardest, best job ever. To all our working families—we see you, we celebrate you, and you’re doing AMAZING 👏🎉

Photos from Champions's post 09/12/2021

Raising kids is like art, it takes many colors to create a picture 🎨🖼

In honor of , thank you to those who lend a loving hand and help us care for ❤️

Share with us in the comments below—photos of your favorite family artwork created by your kids for a chance to be featured in future posts 🙌

Timeline Photos 08/20/2021

Just 2 weeks remain to claim your kid's FREE DAY with Champions while you get vaccinated. Reserve your spot and get your shot 👌

Timeline Photos 07/26/2021

Being prepared for the school year helps kids have a successful start. This back-to-school season, we’ve partnered with the Kids In Need Foundation to get shiny new school supplies—like pencils ✏️, notebooks 📓, scissors ✂️, and crayons 🖍️ —into the hands of children who need them most.

You can help—it’s easy! Drop off your donations at participating sites or click the link to donate online. Get a complete list of most-needed items here

Timeline Photos 07/13/2021

Champions is giving you a dose of care! Now through September 3rd, families can get a FREE DAY of child care for EACH DOSE of a parent or guardian's vaccine. Reserve your spot today before they are gone!

Timeline Photos 06/25/2021

Every vaccine makes our community stronger! Time’s running out to reserve your FREE DAY at Champions for your vaccination before July 2. Share and let’s give a dose of care!


Champions is giving you a dose of care! Through July 2, kids up to 12 years old can get a FREE DAY in our programs for EACH DOSE of a parent's or guardian’s vaccine. Reserve your spot today before they’re gone!

Champions Summer Break | Champions 05/19/2021

Champions Summer Break | Champions

Summer is shaping up to be extra special. Your child will socialize with friends, connect to the community, make up for missed class time, and get active during our 12-week program. Sign up now to join the fun!

Champions Summer Break | Champions Summer Adventures with Friends Await! This summer is shaping up to be extra special. Our education experts redesigned our program to support kids where they need the biggest boost after this pandemic year: socializing with friends, making up for missed classroom time, connecting to the community, an...

Photos from Champions's post 03/31/2021

Champions remains committed to being the safest place for your child. Read a letter from our CEO, Tom Wyatt to see how we continue to prioritize health, safety and social emotional well-being for you and your family. Visit us here, for more vaccine resources for you and your family.

Photos from Champions's post 03/05/2021

As educators and your partner in parenting, we take responsibility for teaching your children the importance of practicing empathy and compassion. We won’t shy away from talking about what makes all of us the same and different from one another here. Because we know that talking with kids about our unique qualities and cultures leads to real understanding.

We’re so proud of the way we’ve prioritized building a strong anti-bias curriculum that creates an inclusive environment for our teams and children. But there’s much more we can (and must) do together. Alongside you, we’ll continue to uphold our commitment to make sure every individual feels safe, seen, and valued here at .


Martin Luther King Jr. Day: How his work influences and inspires

To celebrate , we asked our teachers to share how his work has influenced them and their dreams for the next generation.


A dose of hope is on the way. Our CEO, Tom Wyatt, shares Champions’ plan for the upcoming COVID-19 vaccine and how we’re advocating for our teachers as frontline workers to receive it as soon as possible.

Read our latest vaccine, health, and safety updates:


This winter break we’re helping your children reflect on all their thoughts and feelings from this unusually stressful year. Our Stronger Together program is designed to help them think (in their kid-specific ways) about their hopes, frustrations, and discoveries. Learn more about how we’re making winter break special this year and join us.


What skills do you hope your child grows into? The ability to bounce back from stress, adversity, failure—or even trauma—and thrive despite the challenges seems like a fitting one these days! We call that skill resilience, and that’s our third parenting tip for National Bullying Prevention Month! You can help your kids build this life skill by:

Developing coping skills like drawing out their feelings, turning towards friends for support, expressing themselves through music or movement, or journaling.

Practicing problem solving whether through their own play, teamwork with a friend, or brainstorming with you! Resist the urge to solve their problems for them—they can do hard things!

Building their self-confidence by giving specific and positive praise for your child’s traits (you’re so thoughtful) and not just their attributes (you’re so adorable). Confident children are less susceptible to verbal, social, and cyber bullying than those who already struggle with poor self-esteem or self-image.


Anyone out there having a hard time focusing? 🙋🙋‍♂️ We’re all juggling more than usual—even kids—and it’s not easy to stay on task. Our Champions distance learning program for kids in Kindergarten-6th grade is a safe and structured place where kids get help sticking to their school schedules. Get your child a spot in our program and we’ll get them focused!


To acknowledge National Bullying Prevention Month, we’re focusing on three things you can do as a family to help your school-age kid avoid being bullied and being a bully themselves. Today’s tip is all about building your child’s emotional intelligence, simply by sharing feelings. When talking about emotions is normalized within your family, your kids will be more likely to bring up difficult issues like bullying (and other big-kid problems) with you. Take the time now to help children label their feelings and practice coping skills (like taking deep breaths before reacting or walking away from heated situations).

If you’re wondering how these tips help, look to the data! Children who have a higher emotional intelligence navigate peer groups better and are more likely to stand up for children targeted by others.


There’s more to learning than facts and figures. When your kids join Champions on-site distance learning program, they’ll practice skills they’re working on in school, and get valuable interactions with other kids their age. We provide a safe and social classroom environment led by professional educators who help kids get a little return to normalcy.


Remember when your biggest worry about your child was that they’d get to sleep on time? As kids get older, their problems seem to get bigger—and bullying is a really big one. To acknowledge National Bullying Prevention Month, we’re focusing on 3 powerful things you can do as a family every day to help your school-age kid keep bullying at bay.

First up, kindness. Help them build compassion for themselves and others. You can teach your children how to value, respect and understand another person’s views (even if different from their own) by modeling kindness and respect in your own interactions. They’re always watching you—so show them how it’s done!


Leave the homework management to us 🤓! In our on-site distance learning support program for kids in Kindergarten-6th grade, professional educators help kids get their work done at Champions so you can have quality family time at home.


Families are finding new and creative ways to support each other from near and far. Whether given or chosen, there’s nothing quite like the love and care from your family. Here's a huge 🙏THANK YOU🙏 to grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles, siblings, and helpers of all kinds for your encouragement and love. Your helping hands make the job of raising kids a whole lot easier.


Masks 102: how to take them off!

Do you know the 5 steps for safely removing your mask? Help your child learn mask safety from another expert kiddo. And, check out the Champions school-day programs for Kindergarten through 6th grade, where everyone wears a mask! Thanks for the tips, LJ 😷


how to put on a mask.mp4

At Champions, kids wear masks in our school-day programs for Kindergarten through 6th grade. If your child is planning to participate, check out this simple “how to put on a mask” tutorial from another professional kid 😷 Thanks for teaching us, Kniles, and stay safe, people!


Distance Learning Support from Professional Educators at Champions

Our teachers facilitate access to distance learning platforms—and keep kids on track with their schedules—to make the new school year easier on your whole family. When school-age kids can’t be in class, our school-age program provides a safe place for their social, emotional, and academic development to continue with confidence. Learn more:


The new At-Home Learning Guide is live. This week we’re looking at the science behind circus acts that defy gravity—and maybe learn a trick or two along the way!


The new At-Home Learning Guide is live. This week we’re going behind the scenes of popular circus acts and exploring how shows are made possible through science and a lot of practice. At the end of the week, we’ll be able put on a show for family and friends!


The new At-Home Learning Guide is live. This week we’re researching our favorite animals and writing poetry for others about what we learn!


The new At-Home Learning Guide is live. This week we’re discovering symbiotic relationships in nature, or relationships between plants or animals that help them live longer, healthier lives!


The new At-Home Learning Guide is live! This week we’re continuing to learn the basics of coding—no computer needed! Create mazes, art, and robot commands using if/then conditions and a little bit of imagination.


The new At-Home Learning Guide is live! This week we’re making our own binary codes and writing secret messages. It's the basics of coding—no computer needed!


The new At-Home Learning Guide is live! Last week we solved puzzles. This week we’re making the puzzles! Get ready for some brain-benders.


The new At-Home Learning Guide is live! This week, we’re testing our problem-solving skills with puzzles, puzzles, and more puzzles. Put on your thinking caps!



Have questions for us? Head to our Champions page and share in all the fun learning activities our students are up to!

Champions Champions is a great before and after school care solution for busy working families.


Champions at Cottonwood Elementary in Bremerton, WA | Before and After School Programs

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