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Best Brains is an enrichment program for ages 3-14 designed to enhance your child's overall academic development.

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Best Brains Honors Women in History 🧡📘

Continuing to celebrate yesterday’s International Day of Math, today we honor Katherine Johnson who is best known for her contributions to NASA. Beginning high school at age 10 and college at 15, she always worked diligently graduating with honors at 18. The following year, Katherine began a graduate program at West Virginia University studying math but left before completing it to start a family.

In 1952, Katherine Johnson joined the team at National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (later NASA) working in the West Area Computing unit. Her curiosity, assertiveness, and adept abilities were noticed, and within two weeks she was moved to work in Langley’s flight division research. Some of her biggest accomplishments include calculating the trajectory path of the first American in space, calculating the flight of the first American to orbit Earth, and calculating the trajectories for the Apollo 11 mission to the moon. She worked for NASA for a total of 33 years, retiring in 1986.

Katherine Johnson’s work has made a lasting impact on the world we live in today. In 2017, she was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom, America’s highest civilian honor. As Margot Lee Shetterly said to Johnson, “Your work changed our history, and your history has changed our future.”


At Best Brains, we believe that building a strong math foundation will give your child the knowledge they need to succeed! ✖️ ➗ ➕ ➖

Our Common Core-aligned curriculum taught by certified teachers ensures that all students will be able to confidently tackle any aspect of math.


Friday Highlight

Best Brains congratulates Meghana for winning the Aspirations in Computing Affiliate Rising Star Award from the NCWIT (National Center for Women in Technology).

Meghana has been enrolled in the Best Brains Coding program since it began, working her way through Scratch and Python leading her to create a web design project with her teacher’s guidance. Her project concentrated on AI, its uses and potential for good, and different ways people can learn about it. She constructed the prototype for a website using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and bootstrap code. This project provided an excellent outlet for her to write about a subject she enjoyed and share what she learned with others.

Best Brains is grateful for the opportunity to take part in providing solid academic foundations for each of its students. Good luck in all your future endeavors, Meghana! We are proud of what you have achieved and look forward to celebrating more successes with you!


Happy International Women's Day

Happy International Women’s Day!

At Best Brains, we celebrate the outstanding accomplishments of women from the past, support the ambitious goals of women of the present, and encourage the inspiring dreams of women of the future! 🧡💙


Ignite the curiosity in your kids by enrolling them in Best Brains enrichment courses! 🔍 Whether it’s coding, abacus, or public speaking, your kids may discover a passion they didn’t know they had!

Click below to find a Best Brains Learning Center near you!


Tired of math worksheets and flashcards? Make math fun again for your child by playing math-based games. Using games is a great way to strengthen your child’s math foundation!

Check out our blog post to learn more!


Women's History Month

March is Women’s History Month! 👩‍⚖️👩‍🔬👮‍♀️👩‍🏫

At Best Brains, we honor the remarkable accomplishments of women both past and present. Follow along with us every Wednesday this month as we honor women who have achieved greatness!

To discover more ways to celebrate Women’s History Month with your kids, check out the blog below!


Friday Facts

Did you know that making mistakes is an important part of the learning process? Recognizing and correcting mistakes helps learners better understand the information and recall the information for longer. 📈 🤩 Encourage your children to learn from their mistakes to be their BEST!


🧡 Best Brains Honors Black History 💙

Today we honor Bessie Coleman, the first African-American woman to hold a pilot’s license.

Bessie Coleman was born in Texas in 1892. In 1915, Coleman moved to Chicago to live with her brothers. While in Chicago, her interest in aviation was ignited after hearing inspiring stories from World War I pilots. She decided that she too wanted to become a pilot. Coleman applied to numerous flight schools but was rejected because she was both African-American and a woman. Robert Abbott, the owner of the Chicago Defender, suggested that she go to France to learn to fly. Determined to succeed, Coleman began learning French and soon was accepted into a French flight program. After much hard work, Coleman received her pilot’s license in 1921 from the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale.

Upon returning to the United States, she began performing in airshows to save money for her dream of opening her own flight school. Not only was Bessie Coleman an aviator in the air but also for civil rights, as she refused to perform anywhere that was segregated or discriminated against African Americans. She amazed audiences by flying loop-the-loops and other stunts.

Tragically, Bessie Coleman was killed during a test flight accident when a loose wrench got stuck in the engine. Her influence lives on as her life inspires people to live courageously and to boldly follow their dreams.


Monday Funday

Best Brains is where fun and learning meet! 🙌 🎉 Keep learning exciting by encouraging child-led learning in your home. What topics interest your child? Find out and learn more about them together! Check out cool books related to their topic, watch engaging documentaries to discover more, or explore their interests on field trips! Children are more motivated to learn when they are studying a topic that they find fascinating. The skills developed to research and learn about their interests will be transferred to other subjects as well! Stay tuned for more Monday Funday tips to help your kids find the FUN in learning!


🧡 Best Brains Honors Black History 💙

Robert Sengstacke Abbott, the founder of one of the most-read Black newspapers in the United States, the Chicago Defender, gave a voice to the Black point of view.

After graduating high school, Abbott attended Hampton Institute to study printing. Continuing his education, he left for Chicago to attend Kent College of Law where he earned his law degree.

Because Abbott experienced difficulty finding work as a lawyer, he turned to journalism and began the Chicago Defender in 1905 giving a voice to the Black community. By the 1920s, the circulation of his weekly newspaper had increased to over 200,000. The newspaper’s success made Abbott an important figure both locally and nationally. He was named to the Chicago Commission of Race Relations which published a landmark article in 1922 concerning African American urban conditions. Not only did the Chicago Defender advance civil rights but also the development of national African American culture by publishing works by Langston Hughes and Gwendolyn Brooks.

Abbott’s determination to be his best left the world a better place. “No greater glory, no greater honor, is the lot of man departing than a feeling possessed deep in his heart that the world is a better place for his having lived.”


We value learning at Best Brains! Our certified teachers provide the platform your child needs propelling them toward achieving their goals in and out of the classroom! Check out a center near you to discover how Best Brains can help your child be their BEST! 🏆📚


Did you know that sleep is vital to helping your children retain the information they learn? When you sleep, your brain stores the new information so you are able to recall it when needed. 😴🧠 Ensure your children get the proper rest they need to be their BEST!


🧡 Best Brains Honors Black History 💙

Today we honor Ruby Bridges who at the age of 6 bravely advanced the civil rights movement by becoming the first African American student to integrate an elementary school in the south.

Ruby Bridges was born in Mississippi on September 8, 1954, to Abon and Lucille Bridges. Her parents moved to New Orleans, Louisiana two years later in search of better job opportunities. Ruby attended a segregated school for kindergarten but was given and passed an entrance exam allowing some students the opportunity to integrate into all-white schools.

November 14, 1960, was Ruby’s first day at William Frantz Elementary School. Ruby went to school that day escorted by four federal marshals. She spent the day in the principal’s office due to protests and angry parents. On her second day of school, she was introduced to her teacher, Barbra Henry. Ruby was the only student in her class that year and had very little contact with the few students who remained at the school. The following year, the school enrolled more African American students.

Today Ruby is a civil rights activist, author, and speaker. In 1999, she began the Ruby Bridges Foundation to advocate for tolerance and spark change through education. We can all learn from Ruby as she blazed a new trail toward change.

“Don’t follow the path. Go where there is no path and begin the trail. When you start a new trail equipped with courage, strength, and conviction, the only thing that can stop you is you.”


Monday Funday

Best Brains is where fun and learning meet! 🙌 🎉 Keep your child interested in their academics by offering them the opportunity to choose. There are so many easy ways to incorporate choice from allowing them to choose which subject they will do first for homework, choosing their study space, to choosing the books they would like to read. Stay tuned for more Monday Funday tips to help your kids find the FUN in learning!


🧡 Best Brains Honors Black History 💙

At Best Brains, we honor the remarkable accomplishments of African Americans both past and present. Follow along with us each Wednesday this month as we honor individuals and their dedication to achieving their goals!


Some people say that curiosity killed the cat, but at Best Brains, we say that curiosity brings success. Curious students are motivated to learn, and motivated students achieve their goals! 🎯💯


Best Brains encourages students to be readers! Not only does it enhance their vocabulary, but it also exercises the brain, increases general knowledge, and can even improve sleep! 📚 Motivate your child to read by setting achievable goals!


Happy India Republic Day!


International Day of Education is a day to celebrate the opportunities education provides. UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres desires an education system that supports “... the limitless dreams of every learner.” At Best Brains, we are proud to support the dreams of our students! 🏫🎓✨

Thank you to all the Best Brains employees who are making a difference in children’s lives by enriching their education!


Best Brains is where fun and learning meet! 🙌 🎉 Integrating acting into the learning process is a fantastic way to increase student engagement. Acting it out allows students to create concrete connections to the content. The possibilities are endless from acting out a scene from history to acting out the flow of blood through the chambers of the heart. 🎬🎭 Stay tuned for more Monday Funday tips to help your kids find the FUN in learning!


Highly recommended by parents, Best Brains’ curriculum is curated to help your child progress to reach their academic goals! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Schedule a FREE placement test at your local Best Brains today!


Best Brains offers small class sizes and individualized instruction through a non-repetitive, engaging approach to learning. We will have your students making academic improvements lickety-split! 🏎️💨


Best Brains’ Abacus classes are a great way to develop concentration, enhance memory, and aid in the mastery of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division! Help your children develop their brains to the fullest by enrolling in Abacus classes today! 🧮🧠

Follow the link below to find a Best Brains Learning Center location near you!


Wondering if repetition is the best form of learning for your children? Best Brains curriculum engages students in a non-repetitive way, teaching concepts and allowing students to apply their knowledge in various ways to improve problem-solving skills. 📖🔎

Discover the importance of a non-repetitive approach by clicking below!


At Best Brains, dedicated teachers help students achieve their academic goals one step at a time. Best Brains classes challenge students to become their best! 🥇📚


Kickstart creativity in your kids this year by enrolling them in Best Brains Coding classes! 💻 Teachers provide hands-on experiences while imparting real-world skills to students during these engaging classes.

Find out more by following the link below!


Have a safe and happy New Year! 🥳


Looking back at 2022, we are proud of the hard work and dedication our students put forth to achieve their academic goals! 📚🏆 What accomplishments are you proud of? Share them with us in the comments!


Happy Holidays from Best Brains!


Highly recommended by parents, Best Brains helps students not only progress in academics but also grow in responsibility and accountability. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Schedule a FREE placement test at your local Best Brains today!


Enjoy a mysig evening with your family on the shortest day of the year! 🔥 Best Brains offers the perfect opportunity for you to stay warm and cozy this winter with online classes for your kids. 💻📚 Check out Best Brains’ virtual learning opportunities to learn more!


Best Brains is where fun and learning meet! 🙌 🎉 Integrating art into the learning process is a fantastic way to increase student engagement. Concrete art projects can help to bring abstract ideas into focus for kids. The possibilities are endless from illustrating a diagram to constructing a model to creating a comic strip! 🎨🖍️ Stay tuned for more Monday Funday tips to help your kids find the FUN in learning!






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