I am trying to contact Sarajane Woolf. We went to architecture school in North Dakota about 40 years ago. Gemma Open Door published a book by her (The Last Body Part) in 2012. I believe she tried to contact me recently....Thank you!
Rita Robbins
ABE and ESOL professionals check out this video from ProLiteracy featuring GemmaMedia high-interest, low-reading-level books, e-books, and audiobooks. These books are perfect for adults and young adults on the path to literacy. We also feature many of these books in the First Literacy Lending Library ... which we hope to open again sometime soon! #AdultLiteracy
🔥 ❤️ Spark a love of reading in your students. Original Gemma Open Door books are written by best-selling authors and provide high-interest stories at low levels for adults on the path to literacy.

📖 Learn more about Gemma’s commitment to putting relevant books in the hands of adult learners:
GemmaMedia offers great books for new adult learners. 📚
Learn more about McNaughton & Gunn client GemmaMedia & Gemma Open Door for Literacy!
(Trish O'Hare, Executive Director/Publisher and Julie McFarland, M&G President, & Trish O'Hare).
Our VIP Vendor of the Month is GemmaMedia Open Door for Literacy! COABE could not accomplish all that we do without our generous partners. Thank you for all that you do for #adultedu

Literacy is a human right. Gemma Open Door for Literacy provides smart stories at low reading levels GemmaMedia features memoirs from around the world, literary fiction and non-fiction, the Gemma Open Door adult literacy series for new readers, and current affairs publishing with diversity at the heart of the story.

Operating as usual

A Guide to Help Low-Level Readers Get Out and Vote 10/27/2022

A Guide to Help Low-Level Readers Get Out and Vote

A Guide to Help Low-Level Readers Get Out and Vote Every American adult has the right to vote, and Election Day is approaching on Tuesday, November 8. But understanding the U.S. elections system can be difficult, and voting can be intimidating—especially for adults with low literacy.  


We love the literacy community & highlighting organizations that are working hard to help individuals achieve their full potential through literacy. One of these organizations is the Inside Books Project.

Based in Austin, the Inside Books Project is a community service volunteer organization that sends free books & educational materials to prisoners in Texas. It is the only books-to-prisoners program in Texas, where over 120,000 people are incarcerated.

The organization’s goal is to promote reading, literacy, & education among incarcerated individuals & to educate the general public on issues of incarceration.

Thank you to the Inside Books Project for all you do to bring literacy to the incarcerated population of Texas! If you would like to know more about their programs or ways you can support their mission, go to


At Gemma, we produce fresh, original, & relevant HiLo stories from best-selling authors & important writers. 📚

Our HiLo books & audiobooks are designed to help adults & young adults with low literacy discover the joy & life-changing power of reading. We also have a collection of FREE teaching resources for adult literacy & ESOL teachers to utilize in the classroom.

Be sure to check out our collection of books, audiobooks, & resources at And thank you for all that you do to support literacy in your community!


The secret is out! We’re excited to announce the publication of our new, HiLo romance, BAKE SALE by Suzanne Kamata. 🍪🍰🧁

Laura Murata is a professor in Tokyo. She is also the divorced mother of Maya, a seven-year-old girl. Widower Kazu Mori is a dentist, who is raising his son, Max, on his own. The two parents meet at a holiday bake sale at Cherry Blossom International School where their kids are great friends.

Laura & Kazu are sweet on each other from the first moment, and soon the two families are spending time together. Things are going so well! But will misunderstandings make their budding relationship crumble?

Share this fun, new story with your students & let us know what you think.

Get your copy at


As ProLiteracy so perfectly states, “every important social issue is impacted by low literacy.” Full literacy means the ability to read, write, do basic math, & use computers. 📖🖊🧮💻

When individuals have these skills, they are more equipped to lift themselves out of poverty, find employment, lower healthcare costs, & change their lives for the better. 💪

Can you name another way that touches daily life?


Congratulations to the lucky winners of Gemma’s HiLo book giveaway!

📚 Stephanie Singleton, Oakland Public Library - Historic Oakland, Oregon
📚 Melissa Auer, Literacy Volunteers of Illinois
📚 Virginia Marriner, @LiteracyVolunteersofKennebec
📚 Ashley Cooper, Tallahassee Community College
📚 Letty Naranjo, Santa Fe Community College

Thank you for stopping by the Gemma booth during the ProLiteracy conference. It was a pleasure to meet each of you. You will receive an email shortly regarding delivery details.

Happy teaching!


What a privilege to meet so many advocates last week at the ProLiteracy conference in San Antonio!

I got to meet my client GemmaMedia in person for the first time after three & a half years of working together! It was such a blast connecting with their online community IN-PERSON & putting faces to names!

This is why I’m committed to helping nonprofit & social impact businesses find & engage their online communities. There’s nothing more rewarding than finding your crowd & sharing your experiences.

When’s the last time you got to connect with your community? Share all the fun details ⬇️!


Did you know that Gemma’s HiLo books are written by best-selling authors & important new voices? We adore our authors!

Laurie Foos is the author of Gemma HiLo books THE GIANT BABY, TOAST, & THE OTHER. She has authored several additional books including EX UTERO, PORTRAIT OF THE WALRUS BY A YOUNG ARTIST, TWINSHIP, & THE BLUE GIRL. Laurie teaches at Lesley University & is also on the faculty in the low-residency BFA in Creative Writing program at Goddard College. We’re proud to call Laurie a Gemma author!

Are you interested in becoming a Gemma author? If so, go to for more information.

Timeline photos 10/11/2022

Timeline photos

Here's a staggering fact -

Only 12% of adults in the US have a high level of health literacy. That's concerning - and fixable.


Just released 📢🚨A new FREE Lesson Plan to accompany TIME WITH LEO by John Bliss.

When a 15-year-old boy travels back in time to the 15th century, he meets Leonardo da Vinci. Will the artist & futurist be able to design a machine capable of getting the boy back home? Will da Vinci ever stop obsessing over the contents of the boy’s backpack? What is this bag of Funyuns?

Go to to get your copy of the FREE lesson plan & for a more complete learning experience, grab the FREE reading guide as well.


It's scary how many adults in the US struggle with low levels of literacy. While these people can read basic words and sentences, anything complex - like a hospital form, an election ballot, a job application, or even a teacher's note about their kids - is too challenging.

Find out how you can help by becoming a Literacy Volunteer at JCAE!

Timeline photos 10/05/2022

Timeline photos

It’s great to see our literacy friends at the 2022 ProLiteracy Conference! Burlington English GemmaMedia Intercambio Uniting Communities CommonTeri Services .


We’re having a blast at the ProLiteracy conference in San Antonio!

Stop by & say hi before we head out today. We’d love to meet you. 💙


We’re here! Stop by the Gemma booth in the exhibition hall & say hello. 💙

While you’re here, you can sign up for a chance to win 5 FREE HiLo books & check out our newest release.


Oh boy, are we excited! Only a few more days until we see all our literacy friends in San Antonio for the ProLiteracy conference!

Will you be stopping by our booth for your chance to win 5 FREE HiLo books & get a sneak peek of our upcoming new release? 👋

We sure hope so!


Introduce your students to SPIN CYCLES by Charles Coe.

This story of loss, discovery, &, just possibly, redemption introduces the reader to a brilliant, homeless & nearly invisible young man who wanders through Boston looking for meaning & hope.

Because of his extreme mood swings & unusual outlook on life, it impossible for him to thrive in mainstream society. He finds comfort in laundromats, where he calms himself by watching clothes tumble round & round. In the streets, he finds other people like himself, below the radar, laboring to survive.

Get your copy, the audiobook & a FREE reading guide

Photos from Adult Literacy League's post 09/22/2022

Photos from Adult Literacy League's post


Shhhh! 🤫 We’re unveiling our upcoming new release at the ProLiteracy conference before we announce it publicly.

Stop by our booth to get your copy before everyone else. While you’re there, sign up for a chance to win FIVE free books! 📚

We can’t wait to see you!

Timeline photos 09/20/2022

Timeline photos

A small investment in adult education has huge returns for entire communities in the form of:
💵 better wages
🗳️ increased civic involvement
⚫ decreased recidivism rates
🏥 improved health care outcomes
This , raise awareness and advocate for funding. Download the ProLiteracy AEFL Week Toolkit:


National Adult Education & Family Literacy Week was developed in 2009 to raise public awareness about the need for & value of & . 📚

This year will focus on the pivotal role of in enabling equitable access to societal resources, employment opportunity, & full participation in community life. 📚

You & your literacy organization can participate in by joining this week’s activities or going to for advocacy resources. National Coalition for Literacy

Timeline photos 09/20/2022

Timeline photos

Education is a , not a privilege. Yet in many cases, public spending on education is not enough – making quality education a luxury. To make a difference, all countries must fund education! Let’s make this happen at the Leaders Summit today!


📢 During , spread awareness of the adult literacy issue in your community and advocate for increased resources from your lawmakers. 📻 Call into a radio show. 📰 Write an op-ed. 📱Post on social media. 📞Call your congressperson.
Find more ideas and sample messages in our toolkit:


Check out the Tesse Leads podcast to hear Gemma author Marta Maretich & podcast host Tesse Akpeki’s insightful discussion of what it means to be a refugee. Marta discusses how her personal experience as a refugee informed her writing in the Gemma HiLo book, THE POSSIBILITY OF LIONS.

Listen to the podcast at & share it with your students. 🎧


We earned a 2022 Gold Seal with Candid! 🏅

Check out our to learn more & make a difference with your support:


Are you ready for ? Be sure to download this helpful toolkit from ProLiteracy!

💡 Download our toolkit to be sure your ready to advocate for adult and family literacy during ! Find it here:


Happy International Literacy Day! 📚

International Literacy Day was founded by UNESCO in 1966 “to remind the public of the importance of literacy as a matter of dignity & human rights, & to advance the literacy agenda towards a more literate & sustainable society.”

Today & every day, we celebrate literacy & work to achieve full literacy for all! Give us a 📘 if you’re also committed to achieving full literacy!


Let’s stay in touch! 👋

When you sign up for our monthly email, you’ll be the first to know about the latest HiLo books, audiobooks, teaching resources, & discounts. Just go to to join us! 📚


We love the literacy community & highlighting organizations that are working hard to help individuals achieve their full potential through literacy. One of these organizations is Mujeres Unidas Avanzando (MUA).

MUA has been meeting the educational needs of low-income Latinas for nearly three decades, helping them build full, self-sufficient lives. They offer 3 levels of ESOL classes, critical computer skills, HiSET preparation, a variety of social services through Proyecto Companera, & free daycare for mothers.

Check out this inspiring success story from one of their program participants:
“I dropped out of high school at the age of 14 as I was pregnant with a little boy. At 16, I first learned about MUA through my friend, who was preparing for her High School Equivalency through MUA’s program. I enrolled in the classes as my mother could watch my baby. I was able to change my schedule to work nights & weekends & also enrolled in the basic computer class. My son, now age 2, attends MUA’s child care & is making strides in mastering his colors, numbers, & letters in both English & Spanish. I hope to get my High School Equivalency this year & I want to enroll in Roxbury Community College (RCC) to study nursing."

For more about Mua Boston, go to Thank you, MUA, for all that you do!


Are you an author with the desire to give back to the literacy community? 🤔 Do you have the interest & discipline to write a compelling story of 10,000 words or less at a low reading level, 3rd-grade or lower? 📚

If so, join Gemma’s roster of esteemed authors! ✒️

We work hard to provide engaging, smart literature for people who struggle to read, comprehend English, or finish a book. Gemma introduces new & emerging readers to stories from best-selling authors & important new voices that can inspire, make us laugh, & sometimes make us weep. Instead of children’s books, adults & young adults need age-appropriate content that relates to their experiences.

Gemma Open Door is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, & our books are supported by generous donors as well as low-cost sales to libraries & literacy groups. So, there is no money in this. Rather, there is the incredible satisfaction of helping folks to experience what so many of us take for granted: the power of reading & the love of books.

➡️ For more information, go to & get in touch! ⬅️

Timeline photos 08/23/2022

At Gemma, we’re rocking our yellow shades! 😎

Be sure to stop by Dollar General to purchase your $2 pair of yellow sunglasses. 100% of the proceeds go to local literacy education. There’s no better reason to look so cool!

The Yellow Glasses Project


We’re delighted to welcome our newest board member Luz M. Diaz! 😀

Luz is an Adult Basic Education professional who is passionate about adult literacy & improving access to ABE materials. With more than 10 years’ experience managing innovative educational programs for adult learners, she is dedicated to helping learners amplify their voices & share their stories. Her background in Professional Development makes her a fierce advocate for tutors & instructors. Luz is keenly focused on finding new ways to reach students through technology, advising on the Digital Privacy Data Literacy Project in collaboration with the Open Technology Institute.

Learn more about our full board at


According to The United States Department of Justice, individuals who participate in prison education programs are less likely to return & more likely to become gainfully employed upon release, further indicating that .

For more information on the link between prison education programs & the success of formerly incarcerated individuals read Natalie Pate’s fascinating recent article in the Statesman Journal at *Source: National Center for Education Statistics - NCES


Check out Gemma’s collection of HiLo books at! 📚 They are specifically designed for adults & young adults on the path to English language literacy.

Charles Coe is a poet, prose writer, teacher of writing, & musician. His poetry has appeared in literary reviews & anthologies such as Poesis, The Mom Egg, Solstice Literary Review, & Urban Nature. Charles won a fellowship in poetry from the Massachusetts Cultural Council, and his poems have been set to music by a number of composers. Co-chair of the Boston Chapter of the National Writers Union, Charles was selected by the Associates of the Boston Public Library as a “Boston Literary Light.”


Check out Gemma’s collection of HiLo books at! 📚 They are specifically designed for adults & young adults on the path to English language literacy.

Charles Coe is a poet, prose writer, teacher of writing, & musician. His poetry has appeared in literary reviews & anthologies such as Poesis, The Mom Egg, Solstice Literary Review, & Urban Nature. Charles won a fellowship in poetry from the Massachusetts Cultural Council, and his poems have been set to music by a number of composers. Co-chair of the Boston Chapter of the National Writers Union, Charles was selected by the Associates of the Boston Public Library as a “Boston Literary Light.”

Timeline photos 08/10/2022

Timeline photos

📬 MAILBOX ALERT! Your 2022/2023 New Readers Press catalog will be arriving any day! We’ve added new print and digital resources including TABE Writing books, Learning Upgrade Work Life Skills online course and Workbook, and the latest titles from Gemma! Pricing goes into effect 9/1/22.
✨ Special thanks to Literacy Pittsburgh for allowing us to photograph a class for the cover!


Happy Book Lover’s Day! 📚

What book are you currently loving? Let’s celebrate today by spending a little extra time reading. 📚

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