Southern Suga by Mel

Southern Suga by Mel


Hi Southern Suga by Mel, Your cake seems to be on page [9] here How you take part on this?
Sun City Elem
Eighty-First Street ECE
Omg!!!! These wedding cake cupcakes are everything. I will definitely be ordering again😍
Mel, thank you so much for this incredible cake! It was super DELISH! No one wanted to eat it bc it was so beautiful, but we did and it was ah-mazing! You are so talented my friend!!!!!!!!
I want to Thank Southern Suga for making my little ones paw patrol cakes.
It is usually hard to find a cake that looks amazing and TASTE GREAT. However, we got it. The cake was extremely moist and everyone loved it.
Thank you again for taking on this job and surprising me with something so amazing.
Will be using again
Omg!! I ordered 6 Valentines packs! And let me tell you! Every person I gave one to has absolutely loved them! I can’t wait to order some more goodies!

Southern Suga by Mel Cake Decorating Studio is one of South Bossier’s newest business’. Southern Suga by Mel Cake Decorating Studio brings an appreciation of elegance and couture design for their cake creations.

At Southern Suga by Mel we take pride in using the finest ingredients every day. Our products are made fresh daily to deliver the highest quality, taste and enjoyment for all customers. It is our goal to teach and educate our customers at best to prepare them with a foundation to a flourishing career or hobby in cake decorating or treat making. Whether you join us for entertainment or education, w

Operating as usual


Teach them and watch them flourish..

Cake Decorating classes available at Southern Suga by Mel Cake Decorating Studio.
Bossier City LA


Hey Suga,
There’s nothing quite like feeling like you don’t belong or don’t fit in. But check it- it’s not always a bad thing. Think about you- maybe you’ve outgrown people and situations. Because you DO know that sometimes in life changes occur AND you begin to focus on growth and development. It will cause you to reanalyze things. Figure out the best situations for you.
Have you ever heard the phrase, why fit in when you were born to STAND OUT? Don’t allow yourself to remain hostage in another man’s world! Free yourself, stand out, do your thing. Sometimes you have to take that step and do it solo. Just remember to Remain humble in all things. Remain gracious and kind. Still love and acknowledge, but know when it’s time to do you- RESPECTFULLY!

✌🏽💗🧁 Mel


It’s a thoughtful and THANKFUL Thursday for me! Real queens adjust each other’s crowns. Thank you to all the queens in my life!
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What’s on your bake load this weekend?


Let’s talk baking pans! What are you favorite brand baking pans? Comment below ⬇️in comments!

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Happpppppppppy Monday Suga! Today is all about GOOD, positive vibes and energy! Find your peace and live in it!


Are you in need of branded cupcakes for a grand opening, showcase, business event or party? Choose Southern Suga by Mel. Contact us today for your event!

Pictured one of our favorite designs. @pamperedpicnicla


Check out my new blog Post: The Season to Elevate!

Leave me some feedback. What are some of your experiences? Any advice to fellow and potential business owners?

Photos from Southern Suga by Mel's post 03/06/2022

When it comes to weddings and cakes, I personally specialize in simplicity, small intimate buttercream creations. Textures, florals, boho, glam, elegance, superb flavors and rich buttercream. If that describes your wedding style, then I’m likely your choice. Every cake artist has their niche, this is mine. Contact me to create for your special event, whether it be your wedding, bridal shower, or beyond. Please enjoy these sample creations, but know there’s an endless amount of designs to select from.

Weddings Simplified by Mel

To inquire, visit

Photos from Southern Suga by Mel's post 03/04/2022

So, Today is National Sons Day! I am so grateful and thankful for my son! Not only is he super athletic, intelligent, and serves his community, but he willfully helps with Southern Suga by Mel. He promotes our business to his friends, to their parents, to customers at work, and beyond. I’m so thankful and grateful for his support. For he may outgrow my lap, but he will never outgrow my heart. The SWEETEST part of life is sharing it with my children! Happy National Sons Day to one sweet part of my heart!
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Happy Friday Suga!

Interested in cake decorating classes, a party, a date night or girls night out- contact us to schedule your session.


Cheers to our amazing women! We see you, we celebrate you, we love you! Let’s open our ears and hearts to here HERstory!

Who do you celebrate on today?


Every child is an artist. Supply them with the tools, guidance, and motivation and watch them create!

Developing future cake artists at Southern Suga by Mel cake decorating studio. The photo shows this young artist creating the crumb coat on the cake which serves as the foundation to a beautiful creation.

To inquire about parties or 1 on 1 cake decorating, email us at [email protected]

Photos from Southern Suga by Mel's post 02/28/2022

Come on Barbie. Let’s go Party.

Beautiful decor and design by Sharie Hines. Thank you for choosing Southern Suga by Mel for this fabulous event.


A little Suga at noon on this Monday. Thanks to my I-Phone for putting together this little compilation of desserts I’ve created. Delicious!!! 😋🤤🥰


On this Monday, I don’t feel many words are necessary! Let’s go forth in our week on a positive note and put in place action all things that help us move forward and advance in life. No excuses- More work!
I CAN accomplish that goal!
I AM accomplishing this goal!
I WILL accomplish the goal!

Happy Monday Suga!


👩🏾‍💻 Do you prefer using real or artificial flowers on cakes? Let me know in the comments.
For me it really depends on the cake and what type of flower I need. If it’s an out of season or odd colored floral I definitely go with artificial. But if not I love the beauty of fresh floral. Client preference and budget are also considered when I decide. I personally like to purchase higher quality artificial so that it can look as close to realistic as possible. Real of course takes much more prep time before application. These are just a few of my thoughts.

👩🏾‍💻Please share your preference in the comments and why!



There is beauty in simplicity!

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Photos from Southern Suga by Mel's post 02/24/2022

Happy Thursday! What’s life without a little humor? Surely not sweet! 😁 Share your favorite “SWEETS” joke with us in the comments!


“I believe that God has put gifts and talents and ability on the inside of every one of us. When you develop that and you believe in yourself and you believe that you're a person of influence and a person of purpose, I believe you can rise up out of any situation.” -Joel Osteen

The power of believing in you can take you so far! Remove doubt from your life. It’s a heavy weight that will prevent you from moving forward. And who cares if others don’t believe in you. You cannot allow another person to determine your worth- whether it’s self worth, net worth, or any other type of worth. You believe in you and call the shots on your own life.
🧁It is my hope that any individual reading this moving forward will remind yourself to believe in you first!


Art is a place where children learn to trust their ideas, themselves, and explore what is possible. -Mary Ann Kohl
Southern Suga by Mel Cake Decorating Studio is a place where children and adults of every age and skill level can come to express themselves creatively with cake and frosting being our mediums of choice. We find beauty in every creation.

For more information on booking a party or a just because cake decorating session, contact via email or website interest form.
🧁[email protected]


It’s Wednesday! Winning Wednesday! Today I am grateful and winning because everyday of my life I’m given the opportunity to teach. Whether I’m teaching within the Education field or the Cake world, I’m given the opportunity to share my knowledge. But as much as I love to teach, I love to learn too. One of my goals this year is to register for professional development for myself in the cake world. Due to unforeseen circumstances I haven’t been able to just yet, BUT the year is just beginning. This year I want to be a student in classes, conferences, and more! Remember- even the teacher can be taught!

What’s your win on this Wednesday?



Happy Wednesday!!! I hope to see y’all in March 6th. Come and talk to me and learn about Southern Suga by Mel Cake Decorating Studio! Free cake samples from myself and a host of other bakers!!


A Taco Cake Tutorial on a Twosday…. Pairs well with Margaritas! 😜 I challenge you to Try it for yourself and send us a pic!

Share this taco cake tutorial with your friends!!
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#twosday #tacotuesday #caketutorial #nationalmargaritaday

Photos from Southern Suga by Mel's post 02/22/2022

What do you do when It’s Taco Tuesday, National Margarita day and it’s Twosday, 2-22-22? You get married and have a Taco wedding cake! “Nacho” average wedding cake!

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I just have to say- today is a pretty sweet Twosday! A once in a lifetime day- go out make a great memory, wish upon a star, do something special for yourself, make a dream come true.

Happy TWOSday Suga!
#twosday #22222 #memorymaking #dreambig


Girls just want to have fun! Birthday Parties at Southern Suga by Mel Cake Decorating Studio!

For booking, email [email protected] or inquire on our website


How easy it is to just quit and give everything you’ve worked so hard for up because of one bad moment or even several occurrences of not so great moments. No matter what it is in life, we will face obstacles. It’s how you handle them that matter. Which road will you take? Release those feelings of frustration and turn them into wins. Not motivated, feeling a mental block, drained? Engage in some quality self care to reset you! And then come back to the situation anew. Just don’t quit on you, your dreams or your life. Sending positive vibes your way!



Are you looking to sharpen your cake decorating skills? Frustrated because your buttercream isn’t as smooth as you like? Starting from the bottom and wanting to learn the basics? Contact Southern Suga by Mel Cake Decorating Studio and set up a 1 on 1 class. We will get you on your way to a successful hobby or career in cake decorating!

👩🏾‍💻[email protected]

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