Southern Suga by Mel

Southern Suga by Mel


Hi Southern Suga by Mel, Your cake seems to be on page [9] here How you take part on this?
Sun City Elem
Eighty-First Street ECE
Omg!!!! These wedding cake cupcakes are everything. I will definitely be ordering again😍
Mel, thank you so much for this incredible cake! It was super DELISH! No one wanted to eat it bc it was so beautiful, but we did and it was ah-mazing! You are so talented my friend!!!!!!!!
I want to Thank Southern Suga for making my little ones paw patrol cakes.
It is usually hard to find a cake that looks amazing and TASTE GREAT. However, we got it. The cake was extremely moist and everyone loved it.
Thank you again for taking on this job and surprising me with something so amazing.
Will be using again
Omg!! I ordered 6 Valentines packs! And let me tell you! Every person I gave one to has absolutely loved them! I can’t wait to order some more goodies!

Southern Suga by Mel Cake Decorating Studio is one of South Bossier’s newest business’. It brings about togetherness. Be Sweet- Be Southern- Eat SUGA!

Southern Suga by Mel Cake Decorating Studio brings an appreciation of elegance and couture design for their cake creations. At Southern Suga by Mel we take pride in using the finest ingredients every day. Our products are made fresh daily to deliver the highest quality, taste and enjoyment for all customers. It is our goal to teach and educate our customers at best to prepare them with a foundatio

Operating as usual


Need a last minute fun activity for the kids or adults at your holiday gathering? Order your Cupcake Bar To Go. LIMITED AVAILABILITY!! Inbox to order! Payment due upon ordering!

Available in 2 sizes:
🧁 1 dozen vanilla cupcakes, includes 1 variety tray of decor, 12 plates, napkins and spreaders, 2 frosting bags, 1 cup of frosting, sprinkle serving spoons, and tongs. $60
🧁 2 dozen vanilla cupcakes, includes 2 variety trays of decor, 24 plates, napkins and spreaders, 4 frosting bags, 1 cup of frosting, sprinkle serving spoons, and tongs $80
Pickup in South Bossier City
Friday @5:30-6 pm
Saturday 12:00pm

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MONDAY Motivation! In order for me to continue doing the work I love so much, I had to make some health changes. Sending love, motivation, and encouragement to anyone that can relate! ✌🏽💗🧁 Mel


Thank you for this fabulous review! It was such a pleasure working with y’all!


Let’s make Reindeer Pops!
See previous post for ingredients, recipe, guided questions and more!

Send me photos of your creations!


Are you looking for the perfect gift for your loved one? Give the gift of a skill and experience! Perfect for hobby bakers or someone wanting to start a cake decorating business!

🧁PURCHASE A GIFT CERTIFICATE FOR THE PERFECT HOLIDAY EXPERIENCE and gift! ‼️BONUS: All holiday gift certificates come with a personalized apron!

Contact Mrs. Mel today to purchase or for more details. Inbox or email. [email protected]

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Are y’all ready to make Reindeer Pops with Mrs. Mel? The pre recorded video will be uploaded TODAY on our page!!!
Parents- make this into a fun interactive learning experience for your young ones. I’ve included vocabulary, guided questions and themes you can discuss while creating! It is my hope that you all enjoy this activity!
Gather your ingredients and get ready to create!!

BONUS: Giveaway!!! 2 ingredient boxes with supplies to create 6 pops will be given away to two families! How to qualify to win? Share our post and comment on the Facebook post “shared”. Your name will be entered into a virtual drawing. Ingredient pack giveaways available local (Shreveport/Bossier City, LA) Pickup in South Bossier. I will draw names tonight.


Looking for something fun to do for the holidays, a birthday, or get together. Book a cake or cupcake decorating party. I’ll bring the party to you.

Email or inbox me for details!
Email [email protected]


Shine on Suga! Happy Wednesday! Rise and Shine!


Happy Monday my sweet Sugas! I’ve missed you all so much! It feels so good to be getting back into the sweet of things! Today’s motivation is all about your perspective.

🧁 Ask yourself: Is today Day ONE or will you do it ONE day? ❔
For the past 3/4 year+ I believe my perspective juggled between the two. I thought, I’ll get back to what I love ONE DAY because I had other priorities at that moment. But TODAY, is DAY ONE of pacing myself, going forward with my plans, and doing what I love- being sweet, working with sweets, sharing my love of sweets, teaching about sweets and continuing building relationships in the sweets community.

🧁 So, if circumstance has you at ONE DAY, figure out your plan to get to DAY ONE! I love you my sweet Sugas!

❓So, which are you? ONE day OR Day ONE? ⬇️⬇️⬇️COMMENT BELOW ⬇️⬇️⬇️


Hey my super sweet Sugas! I am so excited to announce that I will be hosting some free holiday tutorials for kids! Some sessions will be pre- recorded and posted on our FB page and others will be live sessions! For each session, I will post recipes along will supply and ingredient list. I will post live session dates a few days ahead in the event you are interested in creating with me. I have developed a list of a variety of holiday treats and desserts. Some are no bake while others will require an oven. I look forward to sharing the next few weeks with you all! Let’s get the kids in the kitchen, exploring their senses, creative side, and making memories! These classes are for children and families of all ages!
Please share with family and friends near and far!
The first couple of videos will be uploaded in the next couple days- reindeer pops and Mini Gingerbread Houses!
Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays to you all!
💗 Mrs. Mel


Today is bittersweet! One year ago today I never would have imagined today! I had my grand opening of my studio and it was such a great day. A little over half a year later I had to make some major decisions regarding my health and I had to set aside my cake dreams and choose me. I’m still on this journey and I thank God for life, for happiness, for a clearer mind and vision. I ask for your prayers as I continue along this path and one day before long, God will bless me to continue on what he helped and blessed me to start. For now, I celebrate this past year and a new me!


Happy National Cake Decorating Day! On today I celebrate years of learning, creating, do-overs, memories, happy times and frustrations. I celebrate new beginnings and think about how today and the power of social media and technology has given all decorators access to an even larger platform for more cake decorating education from back when I started 18 years ago. I thank so many cake decorators that have truly been influential throughout the years whether it’s been through knowledge, encouragement, relationships built, creativity, or their ability to create and or connect with others. Being a cake decorator is an important job! Let me tell you why! We have the ability to help families build relationships, celebrate one another, and create memories that will last a lifetime with a delicious piece of edible art! How awesome and important is that?! So, a huge thank you and virtual celebration to every cake decorator out there making a difference and memories. You ROCK! Thank you for the long hours of planning and preparation, sketching-erasing-& revising, multiple trips to the store, late nights and early mornings, missing out on your own family events and memories, dealing with achy muscles and headaches, for being patient and handling yourself to the highest degree of professionalism- even when you are tested, and thank you for JUST BEING YOU!


That’s it! That’s todays post! Believe in the power of you! Start today- with you!

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When it’s your daughter’s Sweet 16 and she doesn’t want a cake! Do-nut do me like that- can’t I at least make a donut tower? for the win!


“Whatever you want to do, if you want to be great at it, you have to love it and be able to make sacrifices for it.” - Maya Angelou

Happy Labor Day 2022


Happy Wednesday friends! It’s been a while since I posted as I’ve been having a lot going on medically, but I haven’t forgotten y’all! I do have some updates for all of you:
1. I know I’ve been getting so many inquiries and trying to respond in a timely manner. Please forgive me if some responses are tardy. I am not taking any orders for the month of August. I’m starting to feel better so my hope is to resume a minimal amount in September possibly.
2. I closed my storefront. Please no Awwws or sad faces! This is all with happiness because y’all I’m taking care of my health and medical needs first beyond all things. I did it because it’s best for me right now. It’s not permanent. So, I will not be hosting any classes in studio. I do have every intent to do some offsite classes in the coming months once I’ve been cleared medically. So, please inquire! I can bring the party to your location.
3. I miss all of my customers! It hurts my heart to say no to orders but I know the referred bakers I’ve been sending y’all to have been taking great care of you.
A super big thank you to each of you for all your support and continued support. Sending super sweet SUGA your way!
✌🏽💕🧁 Mel


Great Day my Sugas! I will be out until at least June 20th. If you’ve emailed my apologies for the delay in response. As soon as I am able I will return messages.



Happy Hump Day! Wishing Y’all a “Berry” fabulous day!


Happy Monday Suga! Wishing you all a most wonderful day and week! Remember we control what we think and do! Think positive, think optimistic, think happy, think right! Be blessed!

✌🏽💗🧁 Mel




These reviews truly make everything that I do worth doing! Cake brings people together. It provides for great conversation and memory making. Thank you for allowing Southern Suga by Mel to be apart of your special day.


Peace begins with a smile.


It’s Monday Motivation y’all! For today’s moment, I bring to you the word TRUST! Big word right! It’s carries a lot of weight. On today and furthermore, TRUST yourself, trust your vision, trust your gut, TRYST YOUR JOURNEY!

Think about this… how do you expect others to trust in you and your vision if you don’t trust in yourself! Let’s move forward to a better you!



SPARKLE Suga SPARKLE! Let’s get our week started right!

1. Speak positivity into your day and week.
2. Set goals, make lists, and have a plan for your days.
3. Know that you CAN do it despite anything going on around you.
4. Remove BUT and CAN’T from your vocabulary and mindset.

How do you prepare for a positive week?

COMMENT BELOW! ⬇️ ⬇️⬇️⬇️


💭I think about the start of something new and how we make goals, are confident in our ability to succeed, we are motivated to do whatever we need to get it done ,and our attitude is optimistic.

➡️➡️6 months, 1 year, 15+ years down the road- REMEMBER we have to keep that same energy because we will still need that same (if not more) ability, motivation and attitude to elevate and move forward.

I encourage each person that may be going through a season of doubt, discouragement, lack of motivation, and any other feeling not of success to take a moment and remember your why! Go hard for your why!

🤓Reboot and remember you have the ability to win! Let’s get motivated and change our attitude!



Repost from

I’m so thankful! I’m Almost at a lost for words! It’s time to elevate!


By doing what you love, you inspire and awaken the hearts of others!

I love making cakes that are simplistic but beautiful. They are my favorite. I also love teaching. A light brightens up around me when I am teaching.

NOTE: Find what you love and DO THAT!


Don’t dream your life, live your dream!


Hey Suga! Are you new to my page? Welcome! I’m Mel and I hope you enjoy your time browsing. This is my world through a sugary sweet lens! Order, comment, share, tag away! Thanks for coming on over!

4 FUN facts about Mel
🧁I have 3 children all 16 months apart and all of their names start with E. I get confused often and call them by a blend of all their names together! Lol

🧁As much as I absolutely love and adore creating desserts, I personally don’t have a sweet tooth.

🧁I’ve lived my life devoted to educating others- from youth to adult both in the cake world as well as in my other professional career.

🧁Not only do I bake but I own a cake decorating studio in Bossier City,LA where you can come learn cake decorating or have a fun get together with your friends and decorate cakes or cupcakes.

Thanks for visiting Suga Land! Please come back as often as you like.


Oh… I thought someone said Banana Pudding Cake! Rich, delicious homemade banana pudding drizzled and fills the layers of this Nilla Wafer coated Fresh banana cake with silky smooth French vanilla buttercream!


So few words needed, but huge impact begins them!
Wake up READY!
What’s on your agenda for today? Are you READY?

Comment below⬇️


Wishing all the beautiful mother’s a very Happy Mother’s Day!


Wishing y’all a most fabulous Mother’s Day weekend!


Happy Friday and Happy Graduation season!
Congrats to all those graduating this year! Class of 2022


When you want a dessert that’s a little bit on the healthier side. Fruit pizza


Happy Cinco de Mayo!


Wishing you all a beautiful Easter.

Let everything you do be done in love. 1 Corinthians 16:14

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Bloom where you are planted little one! Spring time flair! Pastels give me life!


Have you ever found yourself just in a blurred state of mind? Things seem so out of focus? Personal, family, decisions, health, workload, finances- these are just amongst the few things that can leave us in a foggy state.

Take a moment to find your clarity or a moment to set a plan to reach clarity. It happens to the best of us!

Moment of Transparency- I’m currently in that one foot in fog and one foot out. That step through. God has kept me booked and busy, what a blessing- but I still have felt like things have been a blur. No clarity. For me- it’s been personal, balance, and health. I’ve had to step back for a moment (y’all may have noticed from my lack of posting lately) and clear the haze. Self care is the best care y’all. Don’t forget that. Things seem clearer now, a little ways to complete clarity but I am getting there y’all.

Even as business owners, there are times where you have to analyze and reanalyze things for clarity. We are people first, we have feelings, we have families, we have health, we have other responsibilities. It’s a load to carry. Don’t get put in that state of overwhelm and lost in the fog! Stop momentarily and make a plan and find your way through life’s fogs, unfocused moments, and live in your why!

Remember to let your light shine bright, even when things seem a bit out of focus!


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