Cross of Christ Preschool, Boise, ID Videos

Videos by Cross of Christ Preschool in Boise. Cross of Christ Preschool is a neighborhood preschool serving the Boise community.

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Preschool is the place to be!

Preschool is the place to be!
What does Cross of Christ Preschool look like? Take a look! Yes, we are enrolling for this fall, and guess what? $100 tu...

Congratulations, Preschoolers! Oh, the Places You'll Go! And God will be with you through them all.

Froggy Plays T-Ball! I miss T-ball.

Have you ever heard of "Little Black Sambo"? Wait to the end to find out why the story has anything to do with pancakes!

Tuesday's Ten Little Ladybugs.

God Loves You Head to Toes

Clap Your Hands! And have a happy Tuesday!

Wonky Donkey had a child. It was a Dinky Donkey!

Today's story time is about Jesus and lets us make funny faces!

Fifteen Animals - Count them as we read! And see if you can guess each animal's name!

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom with the Snyders!

More Pigeon and Duckling with Pastor Snyder!

The Easter Story with Pastor Snyder!

Preschool Book with Pastor Snyder 3
It's time for some Pigeon!

We got to learn about bagpipes thanks to Noah’s grandpa!

Singing our Thanksgiving prayer.

Learning about the tin whistle with Pastor Wetzel