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The Gem State Tea Party's OFFICIAL page. We're working together to bring greater liberty to the State of Idaho! The Gem State Tea Party is a statewide Tea Party Confederation which is working together to bring about substantial changes in the State of Idaho.

We support increased personal liberty, lower taxes, decreased regulations, and smaller and more accountable government. We stalwartly oppose all efforts to increase the power and scope of government over individuals and businesses, and will work diligently to undo and eliminate existing regulations and taxes which stand in the way of individual freedom and business success.


Russ Fulcher for Congress

Russ Fulcher took on the special interests in the Idaho Legislature, and now he's taking aim at Big Government in Washington D.C. Vote Republican Russ Fulcher on May 15! #RussForUS


Join the Conservative candidates to help shape the agenda....


Happy Thanksgiving to all of you Idaho Freedom Loving Patriots....


Redoubt News

Tommy Ahlquist and the Progressive Idaho Democrats


Ada County Tea Party

HAPPY 4th of JULY, Everyone....Enjoy and celebrate Freedom!

Remember, or please begin a tradition, to read the Declaration of Independence to your families and remind yourself of the sacrifices those Founding Fathers made afterwards. Many of them died in prison, were murdered, and hung in public and their families endured isolation, poverty and death from the British for our freedom. Most were wealthy land owners prior to their signing this document, but wanted to see our country free from tyranny, and they pledged together, their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor....most ended up giving one or more for their cause. So please remind the youth and yourselves how truly blessed our country is to have all it does and will have in the future due to these incredibly intelligent, sacrificing and principled people. God Bless America...Happy Independence Day!!!


Monday at the Mission Aviation Fellowship in Nampa beginning at 6:30 p.m. CONGRESSMAN LABRADOR TOWN HALL...112 N Pilatus Ln, Nampa, ID 83687


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Join us, at our Rally....calling all TEA Parties in Idaho to join us. 03/17/2017

Will the Idaho Legislature protect your right to use gold and silver?

Please pay close attention and take a moment to contact your Legislators about this important issue TODAY. If you believe money – i.e. gold and silver – should NOT be taxed, we need your help contacting your state senator about House Bill 206. 01/17/2017

Speaker Bedke Imitates Obama — 'No Freedom of Speech for Rep. Scott'

What he considers a high crime we believe is freedom of speech, and that is what Rep. Scott was doing—exercising her freedom of speech. It appears Idaho House Speaker Scott Bedke is auditioning for a job on 'The Apprentice' after he removed Rep. Heather Scott from her 3 committee positions.


Congrats to all of the candidates that won their respective local, county, state and national races. The conservatives took back the pendulum...finally. We are happy to have you serve us. Now let's get down to the hard work of keeping Idaho's values safe and economy running smoothly. We expect you to stick to your core principles and serve your constituency. Remember your oath. We will be watching...from these grassroots organizations.

[11/11/16]   Congrats to all of the candidates that won their respective local, county and state races. We are happy to have you serve us. Now let's get down to the hard work of keeping Idaho's values safe and economy running smoothly. We expect you to stick to your core principles and serve your constituency. Remember your oath. We will be watchihg...from these grassroots organizations.


President Donald Trump Fan Club

Donald Trump For President

Here's the full list of celebrities who said they'd leave if Trump got elected!


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Idahoans for Liberty

Who do you support for Idaho Governor in 2018?

Who do you support? Click the link to vote in the poll! 05/16/2016

Endorsements for Precinct Committeeman races in Ada and Canyon County


CLICK THE LINK for endorsed Precinct Committeeman candidates in Ada and Canyon County.

Big business, crooked lobbyists, and politicians are trying to take over the Idaho Republican Party by running against conservative grassroots Precinct Committeemen.

"PC's" are the elected volunteers who run the Idaho Republican Party. You may have never paid attention to these races before but they are becoming more important than ever, as the GOP struggles to define itself for the future.

"PC's" decide how we vote for President in Idaho. They decide whether we allow Democrats to vote in our Primaries or not. They pass rules and resolutions and try to keep our elected officials accountable.

But the establishment in Idaho can't stand how successful the grassroots have been in reforming the party. We fought our own Governor on the implementation of ObamaCare in Idaho, and he's been looking for payback ever since.

He recruited state employees, lobbyists, and well connected friends to run for Precinct Committeeman seats against pro-liberty conservatives.

Then he created OtterPAC, filled its coffers with thousands of dollars of lobbyist money, and is using it to go on the attack. You may have received one of their ugly, misspelled postcards already.

Don't be fooled! These precinct races are the key to controlling the GOP and the establishment wants them back.

CLICK THE LINK for endorsed Precinct Committeeman candidates in Ada and Canyon County, and don't forget to vote on May 17th!


Death and Taxes.... 04/01/2016

Help us find write-in Precinct candidates in Idaho

There are ten precincts in Ada County where no one has filed to run for precinct committeeman. Do you know anyone in these precincts who would be willing to run? There are ten precincts in Ada County for which no candidate is running. The filing deadline is over, but we can still run "write-in" candidates. 03/25/2016

Idaho Gov. Butch Otter signs permitless carry into law

Today is a good day for Idahoans. A 5-year effort to enact permitless carry in Idaho has finally been successful as Gov. Butch Otter signed SB 1389 into law late Friday afternoon.


Idaho Second Amendment Alliance

Constitutional Carry Headed to Governor Otter on a 54-15 vote in the Idaho House.


Idaho Second Amendment Alliance

Permitless Carry finally leaps beyond the committee to the full Senate Body. This should be a litmus test for who you vote for in the coming Primary elections. Stay aware and help support Greg Pruett and The Second Amendment Alliance!!!!

Senate Bill 1389 passes committee on a 6-3 vote with a "do pass" recommendation!

We want to thank the following Senators for their "Yes" vote on SB 1389:

Sen. Curt McKenzie (R)
Sen. Patti Anne Lodge (R)
Sen. Todd Lakey (R)
Sen. Brent Hill (R)
Sen. Chuck Winder (R)
Sen. Jeff Siddoway (R)

The following committee members voted against the measure:

Sen. Michelle Stennett (D)
Sen. Cherie Buckner-Webb (D)
Sen. Bart Davis (R)

This was only the first step in the process.

The bill will not be heard by the full Senate and voted on. We presume the vote will take place Thursday but will keep you informed on an exact date/time.

If it passes the Senate this week it will then move to the House. If it passes the House then the Governor must sign it for it to become law. If he signs it, the effective date will probably be July 1st. So please retain legal carry status until that time.

In the meantime, you NEED to email/call your Senators RIGHT NOW and tell them to vote on SB 1389!

Thanks to all who have made this day possible!


Please get out and VOTE, Find your polling place


Polling places are now open!

Find yours:


Idaho Second Amendment Alliance

More on Constitutional Carry....SB 1378 is dead and a new bill is moving forward. Stay TUNED

We have been told that SB 1378 will not be moving forward and that a new bill will be introduced tomorrow.

Stay tuned.


In the meantime, make sure to sign the petition for Constitutional Carry at 03/06/2016

Nancy Reagan dead at 94

Nancy Reagan, the wife of Ronald Reagan passed through the Pearly Gates today. An era passed, but never to be forgotten. God Bless the Reagan Family!!! Nancy Reagan, former first lady who joined her husband on a storybook journey from Hollywood to the White House, died Sunday. 03/05/2016

Cruz to Victory Rally - Boise Help us prepare Idahoans for the #SuperTuesday Presidential Primary Election! Attend the only official Treasure Valley #CruzToVictory Rally! Meet prominent Idaho Republicans supporting Ted Cruz | Hear speeches | Get #TedCruz campaign stickers | Help Ted WIN in Idaho! The #CruzBoise #CruzToVictory ra… 03/04/2016

Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio to visit Idaho over the weekend ahead of primary Republican presidential candidates Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio appear headed to Idaho to speak with voters before this state’s Republican presidential primary.


Idaho Second Amendment Alliance

SB 1378 is not the answer to Permitless needs some serious tweaking to be acceptable. Call your Senators and Senate Leadership with solutions suggested here or your own. We need to make sure this isn't regressing and making it harder to protect yourself and carry handguns.


ISAA President Greg Pruett speaks out on Senate Bill 1378 which is the Secret Gun Committee's version of "Constitutional Carry".

Listen to the message now and then TAKE ACTION! Demand that Constitutional Carry NOT take away rights from other law abiding citizens.

This bill, while it does give Idaho residents 21 and over Constitutional Carry, will take away many other's gun rights. You can't allow this to happen. This is not what Idaho gun owners want.

Contact Senator Curt McKenzie, who heads the Senate State Affairs Committee, at 208-332-1328 and email him at [email protected] and respectfully demand that he not allow Senate Bill 1378 to take away gun rights!

Then call and email your own legislators and tell them the same!

If you don't know who they are you can find the link here:

Then find their email and phone number here: 03/01/2016


A PRIMER FOR THE IDAHO PRESIDENTIAL PRIMARY ON MARCH 8 A PRIMER FOR THE IDAHO PRESIDENTIAL PRIMARY ON MARCH 8 by Anita Perry This Presidential primary, Idaho matters. With more delegates than Iowa and New Hampshire, there is a lot at stake for the presidential [...]


2nd Amendment Rally....extremely well attended. Hundreds of Armed citizenry from Boise and beyond were at the Idaho State Capitol today to rally for Constitutional Carry or "permitless carry" of guns in Idaho. Several dignitaries and organizational heads spoke including: Wayne Hoffman, Idaho Freedom Foundation, The Future Governor of Idaho, Russ Fulcher, our own Greg Pruitt of 2nd Amendment Alliance and Larry Pratt, Gun Owners of America....all announced by Kevin Miller of Boise radio station, 580 KIDO. It was a beautiful day and one of the safest places to be in Idaho. The group is encouraging the HB 422 bill to be discussed and not tabled in committee. There is talk of a secret committee on guns and not working with the experts in the field and allowing the citizens a right to speak up in a hearing. A petition is now circulating to that effect. Thank you to Heather Scott for her attendance and for her backing of the current bill. Way to Go Idaho....

Idaho media probably:

Tens of people rally for permitless carry at Capitol.


The Gem State Patriot

The Gem State Patriot is an independent, not-for-profit newsletter with no connection to any organization. We report the news and offer interesting articles and opinions from people around our state.


Join us

DOROTHY MOON, in Horseshoe Bend, ID this Thursday. This lady rocks. Conservative, Constitutional and Christian...running for State Legislature in 8B Please support this lady...she is a TEA Party candidate, through and through! 02/13/2016

Justice Scalia found dead at Texas ranch | KTVB.COM Close '; } else { return; /* Abort if no adContent exists */ } var articleBodyChilds = $('div[itemprop=articleBody]>*').not('.story-metadata-asset').filter(filterP), articleBodyDivs = $('div[itemprop=articleBody]>div').filter(filterP), articleBodyP = $('div[itemprop=articleBody]>p').filter(filterP),… 02/09/2016

IFF Vice President Fred Birnbaum speaks against Medicaid expansion |

No Medicaid Expansion - It creates State Dependency on Federal monies and allows the Feds to dictate to the State with blackmail like tendencies 01/26/2016

The Power of the Engaged Citizen

Representative Heather Scott presents: Learn the power each citizen has and how to make a real difference. Heather will share success stories of how average citizens have effectively made changes at various levels of government.





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