Five Mile Montessori

We are a Primary Montessori classroom for children age 3-6 years old. Please visit our website for more information.

Operating as usual


After 21 years of Montessori teaching at FMM, I have retired, and sold the school.
Thanks to all the great families we have come to know over the years, on behalf of Deana, and from myself, we wish you all a joy filled future.
Please call Overland Montessori, and Rose Hill Montessori, to find a spot for your children. Thank you, Monica Street


Christmas Performance 2020

The children did a wonderful job singing for the Christmas performance! Happy holidays everyone! :)


Happy Halloween! 🎃 The kids had so much fun wearing their costumes while doing their work and decorating these delicious cookies! :)


Celebrating the kids' birthdays at FMM!


Everyone enjoying the last few weeks of water day :)


The kids were very proud of their creations; nice job working on the broad stairs and pink tower everyone!


The kids had such a great time doing their work with a very special friend! :)


Happy Graduation to all our fellow students!


Great work everyone!


Birthday celebrations throughout the school year at FMM!


The kids preparing for this school year's Christmas performance---what a memorable event!


Halloween Celebration at FMM--the kids loved wearing their costumes and decorating cookies!


*Fun time at the October Pumpkin Patch*


Check out this happy boy! He has been LOVING the Pink Tower & Broad Stair recently! What an absolute master ✔️


A sneaky peek into the lives of these little worker bees 🐝


We had the best Teddy Bear Picnic! We have on good authority that the bears learned a lot at school 🐻👩‍🏫👨‍🏫


First Water Day of the summer made a splash! 🧜‍♀️🧜‍♂️


Happy Fourth of July from these silly goons! Have a safe night! 🇺🇸


This sweet girl just flexed her big brain! She is ready to read! Go Maite! 👩🏻‍🏫


Just a casual wedding happening at 4:30pm on a Wednesday afternoon 😂 these two sweets organized a fun party reception with the rest of their friends. The reception included karaoke in which they had to sing nice compliments to each other and a fun obstacle course!


What a beautiful experience; to witness young minds grow and flower, together 🌸


“The greatest sign of success for a teacher is to be able to say ‘the children are now working as if I did not exist.’” The pride present in these kids’ eyes is inspiring.


Special little throwback to the 100th day of school💯 These marvelous beings celebrated by making 100-day crowns & necklaces 👩‍🏫👨‍🏫


Montessori Gardens


A little glimpse into the wonderfully colorful world of children hard at work ⭐️


Montessori Gardens

New for this year are six above ground planting beds. These should allow easier planting and w**d maintenance all around. If these work as intended, perhaps another 5 or six will be built next year. Still plan on having the children plant sunflowers directly into the ground towards end of Spring.


“The child is truly a miraculous being.” ⭐️
-Maria Montessori


The little ones loving literacy 📚 It is always so exciting when big (& little) strides are made in our learning!


Thank you to everyone who attended our art show to support these budding artists 🎨


A little love from these sweet valentines ❤️


The future of the world is in this classroom⭐️


Faces of Friends (part two)


We hope everyone enjoyed seeing these bright little stars at their holiday show! Have a happy winter break!❄️


The special thing about our school is that, when one child succeeds, every child feels pride for their classmate. We support each other and work to not only learn ourselves but help other learn too⭐️


Faces of Friends (part 1)

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Christmas Performance 2020




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Boise, ID

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