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Finding Balance in our lives is often difficult due to the unending supply of distractions responsibilities and time constraints we face... We can help.



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Breathe / Connect / Move

[12/12/14]   Grateful for a great week of training!

Do I smell a Spartan race win in progress...


[12/11/14]   One of the most important factors in successfully reaching your goals, whether fitness based our otherwise, is to have committed allies with you along the journey.

The best way to find those invaluable partners is to Be a purposeful ally at each opportunity.

Here's to a meaningful, connected and fun progression each step of the way!

[12/04/14]   Nice workout @ Zenergy morning. Now to Big City to produce on the electronic rectangle


[11/13/14]   What's your daily routine in the morning?

Do you warm your body and your mind up for the day?

How much of that do you leave that job up to coffee..

[10/06/14]   expectation of balance : sans bias or judgement.


[08/28/14]   Begin and continue solving, and pay purposeful attention to the behavior of your success

Looking forward to hearing about it


[08/22/14]   Focus on that beautiful purpose of yours...

!It's the best!


[08/21/14]   Ever thought about how the higher we put up our walls the more we pay..


[08/21/14]   The opportunity to share the BEST we know is the most valuable gift our children give us.

Appreciating that gift is key in living a progressive, beautiful, and exciting life!


[08/20/14]   My good friend Jon Eyton shared something I think is worth repeating...

He shared this quick insight, "Make a hard right over an easy wrong."

I believe that's the key to a truly simple life


[08/20/14]   The way you see the world... the way the world sees you.

Every time..

Here's to clarity in our wishes, purpose in our intent, and to simply accepting that we are infinitely FiT!

#fuelyourcreation #infinitelyFiT


[08/19/14]   FiT : State in which one is Energetically in rhythm as a result of focused attention and Energy to presence within each moment.

FiT exposes opportunity #naked

Show us how you live #InfinitelyFiT

[08/19/14]   To Be infinitely FiT, one must understand just one thing...

Give that which you want to receive, each moment!

Try it out in your next conversation, in traffic, at work, while you train, anywhere! ..and see just what happens!

Happy Tuesday y'all!



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