We take a practical approach delivering scrum and agile consultation and development services to help companies successfully innovate in a volatile market

Innovative Agile has worked with a number of companies, offering agile and scrum consulting and training services. Our strength lies in leading teams and guiding them so they can implement optimal solutions. Leveraging the experience of a Certified Scrum Master and IT leader professional, we drive strategic IT objectives, manage online projects and leverage best-fit technologies. Our proven abilit


We involve ourselves in every phase of the #agile #transformation process, providing #organizations the tools, guidance and support they need to bring change to every part of the organization instead of focusing on just one department.

Our approach to #agile #methodology and #scrum #coaching has allowed us to successfully help a large number of organizations transition to agile smoothly and efficiently.


For a organization to successfully transition to #scrum #methodology, good training and support is crucial. #Innovative #Agile uses proven, hands-on training approach to help teams become self-reliant, confident and ready to operate in an ever changing environment. We focus on ideas, people and processes rather than on documentation and tools. Using real world scenarios and projects, we help teams leverage our own practical experience and learn from it


The agile methodology we follow is based on the belief that the best way to transform a business is by using iterative waves of change. Using short cycles at high speeds, setting accurate project priorities and requirements can help businesses react effectively and decisively to any kind of change.


Through our #scrum #training, agile project management and transformation services, we help clients develop stronger, self reliant teams and improve their business processes. We help organizations and their teams build strong processes, #technology and strategies that will help them eventually be ready to handle change and growth.


Innovative Agile’s slogan is “Provoking The Status Quo”. As a company, we are always trying to challenge the ordinary and are constantly seeking ways to continuously improve ourselves. When we work with clients on #agile and #scrum transformation, we encourage them to do the same. We believe that successful business development and true transformation will come only when the organization and all its members are completely involved and dedicated to the cause.

[08/30/14]   THE #PRIMARY #ROLES

The fundamental scrum process is quite simple and is governed by three main roles. The product owners will determine what needs to be built. #Development #teams will then build whatever is needed and will demonstrate the same. Product owners will then decide what should be built next based on the demonstration. #Scrum #masters will ensure that the entire process is smooth and will help improve the product and the team, leading to an effective business process.

While this is a very simple view of the #scrum #methodology, it showcases the essence of this team collaboration approach. Professional agile coaching can help businesses create effective teams by adopting scrum.


#Scrum #consulting will effectively optimize the performance of a team by providing them the tools, framework and principles they need to determine the best way to deal with difficulties that teams would normally come across during complex projects. Creating complex products is a difficult task and #scrum #project management #methodology offers structure so that teams can deal with this task.


#Scrum is a framework that supports team collaboration on projects. It provides a set of principles and rules that provide enough structure so teams can focus on #innovation for solving challenges. Scrum also supports the basic human needs to learn, to create, to do, to improve, to grow and interact with others. It leverages our innate characteristics and traits for effective team building skills.


#Scrum is a way in which teams can work together effectively to develop a product. Using this #project #management #methodology, product development will take place in small pieces where every piece will build upon the pieces that were previously created. This encourages creativity while enabling teams to quickly respond to change and feedback.

[08/22/14]   The First #Scrum #Project

Once the team roles have been identified and everything in place, the next step in our scrum consulting process will be working on the first project. During the project, team members will discover the many benefits of this framework. They will learn how to work with each other closely, adjust demands and requirements of the project and find solutions to each problem on their own.

#Innovative #Agile’s work is not completed even after the end of the project. We believe it is important for organizations to continue to improve. Our team is therefore always available to offer guidance and support for dealing with any roadblocks along the way.

[08/21/14]   How to Apply #Scrum?

After the initial call, #InnovativeAgile will be able to provide the organization with an actionable plan so they can transform their teams and their operations effectively. During the #scrum #consulting process, we work closely with teams to help identify and assign roles to each team member. The scrum process can be successful only when everyone in the #organization is willing to embrace change. Each business unit must be transparent and open. Using team building tasks and activities, Innovative Agile will create a unified, self organized team.


No business can effectively learn how to #apply #scrum without first understanding what it means. #Innovative #Agile’s scrum consulting therefore begins with a conference call during which we discuss a number of important topics such as what is scrum, how to apply scrum, whether everyone in the team and management is willing to adopt it and reasons why scrum process may or may not be suitable for the business. This is a fact finding process during which we try to understand if scrum process will provide any considerable results for the #organization.


The main principle in #scrum #methodology is that customers may change their mind at any time during a project. Unpredicted challenges cannot be addressed easily in the traditional planned manner. Therefore, #scrum follows an empirical approach. It accepts that problems cannot always be fully defined or understood. It focuses on maximizing the ability of the team to quickly respond and deliver to the emerging requirements. Scrum focuses on building effective teams.

Applying #scrum is a complex process because of the wide variety of tools that can be used for implementation.

[08/11/14]   HISTORY OF #SCRUM

The initial concept and idea of the scrum methodology were developed by #Ikujiro #Nonaka and #Hirotaka #Takeuchi in 1986. “The New Product Development Game” was the paper in which they presented the concept. It was in the early ’90s that #Ken #Schwaber used scrum at Advanced Development Methods, his company. He then presented his experience at the 1995 #OOPSLA conference. Along with Sutherland, he presented the #scrum #methodology in ‘#Agile Software Development with Scrum’, the first ever scrum book to be written.

[08/09/14]   WHAT IS #SCRUM?
There are no team leaders that decide who will do what or how a particular problem must be solved. Instead, the entire team will decide how to resolve issues as a whole. To learn about #scrum it is essential to understand that all team members must be active participants throughout the project.

[08/08/14]   WHAT IS #SCRUM?

#Scrum is an #agile #project #management #methodology. It is a framework for effective business processes. Rather than providing detailed, complete descriptions to how everything must be done in a project, Scrum leaves much of it up to the team because it is believed that teams know best how to resolve problems that they face. The #scrum #methodology relies on cross functional, self organizing teams.


#Innovative #Agile believes that agile methodology is all about continuous improvement. Even after the end of the first project, we continue to offer ongoing guidance and help with any roadblocks the team might face. Agile is a never ending process and it continues to provide good benefits for all the hard work put in.

[08/06/14]   #THE #FIRST #PROJECT

The first agile project will move fast, easy and light. During the implementation process, users will discover the benefits of the agile framework, they will learn how to adjust requirements and demands and profit from the benefits immediately. #Innovative #Agile will work closely with the team every step of the way from planning to #sprint.




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