MYTH, Boise, ID Video January 5, 2021, 4:03pm

Videos by MYTH in Boise. Movement is life! MYTH trains all ages in the art of Parkour and movement.

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A round of tag!

Gorilla Gate!

Shoulder roll!

Happy Holidays from MYTH

Holiday Discount

Vault week again!

New Stickers!

Eyes on the target!

Domino here going over the Dash Vault.

Sword training
Come on in and challenge some one to a sword fight! Or just hit your siblings with a foam sword. We are training in swor...

Tac to Kat
We have Mr. Bryce here going over a fun set, Tac to Kat. This can be a very simple or complicated move, depending on wha...

Take Aim, at MYTH!
Here at MYTH we are always aiming for new heights and new adventures. We are starting a new past time every Friday with ...

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Viking Rabbit!
BY ODIN'S BEARD!We are excited to announce our first theme. MYTH Viking! We will be basing a lot of our post and knowled...

How to do a Step Vault!
We have Mr. Domino here going over real fast on how to do a Step Vault.

Working on backflips today!
Domino is working with the kids on flips today. Spence is killing it today with the flips! He should have a backflip on ...

Cole got a backflip!
Cole finally pushed himself and got a beautiful backflip!

Cole and Buell hiding haha
We are having a lot of fun at the train depot.

Dom at BSU
We got Dom over here trying the big long pre at BSU. This is a great spot to practice those drop Kong’s.

Cole is really pushing himself and loving it!

Cole at the Patkour Park
Today’s outdoor camp we are kicking it at the parkour park and practicing pres and jumps. Got our crash pads here for so...

Target practice today at MYTH! We are training the next Them to be deadly accurate. Mason was doing a great job hitting ...

What week is it!? Vault week!
We have Mr.Bryce out here going over the reverse step vault. This is a little more advance, so work in the normal step v...

Here’s one of our outdoor parkour campers creating a creative and fun line. He is pushing himself.

We are at Rhodes again today. Got some ideas going through our heads.

Sand pits at BSU! Having a lot of fun :D

We are super excited for Monday to get here! Here is a preview of a fan favorite spot that we will be hitting up.

Cole at Boise High!
We are super excited for our outdoor parkour camp starting on Monday! Here is a preview of a spot we will be hitting up.