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Operating as usual 01/19/2016

BOOM: Mike Rowe DESTROYS Obama's Gun Control Argument That was brutal, to say the least! 01/28/2015

Random Thoughts About The Life Span Of A Recoil Spring

I do not like how he concluded this article but it is food for thought. I was at the range a few months back while another member was there shooting his Kimber Ultra Carry. I was there with my G***k 23. We get to talking, and then he throws out a statement that really made me wonder: 01/28/2015

How Often Should You Unload The Magazine Of Your Concealed Carry Firearm? These questions seems to pop up a lot; How often should I empty my magazine? Should I alternate magazines? What happens to my springs? 01/26/2015

Vigilante Tackles Legal Gun Owner in Walmart, Gets Arrested A Florida man thought he was acting heroically, but as it turns out, he jumped the gun. Michael Foster, 43, thought the worst when he spotted a man walking into a Walmart with a handgun holstered under his coat. 01/22/2015

Ta**us TCP with Wings

Like it or not at least Ta**us is usually thinking outside the box and bringing ideas into the market. I can see certain people getting a lot of use out of this. In an effort to assist shooters with limited upper body strength and/or poor technique, Ta**us now offers "wings" on the TCP pistol. The TCP with Wings as it is being called is an intriguing idea, ...


Active Self Protection

Just because you are in a place that SHOULD know how to handle fi****ms in a safe manner don't assume that is going to be the case. Always be the one that is protecting yourself and others.

This is not an accident, but is pure negligence everyone. At Active Self Protection we lament fi****ms safety failures like this. Watch and learn what NOT to do!

Original here, with info on the situation and ramifications:

How do I safely handle fi****ms?


1. Fi****ms safety is no joke. The NRA rules of fi****ms safety apply here in every way. ALWAYS keep the firearm pointed in a safe direction. ALWAYS keep your finger off the trigger until you're ready to fire. ALWAYS keep fi****ms unloaded until ready to use. With that last one, you've got to check it every time. EVERY TIME!

Want to learn more? Lessons 2-7 are on our website: They are all important and always given no strings attached. So go train!

Attitude. Skills. Plan.

#coveryourASP #activeselfprotection #fi****mssafety #fail 01/14/2015

CastGear Tactical Apparel Open & Conceal Carry Apparel for Everyday Wear. Full line: sweaters, pants, shirts, hoodies 01/13/2015

20 Tips For Newbies Who Carry Concealed (Or Plan To Carry In The Future) We were all n00bs at one point, and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. The fact that you’re actively seeking out information on concealed carry says a lot about the way you’re approaching it. So many people dive in head-first without going through the proper training, and without doing the proper resear…


The Right To Bear Arms

How quickly (and safely) can you access your gun in an emergency?

These biometric gun safes are awesome!

Get yours here -->> 01/08/2015

[VIDEO] How To Wear And Adjust A Concealed Carry IWB Holster This video by Alien Gear Holsters provides a great demonstration of how to wear and make any necessary adjustments to your IWB holster.





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